29 Babymoon Destinations & Travel Tips from Mamas of Peanut

29 Babymoon Destinations & Travel Tips from Mamas of Peanut

Aah…baby is coming. It’s time to plan for a dream-worthy babymoon.

Very soon you’ll be spending every waking moment (and middle-of-the-night moment) loving and caring for your newbie.

Getting time away with your partner may seem out of reach for months or years to come once your babe is born.

Take the time now. Make a plan. Get away!

It’s time for a babymoon!

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  • What’s a babymoon?
  • When should you take your babymoon?
  • Why is a babymoon important?
  • What should you do on a babymoon?
  • Best babymoon destinations
  • Where can I travel while pregnant?
  • Babymoon travel tips from our mamas of Peanut

What’s a babymoon?

So just what is a babymoon?

Well, the general babymoon meaning is a vacation for those who are expecting a baby.

But the babymoon definition can change from person to person, or couple to couple ‒ whether you take a long weekend, a day off, or a full-on two-week vacay before baby makes their grand appearance, that’s totally up to you.

In essence, a babymoon vacation is a couple’s getaway to anywhere.

You’re the pregnant mama, you can choose any escape that sounds relaxing to you.

And it doesn’t have to be a break-the-bank babymoon vacation (hello, diaper bills are coming), but it should be a few nights (or more) of pure couple time.

Pregnancy vacations can range from affordable babymoon destinations near me to babymoon destinations at luxurious beach getaways.

Why is it called babymoon?

So why is a babymoon vacation called a babymoon?

Well, it’s like a honeymoon ‒ the vacation some people take after getting married ‒ but before your baby arrives.

Who started “babymoon”?

Well, the term “babymoon” was first used in the early ‘90s, coined by Sheila Kitzinger, author of The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth.

But it didn’t mean a babymoon vacation as we know it today ‒ instead, a babymoon was the time just after birth, where the mama or parents take time for themselves to get to know baby, set up their routines, and recover from birth.

Is a babymoon a real thing?

Yes, a babymoon is definitely a real thing!

While not every mama chooses to have a babymoon, if you want to take a babymoon vacation before your little one arrives, do it!

When should you take your babymoon?

Now, when to take a babymoon?

Well, when you’re considering when to go on babymoon, there’s no single time in your pregnancy that’s the best time.

The best time for babymooning is up to you, and depends on how your pregnancy is going.

Better to wait till morning sickness has passed (fingers crossed), which is most often by the second trimester.

If you want to travel far (via plane), do it before week 37.

Most medical professionals agree that you shouldn’t fly once you’ve reached this stage (and airlines may enforce it).

If you’re taking a more local babymoon, go when you feel good.

Swollen feet and nausea do not make for a good trip — anywhere.

What week is best for babymoon?

Anywhere between weeks 14 and 37 are generally best, depending on how you’re feeling.

How late is too late for a babymoon?

It depends ‒ from week 37, it’s not advisable to travel by plane, but if you’re staying local (especially local to the place you want to give birth), then you can take your babymoon whenever you want!

How long is a babymoon?

It’s up to you, your budget, where you want to travel, and how you’re feeling.

Some mamas choose to babymoon for a weekend or a long weekend (around 3-4 days), but others prefer a week-long or two-week babymoon vacation.

Why is a babymoon important?

There are two reasons why a babymoon is so important.

First, take a good look at that partner of yours that you love so much.

The one that has given you this incredible opportunity to be a mom.

Parent to parent — you will never be able to spend this much focused time together again.


And unless you have a nana on call, taking days away becomes harder and harder over time.

A babymoon vacation is your time to explore your favorite city (without a stroller), enjoy your favorite restaurants (without worrying if baby will offend the daters), and read an entire book (or sleep all day if you so choose!).

You can do spa treatments together and even go to the movies (rated R).

The second reason is, if you choose to babymoon alone (which is less common, but still done!), it’s nice to have some time to yourself.

Pamper yourself, treat yourself, and do the things you want to do before baby gets here ‒ although you will have to avoid certain foods and high-octane activities.

What should you do on a babymoon?

