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126 Mighty Baby Names That Mean Warrior

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

With these baby names that mean warrior, you can arm your little one with strength, courage, and determination — the perfect way to kick off their journey through the world. And with all the great options available, you’re spoiled for choice.

Baby Names That Mean Warrior

So what are some names that mean warrior? We’ll take you through our favorites from all over the world.

Some of these names literally mean warrior, others belonged to famous warriors in history, while others speak to heroic bravery and strength.

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  • Boy names that mean warrior

What names mean fearless warrior?

  1. Abhishree. Meaning “fearless beauty,” this Sanskrit name will give your little girl a mighty beginning.
  2. Bahaadur. An Arabic name, Bahaadur means “brave warrior.”
  3. Basilah. This Arabic name means “brave” and “fearless.”
  4. Dustin. Of Old German and Old English origin, Dustin means “brave warrior.”
  5. Kemp. Whether from Norse or English origins, Kemp is a fearless warrior.
  6. Koa. This name has Hawaiian roots and means “brave warrior”

What name means strong warrior?

  1. Agro. This Italian name means “hero” or “tough one.”
  2. Aryan. A name of Sanskrit origin, Aryan means “warrior” and “honorable.”
  3. Clovis. “Famous fighter”
  4. Gautier. “Strong ruler”

And then, here are some other warrior names we love. We’ve divided these out into boys’ names and girls’ names, but many of them are good for either.

These are our favorites.

Girl names that mean warrior

  1. Aella. A name that also means “whirlwind,” Aella was the name of an Amazon warrior.
  2. Aife. The name of an Irish warrior queen, Aife means “radiant.”
  3. Alala. We love this girl name meaning warrior. Alala was the sister of the ancient Greek war god, Ares, and her name is a battle cry.
  4. Aloise. “Famous warrior”
  5. Alvara. This magical name means “elf warrior.”
  6. Andra. A feminine form of Andrew, Andra means “strong and brave.”
  7. Audhild. This one’s from Norse roots, and it means “battle for fortune.”
  8. Bathilda. Of Greek origin, Bathilda means “warrior.”
  9. Beadu. From its Old English roots, Beadu means “warrior maid.”
  10. Boyana. “Battle”
  11. Borghildr. “Protection in battle”
  12. Brianna. This Irish name means “strong.”
  13. Brunhilda. She’s a warrior princess from Norse mythology, and her name means “armed for battle.”
  14. Cahira. “Warrior”
  15. Ceallach. “Warrior maid”
  16. Clothilda. “Renowned in battle”
  17. Drew. A gender-neutral variant of Andrew, Drew means “strong and brave.”
  18. Earline. This name means “warrior” — but it also means “noblewoman” and “countess.”
  19. Elda. From its Italian roots, Elda means “warrior”.
  20. Enyo. This powerful name refers to an Ancient Greek goddess of war.
  21. Fianna. In Irish mythology, Fianna were small groups of warriors.
  22. Freya. From Old Norse roots, this goddess was also a powerful warrior.
  23. Gerta. From its Old German roots, Gerta means “strong spear.”
  24. Griselfa. “Grey maiden warrior”
  25. Hilda. “Battle”
  26. Imelda. “Warrior woman”
  27. Jamari. This Arabic name is the perfect combo of “warrior” and “beautiful.”
  28. Kyda. “Strong”
  29. Lou. “Renowned warrior”
  30. Louisa. The feminine form of Louis, this name means “renowned warrior.”
  31. Luane. This name is a combination of “famous warrior” and “grace.”
  32. Maia. From its Maori roots, Maia means “brave warrior.”
  33. Malin. “Little strong warrior”
  34. Malou. This is another combination name — “renowned warrior” and “star of the sea” or “beloved.”
  35. Matilda. “Mighty in battle”
  36. Maude. “Mighty in battle”
  37. Millicent. “Brave strength
  38. Minerva. She was a Roman goddess of wisdom, arts, and war.
  39. Myrina. This mighty name belongs to the queen of the Amazons in Greek mythology.
  40. Owena. “Young warrior”
  41. Ptolema. “War-like”
  42. Telema. A name of Spanish origin, Telema means both “will” and “distant fighter.”
  43. Thyra. This one comes from Týr, the Norse God of war.
  44. Tillie. “Mighty in war”
  45. Truda. From its German roots, Truda means “warrior woman.”
  46. Valda. “Heroine in battle”
  47. Vivalda. “Brave in battle”

