564 Biblical Baby Names & Meanings

564 Biblical Baby Names & Meanings

Want to give your child a name that speaks to your beliefs?

Seeking something strong, ancient, and filled with profound meaning?

Whatever your motivations, we’ve gathered a list of Biblical baby names to give you some inspiration.

The Bible is full of names that are still in use today.

And not just the familiars like Noah, Matthew, and Sarah.

We’re talking about popular favorites that you may not know were Biblical names at all!

(Here’s looking at you Naomi)

And then there are plenty of others that have fallen out of fashion but whose spirituality runs deep.

We’ve selected some of the most common, beautiful, and rare – all the better for capturing this profound milestone.

So let’s dive into all the names in the Bible – brace yourself, there are a lot.

In this article: 📝

  • Popular Biblical Baby Names
  • Why are so many baby names Biblical?
  • What is a good Biblical name for a boy?
  • What is a good biblical name for a girl?
  • What are unique biblical names?
  • More Biblical girls’ names
  • More Biblical boys’ names
  • Gender-neutral Biblical baby names
  • What is the coolest name in the Bible?
  • What name means ‘beloved by God?’
  • What is the most beautiful name in the Bible?

Popular Biblical Baby Names

  1. Eliana: The 15th most popular Biblical girl name in the US, Eliana means “God has answered”.
  2. Leah: In the Bible, Leah is the first wife of Jacob. There is some uncertainty as to its meaning, it could be “weary” or “delicate”; it could be “wild cow”… Nonetheless, it’s a very beautiful female Biblical name.
  3. Abigail: Meaning “my father’s joy”, Abigail is the name of the wife of King David. She was pretty cool – known for being beautiful, wise, and intelligent.
  4. Hannah: This comes from the Hebrew meaning “favor” or “grace”.
  5. Sarah: In Hebrew, Sarah means “princess”. In Arabic, it means “joy” or “delight”. Both are wonderful names for your little baby girl.
  6. Noah: The second most popular boys’ name in the US (after Liam), Noah comes from the Biblical figure whose famous Ark survives the flood. It’s thought to mean “repose”, “rest”, or “comfort”.
  7. Elijah: Meaning “my God is Yahweh”, Elijah is a prophet who appears in both the New and Old Testaments. Currently, the fifth most popular boys’ name in the US.
  8. Ethan: Ethan appears a number of times in the Bible. This Biblical boys’ name means “strong”, “firm”, or “enduring”.
  9. James: Thought to come from the same origin as Jacob, James is the Anglicized version and means “supplanter”. In the Bible, he’s one of Jesus’ disciples.
  10. Michael: Michael is the name of one of the angels in the Bible. It’s also been the most popular boy’s name of the last century in the USA. Meaning “who is like God?”, Michael is a reminder to stay humble and grounded in one’s aspirations.

Why are so many baby names Biblical?

A lot of popular baby names in the world tend to have a Biblical, Judeo-Christian meaning.

And it’s no surprise when you consider that around 2.38 billion people practice Christianity and 15.2 million people practice Judaism.

With numbers like that, you best believe there are a lot of Biblical baby names capturing hearts around the globe.

What is a good Biblical name for a boy?

If you’re searching for a solid bible name for your new baby boy, popular Biblical boy names is a good place to start.

And there are so. many. of. them.

In the 21st century, Biblical names for boys are more popular in the US than those for girls – with 10 featuring in the top 32 favorite boy names.

Are there any that you think are perfect for your little one?

  1. Benjamin: The last of Jacob’s 13 kids, Benjamin means “son of my right hand”. A classic Biblical boy name.
  2. Levi: Commonly a Jewish surname, Levi is also an increasingly popular given name for boys of all religions. It means something like “joined in harmony”.
  3. Daniel: One of the most enduringly popular of Biblical boy names, Daniel means “God is my judge”.
  4. Josiah: Now the 26th most popular boy name in the US, Josiah means “God heals”. He was one of the kings of Judah.
  5. Jacob: Meaning “supplanter”, Jacob is now the 32nd most popular boy name in the US. But he’s one of the most important figures in the Old Testament.

What boy name means “gift from God”?

Seeking names from the bible that capture how wondrous your new baby is?

We are here for that energy.

Jonathan, Theo, and Shiloh all carry those divine gift vibes, but if you’re looking for a biblical name you can make your own, it’s got to be:

  1. Matthew: Rooted in the Hebrew Mattityahu, meaning “gift of Yahweh” (the Hebrew name for God). These days, there are almost as many variations of the name as there are kids called Matthew. You’ve got Matt, Matthias, Matthieu, Mattia, Matia, Matias, Mateo, Mads – you name it. With Matthew, the sky’s the limit – and your little gift deserves nothing less.

