130 Powerful Baby Names That Mean Strength

130 Powerful Baby Names That Mean Strength

Searching for baby name inspiration? Here are 130 baby names that mean strength to help inspire bravery and confidence in your little warrior.
They may be tiny, but newborns are also beautifully powerful.

They’re encountering a brand new world for the very first time.

That takes a lot of courage.

It’s no wonder baby names that mean strength are so popular!

Ready to explore? Check out these mighty options for your little lionheart.

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  • What names mean warrior or strong?
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  • What Greek name means strong?
  • What Greek name means strength?

What name represents strength?

You want your little one to feel powerful and brave.

And what better start than giving them a name with strength built right into it?

So, what are names that mean strength? Here are our favorites.

Girl names that mean strength

  1. Aila: A lovely name from Finland and Scotland, meaning “from the strong place.”
  2. Audrey: An English name meaning “noble strength.”
  3. Bedelia: Meaning “strength or exalted one,” this Irish name is linked with the more common Bridget.
  4. Bree: An Irish name (and form of Briana) with links to strength, love, honor, and virtue.
  5. Briella: Short for Gabriella, this Hebrew name means “God is my strength.”
  6. Ebba: A Germanic name meaning “fortress of riches” or “strength of a boar.”
  7. Gertrude: A German name meaning “strength of a spear.” It’s often shortened to Trudy or Gertie.
  8. Gesine: This name has the same roots as Gertrude and also means “strength of a spear.”
  9. Imala: This name of Native American origin is associated with the strong-minded.
  10. Isa: Of German and Persian origin, meaning “strong-willed.” It’s also used as a short form of Isabel or Isadora.
  11. Juno: A Latin name meaning “queen of the heavens,” Juno was the chief Roman goddess and protector of women.
  12. Laura: A name with Italian roots, this name links with the laurel wreaths worn by Olympic victors and Roman emperors.
  13. Matilda: Of German origin (and Roald Dahl fame), Matilda means “battle mighty.”
  14. Tetsu: This Japanese name means “strong as iron.”
  15. Valencia: A Spanish place name and interesting girl’s name, Valencia means “strong and brave.”

Boy names that mean strength

  1. Aaron: Of Hebrew or Egyptian origin, Aaron means “exalted” or “enlightened” one.
  2. Armstrong: More common as a surname, this name literally means “strong arms.” For hugging or battling? You decide.
  3. Bernard: With German and French origins, Bernard means “brave as a bear.”
  4. Charles: A royal name deriving from the Germanic “Karl,” meaning “free man.”
  5. Finn: With its links to the hero of Irish mythology, Finn McCool — an intrepid warrior with supernatural powers, wisdom, and generosity — this name has energy and charm.
  6. Griff: Short for Griffin, this name is common in Wales and means “strong lord.”
  7. Hardy: A Germanic name meaning “bold and brave.”
  8. Ken: Of Scottish Gaelic origin, meaning “born of fire.”
  9. Miles: An English name meaning “merciful soldier.”
  10. Rainer: A name of German origin, meaning “wise army.”
  11. Reko: A Finnish and Swedish name sharing roots with Gregory, Reko means “vigilant guard.”
  12. Swithun: This English name is associated with Saint Swithun, the Bishop of Winchester and means “quick and strong.”
  13. Valerian: Of Roman origin, Valerian means “strength and health.”

What names mean warrior or strong?

If you’re looking to give your newborn a sense of heroic empowerment, there are plenty of names to choose from.

  1. Alala. We love this girl name meaning warrior. Alala was the sister of the ancient Greek war god, Ares, and her name is a battle cry.
  2. Aloise. “Famous warrior”
  3. Aloysius. “Famous warrior”
  4. Alvara. This magical name means “elf warrior.”
  5. Andronicus.Victorious warrior”
  6. Aryan. A name of Sanskrit origin, Aryan means “warrior” and “honorable.”
  7. Bahaadur. An Arabic name, Bahaadur means “brave warrior.”
  8. Bathilda. Of Greek origin, Bathilda means “warrior.”
  9. Beadu. From its Old English roots, Beadu means “warrior maid.”
  10. Cahira. “Warrior”
  11. Ceallach. “Warrior maid”
  12. Clancy. From its Gaelic roots, Clancy means “red warrior.”
  13. Donovan. This Irish boy’s name means “dark warrior.”
  14. Duncan. From its Scottish roots, Duncan means “brown warrior.”
  15. Dustin. Of Old German and Old English origin, Dustin means “brave warrior.”
  16. Earl. “Warrior”
  17. Earline. This name means “warrior” — but it also means “noblewoman” and “countess.”
  18. Elda. From its Italian roots, Elda means “warrior”.
  19. Eloy. “Renowned warrior”
  20. Evander. “Bow warrior”
  21. Fianna. In Irish mythology, Fianna were small groups of warriors.
  22. Freya. From Old Norse roots, this goddess was also a powerful warrior.
  23. Gerald. “Spear warrior”
  24. Griselfa. “Grey maiden warrior”
  25. Gunnar. “Brave warrior”
  26. Gunther. This name of German origin means “battler” or “warrior.”
  27. Griffith. A Welsh name, Griffith means “warrior” or “fighting chief.”
  28. Harbin. “Little bright warrior”
  29. Herman. From its German roots, Herman means “soldier” or “warrior.”
  30. Humphrey. “Peaceful warrior”
  31. Igor. This Russian name means “warrior.”
  32. Imelda. “Warrior woman”
  33. Jaivira. “Victorious warrior”
  34. Jamari. This Arabic name is the perfect combo of “warrior” and “beautiful.”
  35. Jerry. ”Spear warrior”
  36. Julius. “Youthful warrior”
  37. Kane. Of Welsh, Japanese and Hawaiian origin, Kane means “warrior.”
  38. Karamveer. “Enthusiastic warrior”
  39. Kemp. Whether from Norse or English origins, Kemp is a fearless warrior.
  40. Kijani. This Swahili name means “warrior.”
  41. Koa. This name has Hawaiian roots and means “brave warrior”.
  42. Lou. “Renowned warrior”
  43. Louis. “Famous warrior”
  44. Louisa. The feminine form of Louis, this name means “renowned warrior.”
  45. Luane. This name is a combination of “famous warrior” and “grace.”
  46. Ludwig. This one has German roots and also means “famous warrior.”
  47. Maia. From its Maori roots, Maia means “brave warrior.”
  48. Malin. “Little strong warrior”
  49. Malou. This is another combination name — “renowned warrior” and “star of the sea” or “beloved.”
  50. Marcel. “Young warrior”
  51. Martin. This one has Latin roots, and it means “warlike” or “warrior.”
  52. Murphy. “Sea warrior”
  53. Oliver. “Elf warrior”
  54. Owen. “Young warrior”
  55. Owena. “Young warrior”
  56. Roger. “Famous warrior”
  57. Ragnar. This Danish name means “warrior” and “judgment.”
  58. Rainer. “Deciding warrior”
  59. Ryder. From its Old English roots, Ryder means “mounted warrior.”
  60. Sacha. “Defending warrior”
  61. Sloan. This gender-neutral Irish name means “warrior.”
  62. Tore. “Thunder warrior”
  63. Truda. From its German roots, Truda means “warrior woman.”
  64. Umberto. “Renowned warrior”

