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Best of Peanut 2021: Our Key Moments

Team PeanutTeam Peanut6 months ago3 min read

As the end of 2021 rapidly approaches, we’re revisiting a few of our key moments this year and celebrating our achievements.

A lot happened in 2021. And in a year where we had to stay apart, we’re proud to have brought so many women together. Let’s dive in. ⬇️

February 2021

We hit a milestone
February 2021 was a big month for us–we had officially formed over ten million friendships on Peanut. We’re so proud to say that fast forward to the end of 2021, and we’ve created millions more. Here’s a toast to all the women we’ve united! 🥂

March 2021

The Renaming Revolution
We started a viral campaign called the #RenamingRevolution in an effort to shine a light on (and reform) the outdated medical terminology that women face during fertility, pregnancy, and motherhood. We teamed up with linguists and medical experts to create our very own modernized glossary.

April 2021

Topics launched
To give you more control over what you see on Peanut, we introduced Topics. Topics allow you to customize your feed and navigate to more meaningful content and communities. By only choosing the Topics that you want to see, you’ll find groups of people who share those interests and experiences.

April 2021

We created Peanut Pods
We were all craving new ways to stay connected in real-time, so we launched Pods–live audio conversations–to help you share meaningful experiences, build long distance friendships, and get instant advice from experts.

September 2021

We launched Peanut menopause
In an effort to break free from the stigma and share the real talk we didn’t get when we were younger, we launched a new community for menopause, perimenopause and postmenopause. Launching as a brand new life stage, Peanut Menopause is a safe space where you can find support, information, and friendship.

November 2021

We introduced Go Global
To help our community form friendships that truly go the distance, we introduced Go Global, a toggle in Discovery that allows you to meet women nearby or women further afield. It’s like having your very own Peanut passport right in your pocket!

December 2021

We won a HUGE award
Out of over 2M apps on the App Store, Peanut was recognized by Apple as one of the Best Apps of 2021 for the positive impact we have on women’s lives. Recognition from Apple and Tim Cook himself, coupled with the 2.5M women who come to Peanut to find friendship and support means everything.

That’s a wrap, 2021! Download Peanut to see what we have in store for you next year.

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