65 Brazilian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

65 Brazilian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

A country as vast and diverse as Brazil is surely going to inspire dozens of beautiful Brazilian baby girl names.
Whether your baby will be fully or part Brazilian herself, or you’re just looking for a South American-inspired name, here are 65 of some of the most wonderful and popular Brazilian girl names that might just be perfect for your new baby.

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  • What is the most attractive name for a girl?

What is the most common female name in Brazil?

Some of the most common Brazilian names for girls are popular around the world, too, so they’re probably names you’ve heard before, whether or not you or someone in your family is a Brazilian or Portuguese native.

If you’re looking for a more popular name for your peanut, here are the ten most popular, and their meanings:

  1. Gabriela. Originally a French origin name, it means ‘God is my strength’ and it has several variations in other Latin languages. It’s popular in Europe, too.
  2. Ana. From the Latin, meaning ‘grace’, it’s no wonder this short and sweet name is pretty popular.
  3. Amanda. Adorably means ‘lovable’ or ‘worthy of love’.
  4. Fernanda. From the German ‘fardi’ which means ‘journey’, and ‘nand’ meaning ‘ready’, your peanut will definitely be going places with this name.
  5. Júlia. It’s the Portuguese, feminine form of the Roman name, Julius, which itself derives from the Roman god, Jupiter.
  6. Beatriz. The Portuguese and Spanish spelling for the Latin ‘Beatrix’ or English ‘Beatrice’, this beautiful name means ‘she who brings happiness’.
  7. Mariana. It means ‘of the sea’, but is also a name whose origins can be derived from the Roman god of war, Mars.
  8. Larissa. Means cheerful or light-hearted.
  9. Camila. This popular Brazilian name means ‘free born’ or ‘helper to the priest’.
  10. Leticia. This Latin name means joy or gladness.

What are common Brazilian names for girls?

With a population of over 200 million people, you can bet there are even more gorgeous girl names to choose from.

Here are some of our favorite common Brazilian female names:

  1. Thais. A Greek origin name meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘blossoming full of joy’.
  2. Laura. This name is popular in many countries, and with good reason. It’s Latin for a laurel plant, which can represent honor, fame or victory.
  3. Jessica. Popular in many countries, this name means ‘God beholds’.
  4. Barbara. Barbara means ‘stranger’ or ‘foreign’.
  5. Maria. A Latin name which is translated to mean either ‘of the sea’, ‘beloved’ or ‘rebellious’.
  6. Carolina or Karolina. Means ‘free man’, but can also mean ‘song of happiness or joy’.
  7. Brenda. An old Nordic name meaning both ‘torch’ and ‘sword’.
  8. Lívia. From Roman origins, it’s believed the name means ‘to envy’.
  9. Aline. Meaning ‘noble’.
  10. Giovana. It means ‘God is gracious’.
  11. Raquel. Popular across the South American continent, this name means ‘innocent’.
  12. Marcela. This Roman origin name means ‘young warrior’, which means you’re sure to have a strong baby on your hands with this name.
  13. Carla. It means ‘free woman’.
  14. Cristina. There are many variations of how to spell this popular name – including Kristina or Christina – which means ‘anointed’ or ‘Christ follower’.
  15. Sara. A Hebrew origin name meaning ‘princess’.
  16. Isadora. This name means ‘gift’, just like your little peanut.
  17. Tainara. This native Brazilian name comes from the Tupí language. It means ‘star’ or ‘full of light’.
  18. Alexia. Means ‘defender of men’.
  19. Bianca. A name originally of Italian origin, meaning ‘white’.
  20. Marcia. Means ‘dedicated to Mars’, the Roman god of war, or possessing warlike qualities.
  21. Renata. Means ‘reborn’.
  22. Luana. This adorable name means ‘enjoyment’.

What are popular Portuguese names?

If the most common Brazilian baby girl names don’t tick the right boxes, there are plenty more Portuguese names to choose from. Here are some of the most popular:

  1. Alice. Meaning ‘of a noble kind’.
  2. Agueda. A Spanish origin name meaning ‘good-hearted’.
  3. Anabella. From the popular ‘Ana’, which means grace, and ‘bella’ which means beautiful.
  4. Benedita. Meaning ‘blessed’.
  5. Bruna. This name simply means ‘dark-colored hair’.
  6. Casandra. It means ‘warrior’ but is more commonly associated with Cassandra from Greek mythology, the prophetess who was never believed.
  7. Clara. A Latin name meaning ‘clear’ or ‘bright’.
  8. Daniela. Variations of this name appear in lots of different languages. It means ‘God is my judge’.
  9. Diana. It means ‘divine’, and it’s also the name of the Roman goddess of hunting, forests, and fertility.
  10. Emilia. Meaning ‘to excel’.
  11. Fia. The name means both ‘weaver’ and ‘wild’.
  12. Genoveva. The Portuguese derivation of Genevieve, which is Old French for ‘from woman’.
  13. Helena. Meaning ‘bright’.
  14. Isabela. Means both ‘beautiful’ and ‘God is gracious’.
  15. Lara. This Latin origin name means ‘beauty’ or ‘water fairy’.
  16. Lorena. It means ‘laurel tree’ and ‘wisdom’.
  17. Marta. Derives from Amaraic and means ‘the lady’.
  18. Nathalia. From the same origins as nativity, it means ‘birth of our lord’.
  19. Rafaela. This name means ‘God has healed’.
  20. Sofia. A popular name meaning ‘wisdom’.
  21. Vitória. Derived, of course, from the same origins as ‘victory’.

What is the most attractive name for a girl?

While what makes an attractive name is totally up to you, there are definitely some standout names from Brazil.

If none of our picks so far have ticked the right boxes, how about these striking suggestions?

  1. Adriana. A Latin name meaning ‘one that comes from Adria’, as in the Adriatic. It’s also the name of one of the country’s most famous models, Adriana Lima.
  2. Alessandra. Another Brazilian model name (this time it’s Alessandra Ambrioso), it means ‘defender of mankind’.
  3. Aurea. Meaning ‘golden’.
  4. Belmira. If you’re after a name that both sounds and means attractive, this name means ‘beautiful woman’.
  5. Eliana. A Hebrew origin name meaning ‘god has answered’.
  6. Efigênia. A Greek origin name, it means ‘sacrifice’.
  7. Flávia. From the Latin ‘Flavus’ which means ‘yellow’ or ‘golden’.
  8. Gisele. This German origin name means ‘pledge’.
  9. Iara. A figure from Brazilian mythology, Iara – also spelled Yara – means ‘mother of the waters’.
  10. Luciana. An Italian origin name meaning ‘light’.
  11. Patricia. Derived from the Latin word ‘patrician’, this name means ‘noble’.
  12. Valdirene. Means ‘a woman with peacemaking power’, or, simply, ‘peace’.

And there you have it, a whistle-stop tour of the most beautiful and popular Brazilian baby names for your garotinha. Happy naming!

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