68 Breezy Baby Names That Mean Wind

68 Breezy Baby Names That Mean Wind

Looking for names that are a breath of fresh air? These baby names that mean wind are exactly that. Read on to find out our top picks.
It’s a breeze. Throw caution to the wind. The winds of change.

The wind weaves its way into so many of our metaphors.

Some baby names that mean wind capture the spirit of renewal and rebirth the wind brings.

Others encompass the courageous freedom of allowing yourself to be blown into new territory by the winds.

And yet others speak to that bright and breezy feeling when the wind gives us a breath of fresh air.

So if you’re looking for the freshest air names that mean wind, we’ve got you covered.

From light breezes to gusty gales, it’s time to get some air.

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What name means god of wind?

Gods from all over the world celebrate this force of nature. Here are some heavenly names that refer to the gods and goddesses of the wind and sky.

  1. Aeolus: From Greek mythology, Aeolus was the keeper of the winds.
  2. Aether: He’s of Greek roots, too and is the personification of the upper sky.
  3. Amun: This Egyptian deity was the god of air.
  4. Aura: In Greek mythology, Aura was the Titan goddess of breezes and fresh air.
  5. Caelus: The Roman god of the heavens, Caelus is associated with caelum, the Latin word for sky.
  6. Dogoda: She’s the Slavic goddess of the west wind, as well as of love and gentleness—a perfect combination.
  7. Enlil: This ancient Mesopotamian god is associated with wind, air, earth, and storms.
  8. Fujin: This Japanese name translates as “wind god.”
  9. Ninlil: Also from ancient Mesopotamia, this name means “lady of the breeze.”
  10. Odin: This Old Norse god was in charge of many things, including the wind, war, and death.
  11. Paka’a: He’s the Polynesian god of wind who is said to have invented the sail.
  12. Shu: This is the name of the Egyptian god associated with the air and sky. His name means “he who rises up.”
  13. Stribog: He’s the Slavic god of winds, sky and air.
  14. Vayu: This Hindu deity is the god of breath.
  15. Zephyrus: If you’re looking for a unique name that holds a lot of might, Zephyrus is an interesting choice. He was the god of the west wind in Greek mythology.

What boy name means wind?

Choose from one of these boy names that mean wind or refer to the air or sky. (Hot tip: no rules here—use the name you love for any sex.)

  1. Abel: This Hebrew name means “breath” or “vapor.”
  2. Akash: This Sanskrit name means “space” or “sky.”
  3. Amphorn: With its Thai roots, this exquisite name refers to the sky.
  4. Anan: From Hebrew roots, this name means “cloud” or “vapor.”
  5. Anil: This name has Sanskrit roots and means “wind.”
  6. Anore: Hailing from Greenland, Anore means “wind.”
  7. Anvindr: Of Old Norse origins, Anvindr means “against the wind.”
  8. Arkansas: If this U.S. state holds a special place in your heart, it may be the ideal option for your little one. It makes this list because, from its Algonquian roots, it means “south wind.”
  9. Avel: This name of Russian roots means “gentle breath.”
  10. Ayaz: From Persian roots, Ayaz means “cool breeze” or “night breeze.”
  11. Celestine: This heavenly name means “of the sky.”
  12. Erjon: With its Albanian roots, Erjon means “wind from the Ionian sea.”
  13. Esen: From Turkish roots, Esen means “the wind.”
  14. Govad: This sweet name means “angel of wind.”
  15. Guthrie: Originally a Scottish surname, this name refers to a windy place.
  16. Ilmari: With its Scandinavian roots, Ilmari means “air.”
  17. Keanu: From Hawaiian roots, this popular name belongs to the famous Mr. Reeves and means “cool breeze.”
  18. Naseem: From Arabic roots, Naseem means “breeze.”
  19. Notus: With its Greek roots, Notus means “south wind.”
  20. Poyraz: With its Turkish roots, Poyraz means “north wind.”
  21. Rabi: This one has Arabic roots and means “gentle wind.”
  22. Samir: This name comes from the Sanskrit word for “gust of wind” and also means “charming companion.”
  23. Wayra: This name of Quechua origin means “wind.”
  24. Wind: If you’d like to keep things simple, this name is a breath of fresh air.
  25. Zephyr: From its Greek roots, Zephyr means “west wind.”
  26. Zephyrino: If you’re looking for an interesting alternative, Zephyrino also refers to the west wind.

What girl name means wind?

And now it’s time to explore girl names that mean wind or refer to the air.

  1. Aella: The name of one of the ancient Greek Amazons, Aella means “whirlwind.”
  2. Alizée: This interesting French name refers to the intertropical trade wind.
  3. Alizeh: With old Persian roots, Alizah means “wind.”
  4. Amihan: From its Filipino roots, Amihan refers to the winter wind.
  5. Anemone: Given to the name of a sweet wildflower, Anemone means “windflower.”
  6. Anila: Like the masculine Anil, Anila means “wind” or “air.”
  7. Araceli: This delightful Spanish name means “altar of the sky.”
  8. Auretta: This sweet of Italian origin means “light wind.”
  9. Era: With its Albanian roots, Era means “wind.”
  10. Capheira: This powerful ancient Greek name translates to “stormy-breath.”
  11. Gale: We don’t need to tell you why this forceful name makes the list.
  12. Gökçen: This interesting Turkish name means “belonging to the sky,” and “beautiful woman.”
  13. Haizea: With Basque roots, Haizea means “wind.”
  14. Inanna: This ancient Sumerian name means “lady of the heavens.”
  15. Makani: This name of Hawaiian roots means “wind.”
  16. Meltem: This Turkish name comes from the word for the strong north winds of the Aegean Sea.
  17. Miku: With its Japanese roots, Miku means “beautiful sky.”
  18. Mystral: This name has French roots and refers to the cold northerly wind.
  19. Nasima: With Arabic roots, Nasima means “breeze” or “fresh air.”
  20. Tadita: From the Omaha people, Tadita means “to the wind” or “the running one.”
  21. Samira: Like the masculine Samir, Samira is a Sanskrit name meaning “gust of wind.”
  22. Sefarina: ​​With its Spanish roots, Sefarina refers to the west wind.
  23. Sirocco: This unique name refers to the Mediterranean wind from the Sahara.
  24. Skye: If you’re looking for a name that refers to the home of the winds.
  25. Tuulikki: This delightful Finnish name means “little wind.”
  26. Zephyrine: Like the masculine Zephyr, Zephyrine means “west wind.”
  27. Zerua: From Basque roots, Zerua means “sky” or “heavens.”

All the best with your choice!

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