In search of something a little more unique? How about:

  1. Zebadiah: Meaning “God has bestowed”.
  2. Zebedee: Meaning “gift of God”.

And if you want to share similar sentiments and appreciation with your partner, you could always name baby:

  1. Abisai or Abishai: Meaning “my father is a gift from God”.

What name means “miracle” for a boy?

Whether you’re celebrating your rainbow baby or wish to honor a difficult TTC journey, bible names that mean “miracle” are a beautiful choice.

Here are three of our favorites:

  1. Ajaib: Meaning “miracle” or “wonderous being”.
  2. Aaron: As the older brother of Moses, Aaron is best known as the founder of the Israelite priesthood. This name has many inspiring meanings such as “mountain of strength”, “exalted”, “enlightened” and of course “miraculous”.
  3. Asher or Aser: Meaning “blessed” or “miracle”.

What is a good biblical name for a girl?

Female Biblical names may no longer be as popular as their male equivalents, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of choice for a truly great one.

There are some utterly beautiful religious names out there for angel-faced beauties.

Check out our top ten popular picks below – you may well find that one of them is just perfect: 🤞

  1. Elizabeth: Coming from the Hebrew name Elisheva, Elizabeth means something like “my God is abundance”. She appears in the Old and New Testaments.
  2. Anna: A variation on Hannah, she is the mother of the Virgin Mary.
  3. Naomi: Naomi means “pleasantness”.
  4. Delilah: Delilah doesn’t get a good rap in the Bible – as she is Samson’s wife, and she cuts off the hair that gives him strength. It’s a nice name nonetheless, meaning “delicate”.
  5. Maria: While Mary doesn’t appear in the list of popular girl names in the US, Maria does. She is, of course, the mother of Jesus. Its meaning varies wildly depending on the root chosen, translating as “bitter”, “beloved”, “rebellious” and “of the sea” to name a few.

What girl name means God’s gift?

We are all for sharing your proud mama vibes.

There are tonnes of beautiful girl names that means “gift from God”, such as Dolly, Godiva, and Miesha.

Sweet as they are, none of these feature in the good book.

Feeding off this celebratory energy, here are the top female bible baby names that come pretty close to being God’s gift:

  1. Amariah: Meaning “promised by God”. Though first appearing in the bible as a boy’s name, its likeness to Mariah has made it a popular choice for daughters everywhere.
  2. Abigaia: Meaning “cause of joy”.
  3. Anaiah: Meaning “Yahweh has answered”.
  4. Bithiah: Meaning “daughter of Yahweh”.
  5. Hephzibah or Hepzibah: Meaning “my delight is in her”.

What is a holy name for a girl?

If you’re looking for peak purity, you’ve come to the right place.

The Bible has a trove of holier-than-thou religious names worthy of doting and devotion.

Check them out:

  1. Diana: Meaning “divine”.
  2. Jezebel: Meaning “virtue”.
  3. Angela: Meaning “messenger of God”.
  4. Faith: Meaning “devotion”.
  5. Gabriela: Meaning “God is my strength”.
  6. Bethel: Meaning “house of God”.
  7. Junia: Meaning “queen of heaven”. 👑

What are unique biblical names?

We’ve covered the Biblical names that are still popular today. And we could go further.

Aaron, Adam, Gabriel, Isaac, Joel, John, Luke, Mark, Paul, and Peter are all Biblical names too.

For girls, Eve, Ruth, Rachel, and Susanna come straight out of the Bible as well.

But how about some less common ‒ dare we say obscure ‒ Bible names?

Unique Biblical names for baby boy

For boys, why not try some of these unique Biblical baby names:

  1. Ariel: A common Jewish boy’s name, but also a popular girl name too.
  2. Balthasar: One of the Three Magi, along with Caspar and Melchior. Also one of the few Biblical names that start with B.
  3. Barnabas: A disciple of Jesus, meaning “son of comfort”.
  4. Boaz: It seems to come from the Hebrew word meaning “quickness”.
  5. Enoch: He’s the father of Jared and Methuselah, which are rad names themselves.
  6. Gideon: A prophet.
  7. Jethro: The step-dad of Moses, his name means “abundance”.
  8. Reuben: He was the first son of Jacob, and his name means “behold a son”.
  9. Rufus: One of the early Christians, his name simply means “red-haired”.
  10. Solomon: His name means “man of peace”, and he was one of the kings of Israel.
  11. Uriel: An angel in the Bible.

What are unique female Bible names?

And some different Biblical baby names for girls?

