Can You Drink Coffee While Pregnant?

Can You Drink Coffee While Pregnant?

For the caffeine addicts among us, there’s one question that might be pretty concerning when we’re expecting: can you drink coffee while pregnant?
When it comes to drinking coffee while pregnant, caffeine lovers can rejoice ‒ you sure can!

But it’s all about moderation.

No more knocking back black coffee for those morning meetings or sipping your Starbucks religiously.

It’s not good to be buzzed on coffee during pregnancy – neither for you nor your little one.

Why? Well, that’s what we’re looking at here.

In this article, you’ll find all you need to know about drinking coffee while pregnant.

In this article: 📝

  • Can you drink coffee when pregnant?
  • How much caffeine is there in…?
  • What happens if you drink coffee while pregnant?
  • How to cut down on coffee during pregnancy
  • What coffee is safe for pregnancy?

Can you drink coffee when pregnant?

It can feel like you’re giving up a lot of your favorite treats during pregnancy.

Alcohol? That’s a no.

Seafood? Maybe not.

Unpasteurized cheese? Mmm, nope.

But maybe the biggest challenge of all is coffee during pregnancy.

Many mamas will hardly bat an eyelid.

However, if you’re here, on this page, reading these words, it’s probably a bigger deal.

So, can you drink coffee while pregnant?

And if you’re craving coffee during pregnancy, what do you drink?

It’s not all bad, by the way.

You don’t have to stop drinking coffee while pregnant completely.

However, most doctors recommend limiting caffeine to about 200mg (or milligrams) a day.

And, can you drink coffee in early pregnancy?

Yep, the same quantities of caffeine are safe even during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Is one coffee a day OK when pregnant?

So if you can drink coffee during pregnancy, how much coffee can you drink while pregnant?

As doctors recommend keeping your caffeine intake at a maximum of 200mg, that works out at about 1-2 cups of coffee per day.

Although it depends on how strong your coffee is, how big one cup is (we see your 1-liter big-gulp cup), and whether the coffee is decaf or not.

Can I drink Starbucks while pregnant?

Yes, you can drink Starbucks coffee during pregnancy, but it’s important to keep it in moderation.

That means no more than 200mg of caffeine per day.

Let’s break down the amount of caffeine in some of the more popular Starbucks orders among our mamas of Peanut, so you know how much you can safely drink.

Can I drink Starbucks green tea latte while pregnant?

Is matcha latte safe during pregnancy?

We have good news ‒ you certainly can drink a matcha latte while pregnant.

Matcha has less caffeine than coffee ‒ a Starbucks Grande Matcha Green Tea Latte contains about 66mg of caffeine, so you can safely drink 3 cups per day while pregnant.

Can I drink a Starbucks chai tea latte while pregnant?

Yes, you can drink a chai latte during pregnancy, but you’ll have to limit it to 2 cups per day, as a Grande Starbucks Chai Tea Latte contains 95mg of caffeine.

Can I drink a pumpkin spice latte while pregnant?

Yes, you can drink a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte while pregnant, but just 1 cup per day ‒ a Grande PSL contains a whopping 150mg of caffeine.

Can I drink caramel frappe while pregnant?

Yes, you can drink a Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino while pregnant.

In fact, you may be able to have a few caramel frappuccinos, as a Grande cup contains 33mg of caffeine.

However, there is quite a lot of sugar in a frappuccino, so you may want to keep that in mind as part of your balanced pregnancy diet.

Is decaf coffee OK in pregnancy?

Yes, you can drink decaf coffee during pregnancy, although it’s worth knowing that ‘decaf’ doesn’t mean ‘no caffeine’.

There’s still some caffeine in decaf drinks, so that’s worth bearing in mind before you make the switch.

Can you drink espresso while pregnant?

It depends ‒ espressos usually have a higher concentration of coffee, and therefore caffeine.

So one standard espresso might have 100mg of caffeine, but if you make that a double, well, that’s your recommended maximum for caffeine for the day.

Can I drink iced coffee while pregnant?

If summer’s here, there might be just one thing you’re craving during your pregnancy.

But can you drink iced coffee while pregnant?

Yes, you can, but you’ll need to limit how much you’re drinking.

If you’re making your own iced coffee, be sure to check how much caffeine is in your at-home coffee.

And if you’re wondering ‘can I drink a frappe while pregnant?’, well, some coffee-shop frappes may have a higher amount of caffeine.

