Can You Get Your Nails Done While Pregnant?

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Whether you have an upcoming event, or you’re just after some much-needed pampering, getting your nails done can be a fast-track route to feel refreshed. But can you get your nails done while pregnant? We’ll take you through it.

Can You Get Your Nails Done While Pregnant?

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  • Nail polish when pregnant: An introduction
  • Can you get a manicure while pregnant?
  • Can you get acrylic nails done while pregnant?
  • Can you get gel nails done while pregnant?
  • Can you get a pedicure while pregnant?

Nail polish when pregnant: An introduction

Using nail polish when pregnant is generally safe.

But there are some things to be aware of.

Pregnancy causes all sorts of changes to our bodies.

You may find that everything from how much you sneeze to how thirsty you are has gone through a shift.

And your nails are not exempt.

You may experience leukonychia — that’s when those white lines form on your nails.

Or you might be more susceptible to ingrown toenails and nail splitting.

Pregnancy may also affect the thickness of your nails, making them mightier than ever.
(And if you’re wondering, yep, it’s pregnancy hormones that are mainly responsible here.)

Put that all together, and your nails may be either stronger or weaker than usual. As with most things pregnancy-related, there’s no one way to do this thing.

So basically, you get to decide if getting your nails done right now feels like a good idea.

Before you book your appointment, here are some things to take into account. We’ll start by having a look at the more hands-on approach:

Can you get a manicure while pregnant?

Manicures are safe during pregnancy — but there are ways to make them even safer.

You may know from personal experience that the fumes from nail polish are not that pleasant to inhale, so it makes sense that you might be wondering if they can impact your baby in any way.

While nail polish in general is not considered harmful, the chemicals in nail polish can be a bit overwhelming right now.

According to this study, about two-thirds of pregnant women rate their sense of smell as more heightened than usual.

That may mean you’re more sensitive to fumes than usual, and both nail polish and remover may be a bit of an assault to your senses.

When choosing a salon, opt for an option that’s well ventilated. And see if you can get the spot closest to the window.

Also, ask the technician to avoid brands with the following harsh chemicals in them:

  • Dibutyl phthalate
  • Toluene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Liquid methyl methacrylate (MMA)

Another consideration is getting an infection in or around your nail.

You’re more prone to it right now, and there is a possibility that an infection could travel to your baby.

Washing your hands straight after a treatment is a good idea.

And what about fake nails? Are these okay to do right now?

Can you get acrylic nails done while pregnant?

Yep, it’s fine to get acrylic nails when you are pregnant.

Acrylic nails are made of a paste formed from liquid monomer and a powder polymer, and this paste shouldn’t cause you problems.

If you want to be extra cautious, you might want to wait until you’re over the first trimester, as this is the most fragile time of your pregnancy.

Can you get gel nails done while pregnant?

Gel nails should be safe, but there are other considerations here.

When you have gel nails put on, the technician will put on a long-lasting coating that is then put under an ultraviolet or LED light.

Your skin can be more sensitive than normal during pregnancy, so you may want to do a little prep work beforehand.

Using sunscreen on your hands when they are under UV light is a good idea.

The removal of gel nails is more of a difficult process.

You will need to soak them in acetone for longer to remove them, and this can make them more brittle afterward.

Again, it’s important to be aware of harmful chemicals and infection when having gel nails applied. Keep ventilation and thorough handwashing in mind.

Can you get a pedicure while pregnant?

As with manicures, having a pedicure when pregnant is safe.

In fact, it can be wonderful, particularly in the third trimester when getting to those toenails yourself can be a little more challenging.

Some people believe that a foot massage during pregnancy can induce labor, but recent research says otherwise.

In fact, a foot massage may be very relaxing right now and have some important mental health benefits.

Because we all have different sets of risks, check in with your doctor to see if there’s anything you should be concerned about before going ahead.

And if you work in a nail salon and are wondering how safe it is during pregnancy, here are some guidelines:

  • Ventilation is important. If you feel there isn’t enough fresh air coming in, talk to your employer.
  • Use an N95 mask to avoid exposure to chemicals and dust.
  • Wear gloves at all times.
  • Avoid eating and drinking while in the salon.
  • Avoid products that contain dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, and MMA.

And if you want support along the way, reach out to your Peanut community.

You don’t have to do this alone.

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