60 Breezy Baby Names That Mean Sky

60 Breezy Baby Names That Mean Sky

Looking for the perfect name for your little one? These baby names that mean sky offer a range of options for you to choose from.
Names that mean sky are for big thinkers, adventurous travelers, and those who dare to contemplate the unknown.

They’re for daydreamers who can sit and contemplate a cloud’s shape for hours and those who love to wish upon stars in the night sky.

If you’re looking for a name meaning sky, there are options from all around the world.

Some literally mean “sky” while others are connected to its endless majesty.

Choose a more traditional option like Celeste or opt for something more unique like Inanna.

There are short and sweet picks like Sema and Moe, or something more intricate like Aeolus or Tsisana.

Whatever you decide on, you can’t go wrong when you aim for the sky.

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  • What Greek name means sky?
  • What girl name means sky?
  • What name means sky for boys?
  • What names are similar to sky?

What name means beautiful sky?

These sweet names bear tribute to the awe the sky can’t help but evoke.

  1. Gökcan. This interesting Turkish name means “beautiful” and “belonging to the sky.”
  2. Miku. Of Japanese origin, Miku combines the kanji for “beautiful” and “sky.” A different reading of the name is “beautiful time.”
  3. Riyon. From Arabic and Indian roots, Riyon means “immense beauty of heaven.”

What Greek name means sky?

  1. Aeolus. The king of the mythical island of Aeolia, Aeolus was the divine keeper of the winds.
  2. Aethra. This unusual name meaning “bright sky” belonged to various characters in Greek mythology. It belonged to one of the 3,000 daughters of Oceanus and Tethys. And it was the name of the daughter of King Pittheus of Troezen. Plus, it was worn by the prophetic wife of the Spartan Phalantus. All in all, it appears to have been trending at the time.
  3. Bronte. While this ancient Greek name doesn’t mean “sky” exactly, it comes pretty close. She was the Greek goddess of thunder.
  4. Zeus. This name is a force to be reckoned with. In Greek mythology, Zeus was the god of the sky and was generally considered the father of all gods.

What girl name means sky?

  1. Araceli. With its Spanish roots, Araceli means “altar of the sky.”
  2. Aria. This name has a lot going on. It literally means “air,” but also “song” or “melody” from its Italian origins. From its Greek roots, it means “lioness.”
  3. Azure. This French girl’s name means “sky blue.”
  4. Celeste. A name with some serious sparkle, Celeste means “heavenly” or “celestial.”
  5. Celestine. Or why not opt for this sweet alternative? Celestine means “of the sky” or “celestial.”
  6. Céline. This French name of Latin origins belongs to renowned songbird Céline Dion and means “heavenly.”
  7. Ciela. From its Spanish roots, Ciela means “sky” or “heaven.”
  8. Kailani. This beautiful Hawaiian name offers the best of both worlds. It means both “sky” and “sea.”
  9. Inanna. This divine name with ancient Mesopotamian roots means “lady of the heaven.”
  10. Nuit. This name may be a perfect pick for those looking to harness the wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians. Nuit was the Egyptian sky goddess.
  11. Sema. With its Turkish roots, Sema means “sky.”
  12. Skye. Okay. This one may sound a little too on the nose, but it doesn’t make it any less exquisite. It refers to the beautiful Scottish island of the same name. From its Old Norse roots, it means “cloud.”
  13. Tsisana. With its Georgian roots, this unique name means “sky” or “heaven.”
  14. Zerua. A name with Basque origins, Zerua means “sky” or “heavens.”

What name means sky for boys?

  1. Akash. From its Sanskrit roots, Akash means “upper sky” or “ether.”
  2. Amphorn. This one has Thai roots and means “sky.”
  3. Asvin. With its Sanskrit origins, the name Asvin has a few different meanings. It makes this list because one of them is “first star in the sky.” It also refers to the seventh month in the Hindu calendar and to a horseman.
  4. Bhanu. This one has Sanskrit roots, too, and means “a ray of light.”
  5. Caelus. With its Latin roots, Callus means “sky” or “the heavens.” In Roman mythology, Caelus was a god of the sky.
  6. Cielo. A sweet Italian name that works well for all genders, Cielo means “sky.”
  7. Ekambar. Hailing from India, this name means “sky” and also refers to Lord Shiva, one of the most important Hindu gods.
  8. Ha-neul. From its Korean roots, this awe-inspiring name means “sky.” And if you’d like to choose it for your little girl instead, it works just as well for any gender.
  9. Keyne. This fun name has a few different meanings—“keen wit,” “fighter,” and “man of the eastern sky.”
  10. Moe. This lovely Burmese name means “sky” or “heaven.”
  11. Sepher. This Persian name means “sky,” “heaven,” or “celestial.”

What names are similar to sky?

  1. Abel. This is the perfect name if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air, because from its Hebrew roots, that’s exactly what it means.
  2. Ahana. This pretty Japanese name means “sky flower.”
  3. Anan. This one has Hebrew roots, too, and means “cloud” or “vapor.”
  4. Anil. From its Sanskrit roots, Anil means “wind.”
  5. Anore. And this name from Greenland also means “wind.”
  6. Arkansas. This Algonquian name means “south wind” and is of course the name of a beautiful US state.
  7. Arundhati. This gorgeous sky name means “washed by the rays of the sun.” And it belongs to acclaimed author and activist Arundhati Roy.
  8. Avel. This sweet Russian name means “a gentle breath.”
  9. Eteri. A name of Georgian roots, Eteri means “ether” or “air.”
  10. Indra. With its Sanskrit origins, Indra means “possesses rain.”
  11. Falak. From Arabic roots, Falak means “star” or “one who decorates the sky.”
  12. Gaganpreet. This passionate name simply means “love of the sky.”
  13. Ilmari. With its Scandinavian roots, Ilmari means “air.”
  14. Keanu. It’s hard not to associate this Hawaiian name with a certain Mr. Reeves. It means “the breeze.”
  15. Leilani. This exquisite girl’s name means “royal child of heaven.”
  16. Myrsky. This Finnish name means “storm.”
  17. Naseem. From its Arabic roots, Naseem means “fresh air” or “gentle breeze.”
  18. Neil. There’s some dispute about the meaning of this popular name. “Cloud” is one possibility—and others are “passionate,” “victory,” “honor,” and “champion.”
  19. Perun. This name has Slavic roots and means “lightning bolt” or “thunder.”
  20. Samir. From its Sanskrit roots, Samir means “gust of wind” or “gentle breeze.”
  21. Seline. This name of Latin origin means both “heaven” and “the moon.”
  22. Stomur. This Icelandic name means “storm.”
  23. Talia. A lovely name with Hebrew roots, Talia means “gentle dew from heaven.”
  24. Thor. This Old Norse god of war and fertility created thunder and lightning by riding over the clouds in his chariot.
  25. Tufani. This Swahili name means “storm.”
  26. Vân. From Sino-Vietnamese roots, Vân means “cloud.”
  27. Zenith. From Arabic roots, Zenith refers to “the way over one’s head.”
  28. Zephyr. This powerful name refers to Zephyrus, the god of the west wind and the messenger of spring in Greek mythology.

All the best with your choice!

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