230+ British Baby Names for Your Little One

230+ British Baby Names for Your Little One

Here we have the most popular and more unique British baby names for boys and girls ‒ for king and country!
British names today are a mix between the traditional and the new.

You’ll find many names which have been around for hundreds of years, and also some that have only shot to fame more recently.

However, all of them have deep meaning and are worth considering for your baby.

For those looking to go for the more traditional, you’ll find names that would be shared with kings, queens, princes, and princesses from yesteryear.

If more modern is your focus, then you’ll find examples of some of the most popular names in Britain today.

Whether you are looking for a name for a boy or a girl, let’s explore some of the top British baby names.

In this article: 📝

  • What are unique British names?
  • What is a classic British name?
  • What is the rarest British baby name?
  • Traditional British names for boys
  • Traditional British names for girls
  • What are some fancy British names?
  • What are some cool British names?
  • Gender-neutral British names

What are unique British names?

First, let’s have a look at some of the more unique names.

Whether you’re looking for a unique nickname for your child or something more formal, these British names will give them a head start in life!

One for baby boys and one for baby girls:

  1. Jesse: This boy’s name has been growing in popularity recently but is still relatively rare. Jesse originates in Hebrew and means ‘the lord exists.’
  2. Darcy: One of the more unique British baby girl names, Darcy has roots in Ireland but is now growing in popularity in Britain. This name would be a good choice for literary fans, with it appearing in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

What is a classic British name?

Now for some other common British names for your little one, for boys and girls.

For the traditionalists, George would be a perfect name for your little prince (if it’s good enough for William and Kate!).

Noah and Jacob are Biblical names that have been extremely popular recently.

For little girls, Emily is a beautiful traditional name, whereas Amelia is a more modern name that has fast become one of the most popular English baby girl names.

You’ll notice that, much like the other British names in this list, a lot of inspiration comes from elsewhere in Europe, as many names with British origins aren’t quite as popular as they used to be.

What is a very British boy name?

Let’s start with some common British names for boys:

  1. George: Meaning “farmer” in Greek.
  2. Harry: Meaning “home ruler” in German.
  3. Jack: Meaning “God is gracious” in English.
  4. Jacob: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  5. Noah: Meaning “rest” in Hebrew.
  6. Charlie: Meaning “free man” in German.
  7. Thomas: Meaning “twin” in Hebrew.
  8. Oscar: Meaning “deer lover” in Irish Gaelic.
  9. William: Meaning “resolute protector” in English.

What is a popular British male name?

In recent years, one British baby boy name has regularly been the most popular:

  1. Oliver: Oliver has roots in Latin meaning ‘olive tree’, and in old Norse meaning “descendant”.

As these two cultures mixed in old Britain, Oliver became a popular name that’s endured centuries.

However, it has shot to the top of the list in modern-day and is always one of the most popular British baby boy names every year.

What is a very British girl name?

And let’s dive into UK girl names!

Here are some other popular British names for girls:

  1. Amelia: Meaning “industrious” in Latin.
  2. Emily Meaning “rival” in Greek.
  3. Isla: Meaning “island” in Spanish.
  4. Ava: Meaning “voice” in Hebrew.
  5. Jessica: Meaning “God beholds” in Hebrew.
  6. Ella: Meaning “she” in French.
  7. Isabella: Meaning “she is beautiful” in Italian and Spanish.
  8. Poppy: After the bright red flower.
  9. Sophia: A popular British name meaning “wisdom” in Greek.

What is a popular British female name?

Weirdly enough, just as Oliver is the most popular British name name, you can probably guess what the most popular British name for girls is:

  1. Olivia: Always top of the charts when it comes to popular British girls’ names, Olivia means “olive”.

What is the rarest British baby name?

If popular is not your thing and you’d like something a bit more unique, then check these names out; they are very rare and could be a unique gift for your little one.

Rare British names for boys

First up, some of the more uncommon British boy names for your little prince:

  1. Bartholomew: Meaning “son of the earth” in Hebrew.
  2. Griffith: Meaning “strong lord” in Welsh.
  3. Jones: Meaning “son of John” in English and Welsh.
  4. Tobiah: Meaning “God is good” in Hebrew.
  5. Wilbert: Meaning “will and brightly famous” in German and English.

Rare British names for girls

How about some of the most unique British girl names?

