80+ Winning Baby Names that Mean Victory

80+ Winning Baby Names that Mean Victory

Peanut brings you winning baby names and their meanings. Let us guide you through baby names that mean victory that are perfect for your #1.
When choosing a name for your wee winner on the way, there’s a lot to consider.

There’s your heritage, personal flair, and, of course, what the name means.

Names that mean victory are a great way to set your baby up for success.

We’re leading the pack with our best 80+ names that mean victory, so come along for the ride.

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  • What is the Latin name for Victory?
  • Which girl name means victory?
  • What boy name means victory?
  • What gender-neutral name means victory?
  • What names mean Glory?
  • What name means crown of victory?

What is the Latin name for Victory?

It’s hard to think of the word victory without thinking of the gladiators.

Or even just Russel Crow in a skirt. 😉

While many languages were spoken in the Roman Empire, Latin is the one most often associated with this time.

It just so happens that the Latin word for victory is victōria.

That gives us two strong winning names right off the bat, Victoria and Victor.

Let’s take a look at some other Latin names that also refer to “victory.”

  1. Avitori: Meaning “they are beautiful” and “victory” this Latin girl’s name is unusual and pretty.
  2. Eunisia: A lovely girl’s name from the Latin word meaning “good victory.”
  3. Veronica: This classic girl’s name means “she who brings victory.”
  4. Victor: Of course, no list would be complete without this classic and its feminine form.
  5. Victoria: Meaning “conqueror,” this name could be the one for the child who conquers your heart. It does double duty as one of the great biblical girl names that mean “victory.” Find her in Deuteronomy.
  6. Vitya: Another contender for the “conqueror” of your heart is this Latin boy’s name.

Which girl name means victory?

When it comes to girl names that mean victory, there are tons to choose from.

Here are Peanut’s favorite picks.

  1. Ailsa: If fantasy is your thing, this Scottish name meaning “elf victory” might be just what you’re looking for!
  2. Andarta: She is the Celtic goddess of victory and sounds exactly like a boss.
  3. Berenice: This gorgeous name is Greek in origin and means “she who brings victory.” More commonly heard as Bernice, find her in the bible in Acts.
  4. Colette: This beautiful French name means “people of victory.” Kolette is an alternative spelling.
  5. Eunice: A Hebrew name meaning “good victory.”
  6. Jaimin: This pretty Arabic name means “one who succeeds.”
  7. Jaya: A lyrical Hindi name meaning “victory.”
  8. Kinna: Celtic, meaning “great champion.”
  9. Kinsey: English meaning “king’s victory.”
  10. Kylin: Celtic. “Victory woman”
  11. Latoya: This pretty name is American in origin. It’s thought that “Toya” could be linked back to Victoria.
  12. Nicoletta: Italian and Spanish, meaning “people of victory.”
  13. Nilsa: This lovely Danish name means “winner.”
  14. Nyla: A stunning Arabic name meaning “winner or one who achieves.”
  15. Sia: Not just a fantastic singer, Sia is also an Old Norse name meaning “victory.”
  16. Vittoria: If you’re looking for a spin on the classic Victoria, look no further than this Italian stunner.
  17. Yaroslava: This powerful Russian name stands up to its meaning of “strong and glorious.”
  18. Zafreen: Arabic, meaning “victorious.”

What boy name means victory?

Not to be outdone by the girls, here are the victors in the category of boys’ names.

  1. Adenya: Hindu, meaning “winner.”
  2. Ajani: This strong Nigerian name means “the victor.”
  3. Ajay: Hindi, meaning not only “victory” but “unconquered and conquest” too.
  4. Alcide: This French name has a romantic feel and relates to Hercules, the Greek hero.
  5. Chaiya: A gentle Thai name meaning “victory.”
  6. Claes: Nicholas comes in many forms and this one, pronounced Claus, is Swedish, meaning “victory of the people.”
  7. Cleon: This Greek name means “glorious and renowned,” like all victorious warriors. It makes for a particularly strong second name.
  8. Covy: This cute Irish name means “victorious.”
  9. Fawaz: Arabic, meaning “a man who is a winner.”
  10. Garmon: Welsh. “Overcomer or winner”
  11. Jaikara: This beautiful Indian name means “victory belongs to me.”
  12. Kai: A Chinese name meaning victory” and “triumph.”
  13. Katsu: This powerful Japanese name is super strong and evocative.
  14. Kolja: We love this German name meaning “victory of the people.”
  15. Larsen: Scandinavian, with a really modern feel. Meaning “one who achieved a great victory.”
  16. Malo: Hawaiian, meaning “a victorious man”
  17. Masaru: Japanese, meaning “victory and excellence”
  18. Nicholas: Greek and definitely one of the most adaptable of the boy names that mean victory.
  19. Nico: Another great variation on the above.
  20. Col: Ditto!
  21. Renit: Hindu. Meaning “victory, triumph, and success.”
  22. Sennett: This striking English name, meaning “bold in victory,” is sure to be a standout.
  23. Sigge: A version of Sigmund, this name meaning “victory” is Swedish and totally cool.
  24. Zafar: Arabic. Meaning “victory”

What gender-neutral name means victory?