Whatever you want!

If you have 2, 4, or 7 days away, pre-baby, what do you want to do?

Some Peanut mamas spend it visiting NYC, others lie on a beach drinking virgin Pina Coladas and some just use it to sleep on a comfy hotel bed.

What do you, as a couple, want to do to relax, connect, and enjoy time together, sans baby?

Mama, you plan for exactly what you want to do.

What’s a good vacation for a pregnant woman?

Whether you’re after babymoon ideas near me or babymoon ideas further afield, here are a few ideas of what you can do while on your babymoon vacation:

  • Sunbathing ‒ Make sure you’re always topped up with plenty of sunscreen and stay in the shade when you can.
  • Pregnancy-safe massage ‒ You can always make this a couples’ massage, for extra romance!
  • Walking and exploring local areas ‒ Just be sure to take regular stops when you need to, mama.
  • Dining in a local restaurant ‒ Although you may have to steer clear of the wine for now!
  • Visit museums ‒ If you’re a culture vulture, you might like to visit local museums or art galleries.
  • Absolutely nothing ‒ Even if you’re going away for your babymoon vacation, don’t feel like you have to cram it full of things to do. You don’t have to justify lounging poolside or ordering room service, doing nothing in particular.

Best babymoon destinations

So what are the best babymoon locations to plan to visit?

Well, every mama is different, so the best babymoon destinations for you might be another mama’s last choice for a babymoon vacation.

So when you’re picking the best places for a babymoon, there are a few things to consider:

  • Your budget.
  • How far along you are in your pregnancy.
  • What you like to do.
  • What you feel like doing.
  • Who you’re going with.

Ultimately, the best babymoon destinations come in all shapes and sizes (places and price points).

Here are just a few of the top babymoon destinations according to our mamas on Peanut that offer something special for parents-to-be.

Babymoon packages

Some of the best vacations for pregnant couples are all-inclusive babymoons.

So if you want to take away all the pressure of arranging meals or activities, these babymoon packages might be the choice for you:

  1. Sonesta Ocean Point St. Maarten is an adults-only, all-inclusive resort that lets you focus on the two of you: no kids and no bills to sign after each meal. Sublime swim out suites with loungers in the water mean that you can relax, read and sleep all day.
  2. S Hotel Jamaica is a quick 15 minute drive from Montego Bay’s airport. You can be in the sand by the afternoon enjoying the therapeutic powers of Doctor’s Cave Beach. Visit the Irie Baths as a couple before strolling the beach in euphoric mom-to-be style.
  3. The Lodge at Woodlock is a perfect choice as an all-inclusive babymoon for Pennsylvanian couples, with beautiful accommodation, lots of pregnancy-friendly activities to choose from, and a range of delicious meals.
  4. Sunset at the Palms in Jamaica is ideal if you’re after a secluded babymoon package, away from the bustling crowds and chaos of big cities. Explore the coastline or relax in their treetop suites.
  5. Ladera Resort in St. Lucia is the babymoon destination for pregnant couples looking for some culture. It’s based on a UNESCO World Heritage site and has the most breathtaking views of the crystal-blue Caribbean sea.

Babymoon ideas during Covid

If you’re planning a babymoon during Covid, you may be keen to keep your distance from other travelers while getting some fresh air.

So looking for babymoon destinations that are perhaps a little less popular or well-known than others is the key.

Here are our top picks for the best babymoon destinations during Covid, according to our mamas of Peanut:

  1. Cap Juluca in Anguilla is in a lesser-populated part of the Caribbean, so it’s perfect for socially-distanced relaxation for your babymoon during Covid.
  2. Villa Aili in Kefalonia, Greece, is a one-bedroom villa with the most amazing sea views in Greece. Plus, with your very own villa, you can keep your distance from other babymooners and enjoy your time and space to yourselves.
  3. L’Auberge de Sedona in Arizona is the perfect place for a babymoon during Covid for couples who want to be surrounded by nature. If you’re after a more natural babymoon, Arizona is a great choice ‒ gaze at the stars in the night sky, listen to the nearby babbling brooks, and breathe deep that refreshing woodland air.

