14 Best Nursing Bras for Breastfeeding & Pumping Moms

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Last updated: Mar 17 2023

Looking for the perfect nursing bra for easy feedings? We’ve got the best nursing sports bras, plus size nursing bras, strapless nursing bras, and more, chosen by our mamas of Peanut.

Best Nursing Bras

Nursing can be hard.

Especially in the first few months, when, if you choose to pump or breastfeed, you’re basically baby’s personal feeding machine, on-demand.

So finding the perfect nursing bra that works for you, your lifestyle, and your body shape, can be a game-changer.

We asked our Peanut mamas what their favorite nursing bras are, and boy, did they deliver.

Every nursing bra on this list has been individually chosen by our editors. We may also collect a small commission if you choose to use our affiliate links on this page, at no extra cost to you.

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  • Which bra is best for nursing mothers?
  • When should I buy a maternity bra?
  • How many nursing bras do I need?
  • What size bra will I need when nursing?
  • Should breastfeeding moms wear a bra?

Which bra is best for nursing mothers?

Okay, so there’s no single “best” nursing bra, because every mama will have different needs from their maternity bra or maternity lingerie.

It’s all about getting the support you need, comfort, ease of access, and, of course, style.

So we broke down the best of the best, according to our breastfeeding (or pumping) Peanut mamas.

A quick word on a lot of these nursing bras ‒ our only main nit-pick with these maternity bras is the lack of skin color shades for people of color, although, sadly, in the world of nursing bras (and bras in general), the industry is still woefully behind the times.

We’ll highlight some of the nursing bra options that have more diversity in ‘nude’ skin color shades, so you can more easily find the maternity bra that’s best for you.

HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras

Most comfortable nursing bra

1. HOFISH 3PACK Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bras

First up is the clear winner for “most comfortable nursing bra”.

Our Peanut mamas love the budget-friendly price of this comfy pack of three breastfeeding bras ‒ plus, they come in a range of sizes, suitable for slim frames and plus-size mamas, with bra extenders included.

Colors: Beige, pink, black, striped

Sizes: Small to XX-Large

Price: $25.49+

Kindred Bravely Pumping Bra & Nursing Sports Bra

Best nursing sports bra

2. Kindred Bravely Pumping Bra & Nursing Sports Bra

If you’re keen to get some postpartum exercises into your new mamahood schedule or you want a little extra support for your breastfeeding boobs, a maternity sports bra can work wonders.

And this Kindred Bravely pumping bra is the best nursing sports bra on the market, according to our mamas of Peanut.

It’s on the pricier scale of nursing bras, but you definitely get what you paid for!

Colors: Ombre purple, black, teal

Sizes: Small to XX-Large

Price: $55.99

CAKYE 3 Pack Cotton Nursing Bralette

Best nursing bralette

3. CAKYE 3 Pack Cotton Nursing Bralette

If you’d prefer a maternity bra with a little less support and a softer fabric (thanks, nipple chafing!), these are the nursing bralettes for you.

Ideal for both during pregnancy and postpartum, you can even insert breast pads for extra support and soothing, as you need it.

Colors: Black, deep gray, nude, burgundy, gray, green dot, navy, mint green, royal blue, stripe, pink, lavender, white, pink dot, grey print, charcoal

Sizes: Small to X-Large

Price: $22.99+

Momcozy Adjustable Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Best nursing and pumping bra

4. Momcozy Adjustable Hands-Free Pumping Bra

If you’re pumping and nursing, a breastfeeding bra that means you can pump hands-free can make all the difference, and this Momcozy nursing and pumping bra is top-rated among our Peanut moms.

Multi-tasking? That’s just mamahood.

Colors: Black, beige, gray

Sizes: X-Small to XX-Large

Price: $19.99

Motherhood Maternity Full Busted Seamless Nursing Bra

Best plus size nursing bras

5. Motherhood Maternity Full Busted Seamless Nursing Bra

Plus-size mamas, rejoice ‒ there are nursing bras for you!

The Motherhood Maternity nursing bra offers full-busted support for plus-size breastfeeding or pumping mamas without skimping on comfort.

Colors: Black, blush, gray space dye, nude, white, winter sky, goblin blue, orchid bouquet, radicchio

Sizes: Small to 3X

Price: $15.25+

HOFISH 3 Pack Seamless V Neck Nursing Bra

Best nursing bras for large breasts

6. HOFISH 3 Pack Seamless V Neck Nursing Bra

Over 12,000 people can’t be wrong!