  1. Blanche: Meaning “white” in French.
  2. Dominique: Meaning “of the Lord” in French and Latin.
  3. Kirsten: Meaning “follower of Christ” in Latin and Scandinavian.
  4. Mildred: Meaning “gentle strength” in English.
  5. Odessa: Meaning “wrathful” in Russian and Ukrainian.

Traditional British names for boys

If you want to keep things classical, here are some of the best traditionally British boys’ names:

  1. Aaron: Meaning “mountain of strength” in Hebrew.
  2. Adam: Meaning “son of the red earth” in Hebrew.
  3. Albie: Meaning “bright” in German.
  4. Alfie: Meaning “elf counsel” in Old English.
  5. Archie: Meaning “genuine” in Scottish.
  6. Clive: Meaning “cliff” in English.
  7. Daniel: Meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  8. David: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  9. Elijah: Meaning “the Lord is my God” in Hebrew.
  10. Finley: Meaning “fair courageous one” in Irish.
  11. Frankie: Meaning “free man” in Latin.
  12. Gabriel: Meaning “God is my strength” in Hebrew.
  13. Harvey: Meaning “blazing iron” in Old English.
  14. Henry: Meaning “house ruler” in German.
  15. Hugh: Meaning “mind” in Irish.
  16. Hugo: Meaning “mind” in German.
  17. Joseph: Meaning “he will add” in Hebrew.
  18. Joshua: Meaning “God is salvation” in Hebrew.
  19. Lewis: Meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  20. Liam: Meaning “strong-willed warrior” in Irish.
  21. Logan: Meaning “little hollow” in Scottish.
  22. Louie: Meaning “famous warrior” in German and French.
  23. Lucas: Meaning “bringer of light” in Latin.
  24. Matthew: Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  25. Michael: Meaning “like God” in Hebrew.
  26. Nathan: Meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  27. Reggie: Meaning “royalty” in English.
  28. Ronnie: Meaning “ruler” in German.
  29. Stanley: Meaning “stony meadow” in Old English.
  30. Teddy: Meaning “wealthy protector” in French.
  31. Toby: Meaning “God is good” in Hebrew.
  32. Tommy: Meaning “twin” in Greek.

Traditional British names for girls

Now for some of the more traditional British names for girls, rooted in British culture and history.

Take your pick from these old British girl names:

  1. Abigail: Meaning “father’s joy” in Hebrew.
  2. Adele: Meaning “noble” in German.
  3. Alice: Meaning “noble” in Old French.
  4. Amelie: Meaning “industrious” in Latin.
  5. Anna: Meaning “grace” in Hebrew.
  6. Annabelle: Meaning “graceful and beautiful” in Hebrew and French.
  7. Bethany: Meaning “house of figs” in Hebrew.
  8. Clara: Meaning “famous” in Latin.
  9. Daisy: For your sweet little flower.
  10. Doris: Meaning “gift from the sea” in Greek.
  11. Dorothy: Meaning “gift of God” in Greek.
  12. Edith: Meaning “riches” in Old English.
  13. Ellie: Meaning “she” in French.
  14. Eloise: Meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  15. Elsie: Meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  16. Emma: Meaning “whole” in German.
  17. Evelyn: Meaning “desired” in English.
  18. Evie: Meaning “life” in Latin.
  19. Georgia: Meaning “farmer” in Greek.
  20. Grace: She is beauty, she is…
  21. Hannah: Meaning “grace” in Hebrew.
  22. Harriet: Meaning “home ruler” in German.
  23. Heather: After the soft purple flower.
  24. Heidi: Meaning “noble kind” in German.
  25. Hollie or Holly: A perfectly festive Christmas baby name.
  26. Iris: Meaning “rainbow” in Greek.
  27. Isabelle: Meaning “pledged to God” in Hebrew.
  28. Julia: Meaning “youthful” in Greek.
  29. Karen: Meaning “pure” in Danish.
  30. Katie: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  31. Kelly: Meaning “bright-headed” in Gaelic.
  32. Leah: Meaning “delicate” in Hebrew.
  33. Lilly or Lily: After the white flower of peace.
  34. Lucy: Meaning “light” in Latin.
  35. Maisie: Meaning “pearl” in Scottish.
  36. Maria: Meaning “of the sea” in Latin.
  37. Martha: Meaning “lady” in Aramaic.
  38. Mia: Meaning “beloved” in Egyptian, and “mine” in Italian.
  39. Millie: Meaning “gentle strength” in Latin.
  40. Molly: Meaning “star of the sea” in Irish.
  41. Natasha: Meaning “born on Christmas day” in Russian.
  42. Penelope: Meaning “weaver” in Greek.
  43. Rose: For the flower of love and compassion, the rose.
  44. Sara: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  45. Sarah: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  46. Sofia: Meaning “wisdom” in Italian.
  47. Sophie: Meaning “wisdom” in Greek.
  48. Summer: For a baby born in the summer sun.
  49. Violet: After the purple flower.
  50. Willow: Why not plant a willow tree when your baby’s born with this moniker?
  51. Zara: Meaning “radiance” in Arabic.
  52. Zoe: Meaning “life” in Greek.

