Can You Drink Cranberry Juice While Pregnant?

Can You Drink Cranberry Juice While Pregnant?

Cranberry juice isn’t just tasty—it’s great for your health, too.

From providing essential vitamins and minerals to helping to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs), it seems there’s no end to the talents of this little red berry.

But can you drink cranberry juice while pregnant?

The answer is a firm yes.

Cranberry juice is safe for you and your baby.

A large study of over 68,000 women found no significant risk attached to drinking cranberry juice during pregnancy.

Great news if you enjoy the tangy taste of this delectable berry.

Here, we explore the health benefits of cranberry juice while pregnant, as well as which types are best.

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Is cranberry juice good for pregnancy?

Not only is cranberry juice on the list of foods you can safely enjoy while pregnant, as it turns out, it may have some great health benefits too.

That means, they can be a good addition to your pregnancy meal plan.

Let’s take a look at the plus points:

May help prevent UTIs

UTIs are a common (and very uncomfortable) problem during pregnancy.

But there’s some evidence that making cranberries a part of your daily diet could help prevent UTIs.

It’s thought that a particular chemical in cranberries prevents bacteria from hanging on to the sides of your bladder and urinary tract, making them less likely to grow and cause an infection.

Important: Cranberries might help prevent infection, but they can’t treat a UTI once you’ve got one.

You’ll need to go to your doctor to get the right treatment, which is usually a short course of antibiotics.

If a UTI isn’t treated properly, it could lead to a kidney infection, and this can be serious during pregnancy.

A source of vitamins and minerals

Cranberries are a great source of vitamins C, E, and K, as well as calcium and magnesium, which are all important during pregnancy.

For example, vitamin C is needed to protect your cells, repair tissue, and help your baby’s bones and teeth develop.

It also makes it easier for your body to absorb iron, which helps prevent anemia during pregnancy.

Can improve your dental health

The same chemical that stops bacteria growing in your urinary tract is also thought to stop harmful bacteria from growing in your mouth.

So eating cranberries could help reduce your risk of tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Supports digestive health

Making cranberries a part of your diet can support your digestive health, by encouraging “good” bacteria rather than “bad” bacteria to set up home in your large intestine.

How to safely enjoy cranberry juice while pregnant

Before you pour that glass of cranberry juice, check the ingredients on the label.

Because cranberry juice is naturally tart, bottled juices often contain added sugar to sweeten it.

Or it’s mixed with other fruit juice to make a fruit cocktail.

And particularly if you’re managing gestational diabetes, it’s important to monitor your sugar intake when you’re pregnant.

So the best way to enjoy cranberry juice while pregnant (and make the most of its health benefits) is to drink it unsweetened.

If that’s too sour, you could add a little plant sweetener, such as stevia, or mix pure cranberry juice into a fresh fruit smoothie.

Likewise, if you want to scatter some dried cranberries on your morning granola, try to make sure they’re unsweetened.

Cranberry in pregnancy: FAQs

Can you take cranberry pills while pregnant?

The evidence suggests that taking cranberry supplements during pregnancy is safe, but it might be best to ask your doctor exactly which brand they’d recommend.

That’s because food supplements aren’t as strictly regulated as medications, so you can’t always be sure exactly how much cranberry you’re getting in a capsule.

Plus, there could be other ingredients in there that aren’t beneficial for you.

Does cranberry juice cleanse your system while pregnant?

It depends what you mean by “cleanse your system”.

If you mean “help prevent bad bacteria setting up home in your body,” then the answer is: yes!

The best plan during pregnancy is to eat a wide variety of delicious fruits and veggies.

That will help you get the vitamins and minerals you need, keep you well hydrated, and ensure you get plenty of fiber to stave off constipation.

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