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Your Belly Button Piercing After Pregnancy

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Your belly changes a lot during your pregnancy journey, so it’s no surprise that your belly button piercing after pregnancy will have changed, too.

Belly Button Piercing After Pregnancy

So, what will your belly piercing look like postpartum? Is it safe to keep it in during your pregnancy? And what about getting a new one? How long should you wait?

Here’s all you need to know about your belly button piercing after pregnancy.

And we’ll start from the very beginning:

In this article: 📝

  • Should I keep my belly button piercing during pregnancy?
  • Do belly buttons go back to normal after pregnancy?
  • How do you fix a saggy belly button piercing after pregnancy?
  • How long after birth can you get your belly button pierced?

Should I keep my belly button piercing during pregnancy?

The word from The American Pregnancy Association is that it’s generally safe to leave your belly button piercing in through your pregnancy, if it has healed.

That usually means it was done more than a month ago.

So, if you’re feeling comfortable, you can safely enjoy your bejeweled bump.

But sometimes, you may find that this is just not that fun.

As your bump grows, your skin tightens around your belly button. And your piercing might make a tight situation even tighter.

Your growing bump may also mean that your piercing rubs against your clothes.

Also, some belly buttons “pop” during pregnancy (think: transform from a valley to a hill) and this could make things even more uncomfortable.

That all means that there is a chance that your piercing might cause some pain, tenderness, and redness.

And if tiny tears develop around your belly button, there is a slight risk of infection.

Also, belly button piercings might get in the way of delivery — particularly if you are having a c-section.

If you choose to take your piercing out, for the time being, there’s a chance the hole might close.

That means you might have to get it re-pierced after pregnancy, if you want to.

Which brings us to our next question:

Do belly buttons go back to normal after pregnancy?

“Normal” is a funny word when it comes to pregnancy.

Most bellies will go back to their pre-pregnancy positions after a couple of months, but some of them will look a little stretched for a while longer.

You might find that you have stretch marks around your belly button or that it’s a little webbed.

After all, your belly grows pretty significantly when you’re pregnant, so it’s only natural that you’ve got something to show for it.

Your belly piercing after pregnancy might look a little different, too.

Piercings cause scar tissue, which can stretch in all kinds of ways as your bump grows.

So the skin around your piercing might be a little looser or scarred.

Our advice? Be kind to yourself about the changes you’ve noticed in your body, particularly in those first few months.

You just did a remarkable thing, and some changes to your appearance are totally normal.

How do you fix a saggy belly button piercing after pregnancy?

If your belly button piercing is drooping a little too much for your liking, you might want to try to help it along a bit.

First off, wait a few months for your body to heal. You may find that it just needs some time to spring back.

Then, one option is to redo your belly button ring after pregnancy — but in a different position.

You could pierce the bottom instead of the top of your belly button, for example.

(Just note that it’s not recommended to re-pierce directly over your old piercing scar.)

Another option is cosmetic surgery.

Some people opt for umbilicoplasty after their pregnancy to help reconstruct how their belly button and piercing look.

It’s performed by a surgeon and usually takes less than an hour.

They’ll trim any excess fat or skin and shape the angles of your belly button. And you’ll be able to go home on the very same day.

It’s worth pointing out, though, that surgery can come with some risks, such as infection and severe bleeding.

And going under anesthetic can be more dangerous if you have health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Talk through it with your doctor to see if it’s the right choice for you.

How long after birth can you get your belly button pierced?

If you’re looking to get a piece of belly jewelry for the first time after pregnancy, it’s best to wait for about three months so that your body can heal.

Any new piercing comes with a risk of infection.

You can also contract certain illnesses like Hep B and C, and HIV — although this is very rare if you have your piercing done at a professional studio.

And if you’re breastfeeding, you’re better off waiting until you’ve stopped.

Although there’s no official recommendation on getting piercings while breastfeeding, most piercing shops will want you to wait, just to be on the safe side.

Once your peanut is weaned, go get that piercing you’ve always wanted, mama! 💎

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