With sizes ranging from 32B to 42DD, these are a lifesaver when it comes to breastfeeding with large breasts.

Supportive and comfortable, the perfect combo for nursing bras for large breasts!

Colors: Pink, black, beige

Sizes: Small to XX-Large

Price: $19.99+

Medela Pumping and Nursing Bra

Best strapless nursing bra

7. Medela Pumping and Nursing Bra

Wow. If you want support without straps, the Medela nursing bra is a must!

While it’s not ideal for larger-breasted mamas, this strapless nursing bra can offer support for smaller boobs for “easy expression” while pumping ‒ our Peanut mamas say it feels like a tight hug!

Colors: Black, chai, nude

Sizes: Small to X-Large

Price: $20.39+

Calvin Klein Cotton Nursing Bra

Best cotton nursing bras

8. Calvin Klein Cotton Nursing Bra

If you want a nursing bra that’s more breathable with less support, then the Calvin Klein maternity bra is the one for you!

Super-soft and oh-so-comfy, our Peanut mamas find it’s the perfect option when you’re staying home with baby.

Colors: Heather gray, black, nymph’s thigh

Sizes: X-Small to X-Large

Price: $22.52+

MOMANDA Lace Nursing Bra

Best nursing bras lace

9. MOMANDA Lace Nursing Bra

After a sexy nursing bra? Power to you, mama!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy postpartum.

In fact, our Peanut mamas agree, and they loved this lace nursing bra ‒ what it lacks in support, it more than makes up for in comfort, padding, and sexiness.

Colors: Black, beige, cerise, cream coffee, ivory, spruce green, green bean, rose white, yellow olive, avocado green, gentle rose, sunlight, orchid rose, coffee liquor, mystery blue, rose brown

Sizes: 32A ‒ 40E

Price: $23.99

Momcozy Nursing Sleep Bra

Best nursing sleep bra

10. Momcozy Nursing Sleep Bra

If you’re after some extra support while sleeping, without wires digging into you, you’re going to love this Momcozy nursing sleep bra.

According to our Peanut mamas, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, but somehow supported ‒ magic!

Colors: Beige, black, brown

Sizes: Medium ‒ 3X-Large

Price: $25.49+

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Wireless Maternity & Nursing Bra

Best wireless nursing bra

11. BRAVADO! DESIGNS Wireless Maternity & Nursing Bra

If you want something that’s a little more environmentally conscious, the Bravado nursing bra could be the one for you.

Seamless and wireless, with some of the best color options for different skin tones (although still not quite the diversity we’d like to see), it’s a fantastic option for a nursing bra that looks barely there.

Colors: Antique white, silver belle, cinnamon, black, charcoal heather, dusted peony, ivory, jade, lipstick, butterscotch, pink ice, indigo wash, white

Sizes: X-Small ‒ XX-Large

Price: $29.99+

Motherhood Maternity Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra

Best seamless nursing bra

12. Motherhood Maternity Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra

Another seamless nursing bra on our list, this Motherhood Maternity bra is easy on the budget and super-comfy!

Plus, our Peanut mamas love that you can easily throw this maternity bra in the wash ‒ simply take out the pads and you’re good to go!

Colors: Black, gray, nude, blush, gray space dye, white, winter sky, orchid bouquet

Sizes: Small ‒ X-Large

Price: $14.48+

Medela Racerback Nursing Bra

Best racerback nursing bra

13. Medela Racerback Nursing Bra

How about a breastfeeding bra with a different sort of fit?

Lots of our Peanut mamas prefer racerback maternity bras for their comfy fit and extra support, or for wearing racerback tops.

And this Medela nursing bra was top of the list of racerback nursing bras ‒ budget-friendly with a simple crisscross front for easy access.

Colors: White, black

Sizes: Small ‒ Large

Price: $15.61

SPANX Bra-Llelujah!® Nursing Bra

Best supportive nursing bra

14. SPANX Bra-Llelujah!® Nursing Bra

If you’re still getting used to having heavier breasts thanks to an increase in breast milk supply, you’ll want the most supportive maternity bra to keep your boobs in place.

This is where the SPANX nursing bra comes in. Yup, that SPANX ‒ the haven for shapewear ‒ has a supportive nursing bra.

(The “cafe au lait” shade is also one of the best options for people of color, although there’s still room for improvement with accurate “nude” shades.)

Colors: Very black, cafe au lait, naked 2.0

Sizes: X-Small ‒ X-Large

Price: $49.30+

When should I buy a maternity bra?

It’s totally up to you ‒ different mamas will find that they outgrow their usual bras at different points in their pregnancy.

