50 Enlightening Baby Names That Mean Smart

50 Enlightening Baby Names That Mean Smart

Looking for baby names that mean smart, intelligence and wisdom? Wise choice. Read on for our top picks from all over the world.
If you’re looking for the perfect name for your little one to grow into, choosing an option that honors their innate wisdom may be the ideal way to go.

Baby names that mean smart are a great way to salute your child’s intellectual curiosity, honor their opinions, and show them that their unique thoughts are important.

And the best part is that there isn’t only one type of intelligence to celebrate.

According to Harvard psychologist Howard Gardener, there are eight!

  1. Spatial intelligence — our capacity to think about and manipulate the space around us.
  2. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence — how we use our bodies to solve problems or create art, like a dancer would.
  3. Musical intelligence — our sensitivity to rhythms and notes.
  4. Linguistic intelligence — our understanding of words’ meanings, arrangement, and sound.
  5. Logical or mathematical intelligence — the type a mathematician or scientist might have.
  6. Interpersonal intelligence — how we relate to others.
  7. Intrapersonal intelligence — how we relate to and make decisions for ourselves.
  8. Naturalistic intelligence — our ability to understand the relationships between different parts of the natural world around us.

So when we’re talking about baby names that mean smart, we’re talking about the ranges of different kinds of smart you can be.

Ready to explore our top picks? Let’s dive in.

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  • What are some boy names that mean smart?

What name means knowledge?

  1. Cato: With its Latin roots, this powerful name means “all-knowing.”
  2. Ismene: Hailing from ancient Greek times, Ismene was the daughter of Oedipus and sister to Antigone. Her name means “knowledgeable.”
  3. Taalib: This Arabic name means “seeker of knowledge.”
  4. Ved: This name of Sanskrit origin means “sacred knowledge.”
  5. Veda: Referring to the sacred Hindu texts, this Sanskrit name means “knowledge” or “wisdom.”
  6. Vivek: A name of Sanskrit origins, Vivek means “wisdom and “knowledge.”

Names that mean wisdom

  1. Akira: This gender-neutral Japanese name can mean “wisdom,” “intelligence,” “truth,” and “the light coming from the sun.”
  2. Alden: This sweet-sounding name serves as both a first and last name and means “old friend” and “wise protector.”
  3. Aldo: From its German roots, Aldo means “noble” and “wise.”
  4. Aldrich: With its Old English origins, this interesting name has two different possible meanings. The one speaks to its wisdom — “wise ruler” — and the other to its sheer adorableness — “elf ruler.”
  5. Alfred: This popular name means “wise,” but it also means “elfin.” And it can be shortened to the adorable Alfie.
  6. Alvis: From its Old Norse roots, Alvis means “all wise.”
  7. Athena: This name makes this list because she was the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom. She was also known to preside over war and crafting in peacetime — a full plate indeed.
  8. Conrad: With its German roots, Conrad means both “wise counsel” and “bold.”
  9. Dara: This interesting name has a few different meanings. From its Hebrew roots, it means “pearl of wisdom.” Its Persian meaning is “rich, “and from Urdu origins, it means “sovereign.”
  10. Favian: With Latin roots, this bold name means “man of wisdom.”
  11. Hakim: This mighty name of Arabic origin means “wise.”
  12. Kendry: This interesting name simply means “wise man.”
  13. Minerva: She was the Roman goddess of wisdom. Bonus? Her name shortens to the cute Minnie.
  14. Odin: He is the Norse god of death and war — but also wisdom, poetry, and magic.
  15. Pallas: From Greek origins, Pallas means “wisdom.” From Old French, it may also refer to a fence.
  16. Rainier: A name related to the Old Norse name Ragnar, Rainier means “wise army,” or “wise warrior.”
  17. Raymond: This name that Everybody Loves means “wise protector” from its German roots.
  18. Reina: This regal name of Spanish origin means “queen” and “wise.”
  19. Senan: From Irish roots, this unique name means “old and wise.”
  20. Solon: This name has Greek origins and simply means “wise one.”
  21. Sonia: Of Slavic origin, this name has traveled all around the world. It means “wisdom.”
  22. Sophia: This name has had a winning streak in terms of its popularity, reaching the number one spot for eleven years running. It means “wisdom.”
  23. Zosia: The Polish version of Sophia, Zosia also means “wisdom.”

What name means intelligent for a girl?

Check out our favorite girl names that mean smart.

  1. Akilah: This beautiful Arabic name means “intelligent” or “bright.”
  2. Alberta: With its Germanic roots, Alberta means “noble” and “bright.”
  3. Cassidy: This sweet name means “clever” and “curly-haired” — possibly the perfect combo for your new arrival?
  4. Monisha: A gorgeous name of Indian origin, Monisha means “intelligent,” “beautiful,” and “solitary.”
  5. Phoebe: Perhaps one of your favorite Friends, Phoebe means “bright.”
  6. Ramona: The feminine form of Raymond, Ramona means “wise protector.”
  7. Sage: It’s not hard to see why this one makes the list. It means “wise” and “knowing.”
  8. Sana: From Arabic roots, Sana means “brilliance” and “radiance.”
  9. Quinn: Originally an Irish surname, it means “descendant of Conn,” where Conn means “chief leader” and “intelligence.” And while we’ve put it on our girls’ list, it works just as well for any gender.
  10. Ulima: From Arabic roots, this unusual name means “astute” or “wise.”

What are some boy names that mean smart?

And then here are some winning names meaning smart for a little boy.

  1. Bertrand: This name of French roots means “bright raven.” And it also belongs to renowned British philosopher Bertrand Russell.
  2. Boman: From its Persian origins, Boman means “great mind.” But it has another meaning. From its Swedish roots, it refers to someone who dwells on a farm.
  3. Frode: From the Icelandic name Fróði, Frode means “clever, learned, wise.”
  4. Hugh: A name that never goes out of style, Hugh means “intellect,” “soul,” and “mind.”
  5. Hugo: From its German roots, Hugo means “mind.”
  6. Reginald: From the Norman name Reynold, Reginald means “advice” and “ruler.”
  7. Ronald: This Scandinavian name is made up of two parts — “counsel” and “rule.” To us, that sounds like someone who could give us sage advice.
  8. Solomon: Known in the Christian Bible for his wisdom, Solomon means “man of peace.” We think there are very few ways to be smarter than that!
  9. Tallis: From Persian roots, Tallis means “wise.”
  10. Wilbur: You may know this name from the very smart pig in Charlotte’s Web. It has a few different meanings, including “resolute,” “brilliant,” and “wild boar.”
  11. Zeki: This fun Turkish name means “clever.”

All the best with your choice!

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