84 Radiant Baby Names That Mean Rainbow

84 Radiant Baby Names That Mean Rainbow

Baby names that mean rainbow are bright, colorful, and hopeful ‒ the perfect choice for your new arrival.

After all, rainbows have a special place in many cultures and mythologies.

They can be symbols of hope and new beginnings, and can represent a bridge to new places.

Baby names that mean rainbow capture something of the beauty of this natural phenomenon.

Rainbow baby names can also be the perfect choice for rainbow babies ‒ babies born after previous pregnancy loss.

A rainbow name can help convey some of the emotions you may be feeling when you welcome your little one: gratitude after grief, joy after sadness, hope after heartache.

Here, we’ve gathered together our favorite rainbow names to give you inspiration.

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  • What Japanese name means rainbow?
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  • What is a good name for a rainbow girl?
  • What are some rainbow baby names for boys?


What is a rainbow baby?

First up, if you’re new to the term “rainbow baby”, we’ll give you the run-down.

Before we get to it, we do discuss some upsetting topics like pregnancy loss and the loss of a baby, so if you want to scroll on, feel free to ‒ do whatever works for you.

A rainbow baby is a term used to describe a baby who is born after a previous loss, such as a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss.

The term “rainbow” is used to signify the hope and beauty that comes after a storm, and represents the joy and optimism that can come with a new pregnancy and a new baby.

For many parents who have experienced the loss of a baby, the arrival of a rainbow baby can be a source of healing and comfort, and a reminder that hope and happiness can come after a time of sorrow and grief.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is unique and there is no “right” way to feel or grieve, but the arrival of a rainbow baby can be a symbol of new beginnings and a brighter future.

If you are a parent who has experienced a loss and is expecting or have welcomed a rainbow baby, please know that you are not alone and there is support available.

It’s okay to feel a range of emotions, including joy, sadness, and anxiety, and there are resources available to help you navigate this journey.

And if you want to share your story or hear from other women who have been there, we have a whole community on Peanut.

What baby name means rainbow?

Well, it’s a bit on the nose, but let’s kick off with:

  1. Rainbow 🌈

It’s a pretty rare baby name, reaching its peak in 1980 with 28 babies named Rainbow in the US, mainly for girls, but it can be a boy’s name or a gender-neutral name, too.

So if you want a rainbow baby name that will truly stand out from the crowd, Rainbow is a beautiful choice.

Plus, you can shorten it to Rain or Bow ‒ both work!

What are some girl names that mean rainbow

We’ll start with girl names that mean rainbow, or that have meanings linked to rainbows.

Some recall the beauty of the open sky, and some the brightness of the sun coming out after a storm.

You’ll even find rainbow names belonging to gods or spirits of the rainbow in different cultures.

  1. Alya: This melodic name of Arabic origin means “sky, heavenly.”
  2. Amaterasu: She is the goddess of the sun in Japanese mythology, and her name means “shining over heaven.”
  3. Amitola: A poetic Native American name meaning simply “rainbow.”
  4. Araceli: This Mexican name of Latin origin means “altar of the sky.”
  5. Celeste: From the Latin, Celeste means “of the sky, heavenly.”
  6. Clarabelle: Another name with Latin origins, this one means “bright, famous.”
  7. Eleanor: From the Greek, this name means “shining light.”
  8. Hina: She is a Hawaiian goddess who is said to have used a rainbow as a bridge to travel from Earth to the moon.
  9. Iridiana: A radiant name of Greek origin, Iridiana means “rainbow.”
  10. Iris: In Greek mythology, she is the goddess of the rainbow and a messenger between the gods and humanity. An iris is also a vibrant flower that grows in all the colors of the rainbow.
  11. Manzat: She is an ancient Mesopotamian and Elamite goddess who is a personification of the rainbow. Her name also means “rainbow.”
  12. Noelani: This beautiful Hawaiian name means “mist of heaven.”
  13. Rainbeau: A variant spelling of the English word “rainbow,” this name also includes the French word beau, meaning “beautiful.”
  14. Skye: This name might make you think of the heavens, but it actually comes from the name of an island off the west coast of Scotland. It makes a great gender-neutral name, too.

What do you name a rainbow baby boy?

Now for some rainbow baby names for boys ‒ steeped in strength, wonder, and, of course, eternal hope.

  1. Akash: This name of Sanskrit origin means “upper sky.”
  2. Albert: A distinguished German name, Albert means “bright, famous.”
  3. Anuenue: Of Hawaiian origin, this name simply means “rainbow.”
  4. Heimdall: This name of Old Norse origin means “white god.” In Norse mythology, Heimdall is the god who keeps watch at the burning rainbow bridge Bifröst, which connects the world of humans with the realm of the gods.
  5. Indra: Indra is an ancient Vedic deity in Hinduism, who is associated with the sky, storms, and rain. In works of art, he is sometimes shown with a bow and arrow, where the bow is a rainbow and his arrows are lightning bolts.
  6. Kahukura: In Māori tradition, Kahukura is an atua (a divine being) who appears as the upper bow of a double rainbow. The name means “red garment.”
  7. Keyne: This Celtic name has a poetic meaning: “man of the eastern sky.”
  8. Kiran: From Sanskrit origins, Kiran means “beam of light.”
  9. Lucas: A name of Latin origin, it means “bringer of light.”
  10. Mahpiya: This lyrical Native American name means “cloud, sky.”
  11. Meyer: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “bright one.”
  12. Neven: This Latin name meaning “saintly” raises your thoughts to the heavens.
  13. Noah: This biblical character received God’s promise of a rainbow after a great flood. His name means “peaceful.” It’s also one of the most popular boys’ names in the US.
  14. Uenuku: Uenuku is the atua of rainbows in Māori tradition.