  1. Bathsheba: The mother of Solomon, Bathsheba means something like “daughter of the oath”.
  2. Dinah: She doesn’t have a happy life in the Bible. Her name means “judged” or “vindicated”.
  3. Esther: The wife of a Persian king, the name means “star”. ⭐
  4. Judith: It means “Jewish woman”, however, it has been a very popular name throughout the 20th century.
  5. Miriam: Potentially meaning “beloved”, she was the sister of Moses.
  6. Salome: Her name means “peace”, despite her role in the Bible.
  7. Tabitha: Known for generosity, Tabitha means “graceful”.

More Biblical girls’ names

Still not found the perfect Biblical girl names for your little one?

While it’s true that there aren’t as many cool Bible names for girls in the Good Book, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the Biblical baby girl names we could find:

  1. Abilene: Meaning “grass”.
  2. Abital: Meaning “my father is the night dew”.
  3. Achinoam: Meaning “my brother is pleasant”.
  4. Adah or Ada: Meaning “adornment”.
  5. Adalia or Adalya: Meaning “noble one”.
  6. Adina: Meaning “noble”.
  7. Agar: Meaning “stranger”.
  8. Ahinoam: Meaning “my brother is pleasant”
  9. Ahlai: Meaning “expecting”.
  10. Apphia: Meaning “increasing”.
  11. Areli: Meaning “golden”.
  12. Asenath: Meaning “she belongs to her father”.
  13. Atara or Atarah: Meaning “diadem”.
  14. Avital: Meaning “my father is the dew”.
  15. Azubah: Meaning “forsaken”.
  16. Baara: Meaning “flame”.
  17. Bala or Balla: Meaning “dance”.
  18. Barak: Meaning “lightning”.
  19. Basemath: Meaning “fragrance”.
  20. Bela: Meaning “she of fair skin”.
  21. Bernice: Meaning “bringer of victory”.
  22. Bethany: Meaning “house of figs”.
  23. Beulah: Meaning “married”.
  24. Bila, Bilhah, or Bilha: Meaning “bashful”.
  25. Bilhah: Meaning “unworried”.
  26. Candace: Meaning “clarity”.
  27. Carmel: Meaning “garden”.
  28. Channah: Meaning “gracious”.
  29. Charity: Meaning “beloved”.
  30. Chawwah: Meaning “breathe”.
  31. Chloe: Meaning “green sprout”.
  32. Chuldah: Meaning “weasel”.
  33. Claudia: Meaning “lame”.
  34. Dalida: Meaning “dahlia flower”.
  35. Damaris: Meaning “be gentle”.
  36. Deborah: Meaning “bee”. 🐝
  37. Deina: Meaning “avenged”.
  38. Dorcas: Meaning “gazelle”.
  39. Drusilla: Meaning “fresh as the dew”.
  40. Eden: Meaning “paradise”.
  41. Edna: Meaning “pleasure”.
  42. Elisheba: Meaning “my God”.
  43. Ephrath: Meaning “fruitful place”.
  44. Esthiru: Meaning “secret”.
  45. Eunice: Meaning “good victory”.
  46. Eve or Eva: Meaning “life”.
  47. Hadassah: Meaning “myrtle tree”.
  48. Haggith: Meaning “festive”.
  49. Helah: Meaning “rust”.
  50. Hester: Meaning “star”.
  51. Hodiah: Meaning “majesty of Yahweh”.
  52. Hope: Perfect if you’ve been waiting a while for your little one.
  53. Hosanna: Meaning “deliver us”.
  54. Huldah: Meaning “loved one”.
  55. Iscah: Meaning “to behold”.
  56. Ivah: Meaning “overturning”.
  57. Jehosheba: Meaning “Yahweh is an oath”.
  58. Jerusha: Meaning “possession”.
  59. Jescha: Meaning “God beholds”.
  60. Jewel: Meaning “delight”.
  61. Joanna: One of our favorite Biblical baby girl names meaning “God is gracious”.
  62. Joy: Meaning “happiness”.
  63. Julia: Meaning “youthful”.
  64. Keturah: Meaning “incense”.
  65. Keziah: Meaning “cinnamon”.
  66. Lillian or Lily: Meaning “lily flower”.
  67. Lois: Meaning “superior”.
  68. Lydia: Meaning “from Lydia”.
  69. Magdalene: Meaning “of Magdala”.
  70. Mahalah: In the Bible, Mahalah means “sickness”.
  71. Mahalath: Meaning “lyre”.
  72. Mara: Meaning “bitter”.
  73. Martha: Meaning “lady”.
  74. Mary: Meaning “of the sea”.
  75. Mehetabel: Meaning “God makes happy”.
  76. Merab: Meaning “abundant”.
  77. Mercy: Meaning “compassion”.
  78. Merry: Meaning “joyful”.
  79. Michal: Meaning “brook”.
  80. Milcah: Meaning “queen”.
  81. Myra: Meaning “myrrh”.
  82. Naarah: Meaning “young girl”.
  83. Naamah: Meaning “pleasant”.
  84. Orpah: Meaning “faun”.
  85. Peninnah: Meaning “pearl”.
  86. Persis: Meaning “Persian woman”.
  87. Phebe or Phoebe: Meaning “bright”.
  88. Prisca: Meaning “ancient”.
  89. Priscilla: Meaning “venerable”.
  90. Rachel: Meaning “ewe”. 🐑
  91. Rahab: Meaning “spacious”.
  92. Rebecca: Meaning “join”.
  93. Rhoda: Meaning “rose”.
  94. Rose: The flower of love.
  95. Ruth: Meaning “friend”.
  96. Sapphira: Meaning “pretty one”.
  97. Sarai: Meaning “princess”.
  98. Selah: Meaning “forever”.
  99. Sepphora: Meaning “pretty”.
  100. Sharon: Meaning “fertile plain”.
  101. Sherah: Meaning “brightness”.
  102. Shifra: Meaning “beauty”.
  103. Shiphrah: Meaning “beautiful”.
  104. Shoshannah: Meaning “lily”.
  105. Shulammite: Meaning “peace”.
  106. Susannah: Meaning “lily”.
  107. Syntyche: Meaning “event”.
  108. Talitha: Meaning “little girl”.
  109. Tamara or Tamar: Meaning “date palm”.
  110. Terah: Meaning “earth”.
  111. Tirza: Meaning “delight”.
  112. Tryphena or Tryphosa: Meaning “softness, delicacy”.
  113. Vashti: Meaning “goodness”.
  114. Zibiah: Meaning “doe”.
  115. Zillah: Meaning “shade”.
  116. Zilpah: Meaning “frailty”.
  117. Zina: Meaning “stranger”.
  118. Zipporah: Meaning “bird”.

