152 Beautiful Biblical Baby Girl Names and Meanings

152 Beautiful Biblical Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Here is a list of our favorite Biblical girl names and meanings, to remind your little one that she is blessed, cherished, and divine.

The Bible may have been written centuries ago, but Biblical girl names never seem to get old.

Whether names that mean “holy” or just inspiring names of women whose stories resonate with you, Bible names for girls can be some of the most powerful.

Here are some of the most popular and (we think) beautiful female Bible names.

We’ve also included some of the lesser-known ones for those of you who already know that your little bundle from Heaven will need a name that’s all her own.

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  • What is a holy name for a girl?
  • What are unique Biblical names?
  • What girl’s name means gift from God?
  • What are strong Biblical girl names?
  • What is the best female name in the Bible?
  • What is a spiritual girl’s name?

What is a good Biblical name for a girl?

The top Bible girl names in the U.S. this year, in order of popularity, are:

  1. Abigail: A woman of both brains and beauty who advised and later married King David. Powerhouse, much?
  2. Eden: The beautiful garden and cradle of life, this name can be used for girls as well as boys.
  3. Elizabeth: It may remind us today of a certain queen, but this evergreen name goes way back to Biblical times and literally means “God is my oath.” Eliza, Elisha, and even Isabella are some lovely derivations.
  4. Daphne: An important place name in the Bible, Daphne also has origins in Greek mythology, where she was a beautiful nymph.
  5. Naomi: This name means “pleasantness” in Hebrew but is also a popular Japanese name meaning “beautiful.”
  6. Phoebe: Wise, and trusted by none other than St Paul, this is a name of great seriousness and piety. And um, a certain quirky Friend… Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?
  7. Delilah: Yes, that girlfriend who gave Samson the Bible’s most famous haircut, but also a beautiful name that means “delicate” and is fast rising up the popularity charts.
  8. Hannah: An absolute classic meaning “grace,” and one of the most recognizable Biblical girls’ names today. The Latin version Anna is another favorite.
  9. Ada: Originally Adah, this is the first female name in the Bible after Eve. It’s also the name of the great Ada Lovelace, who came up with the first computer. So if you want to combine faith and science, this could be the option for you.
  10. Eve or Eva: The ultimate original. The traditional Hebrew meaning is “life” or “life-giving.”
  11. Asa: Originally a strong Judean king, Asa, which means “healer” is now popular for girls too.
  12. Jordan: The holiest river of all. Try Jordyn for a modern spelling twist.
  13. Salem: A reference to the great city of Jerusalem, this name has shed its witch trials connection and is reclaiming its Biblical greatness.
  14. Shiloh: Of course, this is only Biblical ‒ definitely nothing to do with a certain Jolie-Pitt family. Whichever your inspiration, it’s still a beautiful name meaning “peace.”

What is a holy name for a girl?

These iconic Biblical girls’ names might not appear on the current top 100 lists, but that doesn’t make them any less gorgeous.

Some of these are more modern versions of Old Testament girl names, so they’re full of history:

