21 Gorgeous Bedroom Ideas for Women

21 Gorgeous Bedroom Ideas for Women

Moving into a new home? Looking to spruce up your space? We’ve got you covered. Check out these inspiring bedroom ideas for women.
Just moved into a new place? Or perhaps you’re looking to give your old room a makeover?

Wherever you’re at, these gorgeous bedroom ideas for women will definitely get those creative juices flowing.

Of course, redecorating can be a lot of fun—but it can also make a big difference in your life.

According to research by Eve Edelstein from the New School of Architecture & Design in San Diego, redecorating can impact the brain processes involved in stress, emotion, and memory.

That’s why rearranging your furniture, for example, can lift your mood and leave you feeling stimulated creatively.

So if you need an extra bit of motivation to get busy creating your new bedroom, know that it very well could be good for your health.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

In this article: 📝

  • Cute bedroom ideas for women
  • Texture it
  • Bring the garden inside.
  • Go all black or all white
  • Embrace your favorite design theme.
  • Roll out the wallpaper
  • Small bedroom ideas for women

Cute bedroom ideas for women

We’re going to show you what’s inspiring us—but ultimately, remember this is your bedroom.

Trust your instincts.

You don’t have to impress anyone—the goal here is to create a space that makes you happy.

Texture it

Layering different textures you love can be a wonderful way to add instant interest to your design.

You can do this by experimenting with a combination of headboards, a variety of throws and cushions, and interesting design pieces that speak to you.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the look you want—sometimes it’s all about bringing together what you already have.

Here are some ideas we love:

1. Shelf care

Courtesy of Jordynhadwin

2. Exposed bricks

Courtesy of studio_red_architects

Bring the garden inside.

Who said gardening is exclusively an outdoor activity?

Enrich your environment with some exquisite greenery.

Check in with your local nursery about what plants will be happy in your particular space and how to care for them.

3. The sun is rising. ☀️

Courtesy of Mochagirlplace

4. Four-poster hanging plants

Courtesy of camillerosebeauty

Go all black or all white

All black or all white are immediately striking.

Why not try one of these bold bedroom designs?

5. If it ain’t baroque…

Courtesy of wander.in.the.dark.world

6. Muted tones

Courtesy of Roomdesign101

Embrace your favorite design theme.

Whether you love country chic, seaside living, or boho beauty, your bedroom is the place where you can create your unique paradise.

7. Cottage romance

Courtesy of Maisonsecampagne

8. Pretty in pastel

Courtesy of homedecorideaus

9. Reading or sleeping?

Courtesy of ade_reads

10. Shapes and colors

Courtesy of comedowntothewoods

Roll out the wallpaper

A signature wall in your bedroom can be a gamechanger.

And there are so many options to choose from.

Opt for floral designs, muted patterns, or bold prints.

You get to make the writing on this wall.

And pro tip, a wallpaper with a texture can make a room look bigger than it is.

Stripes work particularly well in this regard.

Here are some ideas:

11. Blooming brightness

Courtesy of Villavalkea

12. Dreaming of the beach…

Courtesy of nasze_pielesze

13. Desert dazzle

Courtesy of lesdominotiers

14. Mosaic magic

Courtesy of wallpaper_wardrobe

15. Diamond dreams

Courtesy of Cottonwoodanco

16. Textured taste

Courtesy of artewalls

17. Lining it up

Courtesy of vala_decor

Small bedroom ideas for women

Looking for ways to use your space to the max? Here are our top tips:

  • Maximize vertical space. Think of building your decor ideas up rather than across.
  • Explore space-saving furniture. Think things that can expand, fit inside one another, fold up and fold out. Murphy beds are a good choice if you want to have the option to put your bed away once you’ve had your morning coffee.
  • Hide your tv behind art. That way you can incorporate your favorite art into your space while still having the option to watch television when you like. Here’s one way to do it. Or opt for a television that includes a digital art piece setting.
  • Use a mirror. Voilà! You have another dimension at your disposal.

Here’s some fun small bedroom inspiration to get you started:

18. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Courtesy of lemonleafhomeinteriors

19. Mirror, mirror, on the floor

Courtesy of styledwithlife

20. Create a snug

Courtesy of smallbedrooms

21. Go high

Courtesy of laura.alice.fenton

It doesn’t take much to transform your bedroom into something pleasant, relaxing, and inspiring.

Happy decorating!

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