19 of the Best Baby Mobiles Chosen By Real Moms

19 of the Best Baby Mobiles Chosen By Real Moms

We bring you a list of the best baby mobiles and why we love them. Cute and stylish, we hope these mobiles come with a side of sleepiness too.
One of the classic symbols of a nursery is a baby’s mobile.

It’s right up there with a pacifier, bassinet, and their teeny tiny pajamas.

But what are mobiles actually for?

Are they safe?

And do you really need one?

Lie back and relax, mama.

We’ve got you covered.

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  • What is the purpose of a baby mobile?
  • Is it safe to use a baby mobile?
  • Where should I put my baby’s mobile?
  • Which mobile is best for baby?
  • Best Sellers
  • Best on-the-go mobile
  • Best musical mobile
  • High contrast mobile
  • Forest friends
  • Space baby mobile
  • Hot air balloon baby mobile
  • Dinosaur baby mobile
  • Disney baby mobile
  • Floor and car mobiles

What is the purpose of a baby mobile?

Mobiles are more than just a decoration to hang above your baby’s crib or changing mat.

They can help babies to develop their concentration.

In fact, they’re an important element of the Montessori teaching style and part of what they call intentional learning (the idea that every single experience is a chance for a child to learn).

So if you’re wondering what age is good for baby mobiles, it’s never too early.

Mobiles can help very young babies focus their eyes and practice their visual tracking (moving their eyes to follow objects).

Eventually, mobiles will also help develop babies’ motor skills and depth perception as they try to reach up to catch that interesting thing that’s hanging above them.

Developmental milestones aside, many parents use mobiles to distract their little one during diaper changes.

Others use them while their baby is hanging out on a playmat.

And still more choose a mobile with soothing lullabies or gentle lights that promises to help babies settle when they wake up at night.

One thing’s for sure: there’s a mobile for every taste.

Is it safe to use a baby mobile?

It’s safe to use a mobile as long as you take some time to make sure that it’s secured and positioned safely.

Here are some good tips to follow:

Don’t let them fly solo.

If you’re hanging a mobile above the changing station, make sure never to leave baby unattended and double-check that they can’t reach the mobile and pull it down.

Fasten the mobile securely at a safe distance.

If you’re using a mobile attached to a crib, check that it’s securely fastened so that it can’t fall or be pulled into the baby’s bed.

Check again when your baby learns to sit or stand since the goalposts have (literally) moved.

As soon as your baby can sit, it’s time for the mobile to migrate to the ceiling.

Double-check that it’s ready for use.

Be sure to inspect the mobile to make sure that every part is properly attached and nothing is broken.

You might also want to take a look at the recall list on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to make sure that there aren’t any safety concerns with your particular model.

Where should I put my baby’s mobile?

Depending on the mobile, you have a few options here: attached to the crib, fixed to the wall, or hung from the ceiling.

Just try to choose a mobile that’s designed for the spot you’d like it to be placed and follow the instructions on the box.

If the mobile you choose attaches to the crib, it’s a good idea to see if there’s also an option for fixing it to the ceiling once your little one can sit and stand, just to keep them safe.

Which mobile is best for baby?

Are you hoping for a gentle light and music option for nighttime?

Something stimulating during the day?

A black and white number to help them focus their brand-new eyes?

Or something to match the theme of your nursery?

We’ve chosen our 19 baby mobiles to suit every purpose, every budget, and every style.

Best Sellers

baby’s mobile

1. Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams 3-1 Projection Mobile

This Amazon best-seller plays soothing music, white noise, or nature sounds and projects a starlight show onto the ceiling.

A top-selling baby mobile for cribs and cots, this mobile can be used until around 5 months (or until your little one is sitting).

It then converts to a tabletop projection unit.

baby’s mobile

2. Tumama Baby Crib Mobile

If you’re looking for a baby mobile with light and sound, this one has all the bells and whistles (although not literally — that wouldn’t be very soothing).

It has volume control for music and white noise, lighting options, and an automatic shut-off.

Also the arm is a giraffe.