Baby names that mean beauty and strength

  1. Adira: Of Hebrew origin, meaning strong, noble, and powerful.
  2. Andre: A warrior-like name from France and Portugal, meaning “strong.”
  3. Arden: A beautiful English name referencing the “high valley of the eagle.”
  4. Bravery: It’s cutting straight to the chase and is a great option for strong and brave warriors.
  5. Etan: Hebrew for “strength or purpose” with links to the masculine Ethan and feminine Etana.
  6. Gavi: A gender-neutral name that could be short for Gabriel or Gabriella, meaning “God is my strength.”
  7. Max: A short form of Maxima, Margaux, Maxwell, or Maximillian — simply meaning “greatest.”
  8. Mika: Popular in Germany and the Netherlands, meaning “like God” in beauty and strength.
  9. Nolan: A common first and second name of Irish descent, meaning “champion.”
  10. Sage: Of Latin origin, it derives from the culinary herb and is linked with strength, beauty, and wisdom.
  11. Takeshi: A Japanese name with links to warriors, strength, and health.
  12. Valentine: This is a great name for girls and boys. It means “strength and health” and is linked to Saint Valentine, the patron saint of love.
  13. Veda: Sanskrit for “knowledge,” this powerful name with religious resonance is found in the sacred texts of Hinduism.

What Greek name means strong?

Here are our top picks if you’re looking for Greek-inspired boy or girl names that simply mean “strong.”

Greek baby names that mean strong

  1. Alcaeus: This is the name of a lyric poet from Lesbos, and comes from the Greek alkaios meaning strong.
  2. Alexander: Think Alexander the Great. This is a name with Greek roots and means “defending men.”
  3. Amilios: Another Greek name linking to strength.
  4. Andrew: A common boy’s name with Greek roots, Andrew means “manly and strong.”
  5. Astred: Or Asta. This name is linked with divine strength, fate and luck.
  6. Gaia: The Greek goddess of the earth — what could be more powerful?
  7. Hercules: A synonym for strength, luck, power, and vitality via the famed figure of Greek mythology.
  8. Leander: A Greek name for boys and girls (and alternative to Alexander), symbolizing the strength of a lion.
  9. Leona: Or Leonarda (the feminine form of Leander), meaning “strong lioness.”
  10. Philomena: From the Greek Philomenēs, it’s a sweet and unique girl’s name meaning “lover of strength.”
  11. Zale: A Greek boy’s name meaning “sea-strength.”

What Greek name means strength?

Strength means different things to different people, and this was no different for the ancient Greeks.

It can be energy, purity, independence, or the ability to reflect the power of nature.

Here are some great names that mean strength (in its many different forms), all with origins in Greek culture and language.

Greek baby names that mean strength

  1. Alcmene: Derived from alke (strength) mene (moon), and menis (wrath), it’s a powerful name for the mother of Herakles.
  2. Apolline: The French form of Apollonia, a feminine name derived from the god Apollo.
  3. Apollo: He was the powerful god of music, art, beauty, wisdom, and the sun — to name just a few realms.
  4. Cadmus: Originally the name of a serpent-slaying hero, Cadmus means “one who excels.”
  5. Cleandro: A variation of the Greek boy’s name Cleanth, Cleandro means “clean and pure.”
  6. Cressida: A name associated with the power and beauty of gold.
  7. Cypress: A great gender-neutral name linked with the tall and proud cypress tree, representing immortality and hope.
  8. Demosthenes: This one has links to Demos meaning “the people,” and speaks of fairness and democracy.
  9. Neon: Meaning “new,” this name would be great for strong, innovative individuals.
  10. Nico: A cute and charming name derived from Nicholas, meaning “people of victory.”
  11. Phoibos: This unusual option is another name for the sun god Apollo. It’s a variation of Phoebus and the feminine Phoebe and means “shining” or “brilliant.”
  12. Poseidon: One of the twelve Olympians and god of the sea, storms, earthquakes, and horses.
  13. Thalassa: A pretty girl’s name associated with the strength and spirit of the sea.
  14. Zephyr: A striking name with origins in the gentle yet powerful west wind.

All the best with your choice!

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