More Biblical boys’ names

As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of Biblical boy names to choose from!

Sure, there are common Biblical baby boy names like Paul, Matthew, Michael, and Jesus, but what about Abidan, Eiran, or Reuel?

Have a browse of our mega-list of all the boy names from the Bible:

  1. Aron, or Aharon: Meaning “high mountain”.
  2. Abacuc: Meaning “ardent embrace”.
  3. Abaddon: Meaning “destruction”.
  4. Abdias: Meaning “prophet”.
  5. Abdiel or Abdiou: Meaning “servant of God”.
  6. Abel: Meaning “breath”.
  7. Abenner or Abner: Meaning “the Father is a light”.
  8. Abessa: Meaning “my father is a gift”.
  9. Abessalom: Meaning “father of peace”.
  10. Abia, Abihu, Abiel, or Abiah: Meaning “God is my father”.
  11. Abiathar: Meaning “my father excels”.
  12. Abidan: Meaning “my father is judge”.
  13. Abimael: Meaning “father sent from God”.
  14. Abimelech: Meaning “my father is king”.
  15. Abiram: Meaning “my father is exalted”.
  16. Abraham: Meaning “father of nations”.
  17. Absalom: Meaning “father is peace”.
  18. Achaab, Ahab, or Achab: Meaning “uncle”.
  19. Achaicus or Achaikos: Meaning “sorrow”.
  20. Achan: Meaning “trouble”.
  21. Achim: Meaning “he will establish”.
  22. Adam: Meaning “man”.
  23. Adino; Meaning “ornament”.
  24. Adlai: Meaning “justice of God”.
  25. Adonijah or Adoniyah: Meaning “my Lord is Yahweh”.
  26. Adoniram: Meaning “my Lord is exalted”.
  27. Adriel: Meaning “flock of God”.
  28. Ahoth: Meaning “my brother is pleasant”.
  29. Aithan: Meaning “strong”.
  30. Alexander: Meaning “defender of man”.
  31. Allon: Meaning “oak”.
  32. Alpheus: Meaning “successor”.
  33. Alvah: Meaning “his highness”.
  34. Amal: Meaning “work”.
  35. Amaryahu: Meaning “promised by God”.
  36. Ambakoum: Meaning “God’s embrace”.
  37. Ambram: Meaning “exalted father”.
  38. Ami: Meaning “trustworthy”.
  39. Amittai: Meaning “my truth”.
  40. Ammiel: Meaning “God is my kinsman”.
  41. Amnon: Meaning “faithful”.
  42. Amram: Meaning “exalted nation”.
  43. Anan or Anani: Meaning “cloud”.
  44. Ananias: Meaning “God has given”.
  45. Anath: Meaning “answer”.
  46. Andreas or Andrei: Meaning “courageous”.
  47. Andrew: Meaning “powerful”.
  48. Annas: Meaning “humble”.
  49. Aquila: Meaning “eagle”.
  50. Aran: Meaning “wild goat”.
  51. Archelaos or Archelaus: Meaning “master of the people”.
  52. Areli: Meaning “lion of God”.
  53. Aretas: Meaning “virtue”.
  54. Aridai: Meaning “free”.
  55. Arieh or Arihel: Meaning “lion”.
  56. Aronne: Meaning “mountain of strength”.
  57. Artaxerxes: Meaning “righteous ruler”.
  58. Asaf or Asaph: Meaning “collector”.
  59. Asnappar: Meaning “horned bull”.
  60. Aveniru: Meaning “God is light”.
  61. Avidan: Meaning “God is just”.
  62. Avihu: Meaning “He is my Father”.
  63. Avimelekh: Meaning “father of a king”.
  64. Aviram: Meaning “my father is strong”.
  65. Avishay: Meaning “gift of my father”.
  66. Azarel or Azriel: Meaning “God has helped”.
  67. Azariah: Meaning “Yahweh has helped”.
  68. Azarias: Meaning “helped by God”.
  69. Azazel: Meaning “scapegoat”.
  70. Azaziah, Azazyahu, or Azazias: Meaning “Yahweh is strong”.
  71. Azel: Meaning “reserved”.
  72. Baal: Meaning “lord”.
  73. Baltassar: Meaning “Bel protects the king”.
  74. Barak: Meaning “lightning”.
  75. Bartholomeus: Meaning “son that suspends the water”.
  76. Bartholomew: Meaning “owner of lots of land”.
  77. Baruch: Meaning “blessed”.
  78. Beelzebub: Meaning “lord of flies”.
  79. Belial: Meaning “worthless”.
  80. Benaiah or Benayahu: Meaning “God has built”.
  81. Bethuel: Meaning “God destroys”.
  82. Buz: Meaning “contempt”.
  83. Cain: Meaning “acquired”.
  84. Cainan: Meaning “purchaser”.
