80 Baby Names That Mean Rose for Your Flower Child

80 Baby Names That Mean Rose for Your Flower Child

Searching for beautiful baby names that mean rose? Here are 80 adorable names for girls and boys from cultures all over the world.
Roses are some of the oldest ornamental flowers on the planet.

First farmed in Asia around 5,000 years ago (that’s around the end of the Stone Age), these romantic flowers have remained popular ever since.

And it’s not hard to see why — they’re incredibly gorgeous, after all!

As flowers that are both delicate and strong, beautiful and bold, it’s no surprise that baby names that mean rose appear in almost every culture on the planet.

Ready for some rose-themed inspiration? Read on.

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What baby name means rose?

OK, so let’s start with the obvious:

  1. Rose. Symbolizing beauty and elegance, it became popular all the way back in the Middle Ages.

But, if you’re searching for baby names that mean rose, we’re guessing you might have thought of this one already.

So, why not try one of these pretty offshoots, all carrying the same floral meaning?

Let’s take a look.

What’s a name that means rose?

  1. Rhoswen: Of Welsh origins, meaning “white rose.” A great and unusual Rose alternative.
  2. Roisin: A popular name of Gaelic Irish origin meaning “little rose.”
  3. Roos: A cool Dutch variation of Rose.
  4. Ros: A Latin name meaning “pretty rose.”
  5. Rosa: A Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish name with vintage charm.
  6. Rosabel: Or Rosabella, a traditional English name meaning “beautiful rose.”
  7. Rosales: This one’s of Spanish roots and means “from the place of roses.”
  8. Rosalind: Of Spanish origin meaning “pretty rose.”
  9. Rosaline: A Shakespearean variation of Rosalind.
  10. Rosanna: Joining Rose and Anna (a Hebrew name meaning “grace”).
  11. Rosemarie: A French combo of Rose and Marie, meaning “dew of the sea” or “beloved.” Pretty romantic, right?
  12. Rosemary: The English equivalent of Rosemarie. Yep, it’s also the herb.
  13. Rosetta: A sweet Italian pet-form of Rosa. And a reference to the famous stone that taught us about Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  14. Rosie: A cheekier and cheerier take on Rose.
  15. Rosina: A Latin diminutive for Rose.
  16. Rosita: A Spanish variation on Rosa.
  17. Roza: The Russian and Polish form of Rosa.
  18. Rozenn: A fun rose name with French-Breton origins.
  19. Rozy: A modern-sounding Latin version of Rose.

Girl names that mean rose

And if you love roses but want to explore a little further afield, we’ve got you.

There are actually loads of other names that mean rose (or are associated with roses) — perfect if you’re searching for something a little more unusual.

  1. Bara: A cool floral name with Hebrew and Japanese roots meaning “to select” and “rose.”
  2. Bellerose: A name with French and English origins meaning “beautiful rose.”
  3. Blossom: A beautifully simple English name meaning “to bloom.”
  4. Briallen: The Welsh form of Primrose. Super cute for Spring babies.
  5. Bryluen: A modern Cornish name meaning “rose.”
  6. Malai: A pretty and sleek Thai girl’s name meaning “garland of flowers.”
  7. Nizana: An energetic Hebrew name meaning “flower bud.”
  8. Posy: A pretty and nostalgic English name meaning “bunch of flowers.”
  9. Raisa: A cool baby name of Russian and Arabic origins meaning “easygoing,” “rose,” and “leader.”
  10. Raizel: A variation on Raysel, meaning “rose.” And a popular flower name in Israel.
  11. Raysel: A Yiddish girl’s name meaning “rose.”
  12. Sarnai: A beautiful Mongolian rose name.
  13. Vered: With Hebrew origins, it simply translates as “rose.”
  14. Zahra: An Arabic flower name meaning “to blossom” or “bright.”
  15. Zaria: This Arabic name means “blooming flower.” And with its Slavic roots, it means “dawn.”

