26 Ideas for Baby Shower Prizes

26 Ideas for Baby Shower Prizes

The guests at your baby shower are likely to come from many different areas of your life. There’s the high school crowd and the college gang, the friends from work and the ones you run with (well, used to run – for now, running looks a bit more like waddling, but that’s OK.)
To help everyone relax and get into the baby shower spirit, a game or two is always a good idea. A little bit of laughter and silliness goes a long way in helping to break the ice.

Getting everyone involved, however, might take some coaxing, and that’s where your great selection of baby shower prizes comes in.

Baby shower prizes haven’t always had the best reputation, and are often more likely to be trashed than treasured. But it doesn’t have to be this way. They can also be tasteful and useful. And they can serve as great reminders to your friends and family of the day they spent celebrating the imminent arrival of your little peanut.

To help you and your fellow baby shower planners pull off a fantastic event, we’ve put together a list of baby shower prizes that will delight:

1. From our shower to yours:
We can’t resist this punny present, and love the idea of giving gifts in reusable mason jars, too. Stuff a jar with a nice squashable shower puff, a small bottle of body wash and maybe some lotion, and you’re sorted with the perfect pampering gift.

2. On mama’s behalf:
Seal one or two small bottles of booze – a bottle of rum, maybe, or some vodka – in a little cellphone bag and tie it up with ribbon. Just because mama isn’t drinking right now, doesn’t mean your guests can’t go home for a nightcap.

3. Booklovers’ delight:
There’s nothing like curling up with a good book. Grab one of your old favorites, or pick up the latest bestseller and squeeze in a pretty bookmark. If your crowd is into cooking or baking, you could opt for a recipe book, too.

4. Manis to go:
This one’s super easy and affordable, and you can match the colors to suit your baby shower theme. Simply tie a bottle of nail polish and a nail file or emery board together and you’re good to go! Your friends are sure to think of you and your baby shower fondly the next time they give themselves a mani or a pedi.

5. Cake for kids:
If you have a lot of mamas at your shower, they’ll definitely enjoy going home with a box of cake mix they can make with their little ones. Of course, adults without kids deserve cake, too! Wrap it up with a handy wooden spoon to make it look extra cute.

6. Baby-making potion:
This one works especially well at coed baby showers and is sure to give your guests a bit of a laugh. Tie a little tag with the words “Baby-making potion” around a little bottle of something to ensure that you have a baby shower to go to next time. Think of something tasty, maybe a nice liqueur that can be sipped next to a roaring fire.

7. Coffee addicts unite:
Everyone loves a good coffee. Pair a nice mug with a bag of fresh artisanal coffee beans. If you’re catering for guests who are always on the run (aren’t we all?), you could go for a nice travel mug instead.

8. Gift-filled tumblers:
A small selection of useful (or tasty) treats always goes down well. Think chocolate truffles, lip balm, gum, or small shot bottles. Place these items in a tumbler so that the winner has another useful gift once all the treats are gone.

9. Spa-licious:
This one takes “From our shower to yours” a little further. Rather than a mason jar, wrap some shower goodies in a soft hand towel and tie it up with ribbon or raffia. Since you’ve got the extra space, you might want to throw in a back brush or a big bottle of bubble bath.

10. Grow it yourself:
For floral, spring or garden-themed baby showers, this one’s a hit. Give your winners a small terracotta pot, a little bag of dirt and compost, and a packet of seeds of herbs or flowers. As every mama knows, it’s wonderful to have something to nurture.

11. Cook’s delight:
Combine some kitchen towels and a set of serving utensils and you’ve got a gift any cook will enjoy. If you’ve got some BBQ lovers in the house, you could opt for grilling tools, like skewers, a mitt or gourmet BBQ sauce instead.

12. Beach bums:
This one’s ideal for summer-themed parties. Create a beach pack that includes a beach towel, sunscreen and a blow-up beach ball. Any winner will love using these gifts in the sunshine.

13. A colorful way to relax:
Adult coloring-in books took the world by storm a few years ago, and the trend hasn’t really subsided. That’s because taking the time to gently color in intricate, geometric patterns can be very calming and meditative.

Still looking for ideas? Here are a few other easy options that you could either combine with the ideas above or use all on their own:

14. Candles: Some like it scented!
14. Box of chocolates: You simply can’t go wrong.
14. Gift cards: Let the winner choose their own prize.
14. Designer soap: Feel the luxury.
14. Notepad and pen: Always handy.
14. Homemade goodies: Think cookies, shortbread and cupcakes.
14. Reusable coffee mugs: An environmentally-friendly choice.
14. Wine glasses: You can never have too many.
14. A picture frame: To mark a moment in time.
14. Bath salts: Something to help the winner relax.
14. Kitchen towels: Try something bold and colorful.
14. Water bottles: Everyone needs one.
14. Succulents in pots: Both easy to care for and pretty.

A wonderful baby shower isn’t just about the games you play and the prizes you give away. Many different things come together to create a memorable day. Here are some links to other baby shower-related blogs that will help you create a baby shower that’s true to you.

Happy planning, mama!

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