  85. Caleb: Meaning “whole heart”.
  86. Canaan: Meaning “merchant”.
  87. Carmi: Meaning “vine”.
  88. Carpus: Meaning “fruit”.
  89. Cephas: Meaning “rock”.
  90. Chaggai: Meaning “festive”.
  91. Chaleb: Meaning “devotion to God”.
  92. Chanan or Chananyah: Meaning “God is compassionate”.
  93. Chanokh: Meaning “dedicated”.
  94. Chavaqquq: Meaning “living”.
  95. Chenaniah: Meaning “strength of the Lord”.
  96. Cleopas, Cleophas, or Clopas: Meaning “glory to God”.
  97. Cornelius: Meaning “horn”.
  98. Crescens: Meaning “to grow”.
  99. Cyrus: Meaning “lord”.
  100. Dan or Daniilu: Meaning “God is my judge”.
  101. Dareios: Meaning “he that informs himself”.
  102. Darius: Meaning “maintains possessions well”.
  103. David: Meaning “beloved”.
  104. Dathan: Meaning “fountain”.
  105. Delaiah or Delayahu: Meaning “God has drawn up”.
  106. Demetrius: Meaning “follower of Demeter”.
  107. Ebenezer: Meaning “stone of help”.
  108. Eder: Meaning “flock”.
  109. Edom: Meaning “red”.
  110. Ehud: Meaning “he who praises”.
  111. Eiran: Meaning “he who is awake”.
  112. Eitan: Meaning “spiritual strength”.
  113. Elah: Meaning “terebinth tree”.
  114. Elam: Meaning “hidden”.
  115. Elchanan or Elhanan: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  116. Eldad: Meaning “God has loved”.
  117. Eleazar or Eliezer: Meaning “my God has helped”.
  118. Eli: Meaning “ascension”.
  119. Eliab: Meaning “my God is father”.
  120. Eliakim: Meaning “God rises”.
  121. Elias, Elihu, Eliyyahu, or Eliel: Meaning “God is my God”.
  122. Elioenai: Meaning “my eyes look to God”.
  123. Eliphalet or Eliphelet: Meaning “God is release”.
  124. Eliud: Meaning “God is grandeur”.
  125. Elkanah: Meaning “God has purchased”.
  126. Elnathan: Meaning “God has given”.
  127. Emmanuel: Meaning “God is with us”.
  128. Enos or Enosh: Meaning “mortal man”.
  129. Elon: Meaning “oak”.
  130. Epaphras: Meaning “foamy”.
  131. Ephraim: Meaning “fruitful”.
  132. Eran: Meaning “watchful”.
  133. Erastos or Erastus: Meaning “beloved”.
  134. Esaias: Meaning “God is salvation”.
  135. Esau: Meaning “hairy”.
  136. Eutychus: Meaning “fortunate”.
  137. Evyatar: Meaning “the father is great”.
  138. Ezekiel or Ezechias: Meaning “God will strengthen”.
  139. Ezra, Esdras, Ezer, or Ezar: Meaning “help”.
  140. Festus: Meaning “festival”. One of just two names in the Bible that start with F.
  141. Gabriel: Meaning “God is my strength”.
  142. Gad: Meaning “fortune”.
  143. Gaius: Meaning “to rejoice”.
  144. Gamaliel: Meaning “my reward is God”.
  145. Gedaliah: Meaning “God is great”.
  146. Gedalyahu: Meaning “God has made great”.
  147. Gemariah or Gemaryahu: Meaning “Yahweh has completed”.
  148. Gera: Meaning “a grain”.
  149. Gershom: Meaning “exile”.
  150. Gilead: Meaning “heap of witness”.
  151. Goliath: Meaning “uncover”.
  152. Habakkuk: Meaning “embrace”.
  153. Haggai: Meaning “festive”.
  154. Ham: Meaning “hot”.
  155. Haman: Meaning “noise”.
  156. Hanan: Meaning “gracious”.
  157. Hananiah: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  158. Haran: Meaning “mountain”.
  159. Havilah: Meaning “to dance”.
  160. Hazael: Meaning “God sees”.
  161. Heber: Meaning “enclave”.
  162. Herod: Meaning “song of the hero”.
  163. Hezekiah: Meaning “God strengthens”.
  164. Hillel: Meaning “greatly praised”.
  165. Hirah: Meaning “splendor”.
  166. Hiram: Meaning “benevolent brother”.
  167. Hosea or Hoshea: Meaning “salvation”.
  168. Huri: Meaning “linen weaver”.
  169. Ichabod: Meaning “no glory”.
  170. Iddo: Meaning “to continue”.
  171. Ilai: Meaning “supreme”.
  172. Immanuel: Meaning “God is with us”.
  173. Iona: Meaning “dove”.
  174. Ira: Meaning “watchful”.