But, on average, our Peanut mamas find that they outgrew their everyday bras at around week 8 to week 12 of pregnancy ‒ toward the end of their first trimester or the start of their second.

Most of the nursing bras on our list double as maternity bras, so can be worn during pregnancy and into postpartum for easy breastfeeding and pumping.

Where to buy nursing bras

If you’ve decided to shell out for a new breastfeeding bra, where’s best to start looking?

There are a few options of where to buy nursing bras that our Peanut mamas love:

  • Amazon: When it comes to choice and convenience for buying nursing bras, Amazon is a clear favorite.
  • Target: A decent range on a budget.
  • Bravissimo: The home of bras.
  • Asos: Lots of choices but on the pricier end of the scale.
  • Walmart: Budget-friendly, but may not be as long-lasting.

How do I choose a nursing bra before birth?

Generally speaking, you can technically buy a nursing bra in the very early stages of pregnancy.

Most people tend to go up a cup size and a band size during pregnancy, so that’s the size you should go for when looking for a nursing bra.

How many nursing bras do I need?

The average number of nursing bras to buy, according to our Peanut mamas, is about 2-3.

But if you feel you need more, go for it!

What size bra will I need when nursing?

It can be a good idea to go to a bra-fitting shop to get yourself properly measured for a nursing bra, as some studies have shown that anywhere from 70 to 100% of people who wear bras aren’t wearing the best fit to start with.

And since most pregnant people’s breasts grow during pregnancy, getting re-fitted for a nursing bra can be a great idea for maximum comfort and support.

Plus, if you choose to pump or breastfeed, a tight-fitting nursing bra can lead to things like clogged milk ducts or mastitis.

Or, on the other hand, a loose-fitting nursing bra could mean that you’re not getting the support you need, so your breasts and back could end up hurting.


However, if you are wearing a comfortable and supportive fit bra pre-pregnancy, the general rule of thumb is to go up a cup size and up a band size.

So if you were a 36D pre-pregnancy, your new nursing bra size would likely be 38E.

How do I measure myself for a nursing bra?

First, take some measuring tape and measure around your bust ‒ just underneath your breasts.

That will give you your nursing bra band size, which is usually measured in inches.

If you’re between even numbers (like 30, 32, 34, 36, and so on), round up to the nearest even number.

Then, to measure your cup size, put the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust and make a note of the number.

Next, subtract the rib band measurement from your cup size measurement, and use the difference to determine your cup size:

  • If the difference is 0, your nursing bra cup size is AA
  • If the difference is 1, your nursing bra cup size is A
  • If the difference is 2, your nursing bra cup size is B
  • If the difference is 3, your nursing bra cup size is C
  • If the difference is 4, your nursing bra cup size is D
  • If the difference is 5, your nursing bra cup size is DD
  • If the difference is 6, your nursing bra cup size is DDD or F
  • If the difference is 7, your nursing bra cup size is G

Should breastfeeding moms wear a bra?

Yes, it’s recommended to wear a nursing bra while breastfeeding.

It’s not just for ease, either ‒ it’s mainly for support.

With your increasing milk supply, your breasts will feel heavier, so getting the right fit of maternity bra is fundamental to avoid back pain or poor posture.

Does not wearing a bra help milk production?

Not necessarily ‒ it’s not really about whether or not you wear a bra while breastfeeding that can affect your milk supply, but more about the fit of the breastfeeding bra.

If your nursing bra is too tight, that can impact your milk production and lead to blocked milk ducts or mastitis.

So getting a well-fitting nursing bra is a must if you’re breastfeeding or pumping.

Does wearing a bra while breastfeeding prevent sagging?

Not always. While wearing a well-fitting nursing bra with good support can help minimize stretching the skin and muscles around your breasts, it may not entirely prevent any sagging.

Can I wear a sports bra while breastfeeding?

You certainly can, although it’s not advised to wear a sports bra that’s not a nursing bra.

Luckily, we’ve saved you the legwork ‒ the best nursing sports bra, according to our Peanut mamas, is the Kindred Bravely nursing sports bra.

Can I wear regular bras while nursing?

It’s not recommended ‒ a regular bra can be too tight on your breastfeeding breasts, and can exacerbate clogged milk ducts or mastitis.

Plus, you may find it uncomfortable, so a nursing bra is often advised.

Which of our Peanut mamas’ favorite nursing bras has taken your fancy?

Got any other questions about breastfeeding or postpartum life? Join our Peanut community ‒ we think you’ll fit right in.

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