58 Biblical Baby Names

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Maybe you want to give your child a name that speaks to your beliefs. Or perhaps you simply want a name that sounds strong, ancient, and has some deeper meaning. Whatever your motivations, we’ve gathered a list of biblical baby names to give you some inspiration.

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The Bible is full of names that are still incredibly common today – and maybe you didn’t know they were biblical names at all! But there are plenty of others that have fallen out of use. Here, we’ve selected some of the most common and some that are a little more rare.

10 popular biblical boy names

Let’s start off with some popular biblical boy names. In the 21st century, Biblical names for baby boys are more popular in the US than those for girls – with 10 featuring in the top 32 favorite boy names.

While they may be popular, are there any that you think are perfect for your little one?

  • Noah. The second most popular boys’ name in the US (after Liam), Noah comes from the biblical figure whose famous Ark survives the flood. It’s thought to mean ‘repose’, ‘rest’, or ‘comfort’.
  • Elijah. Meaning ‘my God is Yahweh’, Elijah is a prophet who appears in both the New and Old Testaments. Currently, the fifth most popular boys’ name in the US.
  • Ethan. Ethan appears a number of times in the Bible. His name means ‘strong’, ‘firm’, or ‘enduring’.
  • James. Thought to come from the same origin as Jacob, James is the Anglicized version. In the Bible, he’s one of Jesus’ disciples.
  • Michael. Michael is the name of one of the angels in the Bible. It’s also been the most popular boy’s name of the last century in the USA.
  • Benjamin. Last of Jacob’s 13 kids, Benjamin means ‘son of my right hand’. A classic biblical boy name.
  • Levi. Commonly a Jewish surname, Levi is also an increasingly popular given name for boys of all religions. It means something like ‘joined in harmony’.
  • Daniel. One of the most enduringly popular of biblical boy names, Daniel means ‘God is my judge’.
  • Josiah. Now the 26th most popular boy name in the US, Josiah means ‘God heals’. He was one of the kings of Judah, in case you’re interested.
  • Jacob. Finally, Jacob, now the 32nd most popular boy name in the US. He’s one of the most important figures in the Old Testament.

10 popular biblical girl names

And some biblical names for girls? As we said above, female biblical names are no longer as popular as their male equivalents. However, there are some lovely ones – and you may well find that one of them is just perfect.

  • Eliana. Interestingly, the most popular biblical girl name in the US at 15th, it means ‘God has answered’.
  • Leah. In the Bible, Leah is the first wife of Jacob. There is some uncertainty as to its meaning, it could be ‘weary’; it could be ‘wild cow’… Nonetheless, it’s a very beautiful female biblical name.
  • Abigail. Meaning ‘my father’s joy’, Abigail is the name of the wife of King David. She was pretty cool – known for being beautiful, wise, and intelligent.
  • Hannah. This comes from the Hebrew meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace’.
  • Sarah. In Hebrew, Sarah means ‘princess’. In Arabic, it means ‘joy’ or ‘delight’. Both are wonderful names for your little baby girl.
  • Elizabeth. Coming from the Hebrew name Elisheva, Elizabeth means something like ‘my God is abundance’. She appears in the Old and New Testaments.
  • Anna. A variation on Hannah, she is the mother of the Virgin Mary.
  • Naomi. Naomi means ‘pleasantness’.
  • Delilah. Delilah doesn’t get a good rap in the Bible – as she is Samson’s wife, and she cuts off the hair that gives him strength. It’s a nice name nonetheless, meaning ‘delicate’.
  • Maria. While Mary doesn’t appear in the list of popular girl names in the US, Maria does. She is, of course, the mother of Jesus.

Unusual Biblical baby names?

We’ve covered the biblical names that are still popular today. And we could go further. Aaron, Adam, Gabriel, Isaac, Joel, John, Luke, Mark, Paul, and Peter are all biblical names too. For girls, Eve, Ruth, Rachel, and Susanna come straight out of the Bible as well.

But how about some less common names from the Bible?

For boys, why not try some of these?

  • Ariel. A common Jewish boy’s name, but also a popular girl name too.
  • Balthasar. One of the Three Magi, along with Caspar and Melchior.
  • Barnabas. A disciple of Jesus, meaning ‘son of comfort’.
  • Boaz. It seems to come from the Hebrew word meaning ‘quickness’.
  • Enoch. He’s the father of Jared and Methuselah, which are rad names themselves.
  • Gideon. A prophet.
  • Jethro. The step-dad of Moses, his name means ‘abundance’.
  • Reuben. He was the first son of Jacob, and his name means ‘behold a son’.
  • Rufus. One of the early christians, his name simply means ‘red-haired’.
  • Solomon. His name means ‘man of peace’, and he was one of the kings of Israel.
  • Uriel. An angel in the Bible.

Unique female Bible names?

And some different baby biblical names for girls?

  • Bathsheba. The mother of Solomon, Bathsheba means something like ‘daughter of the oath’.
  • Dinah. She doesn’t have a happy life in the Bible. Her name means ‘judged’ or ‘vindicated’.
  • Esther. The wife of a Persian king, the name means ‘star’.
  • Jemimah. Meaning ‘dove’, Jemimah is known for her beauty.
  • Judith. It means ‘Jewish woman’, however it has been a very popular name throughout the 20th century.
  • Miriam. Potentially meaning ‘beloved’, she was the sister of Moses.
  • Salome. Her name means ‘peace’, despite her role in the Bible.
  • Tabitha. Known for generosity, Tabitha means ‘graceful’.

What name means ‘gift from God’?

There is one question about biblical baby names that gets asked quite a lot. That is: what name means gift from God? Any guesses?

Well, it’s Matthew, actually. It comes from the Hebrew Mattityahu, meaning ‘gift of Yahweh’ specifically (that Yahweh is the Hebrew name for God).

However, these days, there are almost as many variations of the name as there are kids called Matthew. Think Mathew, Matt, Matthias, Matthieu, Mattia, Matia, Matias, Mads – you name it. All of these, ultimately, trace their name back to that biblical name meaning ‘gift of God’.

What is the most beautiful name in the Bible?

And the most beautiful name in the Bible? That one is for you to decide. We’ve done our bit. In among these 58 biblical baby names, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love – and that is just the perfect fit for your newborn.

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