But surely victory has no gender?

If you’re looking for something outside of the traditional binary, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Amarjeet: This Sanskrit name means “immortal victory.”
  2. Finley: Technically, this great name means “fair hero,” but we’re taking a little license because a. gorgeous and b. what is a victor if not a hero?
  3. Lennon: This unisex name means “leader,” and you can’t have victory without one.
  4. Nike: Just do it. Pick this unisex Greek name meaning “victory.”
  5. Niki: Same same but different, “winner of the nation.”
  6. Okal: A striking unisex name meaning “victory of the people.”
  7. Win: This simple word name does exactly what it says. Short, sweet, and to the point. Also spelled as Wynn.

What names mean Glory?

What follows every victory?

That’s right, Glory!

You could go right in there with the name Glory which is both strong and beautiful.

A more traditional option is the Latin Gloria or Gloriana.

Let’s take a wander through some other names that mean glory.

  1. Aintza: This Basque name means “glory” and is usually used for girls.
  2. Blade: This gorgeous English boy’s name means “wealthy glory.”
  3. Cleora: A Greek girl’s name meaning “glory” that shortens beautifully to Cleo.
  4. Cliantha: Another name of Greek origin, also meaning “glory.”
  5. Hadar: This stunning Hebrew boy’s name means “glory,” too.
  6. Hala: This similar-sounding Muslim name is pretty as can be — and pretty glorious too!
  7. Hercules: Meaning “glory of Hera,” this Greek name sounds ever so strong.
  8. Kay: Short and sweet but full of “glory” is this Greek girl’s name.
  9. Keilani: A popular Hawaiian girl’s name meaning “glorious chief” and perfectly beautiful.
  10. Milos: This Slavic boy’s name means “lover of glory.”
  11. Nilla: This African girl’s name means “glorious,” and is it ever?!
  12. Rico: We love this German name meaning “glory.”
  13. Roch: Polish and pretty!
  14. Stannes: This strong-sounding Slavic name means “military glory.”
  15. Zuko: This Xhosa name from South Africa means “glory” and is super powerful.

What name means crown of victory?

Surprisingly there are a couple of names that tick this particular box!

In ancient Greece, the branches of the laurel tree were used to make crowns for the winners of sporting events.

An all-round symbol of achievement, the laurel has also come to mean honor, truth, and victory.

  1. Brencis: Russian. “Crowned with laurel.”
  2. Cayla: A pretty Hebrew name meaning “crown of laurel.”
  3. Kaylah: A distinctive alternate spelling for Cayla.
  4. Laretta: Latin, from the laurel tree, symbolizing an honored victory. Similar names with the same meaning are Lauralynn, Laurette, Loreene, Lorenna, Loriana, Lorita, Lorianne, Laura, Lauren and Laurinda. The variations are endless😂.
  5. Laurence: This name has a similar background. It’s a unisex name meaning “from the city of Laurentum” and connects back to that special laurel tree. It can also be spelled Lawrence and shortened to Laurie.
  6. Lorian: Like Laretta, this boy’s name links back to the laurel tree.
  7. Laurent: French and, you guessed it, “crowned with laurels.”
  8. Estefan: This great traditional Spanish name has many variations, including Esteban, Estefani, and Esteva. It, too, means “crowned in victory.”
  9. Stephan: Russian, French, and Greek, this name and its feminine Stephanie all mean “crowned with laurels”. See Stephano, Stephen, Stefan, Stephania and Stefina. And, of course, Steve. If it’s biblical boy names that mean victory you’re looking for, this is a great one to consider. In the bible, Stephen is the man who became the first Christian Martyr.

Even though they don’t have laurel trees in their histories, we simply couldn’t leave these two beautiful names out.

  1. Panya: This name has diverse origins, from Swahili all the way to Slavic languages. Meaning variously “tiny” and “mouse,” as well as “crowned one,” some sources also list it as meaning “crowned in victory.”
  2. Tienette: A pretty and delicate-sounding Greek girl’s name, it also means “crowned in victory.”

There are so many ways to work the idea of victory into your baby’s name.

Change up the spelling of something you’ve heard before or slip it in as a second name, and you’re A for away.

Besides, whatever you choose to name your little champion, we know they’re destined for great things.

With you as their mama, how could it be any other way? ❤️

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