What Are the Best Pregnancy Apps? (2024 Edition)

What Are the Best Pregnancy Apps? (2024 Edition)

On the hunt for the best pregnancy apps on the market? We’ve got you covered.
Find everything from apps that can help you on your TTC journey, to those that track pregnancy, to those that can connect you to other parents and parents-to-be.

(Full disclosure: we particularly like the last kind of app.

In fact, it’s exactly what we do at Peanut.

And we’re pretty good at it if we do say so ourselves.

Like Apple’s list of best apps kinda good. 😍)

We’re talking all things pregnancy apps — when and how to use them and which ones are our favorites.

Read on.

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  • When should I start using a pregnancy app?
  • Is there an app that tells you how far along you are in pregnancy?
  • What are the best pregnancy apps?

When should I start using a pregnancy app?

Like all things pregnancy, there’s no one way to do this.

And hey, you don’t have to use a pregnancy app at all.

But they can be super valuable right from the moment you start thinking about TTC.

(That’s where fertility apps come in!)

There are all sorts of apps that can guide you through your pregnancy journey, tracking your experience and giving you crucial advice, like suggestions of prenatal vitamins to take, workouts to try, and even travel tips.

If you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy, contraction timers are a real help.

Some of the more comprehensive apps include contraction timing as a feature, while other apps are built solely for this purpose.

And many apps don’t leave you hanging once your baby’s born, giving you helpful guidance on those early days of motherhood.

Then there’s Peanut, helping you find other mamas-to-be who will be your connection points through all of it.

Is there an app that tells you how far along you are in pregnancy?

There are a number of apps on the market that can then tell you what’s going on in your pregnancy, week-by-week.

If you know the date of the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP), you can get a pretty good idea of your due date.

(You canuse our handy due date calendar to help you do the math)

But if you need to get exact info about how far along you are, it’s best to check in with your doctor.

They may give you an ultrasound exam early in your pregnancy (sometimes referred to as a “dating scan”).

This is very accurate at predicting how long you’ve been pregnant.

What are the best pregnancy apps?

Pregnancy apps are specialized for different purposes.

We’ll take you through our Top 10, from those that cover everything pregnancy to ones that focus on just one part:

Whole Package pregnancy apps

Want an app for every stage of your journey? Check out these comprehensive collections:

Ovia pregnancy apps

1. Ovia

Ovia Health offers three different pregnancy apps, each for different stages of the journey.

The first of these is really helpful if you’re TTC, helping you track your cycle and giving you personalized insights that guide you through this often stressful time.

Then there’s the Ovia pregnancy tracker that follows you along your pregnancy journey.

It’s more than just a tracker, offering all sorts of useful info, from symptom relief to nutrition tips.

Finally, their baby tracking and parenting support app is your companion through new motherhood, recording milestones and tracking everything from naps to when that next diaper change is due.

Get the apps here.

Amila pregnancy apps

2. Amila

This top-rated collection of apps includes a period tracking app, a pregnancy calendar app, and a baby tracker app.

The period tracker will give you an accurate prediction of your fertile window (that’s the time in your cycle when you can get pregnant) and when you can expect your next period.

It also helps you track your period history and includes a sexual activity chart.

(We know — scheduling sex can be one of the more interesting parts of the TTC journey.)

The pregnancy tracker gives you useful info about your baby’s development and what symptoms you can expect as your pregnancy progresses.

It’s also got a contraction timer and a baby kick counter — so it’s a real one-stop shop.

One thing we really love about Amila is its user-friendly calendar and diary.

It helps you keep track of things like doctor’s appointments and gives you space to note how you’re feeling along the way.

Finally, there’s the baby tracker that helps you keep on top of all things baby scheduling, including naps, feeds, medications, and diaper changes.

Get Amila here.

The Everything Pregnancy apps

Who doesn’t love a one-stop-shop app! These three offer a wealth of pregnancy information all in one handy space:

Glow Nurture pregnancy apps

3. Glow Nurture

This comprehensive pregnancy partner takes you through all the basics you need to know for your pregnancy.

It also offers an effective tool for tracking your symptoms and showing fetal development.

Plus, it gives informative insights about every stage of pregnancy, including the postpartum period.