What’s not to love?

baby’s mobile

3. Mama’s and Papas Welcome to the World Musical Cot Mobile

If softer colors and gender-neutral designs are more your style, check out this pretty mobile in shades of white, gray, and yellow.

Best on-the-go mobile

baby’s mobile

4. Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile

This compact cutie attaches to a variety of strollers, bassinets, and more.

Five different melodies and adorable animal friends make it a winner.

Best musical mobile

baby’s mobile

5. Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe n Groove Baby Mobile

18 different songs, 6 musical options, 40 minutes of uninterrupted music, and a shuffle option to make sure you don’t get the same song stuck in your head after every naptime.

It also converts to a toddler musical play station.

High contrast mobile

baby’s mobile

6. My First Baby Crib Mobile, Black and White Baby Mobile for Crib

Cute animals in high-contrast black, white, and red make this baby’s cot mobile perfect for newborn eyes.

It’s easy to assemble, and the music center has a wind-up motor, so you never have to worry about putting in fresh batteries.

And if you’re looking for a mobile that’ll tie in or even inspire your baby’s nursery design here are some of our top picks for themed mobiles.

Forest friends

baby’s mobile

7. Lucy Wei Ceiling Mobile

This chic mobile is made from untreated wood and environmentally friendly felt.

It attaches to the ceiling or a crib hanger (which is sold separately).

Safari baby mobile

baby’s mobile

8. Buryeah Woodland Mobile

This cute collection of safari friends makes us smile.

It attaches to the ceiling out of baby’s reach and can be converted to felt play animals when they’re older.

baby’s mobile

9. C&K Works Baby Crib Mobile, Music Box Player Hanging Carousel

This mobile moves, plays music, and has an adjustable arm.

The music player can be used alone and the entire mobile is built to be taken with you when you travel.

Space baby mobile

baby’s mobile

10. Eunikroko Space Nursery Mobile

Complete with an astronaut, this set is so very charming.

It attaches easily to the ceiling or to a separate crib or wall arm.

baby’s mobile

11. Lambs and Ivy Sky RocketMusical Baby Crib Mobile

The navy, beige, and white design of this mobile is effortlessly chic.

Classic music settings with volume control make for gentle bedtime tunes.

Hot air balloon baby mobile

baby’s mobile

12. Lovely Wooden Mobile

This wood and felt baby mobile is super scandi-stylish.

baby’s mobile

13. Sammy and Lou Hot Air balloon Baby Crib Mobile

This lovely white option rotates and plays Brahms’ lullaby (🎵Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep, little Peanut 🎶) to help your babe to drift off.

Dinosaur baby mobile

baby’s mobile

14. Trend Lab Dinosaur Baby Crib Mobile

The cutest dinos combined with music and gentle rotation.

Disney baby mobile

baby’s mobile

15. Disney Ariel Sea Princess Ceiling Mobile

This mermaid mobile is elegant and classic with its white and gold design.

baby’s mobile

16. Disney Dumbo Shine Bright Little Star Mobile

Another Disney fav is this Dumbo-themed mobile.

It plays Brahms’ lullaby and spins gently.

Floor and car mobiles

While these last few choices aren’t geared toward sleep, they can be great for distraction.

baby’s mobile

17. Baby Spiral Black White Stroller Toy Stretch & Spiral Activity Toy Car Seat Toy

Winding its way onto the baby carrier handle (and into your heart), this high-contrast mobile has mirror and sound elements.

baby’s mobile

18. Little Dove Wooden Baby Gym with 6 Toys

This lovely wooden baby gym is scandi-sleek and folds away easily.

Its neutral colors mean it’ll coordinate in any nursery.

baby’s mobile

19. Fisher-Price Baby Gym Play Mat

If bright and cheerful colors are more your vibe and you’re looking for tons of stimulation, have a look at this classic.

Lights, sounds, and lots of interesting things to explore during tummy time make this a triple threat for floor play mats.

Mobiles are not a necessity, but they do make the day (and night) more interesting.

Do you have a favorite mobile or play mat?

Let the community on Peanut know.

We’re all about mama-approved tips and tricks.

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