50+ Brilliant Biblical Boy Names & Meanings

50+ Brilliant Biblical Boy Names & Meanings

The Bible has been a source of inspiration for boys’ names for hundreds of years.
Whether you’re looking for something familiar or more unusual for your peanut, we have the best, most popular, and most unique biblical boy names and meanings for you to choose from.

Let’s take a look.

What are the most popular Bible names for boys?

For those of you who want a biblical name that is still on trend today, the top biblical boy’s names in the U.S. at the moment (in order of popularity) are:

  1. Noah: A beautiful, gentle name that actually means “rest” in ancient Hebrew.
  2. Elijah: The brave prophet who defended his faith and was ultimately carried up to heaven in a whirlwind of fire. Elias is the Greek version, and Eli, while a standalone name, is also a shortened version we love.
  3. James: The name of not just one but two of Jesus’ trusted disciples, James has some beautiful variations in other languages, such as Jacques, Diego, Hamish, and Santiago.
  4. Benjamin: One of the founders of the 12 tribes of Israel, this is a name packed with history that can also be shortened to the very cool Ben.
  5. Michael: Another A-lister and one of the two archangels recognized across faiths.
  6. Daniel: If fighting lions isn’t a heritage worthy of a modern biblical boys’ name, we don’t know what is.
  7. Jacob: Hebrew original of James. Jake for short means this name can be both meaningful and cool.
  8. Levi: Not the jeans, but this Old Testament name definitely combines a strong biblical connection with some modern flair.
  9. Samuel: Wise, prophetic, and destined for holiness.
  10. Joseph: The youngest son of Jacob, with a fab fashion sense, amazing leadership skills, and a kind, forgiving heart.
  11. John: This biblical classic meaning “graced by God” and one of the most popular names of all time.
  12. David: The giant-slaying, harp-playing shepherd who became King of all the Israelites. Plus, with a meaning like “Beloved,” you can’t go wrong.
  13. Luke: A man of great knowledge, with his own gospel. If you’re looking for a simple name that packs a powerful punch, Luke, or one of its derivatives like Luca or Lucas, might be the biblical boys’ name for you.
  14. Gabriel: The archangel and bringer of good news, this beautiful name means “God is my strength.”
  15. Isaac: Son of Abraham, whose name means “to laugh,” this name combines gravitas and lightness.
  16. Ezra: A great Israelite leader whose name means “God helps.”
  17. Thomas: Famously a doubter, who requested proof of Jesus’ resurrection, this could also be viewed as critical thinking, smart and questioning ‒ all great modern qualities.
  18. Josiah: An alternative version of Joshua or Joseph, Josiah means “healer.”
  19. Isaiah: One of God’s great prophets and a strong defender of the poor, Isaiah means “God’s salvation.”
  20. Andrew: “Strong and masculine.” The first disciple called forward by Jesus.
  21. Joshua: The leader of the Israelite tribes after Moses, this is a biblical name of great strength.
  22. Aaron: Make sure your little one is always first with this beautiful double-A name, which means “mountain of strength,” “teacher” and “exalted.”
  23. Ezekiel: A wise, strong prophet. Plus, Zeke might just be the coolest shortened name around.
  24. Jeremiah: A well-known bullfrog and supplier of wine. Just kidding! He was actually a prophet and man of great spiritual leadership. Jeremy is another popular version, shortened to Jem.
  25. Jordan: A biblical name for boys and girls, in reference to the holiest of rivers.
  26. Nicholas: Nicholas is only mentioned once and not exactly in a good way, but he is still considered to be “full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom.” He is also the saint who gave us Father Christmas, so we think he deserves his place.
  27. Adam: The first man and gardener, this beautiful name means “son of Earth.”
  28. Silas: A less common biblical boy name meaning “cool forest.” We love it.

What are some unique biblical boys’ names?

The BIble is full of stories of strength, love and triumph, and some of these stories are reflected in the more unique and uncommon male biblical names. Some of our favorites are:

  1. Abiah: “God is my father.” Abiah is not familiar to many, but still has strong biblical roots. A unique choice.
  2. Asher: One of Jacob’s sons, this name comes from the Hebrew for “happiness.”
  3. Caleb: Another Old Testament name, meaning both “devotion” and “dog.” It has a ring to it.
  4. Jonah: Love whales? This one might be the name for you. It’s unusual, but not too obscure.
  5. Malachi: “Messenger.” A gorgeous and unique name with an air of mystery.
  6. Micah: A less common version of Michael.
  7. Ozias: The name of several biblical males, this name means “salvation” in Greek.
  8. Omri: A king of Israel, this understated name means “sheath.”
  9. Seth: For some reason, this gentle name often seems to get overlooked. It’s not totally unfamiliar, but there probably won’t be two of them in your son’s kindergarten class.
  10. Zachary: A modern and very cool version of Zechariah, who was none other than John the Baptist’s dad.

Which boy names mean “Gift from God?”

You may have noticed that the meaning “Gift from God,” “Blessing from God,” or “Given by God” is a pretty common meaning for biblical boys’ names, which is no real surprise.

If this is the meaning you’re after, you might want to choose your angel’s name from this list.

  1. Adiel: Hebrew
  2. Gaddiel: Hebrew
  3. Jonathan: Hebrew
  4. Mattanah: Hebrew
  5. Matthew: Hebrew–Matthew was a trusted disciple and lends his name to one of the four gospels.
  6. Mateo: Latin version of Matthew
  7. Nathan: Hebrew–An elegant favorite. Most people think it is derivative of Jonathan, but the name Nathan appears in the Bible in its own right.
  8. Thaddeus: Hebrew
  9. Theo: Greek
  10. Zebadiah: Hebrew

And finally, while Angel, Christopher, and Christian may not appear as male names in the Bible itself, each are beautiful religious names that will give your bouncing baby boy a beautiful sense of God’s message from the day he is born.

To carry on your name search, and discuss ideas with other mamas-to-be, head over to the Peanut community.

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