Boy names that mean warrior

  1. Agnar. This Old Norse name means “ruler with a sword.”
  2. Alexander. “Defender of men”
  3. Alfonso. “Ready for battle”
  4. Aloysius. “Famous warrior”
  5. Armand. From its French origins, Armand means “army’s man.”
  6. Andronicus.Victorious warrior”
  7. Asem. With its Arabic roots, Asem means “savior” and “defender.”
  8. Bhaltair. This powerful Scottish name means “strong fighter” or “army ruler.”
  9. Boris. This name has a few different meanings — “wolf,” “snow leopard,” or “famous battle.”
  10. Cadel. “Battle”
  11. Callan. This name of Gaelic and Scottish origin means “battle” and “rock.”
  12. Cathán. “Battle”
  13. Chad. “Protector” and “defender”
  14. Clancy. From its Gaelic roots, Clancy means “red warrior.”
  15. Clovis. “Renowned fighter”
  16. Daljit. This Indian name means “victorious army.”
  17. Donovan. This Irish boy’s name means “dark warrior.”
  18. Duncan. From its Scottish roots, Duncan means “brown warrior.”
  19. Earl. “Warrior”
  20. Eloy. “Renowned warrior”
  21. Evander. “Bow warrior”
  22. Gerald. “Spear warrior”
  23. Gunnar. “Brave warrior”
  24. Gunther. This name of German origin means “battler” or “warrior.”
  25. Griffith. A Welsh name, Griffith means “warrior” or “fighting chief.”
  26. Harbin. “Little bright warrior”
  27. Harold. “Army ruler”
  28. Harvey. “Eager for battle”
  29. Herman. From its German roots, Herman means “soldier” or “warrior.”
  30. Ho-jin. This Korean name means “fierce advance.”
  31. Howard. From its Germanic roots, Howard means “heart” and “brave.” From its Norse roots, it means “guardian.”
  32. Humphrey. “Peaceful warrior”
  33. Igor. This Russian name means “warrior.”
  34. Íomhair. A name of Scandinavian roots, this name means “bow army.”
  35. Ivor. This one means “bow army.”
  36. Jabbar. Of Arabic roots, Jabbar means “powerful.”
  37. Jaivira. “Victorious warrior”
  38. Jerry. ”Spear warrior”
  39. Julius. “Youthful warrior”
  40. Kane. Of Welsh, Japanese and Hawaiian origin, Kane means “warrior.”
  41. Karamveer. “Enthusiastic warrior”
  42. Kijani. This Swahili name means “warrior.”
  43. Louis. “Famous warrior”
  44. Ludwig. This one has German roots and also means “famous warrior.”
  45. Luther. From its Old German roots, Luther means “soldier of the people.”
  46. Marcel. “Young warrior”
  47. Martin. This one has Latin roots, and it means “warlike” or “warrior.”
  48. Mete. “Brave hero”
  49. Murphy. “Sea warrior”
  50. Nolan. This Gaelic name means “chariot fighter.”
  51. Oliver. “Elf warrior”
  52. Owen. “Young warrior”
  53. Roger. “Famous warrior”
  54. Ragnar. This Danish name means “warrior” and “judgment.”
  55. Rainer. “Deciding warrior”
  56. Ranjit. “Victorious in war”
  57. Ryder. From its Old English roots, Ryder means “mounted warrior.”
  58. Sacha. “Defending warrior”
  59. Sibbi. “Victorious hero”
  60. Sloan. This gender-neutral Irish name means “warrior.”
  61. Sweeney. “Young warrior from another land”
  62. Tore. “Thunder warrior”
  63. Umberto. “Renowned warrior”
  64. Walt. “Strong fighter”
  65. Warrick. “Strong defender”
  66. Werner. “Army guard”
  67. Wyatt. “Brave at war”
  68. Wymond. “Man of war”
  69. Zander. “Defender of men”

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