  1. Abigaia: Meaning “cause of joy”.
  2. Abilene: Meaning “grass”.
  3. Abital: Meaning “my father is the night dew”.
  4. Achinoam: Meaning “my brother is pleasant”.
  5. Adalia or Adalya: Meaning “noble one”.
  6. Adina: Meaning “noble”.
  7. Agar: Meaning “stranger”.
  8. Ahinoam: Meaning “my brother is pleasant”
  9. Ahlai: Meaning “expecting”.
  10. Anaiah: Meaning “Yahweh has answered”.
  11. Angela: Meaning “messenger of God”.
  12. Areli: Meaning “golden”.
  13. Asenath: Meaning “she belongs to her father”.
  14. Atara or Atarah: Meaning “diadem”.
  15. Avital: Meaning “my father is the dew”.
  16. Azubah: Meaning “forsaken”.
  17. Bala or Balla: Meaning “dance”.
  18. Bathsheba: Meaning “daughter of the oath”.
  19. Bela: Meaning “she of fair skin”.
  20. Bethany: A place meaning “house of figs” and the site of the miracle of Lazarus.
  21. Bethel: Meaning “house of God”.
  22. Beulah: Meaning “married”.
  23. Bila, Bilhah, or Bilha: Meaning “bashful”.
  24. Bilhah: Meaning “unworried”.
  25. Bithiah: Meaning “daughter of Yahweh”.
  26. Carmel: Meaning “garden”.
  27. Channah: Meaning “gracious”.
  28. Dalida: Meaning “dahlia flower”.
  29. Damaris: Meaning “be gentle”.
  30. Dinah: Daughter of Jacob and Leah, the seventh child after six sons. Talk about really wanting a girl!
  31. Dorcas: Meaning “gazelle”.
  32. Drusilla: Meaning “fresh as the dew”.
  33. Edna: Meaning “pleasure”.
  34. Elisheba: Meaning “my God”.
  35. Esthiru: Meaning “secret”.
  36. Eunice: Meaning “good victory”.
  37. Hadassah: Meaning “myrtle tree”.
  38. Helah: Meaning “rust”.
  39. Hephzibah or Hepzibah: Meaning “my delight is in her”.
  40. Hodiah: Meaning “majesty of Yahweh”.
  41. Hosanna: Meaning “deliver us”.
  42. Huldah: Meaning “loved one”.
  43. Ivah: Meaning “overturning”.
  44. Jemima: Meaning “dove.” Although always popular among the upper classes of the U.K., Jemima has been out of fashion in the U.S. for a while thanks to the syrup.
  45. Jehosheba: Meaning “Yahweh is an oath”.
  46. Jescha: Meaning “God beholds”.
  47. Jezebel: Sure, she was a murderer and prostitute who introduced the worship of false gods and instigated a war that killed many Israelites. But hey, she was also courageous, politically savvy, and smart. Perhaps just misunderstood?
  48. Joanna: An easier sell than Jezebel. Helped by Jesus, and was later made a saint.
  49. Keturah: Meaning “incense”.
  50. Leah: Unloved by her husband but favored by God, this famous matriarch was beautiful and tender-hearted and lived a life of contentment and service.
  51. Mary: The immaculate conception, the blessed virgin, mother of God. Need we say more?
  52. Magdalena: Sex worker, saint, witness, wife. Mary of Magdalene captures the redemption at the heart of the Christian story. No wonder this name and its many derivatives are popular in Christian countries like Spain.
  53. Mehetabel: Meaning “God makes happy”.
  54. Merab: Meaning “abundant”.
  55. Miriam: Meaning “beloved,” Miriam has remained a popular Biblical girl’s name throughout the ages.
  56. Myra: Meaning “myrrh”.
  57. Naamah: Meaning “pleasant”.
  58. Orpah: Meaning “faun”.
  59. Peninnah: Meaning “pearl”.
  60. Prisca: Meaning “ancient”.
  61. Rachel: Jacob’s favorite wife (and another Friend).
  62. Rhoda: Meaning “rose”.
  63. Ruth: A Biblical classic. She represents kindness, loyalty, and devotion, and is a direct ancestor of Jesus.
  64. Salome: There were two Salomes: a good one and a bad one. The good one was a devout disciple of Jesus. The bad one may or may not have presented John the Baptist’s head on a platter to Herod.
  65. Sarah: Another absolute original with a thousand namesakes to inspire your precious one. The wife of Abraham, her name (unsurprisingly) means “princess.”
  66. Sarai: Meaning “princess”.
  67. Sharon: Meaning “fertile plain”.
  68. Sherah: Meaning “brightness”.
  69. Shifra: Meaning “beauty”.
  70. Shoshannah: Meaning “lily”.
  71. Shulammite: Meaning “peace”.
  72. Susannah: Meaning “lily”.
  73. Syntyche: Meaning “event”.
  74. Tabitha: Old fashioned, but charming, Tabitha means “gazelle.” Very elegant.
  75. Talitha: Meaning “little girl”.
  76. Tamara or Tamar: Meaning “date palm”.
  77. Terah: Meaning “earth”.
  78. Tirza: Meaning “delight”.
  79. Tryphena or Tryphosa: Meaning “softness, delicacy”.
  80. Vashti: Meaning “goodness”.
  81. Zillah: Meaning “shade”.
  82. Zilpah: Meaning “frailty”.
  83. Zina: Meaning “stranger”.
  84. Zipporah: Meaning “bird”.

What are unique Biblical names?

The Bible is obviously full of incredibly meaningful names and references, but if you’re looking for unique Biblical girl names, how about one of these religious female names:

  1. Ariel: Originally a male messenger, but with the meaning “lion of God,’ we think this is a beautiful uncommon Biblical girl name too.
  2. Calah: A beautiful name that means “opportunity”, one of the more unusual Biblical girl names.
  3. Eliana: Meaning “God has answered”.
  4. Keziah: Also Cassia. A daughter of Job and the name of a sweet-smelling spice. Sugar and spice and all things nice?
  5. Noa: Not that Noah. Noa features in her own right as a daughter of Zelophehad, who, together with her sisters, refused to be overlooked because of their sex. A great inspiration.
  6. Zibiah: A princess of Judea. The name evokes grace and beauty, and literally means “deer”, another of our favorite unusual Biblical girl names.

What is the prettiest name in the Bible?