What we really love about it is how inclusive it is, and that it offers support for those who have experienced previous pregnancy loss.

Plus, it’s got all sorts of useful features, including a baby registry guide, kick counter and contraction timer.

Here’s where to find it.

Pregnancy+ pregnancy apps

4. Pregnancy+

The ratings are high with this one.

You get daily articles tailored to where you’re at in your pregnancy, interactive 3D models of your baby’s growth (complete with audio of your baby’s heartbeat), and advice about everything from exercise and diet to labor.

It also gives you the option to log all your medical info.

Plus, it comes complete with a kick counter and contraction timer.

Get Pregnancy+ here.

Sprout pregnancy apps

5. Sprout

Created with input from both doctors and mothers-to-be, Sprout offers a wealth of information about where you and your baby are at at every stage of pregnancy.

It boasts sophisticated, fully interactive 3D models of your little one’s development with text about what’s happening at each particular phase.

It includes all the important tools like a kick counter and contraction timer and also has a weight tracker for monitoring your pregnancy weight gain.

Another perk?

It comes complete with a pregnancy journal that you can either view on your device or print out.

Find it here.

TTC apps

If you’re still in those early days of strategy and tracking, these dedicated TTC apps are a must:

Fertility Friend pregnancy apps

6. Fertility Friend

If you’re looking for an app specifically for the TTC part of your journey, Fertility Friend is a great option.

This specialized app helps you understand your fertile window in depth.

Precise, reliable, and personalized, it helps you track patterns, assess any signs that you might be pregnant, and suggest pregnancy tests to take.

And while the company is now taking advantage of contemporary tech, they’ve been in existence since 1998.

Get it here.

Pregnancy health apps

For the health-conscious mamas-to-be!

WebMD Pregnancy apps

7. WebMD Pregnancy

If you’re a fan of WebMD, their doctor-approved pregnancy app may be just up your alley.

It gives you info and guidance about every stage of pregnancy, including questions to ask at your doctor visits and checklists to help you get everything ready ahead of your baby’s birth.

If you’re expecting multiples, this is a particularly good choice, as they’ve included content tailored to those expecting twins or triplets.

A really sweet feature?

A belly photo album where you can take photos of your bump every week and watch it grow.

Go here to download WebMD pregnancy.

End of pregnancy apps

Counting down the days until baby makes their big debut? These apps are perfect for getting you primed and ready for labor:

Full Term pregnancy apps

8. Full Term

Full Term is a great option if you’re looking for a pregnancy app specifically for the final phases of pregnancy.

We love this easy-to-use contraction timer for its simplicity — you just tap a button to track the start and end of each contraction, and the app does the math.

You can also add notes on how intense each contraction is so that you can give this to your healthcare team later.

Plus, it has a kick counter and a section for health information.

Here’s where you find it.

Freya pregnancy apps

9. Freya

An offering from The Positive Birth Company, Freya is specifically designed to help you through labor and birth.

The app includes visualization, guided meditations, and breathing techniques to help relax.

While these are all incredibly beneficial when you go into labor, you may also want to use them at different stages of pregnancy and beyond to help calm you.

If you’re planning a hypnobirth, Freya is a great option as it’s currently the only pregnancy app that tracks surges (hypnobirth speak for “contractions”).

This is where you find Freya.

Social pregnancy apps

Sometimes a new chapter requires a brand new community. Luckily there’s an excellent app for that:

Peanut pregnancy apps

10. Peanut

That’s us!

Once an app just for moms, Peanut is a place to make friends with those who are where you’re at.

We’re firm believers that everything, from TTC to pregnancy to motherhood to menopause, is best navigated in community.

Connecting through these life phases allows us to offer our experience to others, commiserate through the tougher moments, and celebrate the joys that come our way.

We’re not afraid of having the taboo conversations and asking (and answering) the difficult questions.

You can post whatever questions you have in the community and get real-time answers from mamas who’ve been there.

We’ve also got great info on everything from when to take a pregnancy test to understanding fetal heart rate to how many diapers to buy for a newborn.

And if you’re looking for baby names, we’re the ultimate destination.

We also have a section that’s specifically dedicated to TTC and all the complex emotions and experiences that are part of it.

We’d love to have you join us. ❤️

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