  175. Isaac: Meaning “he will laugh”.
  176. Isaiah: Meaning “God is salvation”.
  177. Ishmael: Meaning “God listens”.
  178. Israel: Meaning “prince of God”.
  179. Ishmerai: Meaning “He guards”.
  180. Ishvi: Meaning “He resembles me”.
  181. Israel: Meaning “God contends”.
  182. Issachar: Meaning “there is reward”.
  183. Ithai: Meaning “with me”.
  184. Ithamar: Meaning “date palm island”.
  185. Ithiel: Meaning “God is with me”.
  186. Jaala: Meaning “wild goat”.
  187. Jaasau: Meaning “they will do”.
  188. Jabez: Meaning “sorrow”.
  189. Jabin: Meaning “the wise”.
  190. Jachin: Meaning “He establishes”.
  191. Jada: Meaning “He knows”.
  192. Jadon: “He will judge”.
  193. Jahleel: Meaning “God waits”.
  194. Jahzeel: Meaning “God will divide”.
  195. Jair: Meaning “He shines”
  196. Jairus: Meaning “God enlightens”.
  197. Jamin: Meaning “right hand”.
  198. Japheth: Meaning “enlarged”.
  199. Jarah: Meaning “honeysuckle”.
  200. Jared: Meaning “descent”.
  201. Jason: Meaning “to heal”.
  202. Javan: Meaning “Greece”.
  203. Jeconiah: Meaning “God will establish”.
  204. Jehiel: Meaning “God will live”.
  205. Jehoash or Jehonathan: Meaning “God has given”.
  206. Jehohanan: Meaning “gift of God”.
  207. Jehoiachin or Jehoiakim: Meaning “God establishes”.
  208. Jeremiah or Jehoram: Meaning “exalted by God”.
  209. Jehoshaphat: Meaning “God has judged”.
  210. Jehu: Meaning “He is God”.
  211. Jehudi: Meaning “Jewish person”.
  212. Jephtha or Jephthah: Meaning “God opens”.
  213. Jerahmeel: Meaning “God will have pity”.
  214. Jeremiel or Jeremy: Meaning “God lifts”.
  215. Jeriah: Meaning “taught by God”.
  216. Jeroboam: Meaning “the people contend”.
  217. Jesus: Meaning “God is salvation”.
  218. Joab: Meaning “God is father”.
  219. Joah: Meaning “God is brother”.
  220. Job: Meaning “persecuted”.
  221. Joel: Meaning “Yahweh is God”.
  222. John or Johanan: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  223. Jokim: Meaning “he who made the sun stand still”.
  224. Joktan: Meaning “small”.
  225. Jonah or Jonas: Meaning “dove”.
  226. Jonathan: Meaning “God has given”.
  227. Jorah: Meaning “He teaches”.
  228. Joram: Meaning “God is exalted”.
  229. Josaphat: Meaning “God is judge”.
  230. Joseph: Meaning “Jehovah will increase”.
  231. Joses: Meaning “raised”.
  232. Joshua: Meaning “God is salvation”.
  233. Josias: Meaning “God heals”.
  234. Jotham: Meaning “God is perfect”.
  235. Jubal: Meaning “stream”.
  236. Judah, Judas, or Jude: Meaning “praised”.
  237. Kain or Kainan: Meaning “possession”.
  238. Kemuel: Meaning “raised by God”.
  239. Kenan: Meaning “acquire”.
  240. Kenaniah: Meaning “God establishes”.
  241. Laban or Lebanah: Meaning “white”.
  242. Lael: Meaning “of God”.
  243. Lamech: Meaning “to make low”.
  244. Lazarus: Meaning “God has helped”.
  245. Lemuel: Name meaning “belonging to God”.
  246. Lot: Meaning “veil”.
  247. Lucas: Meaning “from Lucania”.
  248. Luke or Lucius: Meaning “light”.
  249. Mahli: Meaning “weak”.
  250. Malachi: Meaning “my messenger”.
  251. Manasseh: Meaning “forget”.
  252. Marcus or Mark: Meaning “warlike”.
  253. Mattan: Meaning “gift”.
  254. Mattaniah or Matthan: Meaning “gift of God”.
  255. Medad: Meaning “love”.
  256. Melech: Meaning “king”.
  257. Menahem: Meaning “comforter”.
  258. Merari: Meaning “bitter”.
  259. Meshach: Meaning “he who draws with force”.
  260. Micah: Meaning “he who is like God”.
  261. Meshullam: Meaning “friend”.
  262. Methuselah: Meaning “man of the dar”.
  263. Mnason: Meaning “reminding”.
  264. Moab: Meaning “of his father”.
  265. Mordecai: Meaning “servant of Marduk”.
  266. Moses: Meaning “pull out of water”.
  267. Nadab: Meaning “generous”.