You might recognize these two Biblical girl names, but did you know they were originally from the Bible?

  1. Sapphira: Meaning “pretty one”.
  2. Sepphora: Meaning “pretty”.

What Bible name means beautiful?

How about a Biblical name for girls to remind your angel just how beautiful she is, inside and out?

  1. Jemimah: Meaning “dove”, Jemimah was renowned for her beauty in the Bible.
  2. Shiphrah: Meaning “beautiful”.

What girl’s name means gift from God?

If you want your little one’s name to express this beautiful sentiment and holy meaning, there are lots to choose from.

These Biblical baby girl names meaning “gift of God” have religious connotations but most aren’t mentioned in the Bible.

Here is a selection of a few we love from around the world:

  1. Anya: Hebrew
  2. Callidora: Greek
  3. Dolly: Like the inimitable songbird Dolly Parton.
  4. Dorinda: Spanish
  5. Dorothy or Dorothea: Greek
  6. Gia: Italian
  7. Godiva: English
  8. Iva: Hebrew
  9. Jani: Hebrew
  10. Janina: Hebrew
  11. Jenica: Romanian
  12. Miesha: Slavic
  13. Parisha: Arabic
  14. Shani: Irish
  15. Sian: Welsh (pronounced Shaan)

What girl names mean sent from heaven?

There’s just one of the many girl bible names that means “sent from heaven”, and it’s beautiful and lyrical:

  1. Alya: Arabic

What girl name means light of God?

This is a unique Biblical girl’s name that we’re sure is bound to be top of your list:

  1. Neriah: “Light of the Lord” in Hebrew.

What baby girl name means miracle?

TTC for some time? We think these captures the excitement around your long-anticipated arrival best:

  1. Nasia: A Hebrew name meaning “miracle of God”.
  2. Milagros: Meaning “miracles”. Spanish in origin, how cute does the nickname Mila sound?
  3. Pelia: Another Hebrew name, but this one means “marvel of God”.

What are strong Biblical girl names?

If your princess is going to don her crown and take command, these are the Biblical girl names you’re after:

  1. Apphia: Meaning “increasing”.
  2. Baara: Meaning “flame”.
  3. Bernice: Meaning “bringer of victory”.
  4. Candace: Born of an ancient royal dynasty and described as “Queen of the Ethiopians.”
  5. Deborah: Prophet, heroine, judge. Another totally boss name that will surely inspire your peanut to great things.
  6. Deina: Meaning “avenged”.
  7. Diana: Meaning “divine”.
  8. Esther: Another amazing female heroine whose name means “star,” Esther was a Persian queen who risked her life to save her people.
  9. Iscah: Meaning “to behold”.
  10. Judith: Another fierce woman with a powerful story. Judith defended the Jews against the king Nebuchadnezzar by tricking him and killing him in his sleep.
  11. Junia: Meaning “queen of heaven”. 👑
  12. Lois: Meaning “superior”.
  13. Lydia: If your daughter is going to run the world, this is the name for you. Lydia was the original independent woman, running her own business and household like a boss. She also preached kindness, hospitality, and grace and was the first European who converted to Christianity.
  14. Mara: A Biblical girls’ name with sad origins that means both “bitter” and “strength.” An unusual but classic M name.
  15. Milcah: Meaning “queen”.
  16. Priscilla: Meaning “venerable”.
  17. Rebecca: A wily trickster, but ultimately a good one, Rebecca represents great beauty and ultimately outsmarts her husband.
  18. Selah: Meaning “forever”.

What is the best female name in the Bible?

Picking the very best of biblical female names is a tall order.

We’ve poured through the prettiest, most unique, and even badass girl names from the Bible to give you the very best (with confidence).


  1. Jochebed: Pronounced “yoh-keh-BED”, this OG bible girl name means “Yahweh is glory”. And it’s not just Jochebed’s rare quality and divine translation that makes it the best of female biblical names. Jochebed has pride of place in the Old Testament as the mother of Miriam, Aaron, and Moses (phew). She is also identified with the Hebrew midwife ​​Shiphrah who defied the pharaoh’s orders and saved the newborn boys from his wrath. We can think of no better name than the one reserved for a true hero of faith.

What is a spiritual girl’s name?

Now for some names that may not be characters from the Bible, but they certainly capture the Christian spirit of love and message of goodwill.

  1. Angel
  2. Charity
  3. Faith
  4. Grace
  5. Hope

That’s it for the ultimate list of Biblical girls’ names!

Expecting twins? Make sure to check out our Biblical name inspo for boys.

And if you need a second opinion – or wish to sing your praises for your beautiful choice – our moms-to-be of Peanut are waiting.

You might even find your Bump Buddy!

Happy name choosing!

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