Boy names that mean rose

  1. Ambrose: A Latin and Greek name containing the word rose, meaning “immortal.”
  2. Anthony: Possibly derived from the Greek word anthos, meaning “flower.”
  3. Penrose: While the actual meaning is “top of the heath,” this is a fun unisex play on the rose theme. Try Penn or Roe for cool nicknames.
  4. Raede: Or Reed, this versatile Medieval English boy’s name is perfect for red-haired roses.
  5. Raushan: Or Roshan, a Kazakh and Bengali name meaning “light rose.”
  6. Rhodes: A great unisex name stemming from the Greek island “where roses grow.”
  7. Rodas: A rarer variation of Rhodes.
  8. Roland: A romantic name of Germanic origin meaning “famous throughout the land.” Just like roses?
  9. Roosevelt: A name with Dutch origins and American presidential associations meaning “rose field.”
  10. Rory: A spirited Irish boy’s name meaning “red king.”
  11. Rosar: A super strong Icelandic name meaning “rose army.”
  12. Roseo: An Italian and Spanish boy’s name meaning “pink and rosy.”
  13. Rosewood: A beautiful English name giving an interesting spin on the rose theme.
  14. Ross: From a famous Scottish clan, perfect for red-headed bravehearts.
  15. Tudor: With Welsh origins and links to the British Tudor dynasty — whose symbol was a red and white rose.

What names mean wild rose?

There are only a few baby names that literally mean “wild rose,” so if you love the beauty of these flowers in their natural habitat, you might have to get inventive.

To help that inspiration flow, here’s a mix of baby names linked with ideas of the wilderness, redness, and flowers. Ready wild ones?

  1. Briar: A wonderful gender-neutral American name and home to wild roses.
  2. Bryer: A variation of Briar, often given to baby boys.
  3. Bud: A relatively rare English boy’s name.
  4. Cimarron: A name with Spanish, English, and American roots meaning “wild and untamed.”
  5. Flower: A pretty middle-name option?
  6. Nasreen: A variation of Nasrin that’s more common in the USA. Associated with strength, roses, and femininity.
  7. Nasrin: A strong Persian name literally meaning “wild rose.”
  8. Primrose: A quaint and quirky English name meaning “first rose.”
  9. Primula: A variation on Primrose. And a great botanical option for nature-loving families.
  10. Red: Strong, powerful, and fiery — a fun gender-neutral color name.
  11. Rosemond: A legendary twelfth-century English beauty, meaning “rose of the world.”
  12. Rowan: Not actually roses, but we love this Scottish and Irish name for the red-berried and wild rowan tree. Perfect for fearless little ones.
  13. Ruby: A precious red-color name for sassy and sparkly gems.
  14. Scarlett: Another fun color name of English origin.
  15. Wild: An English name that means what it says, with links to the famed playwright and infamous wit, Oscar Wilde.
  16. Wilder: A unisex name of the Wild family — perfect for adventurous families.
  17. Wilderose: A variation of Wildrose with a more Medieval feeling.
  18. Wildrose: It’s straight to the point, but why not go for this wildly pretty floral name?
  19. Wylde: A more feminine version of Wilde, literally meaning “wild.”

What Greek name means rose?

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite (the goddess of beauty) gave the rose its name by rearranging a single letter in her son’s name?

Her son, Eros (the god of love), then gifted the rose to Harpocrates (the god of silence).

As a result, there are lots of Greek names that mean rose or stem from this beautiful plant. Here are just a few.

  1. Aphrodite: The Greek goddess of beauty, responsible for giving the rose its name.
  2. Chloris: This is a Greek girl’s name meaning “pale.” She is the goddess of spring, flowers, and new growth.
  3. Eros: He’s the Greek god of love, intimately associated with these romantic flowers.
  4. Kaly: A name with roots in Greek and Arabic cultures, meaning “beloved,” “beautiful” or “rosebud.”
  5. Melrose: A Scottish combination of Rose with the Greek Melanie, originally meaning “black” or “dark.”
  6. Persephone: While not directly linked with roses, Persephone was the fated Greek goddess of spring growth.
  7. Petal: This super sweet baby name has an earthy yet romantic appeal.
  8. Rho: A super cool name with unisex potential, it’s short for Rhodes, the Greek island “where roses grow.”
  9. Rhoda: A Greek girl’s name, simply meaning “rose.”
  10. Sousanna: A Greek variation of Susanna — a biblical name with links to roses and lilies.
  11. Zene: An unusual girl’s name meaning “friendly” and “welcoming,” with links to flowers and roses.

All the best with your choice!

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