What are some fancy British names?

Want to embrace the poshness of British culture?

How about these super-fancy British names:

Fancy British names for boys

Let’s start with some awfully posh British boy’s names:

  1. Afton: Meaning “afternoon” in Scottish. Also the name of a Scottish river.
  2. Albert: Meaning “noble” or “bright” in German.
  3. Alexander: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek.
  4. Alfred: Meaning “elf counsel” in Old English.
  5. Arthur: Meaning “bear” in Old English.
  6. Benedict: Meaning “blessed” in Latin.
  7. Benjamin: Meaning “son of the right hand” in Hebrew.
  8. Caspian: Meaning “white” in English.
  9. Charles: Meaning “free man” in Old English.
  10. Cyril: Meaning “lord” in Greek.
  11. Edmund: Meaning “wealthy protector” in Old English.
  12. Edward: Meaning “fortunate” in Old English.
  13. Francis: Meaning “free man” in Latin.
  14. Frederick: Meaning “powerful peaceful ruler” in German.
  15. Gideon: Meaning “one who cuts down” in Hebrew.
  16. Harold: Meaning “army ruler” in Scandinavian.
  17. Louis: Meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  18. Reginald: Meaning “king” in English.
  19. Roman: Meaning “strong” in Hebrew.
  20. Ronald: Meaning “ruler” in German.
  21. Samuel: Meaning “God has heard” in Hebrew.
  22. Sebastian: Meaning “venerable” in Greek.
  23. Theodore: Meaning “God’s gift” in Greek.

Fancy British names for girls

And now for some fancy British names for your little princess:

  1. Adelaide: Meaning “noble kind” in German.
  2. Alicia: Meaning “noble” in Old French.
  3. Althea: Meaning “healer” in Greek.
  4. Arabella: Meaning “yielding to prayer” in Latin.
  5. Aria: Meaning “song” in Latin.
  6. Beatrice: Meaning “blessed” in Latin.
  7. Cecilia: Meaning “blind” in Latin.
  8. Charlotte: Meaning “free” in French.
  9. Cicely: Meaning “blind” in Latin.
  10. Darcie: Meaning “dark-haired” in Irish.
  11. Deborah: Meaning “bee” in Hebrew.
  12. Edwina: Meaning “rich friend” in Old English.
  13. Eleanor: Meaning “shining light” in Greek.
  14. Eliza: Meaning “God is satisfaction” in Hebrew,
  15. Elizabeth: Meaning “my God is an oath” in Hebrew.
  16. Emilia: Meaning “hard-working” in Latin.
  17. Florence: Meaning “blossoming” in Latin.
  18. Francesca: Meaning “free” in French.
  19. Nancy: Meaning “grace” in Hebrew.
  20. Regina: Meaning “queen” in English.
  21. Thea: Meaning “goddess” in Greek.
  22. Victoria: Meaning “victory” in Latin.

What are some cool British names?

