118 Fiery Baby Names That Mean Red

118 Fiery Baby Names That Mean Red

Naming your new baby presents an endless world of possibilities.

But where to start?

One way to narrow down the choice is to be inspired by your favorite color.

And if that happens to be red, why not consider all the names that mean red?

We’ve got 84 for you to choose from!

Maybe it’s not just the color itself you like.

You might want to pay homage to a famous redhead or honor a family tradition associated with red.

No matter what drew you to this color, there’s sure to be a red-themed baby name that you’ll love.

For example, there are many names that actually have the name red in them, like Redmond and Redder.

Or with others, the name’s meaning is linked to hair color, personality, or complexion.

In times past, Red was more often used as a nickname.

But these days it can evoke ideas about fire, gemstones, flowers, the planet Mars, or the sign of Leo on the zodiac.

So, let’s dive into the wonderful world of names that mean red and see what grabs your attention.

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  • Baby girl names meaning red
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  • Names associated with red
  • What are unique names that mean red?
  • Names for girls with red hair
  • Names for boys with red hair
  • Names that mean red for twins

Baby boy names that mean red

  1. Adam: Hebrew origin, meaning “son of the red earth”.
  2. Ahmar: Arabic origin, meaning “red”.
  3. Casaan: Somali origin, meaning “red”.
  4. Ciaran: Irish origin, meaning “little dark one”, but also a dark red color.
  5. Dearg: Irish origin, meaning “red”.
  6. Flynn: Irish origin, meaning “son of the red-haired one”.
  7. Jarek: Slavic origin, meaning “fierce and red”.
  8. Jasper: Persian origin, meaning “bringer of treasure”.
  9. Karmir: Armenian origin, meaning “red”.
  10. Rød: Danish origin, meaning “red”.
  11. Rojo: Spanish origin, meaning “red”.
  12. Rosso: Italian origin, meaning “red”.
  13. Rouge: French origin, meaning “red”.
  14. Vermell: Catalan origin, meaning “red”.

Baby girl names meaning red

  1. Auburn: English origin, meaning “deep reddish brown”.
  2. Caron: Welsh origin, meaning “red”.
  3. Červená: Slovak origin, meaning “red”.
  4. Cherry: English origin, meaning “red fruit”.
  5. Hazel: English origin, meaning “hazelnut tree”.
  6. Poppy: Latin origin, meaning “red flower” and gaining in popularity in the US.
  7. Roja: Spanish origin, meaning “red”.
  8. Rose: English origin, meaning “flower”.
  9. Rosie: English origin, meaning “red roses”.
  10. Ruby: English origin, meaning “deep red precious stone”.
  11. Scarlett: English origin, meaning “scarlet, red”.
  12. Sienna: Italian origin, meaning “reddish shade of brown”.
  13. Vermelha: Portuguese origin, meaning “red”.

Gender-neutral names meaning red

  1. Aderyn: Welsh origin, meaning “bird”, but can also be a shade of red.
  2. Carmine: Latin origin, meaning “vivid red”.
  3. Corsen: Welsh origin, meaning “reed plant”.
  4. Ginger: English origin, after the spicy root.
  5. Phoenix: Greek origin, meaning “dark red”.
  6. Rory: Irish origin, meaning “red king”.
  7. Rowan: Gaelic origin, meaning “rowan tree” or “little redhead”. It can also be spelt Roan or Rowen.
  8. Sorrell: French origin, meaning “reddish brown”.

Names associated with red

After some names that are similar to red, but not quite?

Read on!

  1. Autumn: Latin origin, meaning “woods” or the season we know as Fall.
  2. Elio: Italian and Spanish origin, meaning “the sun”.
  3. Garnet: French origin, meaning “pomegranate” or “gemstone”.
  4. Radcliff: English origin, meaning “red cliff”.
  5. Raleigh: English origin, meaning “red clearing” or “roe deer clearing”.
  6. Reed: English origin, meaning “red-haired”.
  7. Rossa: Italian origin, meaning “red”.
  8. Rubena: Esperanto origin, meaning “ruby”.
  9. Rubina: Portuguese and Italian origin, meaning “ruby”.
  10. Rudīte: Latvian origin, meaning “red-haired”.
  11. Rufus: Latin origin, meaning “redhead”.
  12. Russell: French origin, meaning “redhead, fox-colored”.
  13. Rusty: French origin, meaning “fox-colored”.
  14. Serrano: Spanish origin, meaning “from the mountains”, but also a hot red pepper.

What Japanese name means red?

  1. Akako: Meaning “red”.
  2. Akane: Meaning “deep red”, a dye from the rubia plant.
  3. Akari: Meaning “bright or vermilion red”.

What Irish name means red?

  1. Caera: Meaning “fiery”.
  2. Clancy: Meaning “red-haired warrior”.
  3. Conan: Meaning “little red-haired one”.
  4. Corcoran: Meaning “ruddy-faced”.
  5. Derry: Meaning “like a red oak”.
  6. Flanagan: Meaning “red, ruddy”.
  7. Flann: Meaning “ruddy, red-haired”.
  8. Flannery: Meaning “descendant of Flannabhra”.
  9. Gilroy: Meaning “son of the red-haired servant”.
  10. Keegan: Meaning “fiery”.
  11. Redmond: A version of Raymond, meaning “wise protector”.
  12. Rogan: Meaning “redhead”.
  13. Roisin: Meaning “little rose”.
  14. Roone: Meaning “red-haired”.
  15. Rooney: Meaning “descendent of the champion”.
  16. Ruadhan: Meaning “red-haired”.
  17. Ruaidhrí: Meaning “red king”.

