Find Your Bump Buddy: How to Make Pregnant Friends

Find Your Bump Buddy: How to Make Pregnant Friends

Want to make friends with someone who’s got a similar due date?

Find your pregnancy friend with our Bump Buddy feature on the Peanut app!

When we discovered that 70% of pregnant women were suffering extreme loneliness because of the pandemic, we knew we had to step in.

Here at Peanut, our core mission has always been to provide support, community, and connection.

We’re committed to building tools to make women’s lives better.

And at a moment in time when pregnant women are experiencing such a monumental life change, the pandemic has created a bigger need for these tools than ever before.

That’s why we launched Bump Buddies in 2020, a new way for expectant mamas sharing similar due dates to connect, chat, and share advice with each other.

And Bump Buddies have grown from there!

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  • How does Bump Buddy work?
  • Does the Peanut Bump Buddy work?
  • How do you get a Bump Buddy?

Why do we need friends during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a wild ride.

You’re going through so many changes, both physically and emotionally.

It’s a time when you need all the support you can get.

That’s where your friends come in.

They’re the ones who will listen to you complain about your pregnancy symptoms, help you shop for baby clothes, and celebrate your pregnancy milestones with you.

And they’re the ones who will be there for you when you’re feeling overwhelmed or scared.

There’s also some risk of loneliness during pregnancy ‒ this recent study showed that feeling lonely while pregnant can be a precursor to postnatal depression.

So staying connected with friends, or making new friends during pregnancy, should be pretty high on your pregnancy checklist.

And doesn’t it sound like the absolute dream ‒ best friends pregnant at the same time?

Why do I feel so lonely during pregnancy?

If you are feeling lonely during pregnancy, weirdly enough, you’re not alone.

In fact, 82% of our Peanut Community said they felt alone often or sometimes, in a recent survey.

Why? Well, there’s often no single reason for feeling lonely, but pregnancy can be such a huge change ‒ mentally and physically ‒ so it’s only natural to feel like you’re the only one feeling the way you do right now.

That’s why finding a Bump Buddy can work wonders for combatting loneliness.

Not only is there someone who understands how isolating, exciting, nerve-wracking, and exhausting pregnancy can be, but they’re also there with you, going through it all at the same time as you.

And the best bit?

At the end of your pregnancies, you’ll have a mom friend, with a tiny friend for your babe, too!

Find new friends nearby

A connection is made every 3 seconds on Peanut.

Meet, chat and learn from like-minded women.

How do I meet other expecting parents?

If you’re a first-time mom-to-be or you’ve moved to a new town, starting the search for pregnant friends can seem daunting.

So if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you.

1. Join a pregnancy or parenting group

There are tons of these groups out there, both online and in person.

You can find them at your local library, community center, or even online.

They’re usually organized by local parenting communities, so they’re worth knowing about, if you have them near you.

2. Take a prenatal class

You can learn about birthing and baby basics while getting to know other moms-to-be in the area.

Some are free, while others can have a small fee.

3. Find your Bump Buddy on Peanut

The Peanut app Bump Buddy feature makes finding pregnancy friends so much easier ‒ we do the hard work for you!

Bump Buddy groups connect mamas-to-be who share similar due dates to help them navigate every stage of pregnancy.

So you can connect with someone who’s pregnant at the same time as you, maybe even with the same due date!

These bump groups also foster new and supportive friendships with women going through the same joys and challenges ‒ from first scans to birth plans!

Find new friends nearby

A connection is made every 3 seconds on Peanut.

Meet, chat and learn from like-minded women.

How does Bump Buddy work?

When you join Peanut, you’ll be able to add your pregnancy to your profile and tell us how far along you are.

Using this information, we then automatically add you to a group dedicated to your due date and location.

Clever, huh?

To find your group, simply head to the profile tab and tap ‘My Groups’.

You’ll find something like April 2024 Babies 🇺🇸.

Then get involved!

Comment on some of the posts by other moms-to-be, send a wave, get chatting ‒ you’ve found your Bump Buddies!

Does the Peanut Bump Buddy work?

“I joined Peanut during the pandemic and it has helped me cope with isolation in this strange time. Just knowing there are other women in the world going through the same feelings and emotions as you makes you feel you are not alone.”Eleni

“Being pregnant during a pandemic has been lonely and scary. Being on Peanut helped me relax as I can chat with other women and learn new things to prepare myself for motherhood. It’s nice knowing that we’re all in this together.”Katy

“Matched on Peanut, she lives an hour from me. We loved going through the pregnancy and newborn phase together, her support was key during some difficult times.”Genevieve

“It’s nice knowing that we’re all in this together.” - Katy

“I met two girls on Peanut, we all live within 5 mins of each other and two of us were due on the same day and one due a few days after. We all ended up having our babies a week apart, the babies are 2 now and we still meet regularly and talk daily!”Charlotte

“We both found out we were pregnant on Christmas Eve. We matched on Peanut in January. Met up twice whilst pregnant but messaged a lot. Emma’s become one of my best friends. We message all the time and get together 1-2 times a week. We are both sad for maternity leave to end because we have such a nice time. Our little ones were born 10 days apart and are now 9 months old so we’ve been through lots of milestones together. It’s so good to have someone who you can talk to about the highs and lows of motherhood.”Grace

Find new friends nearby

A connection is made every 3 seconds on Peanut.

Meet, chat and learn from like-minded women.

How do you get a Bump Buddy?

Want to find your own Bump Buddy? Or maybe even Bump Buddies?

All you need to do is join us on Peanut!

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