What is a Baby Sprinkle? Everything You Need to Know

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Hold on. Stop right there. Baby sprinkle? Is this like when your baby pees on you just when you’re ready to go out? No, no. This is something far more pleasant. And there’s usually cake.

Baby sprinkle

Sheesh. Sometimes just keeping up with all the baby terminology is a job itself. But you might be pleased to hear that this one - a baby sprinkle - is a fun one to know.

What is a baby sprinkle?

What’s the difference between a baby shower and a baby sprinkle?

A baby sprinkle is like a Baby Shower Lite. A sprinkle is to shower as cupcake is to cake, as a date night is to a weekend away, as light breeze is to gale-force wind.

You throw a baby sprinkle for the second (or third or fourth) baby—and while it’s categorized by its low-key-ness, it doesn’t have to be short on the magic. It’s sweet. It’s subtle. And it can be short.

This may sound like very welcome news if everyone in your general vicinity seems to have had a baby lately and even the thought of going to yet another big shindig—even if it’s your own—is wearing you out.

So this is how it works:

You were showered with love when your first baby was born. All that love set you up pretty well. You now have all the parenting paraphernalia. You’ve got the big-ticket items. You’ve got the crib and the pram and enough booties to adorn the feet of your baby-to-be.

You may also have a group of friends that have Mini Mes floating around, so by the time this new addition is born, they essentially have the equivalent of a warehouse-sized vintage store of hand-me-downs.

This is the reason that baby showers were typically only thrown for the firstborn in a household. But Millennial Mamas (and some of their Gen X predecessors) still wanted in on some of the fun of a party, so the baby sprinkle was born.

The baby sprinkle: FAQ

  • So when should this all happen? An ideal time is usually about 10 weeks out from your due date. That’s the sweet spot where you have enough energy, you may be close to taking mat leave (if you have the option), and you’re over morning sickness. (You want to enjoy those sweet treats without them making a come-back.)
  • Who gets invited to a baby sprinkle? Here is the mantra for baby sprinkles everywhere: THINK SMALL. This event is for your very nearest and very dearest. To keep it hassle-free, you might want to keep the invite list to close family and friends.
  • What do you take to a baby sprinkle? Let’s return to our keywords: THINK SMALL. This is not the time for elaborate gifts. Some mamas may have issued a registry or sent out a simple email of what they need. If not, here are some quick and easy options:

    • Diapers
    • Fun decor for the baby’s room
    • Wipes
    • A cute non-budget-breaking toy
    • Hand-me-downs from your own kids. This can be a super special way to share the love in your group of friends and/or family.

    Or, if you’re looking to get more of a mama-orientated gift, why not a gift certificate for takeout from a restaurant she likes?

  • Is it appropriate to have a baby sprinkle? While it may be a new tradition that’s been added to the mama-to-be repertoire, it’s a pretty special one nonetheless. If you think you’d enjoy it, and nobody gets hurt in the process except the odd pinata, we’d say it’s appropriate!

Baby sprinkle ideas

In the interest of keeping simple, here’s how to plan a baby sprinkle in 3 easy steps.

1. Baby sprinkle invitations

First thing to consider when you’re setting up your baby sprinkle invitations is that, if you had to Google what a baby sprinkle is, chances are other people will have to, too. That means you may have a little explaining to do. You don’t want to be the maker of awkward moments to come. Explain that a sprinkle is the little brother/sister to the shower, and that it’s not a big event.

If you’re into it, you may want to have a theme for your baby sprinkle. A fun one we love? Sequels. You could tell everyone to come dressed as a character from their favorite one - and make your invite a movie poster.

And then, in light of keeping things lite, you may want to distribute the baby sprinkle invitations digitally rather than make hard copies. Good for the environment, good for your purse.

2. Baby sprinkle games

One of the incredibly fun parts about the baby sprinkle is that you already have at least one peanut in your life — and their little posse of friends.

That means you can have quite a blast when it comes to baby sprinkle games by including the little players. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Pamper day (with kids). Paint nails. Do hair. Put on masks. Mamas. Papas. Kiddos. Everyone.
  • Pin the dummy on the baby. (Like pin the tail. You get the idea.)
  • Baby bingo. Set up an easy card that has baby-related items on it. First one to bingo gets a pat on the back. This is a low-budget party after all!

3. Baby sprinkle decor and food

When it comes to decor and food, it’s hard to pass up the “sprinkle” in “baby sprinkle”. This can mean confetti. It can mean bubbles. It can mean lots and lots of cake.

A fun activity for the kids is to get them to decorate cupcakes with their favorite sprinkles. (Keeps ‘em busy for a good long while too, if you don’t mind the cleanup.)

Again, think small and only do what your energy allows. There’s no obligation to offer a full meal, but you may want to put out some snacks and nibbles. If you’re exhausted, get someone to do it for you. Get your tribe involved. Or have a potluck. This is about honoring your baby and the village that’s going to raise them. It’s not about throwing a massive shindig. Permission to do as much or as little as you feel like.

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