What are unique names that mean red?

How about something a little different, but still with a rouge-y tint?

There are lots of red names here that will stand out in the playground:

  1. Afra: Arabic origin, meaning “whitish red”.
  2. Alhambra: Spanish origin, meaning “red one”. It’s the name of a fortress in Granada, Andalusia.
  3. Altan: Turkish origin, meaning “red dawn”.
  4. Alroy: Gaelic origin, meaning “red-haired king”.
  5. Arian: Welsh origin, meaning “silver” or “holy one”, but also a reddish color.
  6. Arusha: Sanskrit origin, meaning “red horses”.
  7. Blaze: English origin, meaning “fire”.
  8. Crimson: English origin, meaning “rich deep red”.
  9. Edom: Hebrew origin, meaning “red”.
  10. Gough: Welsh origin, meaning “red”.
  11. Harkin: Gaelic origin, meaning “red”.
  12. Kamala: Sanskrit origin, meaning “lotus or pale red”.
  13. Lāla: Bangla origin, meaning “red”.
  14. Miltiades: Greek origin, meaning “red earth”.
  15. Omaira: Arabic origin, meaning “long life or red”.
  16. Pyrrhus: Greek origin, meaning “flame-colored, red”.
  17. Radley: English origin, meaning “red meadow”.
  18. Reading: English origin, meaning “son of the red-haired”.
  19. Rohit: Sanskrit origin, meaning “red”.
  20. Roth: German origin, meaning “redhead”.
  21. Rousseau: French origin, meaning “little redhead”.
  22. Roy: French origin, meaning “king”.
  23. Rudyard: English origin, meaning “red enclosure”.
  24. Rufina: Latin origin, meaning “red-haired”.
  25. Rumen: Macedonian origin, meaning “ruddy, red-cheeked”.
  26. Rumo: Cornish origin, meaning “red”.
  27. Shani: Hebrew origin, meaning “scarlet”.
  28. Sohrab: Persian origin, meaning “red water”.
  29. Talbot: Meaning “messenger of destruction”, but also the name of a type of dog with a red coat.
  30. Tawny: Meaning “red-brown” or “yellow-brown”.
  31. Titan: Latin origin, meaning “red-haired”.
  32. Wapasha: Sioux origin, meaning “red leaf”.

Names for girls with red hair

Do you have a little girl with beautiful strawberry blonde or red hair?

Why not take some name inspiration from redhead heroines in history or fiction?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Anne: After our beloved Anne Shirley from the novels by LM Montgomery.
  2. Ariel: The little mermaid from the classic Disney movie.
  3. Elizabeth: After Elizabeth I, Queen of England – a truly regal name.
  4. Fiona: As in Princess Fiona from Shrek. An excellent role model for your little girl, in our opinion!
  5. Ginny: For Ginny Weasley from the magical Harry Potter series.
  6. Grace: Give your little one a swashbuckling start by naming her after the dashing Irish pirate Grace O’Malley.
  7. Jessica: As in Jessica Rabbit, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Jessica means “He sees” in Hebrew.
  8. Merida: With a magnificent mane of red hair, Princess Merida is the star of the movie Brave.
  9. Natasha: Like Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow, from the Marvel series.
  10. Sansa: After Sansa Stark from the Game of Thrones series. Sansa means “charm” in Sanskrit.
  11. Ygritte: For any Game of Thrones fans out there, this could be the perfect name for your heroine in the making.

Names for boys with red hair

There aren’t as many well-known red-headed boys in pop culture, but we think these names are still cute:

  1. Archie: After Archie Andrews from the Archie comics and Riverdale TV show. One of the more popular names on our list, according to our Peanut Community.
  2. Chuckie: Like Chuckie Finster from Rugrats, not the murderous doll.
  3. Ed: After Ed Sheeran, of course!
  4. Phineas: From Phinease and Ferb, the clever redhead out of the duo.
  5. Ron: As in Ron Weasley, one of the Golden Trio of the Harry Potter series. Ronald means “ruling counsel” in Scandinavian.
  6. Roux: After the love interest in Chocolat, who (in the original book) has red hair.

Names that mean red for twins

After some pairing ideas for twins or siblings that both mean red?

We got you:

  • Adam and Autumn
  • Carmine and Crimson
  • Cherry and Hazel
  • Jasper and Garnet
  • Keegan and Rooney
  • Radcliff and Raleigh
  • Reading and Redmond
  • Rose and Poppy
  • Rufus and Scarlett
  • Sienna and Sorrell
  • Titan and Phoenix

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in our list of names that mean red.

You might end up choosing a name (or at least a shortlist of names!) before you meet your little one.

Or, of course, you may be waiting for that moment when you look into their eyes to decide.

Either way, we hope our list has given you some food for thought.

And if you’ve got too many red names on your shortlist, why not ask the other moms-to-be of Peanut to help narrow down your favorites?

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