11 Birthday Party Ideas for 10 Year Olds

11 Birthday Party Ideas for 10 Year Olds

Looking for the best birthday party ideas for 10 year olds? We’ve got you covered! Our list features birthday party ideas for girls and boys.
The big One Zero! Double digits!

Turning ten is a major milestone for your not-so-little one, mama.

And while you’ve almost certainly got a super-excited tween on your hands, it’s totally OK if you need to take a moment.

(Where did the time go!? 😳)

And then, it’s time to get planning.

Looking for inspiration? We’re here to help.

We’ve got the very best birthday party ideas for 10 year olds right here.

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  • Is 10 a milestone birthday?
  • How do I make my 10-year-old’s birthday special?
  • Ideas for birthday parties for 10 year olds

Is 10 a milestone birthday?

We think so! Decade markers are always a good excuse for a party.

But which birthday constitutes a milestone is totally up to you and your child.

You can celebrate any birthday with as much or as little fanfare as you wish.

What matters most is that your ever-growing peanut has a good time.

How do I make my 10-year-old’s birthday special?

By the time they’re ten, your kid will probably have very clear ideas about what sort of party they would like.

(In fact, they’ve likely been pitching in with their party ideas since they could talk.)

What’s the best way to make their birthday special, then? Ask them!

While some ideas probably aren’t going to happen—you’re going to have to manage that dream of going for a drive in a Lamborghini—other ideas might be really simple to transform into reality.

Some time at a climbing wall? Now, that’s totally in the realm of possibility.

Ten is also a good age to start thinking about throwing a surprise birthday party.

Get their friends involved and watch the excitement bubble.

Surprise parties aren’t for everyone, though.

And if it’s likely to make your kid feel shy, overwhelmed, or anxious, rather give it a skip.

You also don’t want them to feel that you’ve forgotten their birthday—so this option has to be handled with care.

If you pull it off, though, a surprise birthday party can be a lot of fun!

Ideas for birthday parties for 10 year olds

OK, let’s get planning. Here are a few ideas sure to get the entertainment factor high.

Fun birthday party ideas for 10 year olds

What does every 10 year old want? To have fun!

These ideas are all about being as playful as possible.

1. Super scavengers

Organize a scavenger hunt by hiding fun things all over a garden or park.

Give each child a list of all the items they need to find.

These can be color-related (something blue, something red, etc.), texture-related (something squishy, for example), or purpose-related (something that you can read).

And if the weather is not playing ball, an indoor hunt can work well too!

2. Abracadabra!

Unless you have one in the family, a magician might come at a slight cost.

But it’s well worthwhile.

Your child and their friends are sure to be delighted and enchanted.

3. Activity rush

Ice rinks, laser tag, water parks, roller coasters, trampoline parks, escape rooms, go-karting.

The options are virtually endless.

It can be quite exhausting keeping your eye on many kids in a busy place—and it’s quite a responsibility, too.

So the best thing to do is keep the group small and get other mamas to join you for the ride.

10 year old boy birthday party ideas

Before we dive in, there’s no rule that parties should be gendered.

We love the idea of boys having spa day parties and girls playing paintball.

We’ve divided our ideas into two categories because it’s handy.

But we also celebrate the fact that children have all sorts of interests and that their birthday parties are a great chance to enjoy them.

Right. With that in mind, how about one of the following?

4. Be a superhero

Everyone’s got a favorite superhero!

Ask your kids’ friends to come dressed up as their best character.

Or give them the crafts they need to make a superhero mask of their own.

5. Let’s go camping!

Is being out in nature a priority for you and your family?

Take your 10 year old camping, either with the family or with a friend of two.

Watching the stars without any city lights will make for a memorable birthday.

10 year old girl birthday party ideas

And for your little girl?

6. More music

By now, chances are your kid is starting to develop their own music tastes.

Have they ever been to a concert?

This essential life experience can be nothing short of magic for a child who’s never been in a big crowd enjoying an artist they love.

7. Cozy sleepover

Sleepovers are a bit of a right of passage in every child’s life—a sure sign that your little one is growing up and happy to spend some time away from home.

If your 10 year old and their friends are regularly enjoying sleepovers, this could be a great idea.

Midnight snacks, anyone?

Outdoor birthday party ideas for 10 year olds

If you have access to a back garden or a park, these outdoor ideas are perfect for the summer months.

8. Super sporty

Does your kid have a favorite sport?

Organize their party around it.

This might involve playing the sport, using the colors of their best team to decorate, or arranging a football, ice hockey, or swimming-themed cake.

9. Good ol’ fashioned pool party

This one’s a firm favorite among parents and children alike.

Parents love how easy it is to organize: just add sunscreen and water (and, of course, parental supervision).

And kids, well, they love nothing more than a summer day outside.

Pro tip? An ice cream cake would go down a treat.

10. Get Nerfed

Many mamas of 10 year olds will be all too familiar with Nerfs—the foam-based darts kids love to blast at each other.

Keep your belongings safe by hosting this one outside.

If you don’t have a garden, a park is a great option.

Combine it with a picnic!

11. Backyard cinema

We love this idea.

Beg, borrow or steal a projector from someone, throw a big white sheet up against a wall, put out some comfy blankets, and hey presto!

Your kid and their friends have their very own backyard cinema.

Top it off with popcorn and sweet treats and this will be a birthday for the history books.

Remember that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to celebrate your 10 year old.

The most important thing is that they feel loved and appreciated.

Happy planning, mama!

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