If you’re after British names that sound cool or have badass meanings, take a peek at these:

Cool British names for boys

So your boy can strut his stuff on the playground, cool and confident:

  1. Aiden: Meaning “little fire” in Irish.
  2. Alistair: Meaning “defender of the people” in Scottish.
  3. Arlo: Meaning “fortified hill” in Old English.
  4. Austin: Meaning “great” in Latin.
  5. Caleb: Meaning “whole-hearted” in Hebrew.
  6. Denzel: Meaning “fertile” in Cornish.
  7. Dexter: Meaning “fortunate” in Latin.
  8. Ellis: Meaning “kind” in Welsh.
  9. Ethan: Meaning “strong” in Hebrew.
  10. Griff: Meaning “fierce” in Welsh.
  11. Isaac: Meaning “one who laughs” in Hebrew.
  12. Jackson: Meaning “child of Jack” in English.
  13. Jake: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  14. Jamie: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  15. Jason: Meaning “healer” in Greek.
  16. Jasper: Meaning “treasurer” in Persian.
  17. Jaxon: Meaning “child of Jack” in English.
  18. Jenson: Meaning “child of Jens” in Scandinavian.
  19. Leo: Meaning “lion” in Latin.
  20. Leon: Meaning “lion” in Latin.
  21. Luke: Meaning “bringer of light” in Greek.
  22. Mason: Meaning “stone-worker” in English.
  23. Reuben: Meaning “behold, a son” in Hebrew.
  24. Ryan: Meaning “little king” in Irish.
  25. Theo: Meaning “God’s gift” in Greek.
  26. Tyler: Meaning “tile maker” in English.
  27. Zachary: Meaning “God remembers” in Hebrew.

Cool British names for girls

Now for trend-setting cool British names for girls:

  1. Aisha: Meaning “alive and well” in Arabic.
  2. Amber: Meaning “orange-yellow” in English.
  3. Bella: Meaning “beautiful” in Spanish and Italian.
  4. Chloe: Meaning “blooming” in Greek.
  5. Erin: Meaning “peace” in Irish.
  6. Eva: Meaning “life” in Latin.
  7. Freya: Meaning “noble woman” in Norse.
  8. Imogen: Meaning “maiden” in Celtic.
  9. Jasmine: Meaning “gift from God” in Persian, also a fragrant flower.
  10. Lacey: Meaning “braid” Old English.
  11. Layla: Meaning “night” in Arabic.
  12. Lexi: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek.
  13. Lola: Meaning “sorrows” in Spanish.
  14. Lottie: Meaning “free” in French.
  15. Maryam: Meaning “rebellious” in Hebrew.
  16. Matilda: Meaning “battle-mighty” in German.
  17. Maya: Meaning “dream” in Sanskrit.
  18. Megan: Meaning “pearl” in German.
  19. Mila: Meaning “miracle” in Italian.
  20. Phoebe: Meaning “bright” in Greek.
  21. Ruby: Meaning “red” in English.
  22. Sadie: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  23. Scarlett: Meaning “red” in English.
  24. Sienna: Meaning “burnt orange” in English.

Gender-neutral British names

If you’re not sure what sex your baby will be, or you want something more flexible and nonbinary, try these gender-neutral British baby names for boys, girls, and they-bies:

  1. Alex: Meaning “defender of men” in Greek.
  2. Blake: Meaning “black” in Old English.
  3. Bobby: Meaning “bright fame” in German.
  4. Carter: Meaning “tourist” in Gaelic.
  5. Dylan: Meaning “child of the sea” in Welsh.
  6. Elliot or Elliott: Meaning “the Lord is my God” in Hebrew.
  7. Ezra: Meaning “help” in Hebrew.
  8. Felix: Meaning “happy” in Latin.
  9. Freddie: Meaning “powerful peaceful ruler” in German.
  10. Harley: Meaning “meadow” in Old English.
  11. Harper: Meaning “harp-player” in English.
  12. Harrison: Meaning “child of Harry” in English.
  13. Ivy: Another Christmas baby name.
  14. James: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  15. Jayden: Meaning “God will judge” in Hebrew.
  16. Jude: Meaning “praised” in Greek.
  17. Kai: Meaning “sea” in Hawaiian.
  18. Luca: Meaning “bringer of light” in Latin.
  19. Madison: Meaning “child of Matthew” in Old English.
  20. Max: Meaning “greatest” in Latin.
  21. Ollie: Meaning “olive tree” in English.
  22. Riley: Meaning “valiant” in Gaelic.
  23. Robyn: After the red-breasted bird.
  24. Rory: Meaning “red king” in Irish.

There you have it ‒ our ultimate list of British baby names!

We hope you’ve found some inspiration here, and that you’ll be able to find a name that’s perfect for your little peanut.

For more ideas on the best baby names for your little one, why not ask the mamas of Peanut?

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