60 Baby Names That Mean Wisdom for Your Little Smarty-Pants

60 Baby Names That Mean Wisdom for Your Little Smarty-Pants

Looking for the perfect name for your new arrival? We’ve got you covered. Ready to browse through our favorite baby names that mean wisdom? Let’s go!
Wisdom comes in all sorts of packages.

Much of it is worldly and only gained through being on this planet for some time.

Other wisdom is built into our bodies (like a baby’s sucking reflex — they’re born knowing they need food. Remarkable!).

And yet other wisdom has to do with our understanding of other people.

Names that mean wisdom touch on all these different ways to be wise.

Some names, like the popular Sophia, literally mean wisdom.

Others, like Athena, refer to wise deities.

Yet others, like Nestor, speak to the wisdom of ancient leaders.

Ready to explore? Check out our favorite names that mean wise and wisdom.

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Which girl name means wisdom?

These girl names that mean wisdom speak of intelligence in all its various forms.

  1. Akila: With Arabic roots, Akila means “wise” or “logical.”
  2. Akira: This lovely Japanese name has equally lovely meanings — “wisdom,” “truth,” “bright,” and “the light coming from the sun.”
  3. Alberta: The name of a Canadian province, Alberta is of Germanic roots and means “bright” and “noble.”
  4. Alohi: With Hawaiian roots, Alohi means “brilliant” and “shining.”
  5. Arinya: From its Thai roots, Arinya refers to a knowledgeable woman.
  6. Athena: If you’re looking for a name straight from the heavens, this may be it. Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom.
  7. Bertha: With its Old German origins, Bertha means “bright one.”
  8. Cassidy: From its Irish roots, Cassidy means “clever.” It also has another cute meaning that may be appropriate for your baby — “curly-haired.”
  9. Ismene: This unique name of Greek roots means “knowledgeable.” Ismene is the sister of Antigone in the Greek myth of Oedipus.
  10. Jada: This lovely-sounding name has a few different meanings. It means “he knows” from its Hebrew roots, but from its Arabic origins it means “good and beautiful woman.” It also refers to jade, the green gemstone.
  11. Manisha: She’s the Hindu Goddess of the Mind. In Sanskrit, Manisha means “decisive wisdom.”
  12. Michiko: This adorable Japanese name means “beautiful, wise child.”
  13. Minerva: Here’s another divine option. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom, justice, and victory.
  14. Minnie: If you want a sweet, shortened version of Minerva, this may be it! It can also be a diminutive of Mary, which means “of the sea,” “beloved,” or “rebellious.”
  15. Monica: This popular name means “to advise.” And, of course, it belongs to one of our favorite Friends.
  16. Prudence: This vintage name means “good judgment.” It has Latin origins.
  17. Ramona: The feminine form of the name Raymond, Ramona means “wise protector.” This may be a great choice for lovers of the children’s book series by Beverly Cleary, Ramona Quimby.
  18. Reina: With Spanish roots, Reina means “queen,” as well as “pure” and “wise.”
  19. Rhetta: From its Dutch roots, Rhetta means “advisor.” Going back to its Latin origins, it means “speaker” and comes from the same root as the word “rhetoric.”
  20. Saffi: This one has Greek roots and simply means “wise.”
  21. Saga: With its Nordic roots, saga means “she who sees everything.” We now use this word to describe a (usually quite involved) story.
  22. Sage: A sage is a very wise person. It also refers to the aromatic herb used in cooking.
  23. Saraswati: She is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, and wisdom.
  24. Shannon: This refreshing name of Irish origins means “wise river.”
  25. Sonia: Also spelled Sonja and Sonya, this timeless Russian name means “wisdom.”
  26. Sophia: Featuring in the 2021 list of top 10 names in the US, this popular name means “wisdom.” It has Greek roots.
  27. Sophie: This is the French version of the sought-after Sophia.
  28. Veta: With Sanskrit roots, Veta means “wisdom” or “knowledge.” It also means “God is my promise.”
  29. Vidya: From its Sanskrit roots, Vidya means “wisdom,” “knowledge,” and “skill.”
  30. Zosia: From Polish roots, Zosia means “wisdom.” It’s also a version of Sophia.

Which boy name means wisdom?

And now for boy names that mean wisdom — or something similar.

  1. Aakil: This Hindi name means “intelligent” or “wise.”
  2. Aariv: A powerful Sanskrit name that means “king of wisdom.”
  3. Alden: With English roots, this sweet name has an even sweeter meaning — “old, wise friend.”
  4. Aldo: From Germanic roots, Aldo means “noble” and “wise.”
  5. Aldrich: With English and German roots, Aldrich means “wise, old ruler.”
  6. Alfred: This popular name means “wise counselor.” But it also has another fantastical meaning — “elf counsel.”
  7. Alvis: From Scandinavian roots, this clever name means “all wise.”
  8. Basir: With Arabic roots, Basir simply means “wise.”
  9. Boman: This Persian name has a mighty meaning — “great mind.”
  10. Cato: From Latin roots, Cato means “all-knowing.”
  11. Conrad: This timeless name has Germanic roots and means “bold, wise counselor.”
  12. Conroy: With its Irish roots, Conroy means “wise advisor.”
  13. Cuthbert: This fancy name has Old English origins and means “bright,” “brilliant,” and “famous.”
  14. Dara: From its Hebrew roots, Dara means “pearl of wisdom.” But from its Persian origins it means “rich” or “well-off.”
  15. Eldridge: This prestigious-sounding name means “old, wise leader.”
  16. Elvis: Of course, this name is associated with the musical wisdom of the King of Rock and Roll. It means “all-knowing.”
  17. Farzan: With Persian roots, Farzan means “intelligent” and “experienced.”
  18. Feivel: This interesting name is of Yiddish roots and means “brilliant one.”
  19. Hubert: With its old-worldly charm, Hubert means “bright, shining intellect.”
  20. Hudson: This adorable name simply means “Hugh’s son.” And what does Hugh mean? Well, we’re about to get right to that.
  21. Hugh: This well-loved name has British roots and means “intellect” or “soul.”
  22. Hugo: This one has Germanic roots and means “mind.”
  23. Kavi: With its Sanskrit roots, Kavi refers to a wise man or poet.
  24. Manish: Also spelled Maneesh, this name has Sanskrit roots and means “God of the mind.”
  25. Nestor: Meaning “voyager,” this name makes the list because it belonged to a wise ruler in Homer’s Odyssey who helped the Greeks.
  26. Rainier: From its French roots, Rainier means “wise army.”
  27. Raymond: Everybody Loves this name. It means “wise protector.”
  28. Seanan: With its Irish roots, this lovely name means “wise and old.”
  29. Solomon: Solomon is a Biblical figure known for his wisdom. His name has another kind of intelligence in it — it means “man of peace.”
  30. Ugo: This is the Italian form of the name Hugh and means “intellect” or “soul.”

All the best with your choice!

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