Affordable babymoon destinations

If you’re looking for a cheap babymoon, it can be a good idea to look at somewhere a little closer to home, like a babymoon staycation or overnight stay somewhere local.

But if you’re still keen on traveling for your babymoon, here are a few more affordable babymoon destinations:

  1. The Hob Knob Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa in Martha’s Vineyard is a beautiful, affordable babymoon destination. Plus, with an exclusive Babymoon Indulgence offer, including a welcome basket, pregnancy-friendly massage, and elegant afternoon tea, you can be sure of a warm welcome.
  2. Ste. Anne’s Spa in Ontario can be relatively easy to fly to for those traveling from the US, and offers a luxurious all-inclusive spa babymoon package with a special offer for expecting couples.
  3. The Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos in Mexico is one of the top-rated affordable babymoon destinations according to our mamas of Peanut, with plenty of cost-effective packages and offers for every budget ‒ even all-inclusive!

Best babymoon beach destinations

When it comes to the best babymoon destinations, somewhere beachside is a must!

Bring your favorite books (maybe a parenting book to prepare for baby!), grab a parasol, and get comfy on your deckchair while feeling the sand between your toes.

Here are our top picks for the best babymoon beach destinations:

  1. Atlantis Paradise Island has an adults-only hotel, The Cove, perfect for couples seeking a romantic babymoon. Their Mandara Spa even offers a 50 minute Peaceful Pregnancy Massage for mothers-to-be.
  2. Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa and Casino is situated on 12 acres of luxe waterfront property. The resort recently finished a multimillion-dollar renovation that includes an adults-only pool with 10 private cabanas (see you there!). Plus, their 90-minute Mommy to Be Massage is said to improve sleep, reduce stress and address sensitive, hormone-reactive skin.
  3. Andaz Mayakoba Resort Riviera Maya is nestled along the sparkling beachfront of Riviera Maya, Mexico. Many of the suites offer private plunge pools, and the bi-level suites include the option and space to have in-room spa treatments while The Naum Spa offers deep tissue massages, reflexology and even indigenous spa treatments.
  4. Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa stands out when it comes to relaxation. Soon-to-be parents can enjoy a relaxing Couples Massage or feel an authentic sense of Hawaii with the Lomi Lomi Massage. Private cabana views rival the nighttime skies that can only be seen in a place as tranquil as Hawaii.
  5. Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort in Mexico makes relaxation a top priority. Couples can indulge in an unforgettable beachfront experience, with stunning views of the Sea of Cortes and private beach bungalows, or enjoy their private plunge pool suites. The resort boasts an adult only “Serenity” Infinity Pool perfect for any parents-to-be.
  6. Conrad Punta de Mita delivers an inspired Mexican beach babymoon, situated among the area’s serene natural landscapes and aquamarine waters. The spa design enhances wellness and mindfulness through indigenous rituals and natural elements - dreamy.

Best babymoon destinations in USA

How about babymoon destinations near me?

Well, if you’re a US resident and you’re after a California babymoon or a San Diego babymoon, we’ve got lots to choose from:

  1. The White Barn Inn offers the finest culinary offerings in coastal Maine. Indulge in calm, tranquility and deep relaxation at White Barn Inn’s Spa, frequently named one of the best spas in Maine, with treatments designed to rebalance, rejuvenate and revitalize.
  2. The Westgate Hotel in San Diego makes an elegant destination for your babymoon. If you’re nearby, a San Diego babymoon can be a fantastic idea, with lots to explore, like local art galleries and museums, along with places to relax, like Balboa Park.
  3. Camp Lucy is ideal for a more secluded babymoon. If you’re looking for a hot place for a babymoon, Texas can certainly deliver! Plus, there’s always something to do, with Camp Lucy’s daily program of events.
  4. The Jefferson Hotel is a lot of luxury in downtown Richmond. This five-star historic property offers soon-to-be-parents Salon Vivace’s Pampered Retreat service that caters from head to toe (including a hydrating manicure, a soothing pedicure and a rejuvenating facial).
  5. Mellow Mommy in California is made for babymoons. With beautiful lodges “off the beaten path”, you can enjoy a relaxing and secluded California babymoon. Plus, when it comes to a beachside babymoon, California is a fabulous choice!
  6. Crystal Springs Resort is a welcome babymoon getaway just an hour from NYC. Urbanites will relish in the views, the fresh air, the exquisite farm-to-table food and the Biosphere indoor/outdoor pool. Add in the fireplaces (on your own patio!) and the Maternity Massage and you may consider moving upstate for good.
  7. The Mayflower Inn & Spa brings an innovative level of holistic health to one of New England’s most exquisite country retreats through restorative spa treatments, expert-led health coaching sessions, daily workshops and seasonal retreats. Plus not-to-miss meals curated by chef-in-residence April Bloomfield.
  8. The Reach Key West elevates the carefree, no-shoes required lifestyle of Key West. Couples can spend the day relaxing on private balconies or snoozing in the property’s hammocks. Bring your seafood cravings to the Four Marlins restaurant for the local catch of the day.
  9. Hilton West Palm Beach is a resort-like oasis with an oversized pool deck lined with cushioned cabanas, palm trees and a curated art program that embodies the artistic energy of South Florida. For couples seeking a relaxing urban destination, it’s all about the 72-acre outdoor, walkable district of Rosemary Square located steps from the hotel.
  10. La Quinta Resort & Club, Palm Springs, is nestled beneath the beautiful Santa Rosa Mountains. Golf, eat, and then head to the award-winning Spa La Quinta for prenatal treatments designed to soothe and pamper. Not just for mamas— they’ve got an array of relaxing treatments that men and adopting parents can enjoy, too.
  11. The Standard High Line, when only NYC will do. Book a staycation or come as a tourist and take advantage of this awesome location in downtown Manhattan. Explore the whole city and meander the hotel’s outdoor plaza with year-round dining, outdoor movie nights, seasonal activations and rotating art installations.
  12. TOURISTS is an artful union of design and nature, home to woodland trails, riverbank vistas and sculptural installations nestled in the Berkshires. Visit The Clark Art Institute and MASS MoCA nearby and enjoy the hotel’s private hikes, waterfall meditations and open-air yoga sessions.

Where can I travel while pregnant?

If you’re before 37 weeks pregnant, you can pretty much travel anywhere.

However, long-haul flights can take a toll on your pregnancy body, causing swelling and discomfort.

So if you’re keen to get jet-setting, try to opt for a babymoon destination that’s about 4 hours’ flight away at a maximum.

How far can you travel for babymoon?

As long-haul flights carry a risk of causing you to develop blood clots (although this is very rare) and can cause swelling, it’s recommended to avoid flights that are more than 4 hours long at a time.

Babymoon travel tips from our mamas of Peanut

Planning your babymoon vacation but not sure where to start?

We asked our veteran mamas of Peanut their top tips for taking a babymoon:

  • Bring a pregnancy pillow! Especially if you’re flying. (We love this one by Sleepybelly.)
  • Know where the bathroom facilities are, wherever you’re traveling, just in case.
  • Bring a support belt if you’re planning on walking, to ease the pressure.
  • Choose somewhere you don’t have to travel far from once you’re there.
  • Pack comfy shoes!
  • Plan to do nothing.
  • Take lots of photos! Or try a maternity photoshoot… on location!
  • Avoid busy cities and opt for places with more relaxing vibes.
  • Stay hydrated! It’s easy to forget to drink enough water, especially if you’re somewhere else and your usual routines are messed up.
  • Don’t fly anywhere too far away ‒ a couple of hours, max. Or if you are traveling far, bring compression tights to help with any swelling.
  • Consider the weather ‒ you don’t want to go anywhere too hot, especially if you have a bump. But you also don’t want to be chilled to the bone or have to pack too many layers.
  • Buy some cute baby clothes while you’re away as a memento.
  • Talk to your doctor first, just in case, and for extra advice unique to you.
  • Check your travel insurance, as some places don’t cover pregnant women.

Need more babymoon vacation inspo?

Head to Peanut to ask our community of mamas-to-be.

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