55 Everlasting Baby Names That Mean Time

55 Everlasting Baby Names That Mean Time

Searching for the perfect name for your new arrival? We’ve got you covered. Get inspired by our 55 favorite baby names that mean time.
Linked to concepts of eternity, new beginnings, and the rhythms of the natural world, baby names that mean time are rich in meaning.

On our list, we’ve included names meaning time, as well as those that speak to time-related concepts, like seasons, rebirth and hope for the future.

Opt for the more unusual Alula or Zyanya.

Go for something more recognizable like Summer or Hope.

Or choose the timeless appeal of Dante or Perpetua.

Ready to get going? Let’s dive in.

First, we’ll kick off by having a look at some FAQs for baby names that mean time.

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What name means keeper of time?

  1. Horatius: This compelling boy’s name holds several different meanings, including “timekeeper” and “hour.” It also links to a hero who defended Rome.
  2. Horatia: And here’s the feminine version, also meaning “timekeeper” or “hour.”

What names mean future?

  1. Bashiri: Bashiri is an Arabic name related to the future. It means “prophet” or “one who can foretell the future.”
  2. Lambegus: This Germanic name refers to a land that promises a bright future.
  3. Mirai: A sweet Japanese girl’s name, Mirai means “future.”
  4. Sybil: This future-oriented name of Greek origin means “prophetess” or “oracle.”

What name means long life?

  1. Aeon: For a unique name that has endless appeal, Aeon means “very long time” or “eternity.”
  2. Afanasy: This strong Russian name is a form of the Greek name Athanasios and means “immortal.”
  3. Amar: A popular Arabic name, Amar means “long life.”
  4. Amaran: This Sanskrit option means “the immortal” or “the one who lasts forever.”
  5. Ambrose: From its Greek roots, this lovely name means “immortal.”
  6. Baki: The pen name of a Turkish poet, Baki means “eternal.”
  7. Dante: This poetic Italian name has a timeless meaning — “enduring” or “everlasting.”
  8. Elam: This Hebrew name means “eternity.”
  9. Eliad: For a divine option, this name is also of Hebrew origin and means “eternal God.”
  10. Eric: A popular name in many parts of the world, Eric has Norse origins and means “forever ruler.”
  11. Hisako: From Japanese roots, Hisako means “longevity” and “progress.”
  12. Khalid: A popular Arabic name, Khalid means “immortal” or “eternal.”
  13. Mandana: This beautiful Persian girl’s name means “everlasting.”
  14. Perpetua: This distinguished name has Latin roots and means “perpetual” or “continuous.”
  15. Tancy: An adorable Greek name, Tancy means “immortal.”
  16. Tanek: This one’s of Polish origin and means “he who is immortal.”
  17. Yong: From its Chinese roots, Yong means “perpetual” or “eternal.” But it doesn’t end there — it can also mean “brave.”
  18. Zyanya: This Aztec name means “forever” and “always.”

Girl names that mean time

And here are our other top picks. While we’ve divided them into girl names and boy names, many of the names on this list work just as well for any gender.

  1. Aina: This Scandinavian name means “always.” But it also has some other interesting meanings. From its Japanese roots, it means “love” and “affection.”
  2. Alula: Alula is a musical Arabic name. It means “the first leap” — making it the perfect choice for first-time parents wanting to mark this time in history.
  3. Amarantha: Recently made famous by the popular book A Court of Thorns and Roses, Amarantha is an elegant girl’s name. It derives from the Greek amarantos, which means “unfading.”
  4. Amargo: From its Latin roots, this chic name means “everlasting.”
  5. Antonella: The Italian version of Antonia, this feminine name means “firstborn” — ideal for new parents who would like to commemorate this new phase of their lives.
  6. Cerelia: Another melodic, elegant Greek name, Cerelia speaks to the changing seasons. It means “Goddess of the harvest.”
  7. Dari: Dari is a name that originates from the ancient Sumerian language, where it means “enduring” or “one who keeps things well.”
  8. Gila: A unique name with Hebrew roots, Gila means “eternal joy.”
  9. Hope: Hope has beautiful connotations of looking to the future with joy and positivity.
  10. Lestari: This beautiful Indonesian name means “everlasting.”
  11. Neoma: The distinctive name means “new moon,” and has Greek origins.
  12. Oriana: Taking inspiration from new days and new beginnings in nature, Oriana is a Latin girl’s name that means “dawn.”
  13. Persephone: Sure, this name belongs to the Queen of the Underworld, but she was also in charge of spring.
  14. Renee: With its French roots, Renee means “born again.”
  15. Summer: We adore baby names inspired by the seasons — and this sunny name is one of our favorites.
  16. Tien: From its Vietnamese roots, this name has a magical time-based meaning — “eternal fairy.”
  17. Vernette: Meaning “spring green,” this beautiful Latin name represents new life and new beginnings.
  18. Winona: Made popular by the Stranger Things star, Winona is a Dakota name that means “first born daughter.”
  19. Winter: This seasonal pick is another great way to bring the themes of time and nature into your chosen baby name.
  20. Zara: From its Arabic roots, Zara means “blooming flower” — a magnificent symbol of the passing time.

Boy names that mean time

  1. Anadi: This divine Hindi name means “who does not have end, and is without beginning.”
  2. Ananta: This Sanskrit name holds a number of time-related meanings, including “endless,” “limitless,” and “eternal.”
  3. Baqa: An Arabic boy’s name, Baqa means “immortality” and “survival.”
  4. Hamza: This one has Arabic roots and has two mighty meanings — “steadfast” and “immortal lion.”
  5. Haruki: Haruki is a boy’s name that originates from Japan, where it means “spring child,” making it another seasonal favorite to add to the list.
  6. Neander: This strong, unusual Greek name speaks of renewal. Its meaning is “new man.”
  7. Neon: Despite sounding very modern, this name actually hails from Ancient Greek times. It means “new” and “strong.”
  8. Phoenix: A phoenix is an immortal firebird. When it reaches the end of its life, it bursts into a ball of fire and is reborn from ashes.
  9. Signe: This powerful old Norse name means “new victory.”
  10. Vjekoslav: From Slavic roots, this name has a mighty meaning — “glorious through the ages.”
  11. Zaman: From Arabic roots, Zaman means “time” and “era.”

We wish you all the best with your choice.

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