  268. Nahor: Meaning “snorting”.
  269. Nahum: Meaning “comforter”.
  270. Naphtali: Meaning “my struggle”.
  271. Narcissus: Meaning “sleep”.
  272. Nathan, Nethaniah, or Nathanael: Meaning “He gave”.
  273. Nebuchadnezzar: Meaning “Nabu protect my eldest son”.
  274. Nehemiah: Meaning “God comforts”.
  275. Nekoda: Meaning “marked”.
  276. Nereus: Meaning “water”.
  277. Neriah: Meaning “lamp of God”.
  278. Nicodemus: Meaning “people’s victory”.
  279. Nimrod: Meaning “rebel”.
  280. Nogah: Meaning “brightness”.
  281. Obadiah: Meaning “servant of God”.
  282. Obed: Meaning “serving”.
  283. Oded: Meaning “to restore”.
  284. Ohad: Meaning “united”.
  285. Omar: Meaning “speaker”.
  286. Omri: Meaning “servant”.
  287. Onesimus or Onesiphorus: Meaning “beneficial”.
  288. Ophrah: Meaning “fawn”.
  289. Othniel: Meaning “lion of God”.
  290. Pallu: Meaning “distinguished”.
  291. Paul: Meaning “small”.
  292. Peleg: Meaning “division”.
  293. Penuel: Meaning “facing God”.
  294. Perez: Meaning “breach”.
  295. Peter: Meaning “stone”.
  296. Phanuel: Meaning “face of God”.
  297. Philemon: Meaning “affectionate”.
  298. Philetus: Meaning “beloved”.
  299. Philip: Meaning “horse lover”.
  300. Phineas: Meaning “oracle”.
  301. Phinehas: Meaning “serpent’s mouth”.
  302. Pontius: Meaning “fifth”.
  303. Prochorus: Meaning “leader of the dance”.
  304. Ram: Meaning “exalted”.
  305. Raphael: Meaning “God heals”.
  306. Rehoboam: Meaning “he enlarges the people”.
  307. Reuel: Meaning “friend of God”.
  308. Salathiel: Meaning “asked of God”.
  309. Samson: Meaning “sun”.
  310. Samuel: Meaning “God has heard”.
  311. Sargon: Meaning “true”.
  312. Satan: Meaning “adversary”.
  313. Saul: Meaning “question”.
  314. Sem or Shem: Meaning “renown”.
  315. Sennacherib: Meaning “the moon god replaced my brothers”.
  316. Seraiah: Meaning “God is ruler”.
  317. Seth: Meaning “appointed”.
  318. Shamgar: Meaning “sword”.
  319. Sharar: Meaning “enemy”.
  320. Shealtiel: Meaning “asked of God”.
  321. Shelach: Meaning “plant shoot”.
  322. Shelah: Meaning “request”
  323. Shelomoh: Meaning “peaceable”.
  324. Shemaiah: Meaning “heard by Yahweh”.
  325. Shemer: Meaning “preserved”.
  326. Silas: Meaning “man of the forest”.
  327. Silvanus: Meaning “wood, forest”.
  328. Simeon: Meaning “listening”.
  329. Simon: Meaning “He has heard”.
  330. Stephen: Meaning “crown”.
  331. Talmai: Meaning “furrowed”.
  332. Tammuz: Meaning “concealed”.
  333. Tekoa: Meaning “horn”.
  334. Teman: Meaning “south”.
  335. Terah: Meaning “station”.
  336. Thaddeus: Meaning “heart”.
  337. Theophilus: Meaning “friend of God”.
  338. Thomas: Meaning “twin”.
  339. Timaeus or Timon: Meaning “to honor”.
  340. Timothy: Meaning “honoring God”.
  341. Tiras: Meaning “desire”.
  342. Titus: Meaning “avenger”.
  343. Tobiah, Tobit, Tobith, or Tobias: Meaning “God is good”.
  344. Trophimus: Meaning “nourishing”.
  345. Urban: Meaning “city dweller”.
  346. Uri: Meaning “my light”.
  347. Uriah: Meaning “God is my light”.
  348. Uzzi: Meaning “my power”.
  349. Uzziah or Uzziel: Meaning “my power is God”.
  350. Yeshua: Meaning “to rescue”. One of the obscure Bible names that start with Y.
  351. Zaccai or Zacchaeus: Meaning “pure”.
  352. Zachariah, Zachary, Zechariah, Zacharias, or Zach: Meaning “the Lord recalled”.
  353. Zadok: Meaning “righteous”.
  354. Zalmon: Meaning “shady”.
  355. Zebulun: Meaning “prince”.
  356. Zedekiah: Meaning “justice of God”.
  357. Zelophehad: Meaning “first-born”.
  358. Zephaniah: Meaning “God has hidden”.
  359. Zerah: Meaning “shining”.
  360. Ziba: Meaning “station”.
  361. Zimri: Meaning “my music”.
  362. Zion: Meaning “monument”.
  363. Zuriel: Meaning “my rock is God”.

