What Does BFP Mean for Mamas Trying to Conceive?

What Does BFP Mean for Mamas Trying to Conceive?

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering the BFP definition, or any other pregnancy or TTC-related terms, you’re not alone. When you try for a baby, you’re opening yourself up to a community of thousands of other people going through the same journey as you.
Conception is quite a tricky, and indeed scientific, process.

This means we have to learn all sorts of scientific jargon from calculating our menstrual cycles to figuring out the perfect environments for our partners’ sperm.

Is it any wonder we try to make things easier for ourselves?!

So let’s get you down with the lingo.

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What does BFP mean in text?

So, what does BFP stand for?

This is one of the first initialisms you’ll come across on your motherhood journey.

The BFP definition is ‘big fat positive.’

It’s all to do with those wonderful little sticks you pee on – as soon as those two lines show up, you can tell your girlfriends about your ‘BFP’ – your big fat positive.

What does BFP mean in fertility?

Of course, trying to conceive is one of the most precarious times for you and your partner.

Far from worrying about when to take a pregnancy test, you also have the ‘telling’ to worry about.

This is why many women are very careful during the first trimester.

The first trimester, that is, the first three months of pregnancy, is often the riskiest.

This is when you are most likely to have a miscarriage, and is often why you’ll hear that most mamas choose to keep their news quiet.

But your news is yours to share whenever you like - in the first, second, or third trimester.

What is a big fat positive in pregnancy testing?

You may also have come across the term ‘big fat positive’ when referring to pregnancy tests.

The BFP definition is somewhat different here – it still means you’re pregnant, but the way it’s displayed on the test depends on the test itself.

Technically, a BFP pregnancy test is a simple strip of litmus paper that you can dip into a sample of urine. The results will show up with a line or color indication depending on the brand.

They’re cheaper than standard pregnancy tests and can be used up to four days before your period – but always check with a doctor first.

Discovering other conception initialisms and acronyms

So, now you’ve learned what a BFP is – what about all those other little abbreviations?

Let’s go through some of the most common terms which you may see crop up over text or social media.

What is the meaning of TTC pregnancy?

Before you even get to BFP, this is probably the first term you’ll come across as it applies to a whole community of women.

‘TTC’ stands for ‘trying to conceive’, so you might see phrases like: “What should I eat if I’m TTC?”.

It saves a whole lot of time, particularly when you need all the time you can get with your significant other!

What does DPO and BFP mean?

If you’re looking for that BFP, you’ll need that DPO first.

DPO stands for ‘days post-ovulation’, which is an essential time in the conception process as this is when you can start testing for pregnancy.

What is EWCM?

Still not made it yet?

Don’t panic – many couples need months to conceive.

If you’re trying to figure out when you’re most fertile, you might want to Google the term ‘EWCM.’

This stands for ‘egg [white cervical mucus](white discharge after ovulation)’ and is a clear indicator of when you may be fertile.

You might notice this discharge during this essential stage in your cycle.

The EWCM is clear and less sticky, which may make it easier for sperm to move around, which makes for a higher chance of conception – so keep an eye on this.

What do we mean by LMP?

You may come across this one if you’re ever sat in a doctor’s office going through standard healthcare questions.

‘LMP’ stands for ‘last menstrual period’, and can be useful for figuring out your due date when you do become pregnant.

What does EDD mean?

You’ve conceived a child – congratulations!

While we’d always advise waiting until your second trimester before you tell anyone, you should start thinking about your EDD.

This stands for your ‘estimated due date’ and your doctor can give you an idea of this when you go for your first scan.

Time to start planning baby showers, birthday parties, and more.

Other medical terms to be aware of

Once there’s a bun in the oven, those doctors’ appointments will be coming in thick and fast.

Get used to hearing terms like these if you are visiting your doctor more often:

CNM = certified nurse midwife
OB = obstetrician
OB-GYN = obstetrician/gynecologist
PCP = primary care physician
RE = reproductive endocrinologist

That last one is for couples struggling to get pregnant, so you may not always have to speak to every doctor.

You might need to see these if you’re seeing a lot of BFNs (big fat negatives) or want more clarity than an HPT (home pregnancy test!).

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