76 Boho Baby Names for Your Free Little Spirit

76 Boho Baby Names for Your Free Little Spirit

If you’re searching for creative, interesting baby names for boys and girls, read on. We’ve got the most compelling boho baby names for you to choose from.
Boho baby names are so in right now.

With laid-back yet unconventional inspo from art, nature, and travel, it’s not hard to see why so many parents are opting for these cool, unusual names.

If you’re searching for creative names for your bohemian babe, you’re in the right place.

We’ve created this list of beautiful boho baby names to help your naming adventure.

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What is a boho name?

So, we’ve looked it up in the Oxford English Dictionary (you’re welcome), and a bohemian is defined as a socially unconventional person — especially someone in the arts or creative fields.

With this in mind, boho baby names can reference artists and poets, spirituality, the natural world and — well — pretty much anything else your fearlessly unconventional self fancies!

To get started, here are a few of our favorite boho names that all work well as gender-neutral options.

  1. Arlo: With possible Irish or English origins, it means “between two hills.”
  2. Aspen: A tree with delicate heart-shaped leaves and a trendy Colorado ski resort.
  3. Bodhi: A Sanskrit name meaning “awakening” or “enlightenment,” it’s linked to the state of nirvana, which Buddha received sitting under a Bodhi tree.
  4. Briar: It translates as “a thorny patch” and is associated with fairy-tale wild roses.
  5. Felix: A Roman name with unisex potential, Felix means “happy” or “fortunate.”
  6. Hart: This romantic Old English name translates as “stag.”
  7. Imagine: An uplifting new-age name.
  8. Midnight: We adore this enigmatic rockstar name. Perfect for night-owl babies.
  9. Ocean: The vast waters linking us to new places and ideas.
  10. Quincy: A fun American presidential name, now used for girls and boys.
  11. Rain: A nature-based name with refreshing associations.
  12. River: With a truly tranquil feeling, it’s great for free-flowing girls or boys.
  13. Sage: A Latin herbal name, Sage means “wise and knowing.”
  14. Solstice: With mythological connotations, it simply means “when the sun stands still.”
  15. Wylde: An unusual yet stylish English name for your wild child.
  16. Zen: Spiritual and meditative associations? Check. Single-syllable? Check. Super cool? You get it…

What are boho girl names?

Boho names are particularly popular for baby girls.

Floaty and floral? We’ve got you.

Harnessing ancient goddesses’ strength and power? No problem.

Boho girl names are great for parents searching for unique, charming names.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Asa: An international treasure. In Japanese culture it means “born in the morning,” in Old Norse it’s a diminutive of “god,” and with Hebrew Biblical origins, it means “healer.”
  2. Aurora: The name of the Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears formed the morning dew. Romantic.
  3. Bee: A boho take on the more traditional Beatrice, meaning “she who brings happiness.”
  4. Coco: A French and Spanish pet-name with stylish links to the fashion designer, Coco Chanel.
  5. Faye: A girl’s name from England meaning “fairy.” Cute.
  6. Fern: An English plant name that’s gradually growing in popularity.
  7. Flora: A boho-twist on the more traditional Florence.
  8. Freya: Derived from the Old Norse Freyja, meaning “lady” or “noble woman” — the Norse goddess of fertility, love and beauty.
  9. Gaia: A Greek name referring to the “earth goddess.”
  10. Ianthe: A poetic Arabic name, meaning “purple flower.”
  11. Ione: A cool and unusual Greek flower name — and one of the fifty Nereids (sea nymphs) in ancient Greek mythology.
  12. Juniper: An energetic Greek plant name meaning “evergreen.”
  13. Juno: A Latin name meaning “queen of the heavens.”
  14. Lilac: Of English and Persian origins. The flower symbolizes first love, and has a fabulous fragrance and pretty color associations.
  15. Liv: Instead of Olivia, this strong monosyllabic name has Norse origins and simply means “life.”
  16. Lumi: We love this rare Finnish girl’s name meaning “snow.”
  17. Luna: The name of the chariot-driving Roman goddess of the moon.
  18. Pearl: The June birthstone (perfect for summer boho babes) and a great middle name option.
  19. Petal: A pretty hippie name, with fun flower-power vibes.
  20. Phoebe: A Greek name meaning “radiant” or “shining one,” Phoebe is an alternative name of Artemis, goddess of hunting and the moon.
  21. Pixie: A cutesy Cornish (or Swedish) name meaning “fairy.”
  22. Posy: A pretty country-garden name, referring to a small “bunch of flowers.”
  23. Skye: A Scottish place name (and a stunning Highland island) with extra links to the heavens.
  24. Thea: A Greek girl’s name meaning “goddess.” It comes from Theia, the goddess of light and mother of the moon.
  25. Vita: A vivacious Latin name meaning “life.”

