79 Refreshing Baby Names That Mean Rain

79 Refreshing Baby Names That Mean Rain

From the refreshing coolness of Noelani and Jorah, to the stormy drama of Amihan and Damini, baby names that mean rain cover all the feels.
Rain brings with it rejuvenation and rebirth.

It’s a source of life, and the setting for some of the most romantic movie kisses of all time.

Whether your baby is born during a shower or you’re simply certain that they descended from a cloud, you may just find the perfect match amongst these rain names.

Ready to dive in? We’ll start with the most stirring of options.

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What names mean storm?

Think you may have a little storm brewing inside you?

If you’re on the hunt for a name that captures the magnificent power of the natural world, storm names are certainly a great option.

  1. Adhira. This powerful Hindu name means “lightning.”
  2. Aella. A name of Greek origin, Aella means “tempest.”
  3. Amihan. “Northeast monsoon”
  4. Audra. Of Lithuanian origin, Audra means “storm.”
  5. Aratiri. A name from Paraguay, this one means “bolt of lightning.”
  6. Asterope. “Lightning”
  7. Barak. From its Hebrew origins, this name means “lightning.”
  8. Bronte. This one has Gaelic roots and it means “thunder.”
  9. Capala. This Hindi name means both “swift” and “lightning.”
  10. Corentin. A name of French origin, Corentin has two distinct meanings — “hurricane” and “friend.”
  11. Damini. “Lightning”
  12. Dorrin. This Celtic name means “tempest” but it has another name that may want to consider: “sullen.”
  13. Ekaitza. A Basque name, this one means “storm.”
  14. Foudre. A foudre is a flash of electricity between clouds.
  15. Gale. It means a very strong windy storm, but it also means “jovial.” Best of both worlds.
  16. Guntur. From its Indonesian roots, Guntur means “thunder.”
  17. Hadad. This ancient Mesopotamian name refers to the storm and rain god.
  18. Hanish. “One who forewarns a storm”
  19. Jupiter. He’s the god of sky and thunder from Roman mythology.
  20. Kapheira. The daughter of the Titan of the Sea, this name means “stormy breath.”
  21. Leigong. This Chinese name means “Duke of Thunder.”
  22. Levina. “Lightning bolt”
  23. Mellan. With its Gaelic roots, Mellan means “lightning.”
  24. Munja. A name of Croatian roots, Munja means “lightning bolt.”
  25. Perun. This name has Slavic roots and means “thunder.”
  26. Petir. With Indonesian roots, Petir means “thunder and lightning.”
  27. Saar. Simply “storm.”
  28. Storm. 🌩️
  29. Stormur. This one is of Icelandic roots and also means “storm.”
  30. Sturm. Like Stormur, this one means “storm’ and is from High German roots.
  31. Styrmir. “One who causes storms”
  32. Tempest. “Stormy”
  33. Thor. He’s the hammer-wielding god of thunder and lightning.
  34. Thora. And here’s the feminine version.
  35. Tornado. 🌪️
  36. Tufani. “Storm.” It’s of Hindu roots.
  37. Zryan. This Arabic name also means “storm.”

What Japanese name means rain?

If you’re specifically looking for a Japanese name that means rain, why not try one of these powerful options?

Some of them mean rain or storm, while others refer to the gods that are in charge of those magical droplets:

  1. Amaya. “Night rain”
  2. Ame. “Rain”
  3. Rai. This one means “lightning and thunder” and also means “trust.”
  4. Raiden. From Japanese mythology, Raiden was the god of thunder and lightning.
  5. Ranto. “Storm” or “tempest.”

Girl names that mean rain

  1. Barkha. With its Hindu origins, this name simply means “rain.”
  2. Barsh. This name has Hindu roots too — and also means “rain.”
  3. Dima. A devotee of Demeter, who was the God of harvest and agriculture, this name’s Arabic meaning is “torrential rain.”
  4. Indira. With its Sanskrit roots, Indira means “possessing drops of rain.”
  5. Euria. From its Basque roots, Euria means “rain.”
  6. Huyana. Of Miwok origin, this name means “falling rain.”
  7. Jora. “Autumn rain”
  8. Kisa. A name with Bosnian roots, Kisa means “rain.”
  9. Lluvia. This one has Spanish roots and, yep, you guessed it, it means “rains.”
  10. Mehula. With its Sanskrit origins, Mehula means “rain.”
  11. Noelani. This name has Hawaiian roots and a very poetic meaning — “mist of heaven.”
  12. Puleng. From Southern Africa, Puleng is of Sotho origins and means “out in the rain.”
  13. Reeham. A name of Arabic roots, Reeham means “little, light rain.”
  14. Reva. Reva is another name of the Hindu goddess of power, energy, strength, and protection. Her name also refers to the Narmada River in India and means “rain.”
  15. Sade. Sade has a few different meanings. It can mean “honor confers a crown” from its Yoruba roots, and from its Finnish origins, means “rain.”
  16. Talia. From its Hebrew roots, Talia means “gentle dew from heaven” and “by the water.”
  17. Varsha. This Hindu name also brings with it the sweet simplicity of “rain.”
  18. Vrishti. And this sweet Bengali name means “rain” too.

Boy names that mean rain

  1. Anan. A name of both Hebrew and Arabic roots, Anan means “cloud” or “vapour.”
  2. Baran. From its Hindi origins, Baran means “rain.”
  3. Brishen. “Born during a rainstorm”
  4. Dalphon. With its Hebrew roots, this refreshing name means “raindrop.”
  5. Freyr. This is the old Norse word for “lord.” He was the God of fertility, rain, and sunshine.
  6. Iravat. From its Hindi roots, Iravat means “rain clouds.”
  7. Jorah. This beautiful Hebrew name means either “first rain” or “autumn rain.”
  8. Lokni. A name with Miwok roots, Lokni means “rain coming through the roof.”
  9. Mehul. This Hindi name means either “rain” or “cloud.”
  10. Moe. With its Burmese origins, Moe means “heaven,” “rain” and “sky.” But it has other meanings from its Latin roots — “to love” and “savior.”
  11. Niall. This name has a few different meanings, including “cloud,” “champion” and “passionate.”
  12. Regen. From its Hebrew roots, Regen means “rain.” It also has some other meanings from its Germanic origins — namely “advice” and “counsel.”
  13. Zenebe. A popular name in Ethiopia, this Amharic name means “raining.”

Non-binary names that mean rain

  1. Indra. A name with Sanskrit origins, Indra means “possessing drops of rain.”
  2. Kalani. This divine name of Hawaiian origin means “sky” or “of the heavens.”
  3. Marka. With its West African roots, Marka means “gentle rain.”
  4. Rain. Need we say more?
  5. Sky. And this is the name where all the drops come from. A popular variation has an ‘e’ on the end.
  6. Tal. A name of Hebrew origin, Tal means “rain” or “dew.”

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All the best with your choice!

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