45 of the Best Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

45 of the Best Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Let’s get this party started! But first, some baby shower invitation wording ideas.
So, you’ve got a baby shower to plan, but your mind’s gone blank.

What are you supposed to write in your invites?!

Finding the best baby shower invitation wording to show your excitement for the impending arrival can be tough — especially if you’re the mama-to-be and baby-brain is in full swing.

Our top tip? Matching your invites to your overall baby shower theme will help create a seamless (read: totally professional) event!

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What do you write on a baby shower invitation?

Let’s start with the basics.

Your baby shower invitation wording wouldn’t be complete without some basic details.

Pen and paper ready? Here we go…

Things to include on your baby shower invitation are:

  • The host’s name and contact details
  • The guest of honor (that’s the mama-to-be)
  • The location, date, and time of the shower
  • The RSVP details
  • If you’re going to serve baby shower food, request any dietary requirement details
  • Baby registry details

Do you put baby name on baby shower invitation?

You can add baby’s name to the baby shower invitation if you want, but you need to check with the mama-to-be first.

She won’t be happy if you reveal baby’s name before she does!

How do you address a baby shower invitation?

It depends on how formal you want your baby shower to be.

If you’re going more a more casual affair, write first name and last name in your baby shower invitations.

If you’re going posh with a fancier shower, go formal with Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, or Mx.

Should baby shower invitations be hand-addressed?

No, your baby shower invitations don’t have to be hand-addressed, unless you’re keen to show off your calligraphy skills!

Whose name goes first on baby shower invitation?

According to baby shower tradition, female names go first when addressing a baby shower invitation.

This is because typically, baby showers were originally held just for women, but nowadays, men and non-binary people are usually welcome, too!

Is it rude to put registry on baby shower invitation?

Definitely not!

In fact, most baby shower guests find it useful to have details of the registry on the baby shower invitation ‒ it saves them the hassle of trying to pick the perfect gift!

Not sure which registry to go for?

Our Peanut community’s top pick is the Babylist registry ‒ add whatever you want, from any store, get a free baby box (with treats for you and baby), and get 15% discount at the Babylist store on completion.

Easy choice!

How far in advance do you send out baby shower invitations?

You should aim to send your baby shower invitations out around 4-6 weeks before the date of the shower.

What should shower invitations say?

Once you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to get creative.

If you’re wondering who do you honor on a baby shower invite?, the answer is usually the mama-to-be, and sometimes the expectant father, too, if you’re going for a co-ed event.

Highlighting your guest of honor on your baby shower invitations will show how much you care.

To tie in your invitation wording to your wider event theme, here are our favorite ideas when it comes to wording for baby shower invitations.

Classic baby shower invitation wording ideas

Here are some simple and lovely ideas to keep your baby shower invites classic and suitable for a gender-neutral baby shower invitation wording:

  1. Hey, baby!
  2. Bun in the oven!
  3. Countdown to baby begins…
  4. 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes, it’s not long till our little family grows!
  5. Baby on board
  6. It takes a village, so join us as we welcome our new addition to [place name]
  7. Adventure awaits!
  8. First came love, then came marriage, now there’ll soon be a baby carriage.
  9. Tiny hands and tiny feet – there’s a new baby we can’t wait to meet!
  10. Our next chapter…
  11. Coming soon…
  12. A new branch on our family tree!

What do you write on a virtual baby shower invitation?

Maybe Covid has got your plans on lockdown, or you just live far away from your loved ones.

Either way, these virtual baby shower invitation wording ideas will make sure you and your virtual guests feel as close as ever for your baby shower.

  1. Love knows no distance…
  2. Send this mama some love!
  3. We may be far apart, but you’re still close within our hearts.
  4. Join us on your computer screen as we throw a shower for our little bean.

Funny baby shower invitation wording ideas

Maybe the best way to honor the mama-to-be is by showing off your sense of humor.

We love these funny baby shower wording ideas:

  1. Ready to pop!
  2. Heard the news? There’s gonna be a new kid on the block!
  3. 2,4,6,8, she/he’s nearly here, so save the date!
  4. Sh*t’s about to get real.
  5. A new baby is on the way, so let’s have fun before delivery day!

Gender reveal baby shower invitation wording ideas

If you’re planning on doing a gender reveal at your baby shower, you’ll want to add it to your invitation.

Here are our favorite gender reveal baby shower invitation wording ideas:

  1. Pink or blue? We haven’t got a clue!
  2. Blue or pink? What do you think?
  3. Girl or boy? Join us to find out!
  4. The biggest reveal of the year…
  5. [Chosen boy name] or [chosen girl name]? Let’s find out!

Girls’ baby shower invitation wording ideas

Sugar and spice and all things nice, baby shower ideas for girls are as cute as can be, and shower invites can be a great way to reveal your gender news.

Here are some great ideas for girls’ baby shower invitation wording:

  1. Who run the world?
  2. We’re tickled pink, it’s a girl!
  3. A little ladybug is on the way!
  4. Sweet as can bee!
  5. Sugar and spice, it’s a girl!

Boys’ baby shower invitation wording ideas

Who says boys’ baby showers can’t be cute too?!

These are our favorite boys’ baby shower invitation wording ideas:

  1. Boy, oh, boy!
  2. Our little prince…
  3. Ahoy! It’s a baby boy!
  4. Come and join in the fun, as we prepare to welcome our son.
  5. Slugs and snails, it’s a boy!

Twin baby shower invitation wording ideas

Expecting multiples? Congratulations, mama!

Here are some fun twin baby shower invitation wording ideas for you to choose from:

  1. Twice the fun!
  2. Double trouble!
  3. Need a clue? We’re expecting two!
  4. Good things come in twos ‒ we’re expecting twins!
  5. T-winning!

Potluck baby shower invitation wording

Throwing a potluck baby shower can be a great budget-friendly way of inviting your friends and family to celebrate your little peanut.

But how do you phrase it in a baby shower invitation? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Join our potluck to see if it’s a doe or buck!
  2. BYO dish and we’ll bring the bump…
  3. It’s getting real ‒ bring your favorite meal!
  4. Bring your favorite dish to share as we celebrate the soon-to-be mama bear!

How do I make baby shower invitations?

Once you’ve got your theme nailed down, it’s time to get creative with your baby shower invitations!

There are plenty of options to create and design your baby shower invites online.

Or if you find a design you like off-the-shelf, you can personalize the invites with a handwritten message inside.

If you’re feeling crafty, you could have a go at making your own invites using colored cards, stencils, or stamps.

Whatever fits with your budget and theme, it’s sure to be an exciting mail day when your guests receive your baby shower invitations!

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