Can You Lay on Your Stomach While Pregnant?

Can You Lay on Your Stomach While Pregnant?

Finding a good position that can accommodate your growing belly is not easy. So, can you lay on your stomach while pregnant? Read on to find out.
Finding the perfect sleeping position when you’re pregnant can feel like taking part in an Olympic event.

Seriously. It seems to require superhuman agility, focus, and determination.

So what’s the deal here? Can you lay your stomach while pregnant? Or is this out of the question?

Don’t worry, mama. We’ll take you through the details so that you can get the zzzs you need.

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  • Can I lay on my stomach while pregnant? The lowdown
  • What if I accidentally lay on my stomach while pregnant?
  • How long can you lay on your stomach in pregnancy?
  • Can you sleep on your back while pregnant?

Can I lay on my stomach while pregnant? The lowdown

If you’re used to sleeping belly down, you may wonder if you can continue as you birth more girth.

As your baby grows, so does the size of your uterus — and, in turn, so do the dimensions of the belly that houses it.

As this happens, it can become increasingly difficult to get comfy when lying down.

Going to bed can be exhausting, which is not so much fun when you’re already managing pregnancy fatigue.

Added to this, you may be dealing with nausea, heartburn, and frequent trips to the bathroom — all of which can make sleeping even more of a challenge.

What if I accidentally lay on my stomach while pregnant?

The truth? You may get a good night’s rest — if you enjoy lying on your stomach, that is.

This is the funny thing, although it may not be too comfortable to lie with your pregnant belly facing down, it’s actually totally fine for you and your baby.

Your baby has a built-in security system in there.

Between the amniotic sac and the wall of your uterus, they’re very well protected.

So if you were worried about squishing them into the mattress, you don’t have to be. They’ve got this.

How long can you lay on your stomach in pregnancy?

And now you may be wondering When should I stop sleeping on my stomach during pregnancy?

You may be relieved to find out that there’s no cut-off.

Provided you’re comfortable, you can lay on your stomach as long as you desire.

If you enjoy sleeping on your tum, you might want to invest in a donut-shaped pillow so that you can rest your belly in the center.

Can you sleep on your back while pregnant?

Well, that might be a different matter.

As your pregnancy progresses, lying belly up may not be the idea.

That’s because of something called the vena cava.

It’s your largest vein and carries blood all over your body — including your head, neck, limbs, chest, and organs.

Lying on your back while pregnant comes with the risk that your growing uterus may push down on this vein, which might disrupt blood flow both to your heart and to your baby.

Major studies have suggested that sleeping on your back can increase the risk of stillbirth.

But it’s not all clear-cut — other studies have concluded the opposite.

So to be on the safe, it may be best to avoid sleeping on your back from about 20 weeks on.

As for optimal sleeping positions when you’re pregnant?

Think SOS — as the American Pregnancy Association refers to it — Sleep On Side.

That’s because it improves circulation and allows blood to flow to your baby and your major organs.

Good circulation helps stave off all sorts of pregnancy-related ailments, like varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

The research shows that your left side may be the most advantageous.

Your liver is on the right side, and this organ takes up quite a bit of real estate.

By sleeping on your left, you can keep the pressure off it.

So there you have it — sleep on your stomach if you like, but this is one situation where it may benefit you to pick a side.

All the best, mama!

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