12 Birthday Party Ideas for 9 Year Olds

12 Birthday Party Ideas for 9 Year Olds

Trying to plan something awesome for this special birthday? We’ve put together a list of winning birthday party ideas for 9 year olds.
9 years old! Your child probably astounds you every day with their growth and development.

Compared to kids just a couple of years younger, 9 year olds are generally physically coordinated and capable of pretty complex thoughts.

You might be wondering where your little baby went as they make their way onward toward the pre-teen years.

So, how should you celebrate this very special year in your child’s life?

We’ve put together a list of winning birthday party ideas for 9 year olds.

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  • What can I do for my 9 year old’s birthday?
  • How can you celebrate a birthday at home?
  • What can I do instead of a birthday party?

How long should a 9 year old’s party be?

A good guideline for party length for this age is between 2 and 6 hours.

It’s up to you whether you want to plan the party during meal time, or do it between meals and just serve some snacks and cake instead.

Nine year olds are more mature than littler kids, but they can still be moody and need some rest, so factor that in if you’re planning a longer party.

How many people should you invite to a 9 year old birthday party?

That depends on whether your child is a social butterfly or prefers a smaller party with just a couple of friends.

Luckily, many of the ideas here are adaptable to large or small guest lists.

What can I do for my 9 year old’s birthday?

With all that in mind, let’s dive into some great 9 year old birthday party ideas!

1. Field day

Is your 9 year old the energizer bunny?

Then a field day party is the perfect way to let them blow off steam.

This is a great idea if you’re looking for outdoor birthday party ideas for 9 year olds.

Set up the party in your backyard or at a park with a big open field.

Egg and spoon races, water balloon games, giant bowling sets, ring toss – the options are endless for outdoor fun.

You can provide little treats as prizes, and keep the snacks handy since these active kids are going to be hungry.

2. Twister

This old school party game is a great way to ensure an afternoon of fun for your child and their friends.

All you need is the game itself and plenty of room for the mat.

Divide it into rounds to crown the ultimate Twister champion!

Be sure to have plenty of drinks and snacks ready for the breaks.

3. Bouncy castle

Bouncy castles are a slightly more expensive party option, but kids just love them.

Treat your 9 year old to a party they won’t forget with hours of bouncing fun.

Check online to find a company that rents inflatables in your area.

Before making your guest list, check to see how many kids are allowed at one time in the bouncy castle.

If the max is 5 kids, for example, you might want to invite 10 children or fewer to your party, just to make sure everyone gets plenty of bounce time.

4. Piñata

This party classic has been around for decades, and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s easy to set up and can be done indoors or outdoors.

Just make sure there’s plenty of open space around the pinata, especially if one of your child’s friends is on the baseball team and very enthusiastic about swinging….

5. Scavenger hunt

This one will need some prep work, but there are plenty of handy guides to make this a truly unique birthday party idea that all your child’s friends will be talking about.

Some great options for hidden treasure include sweets and small toys.

Help the children to form teams to crack your cryptic clues!

6. Soccer party

Nothing says “amazing birthday party for 9 year olds” like a giant soccer party in the yard.

Divide the kids into teams, get an adult to act as referee, and put out a table with some snacks for half-time.

This is a sure-fire way to guarantee hours of fun.

By 9 years old, your kids and their friends might even be some soccer pros and be able to have real fun with this game.

How can you celebrate a birthday at home?

It can be tricky if you need to have your child’s birthday party indoors due to the weather or any other reason.

Luckily, we’ve found some great ideas for birthday parties you can have right in your own home.

7. Magic show

Is your 9 year old a budding magic enthusiast? Then this is the perfect party idea.

Ask everyone to come in a fancy dress outfit.

Children can then be encouraged to learn easy tricks of their own to show off at a magic show.

You can also find a local magician to perform for the kids.

8. Superhero party

Ask your children’s friends to come as their favorite heroes and heroines, or provide accessories that they can dress up with.

Decorate the house with themed decorations such as Spiderman webs and have a look at playing some comic-book-themed games.

9. Disney costume party

If you’re looking for a classic birthday party idea for 9 year old girls or boys, consider a Disney costume party.

This would be the perfect idea if you’re having a sleepover for your child’s birthday, since you can have everyone get in their pajamas and watch a Disney movie before bed.

10. Cake decorating

Print out some cake decoration pictures for inspiration and allow your kids to have fun with cake decorating.

You can build the decorations around a theme or just let the kids’ imaginations run wild.

All you’ll need is plenty of plain cupcakes as well as icing and treats to decorate with.

And remember to put down a mat, because this can get messy.

11. Spa party

A spa birthday party is the perfect way to give your child their first taste of some good old-fashioned pampering.

Set out a space in the kitchen or bathroom and then let the kids experiment.

Some great spa birthday party ideas for 9 year olds are face masks, manicures, pedicures, and hair masks.

You can even make your own out of things like avocado or yogurt.

Make sure to keep all the products natural and fragrance-free.

12. Homemade Halloween costume competition

If your child’s birthday is around October, there are so many Halloween birthday party ideas for 9 year olds.

Have a costume contest, create a Halloween theme treasure hunt, put on a kid-friendly Halloween movie, or make a kid-friendly haunted house in your living room, while serving frightfully delicious Halloween food.

Spooky fun!

What can I do instead of a birthday party?

Instead of a full-blown party, your 9 year old may prefer something a bit more understated.

Try a simple sleepover with their closest friends or a meal at their favorite restaurant!

Just have a chat with your little one to find out what they’d prefer ahead of the big day.

Nine is such a special age.

Whatever party you choose, you and your child will have memories you’ll both treasure.

Happy party planning!

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