What Japanese name means rainbow?

There is a short but sweet Japanese word for “rainbow”, although it’s not technically recognized as a rainbow baby name:

  1. Niji (虹)

And if you want some more traditional Japanese rainbow baby names, we have some more for you!

While they don’t literally mean rainbow, these three Japanese girls’ names capture something of a rainbow’s beauty:

  1. Akiko (あきこ): “Bright child”.
  2. Etsuko (悦子):Joy child”.
  3. Miku (ミク): “Beautiful sky”.

What should I name my rainbow baby?

Choosing a name for your rainbow baby is something deeply personal.

Along with names that mean rainbow, you may want to consider names that capture something of the emotional journey you’ve been on.

  1. Aurora: Meaning “dawn”, to remind you that times can be darkest before the light.
  2. Hope: Because, no matter what, hope is always here.
  3. Joy: Because your rainbow baby brings so much joy.
  4. Nova: Latin for “new”, to signify a new beginning or fresh start.
  5. Patience: Because you’ve waited so patiently for your rainbow baby.
  6. Skylar: Dutch for “scholar”, but also evokes images of blue skies and sunshine.

What is a good name for a rainbow girl?

  1. Abigail: From the Hebrew, Abigail means “brings joy” or “my father’s joy.”
  2. Aiko: A sweet Japanese name, Aiko means “little loved one.”
  3. Alana: Of Latin origin, this name means “precious, awakening.”
  4. Amala: From Arabic origins, it means “hope.”
  5. Amara: This Latin name means “to love” and “everlasting.”
  6. Amy: Another profound Latin name, Amy means “beloved.”
  7. Ayah: Of Arabic origin, meaning “miracle.”
  8. Beatrice: This Latin name means “blessed.”
  9. Dorothea:Gift of God
  10. Evangeline: “Good news”
  11. Evelyn: A name of French origin, Evelyn means “life.”
  12. Gwyneth: This lyrical Welsh name means “happiness”.
  13. Hannie: From the Hebrew, Hannie means “God has favored me.”
  14. Karisma: A Greek name that simply means simply “gift.”
  15. Kioko: Of Japanese origin, Kioko means “child born with happiness.”
  16. Mireille: This French name comes with a wealth of positive meanings, including “wonderful” and “peace.”
  17. Mireya: From the Spanish, this name means “admired.”
  18. Nadia: Of Russian origin, this popular name means “hope.”
  19. Nina: This sweet Spanish name means “little girl.”
  20. Priya: Of Sanskrit origins, Priya means “beloved.”
  21. Sachi: This sunny Japanese name means “child of joy.”
  22. Theodora: “Gift from God”
  23. Winifred: Of Old Welsh and English origin, Winifred means “joy and peace.”

What are some rainbow baby names for boys?

  1. Abrik: Of Sanskrit origin, this name means “precious like gold.”
  2. Alan: This German name means “precious.”
  3. Amil: Another name of Sanskrit origins, Amil means “one who hopes.”
  4. Antonio: This Spanish and Italian name means “priceless.”
  5. Arnan: From the Hebrew, Arnan means “joyful.”
  6. Asher: Asher is another “happy” name of Hebrew origins.
  7. Ata: This Arabic name means “gift, ancestor.”
  8. Bennett: Of Latin origin, this name means “blessed.”
  9. Bogdan: A Ukrainian and Russian name that means “gift from God.”
  10. Bonaventure: From the Latin, this positive name means “good fortune.”
  11. Caius: Also from the Latin, Caius means “rejoice.”
  12. Cayo: This name is a Spanish version of Caius, with the same joyful meaning.
  13. Felix: “Happy, fortunate”
  14. Gilbert: Of Old French origin, Gilbert means “bright promise.”
  15. Isaac: A biblical name given to a longed-for child, Isaac means “one who rejoices” or “one who laughs.”
  16. Jonathan: This enduringly popular Hebrew name means “gift of God.”
  17. Onni: A cheerful Finnish name, Onni means “happiness, luck.”
  18. Phoenix: This hopeful name refers to the mythical bird that rises from the ashes to live again.
  19. Saul: From the Hebrew, Saul means “prayed for.”
  20. Theodore: “Gift of God”
  21. Winston: This name of Old English origin has a meaning that is both strong and happy: “joyful stone.”
  22. Zorion: Of Basque origin, this name simply means “happiness.”

If your hunt for the perfect rainbow name continues, why not take a look at our colorful lists of names that mean red and names that mean blue?

Or for more names inspired by nature, this list has plenty of ideas.

And for support on your rainbow baby journey, the Peanut community is always here.


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