24 Baby Shower Gifts Mamas-To-Be Will Love

24 Baby Shower Gifts Mamas-To-Be Will Love

Looking for the ideal baby shower gifts to spoil the new mama-to-be in your life?

From tried and tested ideas to the quirky and unique, we’ve got ideas.

Find yourself frozen in the baby aisle blankly holding a jumbo bag of diapers?

Stunned by the bright store lights and the endless selection of “new and improved” gadgets?

Unless there’s a registry to guide you, finding the perfect baby shower gifts can be a challenge.

Never fear.

Peanut has got you covered.

(Although diapers are always handy, tbh.)

So let’s get right to it. What are good baby shower gifts? We’ll take you through it.

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Questions to ask before getting baby shower gifts

Not sure where to start?

Here are some questions to get those creative juices flowing.

Is there a registry?

If there is a baby registry, our work here is done — go grab a cup of coffee while you peruse your options.

(If the mom-to-be hasn’t got a registry yet, one of the favorites of our Peanut community is the Babylist one — add anything, from any store, get a free baby box, and get 15% discount on completion for the Babylist store.)

Is this a first or second baby?

If it’s a second (or third or fourth), they’re probably sorted for the bigger ticket items.

If a first baby, one option is to club together with some friends for some of the bigger must-haves, like carriers and strollers.

Otherwise, other essentials, like burp cloths and diapers are essential items.

Check out the invite.

It may give you some clues about things like the theme for the nursery — or some more direct hints like, “We’ve got everything we need, but would appreciate some girly baby clothes for our princess on the way!”

Do you know the mama-to-be well enough to forge on full steam ahead?

If not, a few questions posed to the host, a family member, or her BFF might be a good place to start.

Is she likely to be more of a crunchy or silky mom?

That will help you narrow down whether to buy 100% organic baby wash, for example.

If you’re a mama, what worked for you?

Is there a particular brand of maternity underwear or lingerie you found super comfy?

Or did you find a white noise maker that got your babies to sleep immediately?

If so, go with what you know!

Don’t discount how useful a voucher can be.

Whether it’s for a newborn baby shoot, a doula, a lactation consultant, or a few months’ supply of formula, chances are it’ll be well received.

Pair that with a great box of chocolates, and you’re good to go!

Keep the receipt.

Just in case there are duplicates, it’s always a good idea to have the receipt on hand if any exchanges need to be made.

Best baby shower gifts

Most mothers would agree that the best baby shower gifts are a little fun — and a lot practical.

Here are a few things that are always surefire winners!

Gifts for the baby

1. A baby carrier

A baby carrier can be a lifesaver for when they need their hands free.

Whether it’s grocery shopping, working from home, or enjoying a cup of coffee with friends, babies tend to settle quicker and sleep better when they’re with their person.

2. A diaper caddy

Change time comes with a bunch of accessories.

A diaper caddy can be so useful when it comes to keeping all the necessities together.

Having wipes, sanitizer, bum cream, and a few spare diapers ready to go is super useful.

3. Bottle or food warmer

This handy little gadget warms baby feeds, whether milk or food jars, to just the right temperature.

One less thing for a busy parent to do.

4. White noise maker

One of the greatest revelations for new parents can often be how soothing white noise is to a baby.

Luckily there are many options to suit every budget — from the super cute 5-star rated Myla the Monkey to the aptly named Baby Shusher.

5. Sleep sack

Imagine a wearable baby sleeping bag that fastens over the shoulders and allows free movement of the legs.

Sleep sacks are exactly that — and a safer alternative to blankets and other nighttime coverings when they’re tiny.

Look for ones that are 100% cotton and machine washable.

6. Baby keepsake book

This is the perfect way to jot down all the milestones and memories they want their baby to know when they’re older — anything from their first haircut to that time they projectile pooped on daddy.

There’s the traditional but ever-so-chic The Baby Memory Book or the very popular Letters to My Baby.

7. Storybooks

Whether it’s the classics like The Very Hungry Caterpillar or a quirky story about a fish with gas, books are gifts that keep on giving long past the newborn stage.

One option is to gift the new baby your favorite storybook from your own childhood and write them a little note inside commemorating the day of their shower.

There’s also an exciting range of kid-friendly bilingual books and storybooks about diversity to help baby feel empowered from a young age.

8. Bibs, burp cloths, and blankets

At the rate babies spit up, drool, and just generally leak, you can never have enough of these items.

Look for easy-to-clean fabrics and flex your creative muscles by picking your favorite designs.

9. A grooming kit

At some point, every baby needs their nails cut, and their snot sucked!

This great all-in-one Baby Basics Kit includes a snotsucker, nail clipper, and cradle cap brush.

10. Diapers

We weren’t kidding about the diapers!

Whether cloth or disposable, diapers can cut deep into a family’s budget and are always appreciated.

Gifts for the mama

Baby showers are not only about babies.

They’re also about the new mama.

Here are some great gifts to celebrate this huge moment in their lives.

11. Commemorative jewelry

If you know the mama-to-be well, a piece of jewelry can be a very meaningful gift.

A necklace with their baby’s initials on it, a charm for a bracelet, or a custom word necklace are all lovely ideas.

12. Postpartum care kit

Her body will need some extra TLC following birth, regardless of delivery type.

The Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Kit for vaginal births and their C-Section Recovery Kit are both great options.

13. Stroller cup or phone holder attachments

Because mamas need all the hands they can get!

Make it easy for them to stash their phone and life-giving liquid of choice within easy reach on the stroller.

This Momcozy Universal Baby Stroller Organizer does all that and more.

14. A comfy set of underwear

A good set of undergarments and feeding tops can make a big difference to her comfort after birth.

15. A luxurious robe

Something beautiful and comfy for throwing on at home, these silky Aensso Kimono robes are gorgeous, as are these snuggly NY Threads Fleece Bathrobes.

16. A take-out voucher

If she’s been avoiding sushi during her pregnancy, or those hot dogs she loves, set her up for a spoil once her baby is earthside.

17. A feeding station set-up

However she chooses to feed her baby, there will be a lot of time spent sitting in the feeding chair.

A box of delicious snacks, hydrating drinks, and reading material can make all the difference.

18. Body products

While it’s important to avoid heavily scented items, a wonderful belly oil or body butter can go down a treat.

We love this Bloomin Lovely complete pregnancy and postpartum pamper set by Mama Mio, with Tummy Rub Butter for bump, Lucky Legs gel for swollen ankles, Boob Tube cream for chapped nipples, and Megamama Shower Milk for a hydrating, revitalizing shower.

Unique baby shower gifts

19. Something handmade

If you’re crafty, a hand-knitted jersey or a handmade quilt could be just the thing.

And if you’re a great cook, wrap up some freezer meals in a ribbon.

20. A baby sign language book

Before kids can talk, they can express themselves in other ways.

Baby sign language can be an amazing communication tool.

Try My First Book of Baby Signs to get them started.

21. Babysitting vouchers

A fun way to pledge your help in the coming months, gift them your time with homemade babysitting vouchers.

22. A personalized storybook

There are lots of online options for story books you can personalize for the new baby.

The personal touch is bound to make the book leap from the shelf time and again.

23. Something quirky

Pair something practical, like diapers or bum cream, with something fun, like this Banana Infant Toothbrush.

24. Baby Milestone cards or blanket

These are a great way to measure the new baby’s growth and development.

We love this Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket.

When it comes to gifts for baby showers there are a bunch of options.

The most important thing is to form a village around the mama-to-be.

Your support, love, and life experience can be invaluable.

And like we said, when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with diapers.

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