What are boho boy names?

Boho boy names often reference the natural world, ancient mythology, and spiritual qualities.

Whether classic or modern, these boho names all have a timeless indie appeal — perfect for unconventional parents and their free-spirited little ones.

  1. Amias: A rare and beautiful Latin boy’s name meaning “loved.”
  2. Cosmo: A cosmic name with Italian and Greek origins, meaning “order” or “beauty.”
  3. Dylan: A Welsh name meaning “son of the sea.” Extra musical and poetic links to Dylan Thomas and Bob Dylan.
  4. Ezra: A Hebrew name meaning “help.”
  5. Florian: A Latin boy’s name, meaning “flowering.”
  6. Frisco: A lively short-form of Francisco, meaning “free man.”
  7. Hero: A super-strong Greek name meaning “demi-god.”
  8. Iggy: If Inigo feels a bit too formal, what about its fun cousin, Iggy?
  9. Kai: A modern name with oodles of meanings. With Hawaiian derivation, it means “sea,” in Europe it relates to “warrior,” and it’s also found in African, Chinese, and Turkish cultures.
  10. Kit: A classic British nickname (think Kitty or Christopher) meaning “pure.”
  11. Lucian: A sleek and sophisticated boy’s variation on Luna, meaning “light.”
  12. Nico: A boho version of Nicholas. It means “people of victory.”
  13. Oak: An English tree name symbolizing solidity, strength, and long-life.
  14. Orion: A rising star and a boy’s name with Greek origins, meaning “boundary” or “limit.”
  15. Otis: From the German Otto, meaning “wealthy.” It’s got soulful musical associations too — from Otis Redding.
  16. Oz: Short and strong, it’s a Hebrew name (from Ozni) meaning “strength,” “power,” and “courage.”
  17. Pax: A serene Latin name meaning “peaceful.”
  18. Zephyr: A breezy Greek name meaning “west wind.”

What are artsy baby names?

With so many boho baby names taking inspiration from the worlds of fine art, literature, and poetry, there are wonderful choices for artistic parents.

Here are some of our top picks of creative names for boho babes.

  1. Art: Short and to the point A great gender-neutral name with serious creative associations.
  2. Arwen: Princess of the Elves in J. R. R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings.
  3. Auden: A poetic and softly-spoken English boy’s name meaning “old friend,” it has links with the poet W. H. Auden.
  4. Braque: A creative and unusual boy’s name, referencing the painter Georges Braque.
  5. Brönte: A surname with literary associations (think Brönte sisters), it’s also increasingly popular as a first name. With Greek origins, it means “thunder.”
  6. Fable: An inspirational unisex name, perfect for the children of writers.
  7. Fantasia: Of Greek origins, meaning “imagination.”
  8. Inigo: A super-cool Basque boy’s name, meaning “fiery.” Strong and creative, with links to the famed British architect Inigo Jones.
  9. Keats: A classy English name with poetic associations. Think romantic poet John Keats.
  10. Klee: A fab name of Swiss origins meaning “clover.” It also evokes the whimsical art of Paul Klee.
  11. Lyra: A Greek constellation name, great for parents interested in astronomy and mythology. And it’s the name of Lyra Belacqua, the heroine of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy.
  12. Miró: A surrealist Spanish artist’s name.
  13. Ophelia: A beautiful girl’s name with Shakespearean associations, she’s the tragic heroine of Hamlet.
  14. Picabia: Suitable for girls and boys, this one honors the avant-garde painter Francis Picabia.
  15. Poet: It could be setting expectations, but “poet” is a trendy and increasingly popular gender-neutral name. Po for short?
  16. Story: A creative literary choice with heaps of charm.
  17. Titian: A creative choice suggesting the Venetian Renaissance painter of the same name.

All the best with your choice!

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