Gender-neutral Biblical baby names

There are just a handful of unisex Biblical baby names ‒ most of them were originally either Biblical baby boy names or Biblical girl names, but they’ve evolved to be acceptable for any gender.

  1. Abijah: Meaning “my father is God”.
  2. Agrippa: Meaning “painful birth”.
  3. Anah or Anat: Meaning “answer”.
  4. Angel: Meaning “messenger of God”.
  5. Asa: Meaning “healer”.
  6. Athaliah: Meaning “time of the Lord”.
  7. Aviyah: Meaning “God is my father”.
  8. Diklah: Meaning “palm grove”.
  9. Elisaie, Elishua, or Elisha: Meaning “God is my salvation”.
  10. Felix: Meaning “lucky”. One of the rare names in the Bible that start with “F”.
  11. Genesis: Meaning “beginning”.
  12. Gomer: Meaning “complete”.
  13. Hagar: Meaning “flight”.
  14. Jael: Meaning “mountain goat”.
  15. Jedidah: Meaning “beloved”.
  16. Jesse: Meaning “gift”.
  17. Jochebed: Meaning “God’s glory”.
  18. Jordan: Meaning “descend”.
  19. Maacah: Meaning “to press”.
  20. Mahlah: Meaning “weak”.
  21. Michaiah: Meaning “humble”.
  22. Sheba: Meaning “oath”.
  23. Shiloh: Meaning “tranquil”.

What is the coolest name in the Bible?

Most of the Biblical names tend to be more humble than cool, but we think this is one of the coolest names in the Bible:

  1. Joash: Meaning “fire of God”.

What name means ‘beloved by God?’

We’ve done our research and we’re pleased to introduce you to:

  1. Jedidiah: Meaning “beloved by God”.

What is the most beautiful name in the Bible?

It’s really up to you which Biblical names you find the most beautiful, but how about this one:

  1. Jemimah: Meaning “dove”, Jemimah was known for her beauty in the Bible. 🕊️

Among these 564 Biblical baby names, we’re sure you’ll find something that you love.

Think you’ve found the perfect fit for your newborn?

Spread the word with the Peanut community – we love celebrating a good name share. 🙌

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