60+ Mighty Baby Names That Mean Strong Spirit

60+ Mighty Baby Names That Mean Strong Spirit

Looking for the perfect name for your little warrior? We’ve got you covered. Check out these powerful baby names that mean strong spirit.
Of all the gifts to pass on to our kids, inner strength is right at the top of many a mama’s list.

Names that mean strong spirit are an ideal way to remind them that they have what it takes to negotiate even the toughest of obstacles.

Luckily, there are so many inspiring options from all over the world that will help them flex those soul muscles whenever they need to.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

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What name symbolizes strength?

From the sheer might of Callan and Ebbe, to the gentle strength of Filomena, to the heavenly power of Oswald, there are so many options on the table.

These are our favorites.

What boy name means strong spirit?

(Pro-tip, if one of these boy names that mean strong spirit feels like a good fit for your little girl, that’s fine too. Go with your gut.)

  1. Aaron: This Hebrew name means “mountain of strength.”
  2. Abir: With its Hebrew roots, Abir means “strong and brave.” It’s also the name of the colorful powder used in Hindu rituals.
  3. Adir: This interesting name is of Hebrew origins and means “strong.”
  4. Alexander: This ever-popular name means “defender of mankind”—now that takes a seriously strong spirit.
  5. Amzi: With Hebrew roots, this punchy name means “strong.”
  6. Anders: With its Scandinavian roots, Anders means “brave and manly.”
  7. Andrew: A name that never goes out of style, Andrew also means “brave and manly.”
  8. Angus: This name has Gaelic roots and means “one strength.”
  9. Barrett: Both a first name and surname, Barrett means “bear strength.”
  10. Brian: This popular name means “high,” “noble,” and “might.”
  11. Caden: With its Old English roots, Caden means “strength.” From Welsh origins, it means “spirit of battle,” and from its Arabic, “friend” or “companion.”
  12. Callan: This one has Scottish roots and means “battle” and “rock.”
  13. Conall: This Celtic name has a mighty meaning— “strong wolf.”
  14. Ebbe: A shortened form of the Germanic name Everhard, Ebbe means “strong.”
  15. Egon: With German roots, Egon means “strong with a sword.”
  16. Ekon: With its Yoruba roots, Ekon means “strong.”
  17. Emeric: This interesting alternative to Eric, Emeric means “power.”
  18. Eugene: From its [Greek](https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/greek-baby-names0 roots, Eugene means “noble.”
  19. Ethan: There’s reason to watch this name like a Hawke. It means “strong” and “safe.”
  20. Ezekiel: If you’re looking for a name that carries divine power, Ezekiel may be it. It means “God’s strength.”
  21. Gabriel: This one also has a Biblical bend and means “God is my strength.”
  22. Garrett: From its Irish roots, Garrett means “hard” and “spear.”
  23. Imre: This name has Hungarian roots and means “strength.”
  24. Jabbar: With its Arabic roots, Jabbar means “giant” and “almighty.”
  25. Kwan: This name has Korean roots and also means “strong.”
  26. Liam: A name that doesn’t go out of style, Liam is of Irish roots and means “strong-willed warrior.”
  27. Mandla: This powerful Zulu name means “strength.”
  28. Max: This Latin name simply means “greatest.”
  29. Neron: This name has Spanish roots and means “strong” or “stern.”
  30. Oswald: This heavenly name means “divine power.”
  31. Oz: Keep it simple with this pithy option. It means “strength and courage.”
  32. Pacome: This French name means “of strong nature.”
  33. Quillon: With its Latin roots, this unusual name refers to crossing swords and means “strong.”
  34. Takeo: Takeo is an excellent option for names that mean strong spirit in Japanese. It has several power-packed meanings, including “healthy man” and “strong as bamboo.”
  35. Valentine: The name of the saint we celebrate in February, Valentine means “strong and healthy.”
  36. Warrick: Of English origin, Warrick means “strong leader who defends.”
  37. Zale: If you’re looking for a strong name for your water baby, this fun option means “sea-strength.”

What girl name means strong spirit?

And these are our top picks for girl names that mean strong spirit:

  1. Adira: An unusual name of Hebrew origin, Adira means “powerful” and “noble.”
  2. Alsie: If you’re after Greek names that mean strong spirit, this might just be the perfect fit. It means “strong-willed” and can also be spelled Alcie.
  3. Audrey: Fans of Ms. Hepburn will love this name. It means “noble strength.”
  4. Aziza: With its Arabic roots, Aziza means “mighty.” It also means “precious.”
  5. Bali: This Sanskrit name means “strength.”
  6. Bedelia: This attractive Irish name means “exalted one” or “strength.”
  7. Bernadette: With its French roots, Bernadette means “brave bear.”
  8. Bree: Don’t let the brevity of this name fool you. It’s packed with power. It means “noble” and “strong.”
  9. Brianna: Originally of Irish roots, this sweet-sounding name has a powerful meaning— “resolute and strong.”
  10. Bridget: A name that’s stood the test of time, Bridget means “power, strength, vigor, and virtue.” That’s quite a combo!
  11. Britta: From Scandinavian roots, Britta means “exalted one” or “strength.”
  12. Cyrene: In Greek mythology, Cyrene was a princess and huntress with whom Apollo fell in love. This mighty name means “supreme power.”
  13. Filomena: This lyrical name has Greek roots and means “friend of strength.”
  14. Imara: This name is of Kiswahili origins and means “strong” and “brave.”
  15. Karla: From the masculine Karl, Karla means “free man.” Having a strong spirit certainly gives you the freedom to be yourself.
  16. Keren: This could be a good fit if you’re looking for alternatives to Kerry and Karen. It’s a Hebrew name that means “glorious dignity” and “ray of light.”
  17. Lenna: Meaning “lion strength,” this could be the perfect name for a little Leo.
  18. Marcella: This is a great name for a powerful little girl. It dates back to Roman times and means “warlike” and “strong.”
  19. Matilda: For fans of Roald Dahl’s bookworm protagonist, this name has a lot of sway. It means “battle-mighty.”
  20. Minka: This name has Polish roots and means “strong-willed warrior.”
  21. Shakti: There’s no messing with this mighty name. It simply means “power.”
  22. Trudi: From German roots, Trudi means “ruler of the spear,” but can also mean “beloved.”
  23. Valentina: The perfect name for the tiny love of your life, Valentina means “healthy and strong.”
  24. Valerie: Amy Winehouse fans may gravitate towards this name. It means “strong” and “brave” and has Latin roots.

All the best with your choice!

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