Generally speaking, you can have one per day while pregnant, but it’s worth asking about the amount of caffeine.

How much caffeine is there in…?

What’s 200mg of caffeine in real terms?

According to the folks at the US Food and Drug Administration, an 8oz cup of takeaway coffee has 80 to 100mg of caffeine.

So if you’re asking how much coffee can you drink when pregnant, the answer’s around 1-2 cups.

Bigger coffees will contain loads more, however. So, watch out.

Meanwhile, here’s the caffeine content of some other products:

  • Filter coffee: 140mg
  • Decaf coffee: 15mg
  • Can of Coca Cola: 30-40mg
  • Cup of black tea: 30-50mg
  • Can of energy drink: up to 250mg (generally best avoided when pregnant!)
  • 50g chocolate: 25mg (dark) and 10mg (milk)

You’ll see that it’s not simply a big “no” to caffeine.

200mg daily gives you some room to play with.

Yet, anything more than two cups of coffee during pregnancy is probably a bit too much.

So that’s worth bearing in mind ‒ if you have a cup of coffee, a can of coke, some chocolate, and a black tea, that might exceed your recommended daily amount of caffeine while pregnant.

(Don’t worry – we’ve got some tips on how to go caffeine-free).

What happens if you drink coffee while pregnant?

This brings us around to the problem of why you should try to cut down your coffee during pregnancy.

How does caffeine affect a fetus?

The possible problems with caffeine (and we stress possible, since they’re not known for sure) are two.

First, it may increase the risk of miscarriage.

Second, too much caffeine can cause babies to have low birth weights.

And that second issue may cause developmental issues throughout your little one’s life.

The trouble here is that mamas can hear this and go into a spin, cutting out every last trace of caffeine from their diet.

Totally understandable.

And absolutely fine, if you’d rather be safe than sorry.

Yet, the risks are really very low.

Lots of studies have actually shown that the chance of a miscarriage from too much caffeine is tiny.

Meanwhile, you do need to drink really a lot of caffeine for it to affect your baby’s weight.

We’re talking as much as 8 cups a day (and we hope you’re not doing that anyway!).

The reason why healthcare providers recommend 200mg of caffeine a day is just to be on the safe side.

And we reckon that’s a pretty good attitude to have.

Does drinking coffee while pregnant make your baby hyper?

Sometimes, yes ‒ if you’re drinking coffee when pregnant, you may notice that baby moves more often.

But as for whether coffee during pregnancy will make your baby more hyper once they’re born, according to this study, the answer is no.

Can caffeine cause miscarriage in early pregnancy?

Well, the jury’s still out on whether drinking coffee during pregnancy will contribute to a pregnancy loss.

A few studies have found that pregnant women who drink more than two coffees during pregnancy are more likely to lose their pregnancy in the first 7 weeks.

However, other studies have found that low levels of caffeine likely won’t harm baby’s development.

How to cut down on coffee during pregnancy

When you rely on coffee, living without it can seem impossible, especially if you’re craving coffee during pregnancy (now that’s just cruel).

It’s not – but you will have to think about ways to cut down comfortably.

Depending on the person, kicking caffeine isn’t always easy. (Sorry!)

What coffee is safe for pregnancy?

Limiting the amount of caffeine can start with swapping in caffeine-free alternatives to coffee.

So here are a few suggestions of what to drink instead of coffee when pregnant.

  • Decaffeinated coffees: While they’re not technically caffeine-free alternatives to coffee, decaf coffee can quench your coffee craving.
  • Decaf tea: A refined, elegant alternative to coffee during pregnancy!
  • Chamomile tea: Okay, so chamomile won’t have the same effect as coffee during pregnancy (quite the opposite!), but drinking something hot can satisfy any coffee cravings while pregnant.
  • Green tea: There’s actually still caffeine in green tea, so while it can be a less-caffeinated option instead of coffee during pregnancy, it’s still a good idea to limit how much you’re drinking.
  • Water and fresh fruit (like hot water and lemon): Sure, hot water with fruit doesn’t taste the same as coffee during pregnancy, but it can help perk you up.

These can all perk you up – and help with any headaches you might feel from the withdrawals.

So, can you drink coffee while pregnant?

Yes. indeed.

But quitting the caffeine may in the end be worth it – if only to give you peace of mind.

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