100 Canadian Baby Names With Their Meanings

100 Canadian Baby Names With Their Meanings

Whether you’re moving up north or you simply love the Land of the Maple Leaf, Canadian baby names offer a world of choice.
On its expansive landmass, Canada is home to a diverse population of people that hail from all corners of the globe.

With its richness, beauty, and untamed wildness, it’s sure to open up the perfect options for your search.

Let’s dive in.

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  • What is the most Canadian baby name?
  • What is a Canadian name for a boy?
  • What is a Canadian name for a girl?

What is the most Canadian baby name?

That’s a difficult one to answer because there are so many different kinds of Canadians.

The country has two official languages — English and French — as well as over 70 languages belonging to the country’s First Nations people.

Canadian names are as diverse as the population that makes it up.

From ancient indigenous culture to its contemporary influx of inhabitants from all over the world, there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration to be found in the Great White North.

So with all that in mind, what are the most popular names in Canada?

For boys, it’s:

  1. Noah. This popular Biblical name has a most soothing meaning — “rest” and “peace.”

And for girls, it’s:

  1. Amelia. While this name may sound sweet, it’s got a serious meaning. From its German origins, it means “work.”

Curious about what else is on the list? Let’s dive in:

What is a Canadian name for a boy?

These are the most popular Canadian boy names and their meanings:

  1. Jackson. No longer just a popular surname, the meaning of this name is quite literal. It means “the son of Jack.”
  2. Liam. From the Irish Uilliam and the Germanic William, Liam means “resolute protector.”
  3. Lucas. “Bringer of light” 🌟
  4. Oliver. Stemming from the Latin for “olive tree,” Oliver also has Old Norse roots, where it means “ancestor’s descendants.”
  5. Leo. “Lion-hearted” 🦁
  6. Benjamin. Meaning “son of the right hand,” Benjamin can be shortened to the adorable Ben.
  7. Theo. A shortened form of Theodore, Theo means “gift from God.”
  8. Jack. Jack is a version of John, which means “God is gracious.”
  9. Aiden. “Little fire” 🔥
  10. Ryan. With its Gaelic roots, Ryan means “little king.” 👑
  11. Ethan. A name of Hebrew origin, Ethan means “strong” and “safe.”
  12. Henry. This name of French origin has stood the test of time. It means “house ruler.” There’s no doubt who will be the boss in your household.
  13. Nathan. “Gift of God”
  14. Logan. A popular Scottish surname named after a place in Ayrshire, Logan means “little hollow.”
  15. Luca. “Bringer of light” 🌟
  16. James. A form of the Hebrew name Jacob, James means “supplanter.”
  17. Jacob. Or you can opt for Jacob too. This one means “supplanter” too.
  18. Zayn. This Arabic name means “beauty” and “grace.”
  19. Gabriel. The name of a famous angel in the bible, Gabriel means “God is my strength.” It can be shortened to the sweet Gabe.
  20. Mateo. This popular French Canadian name is a form of Matthew and means “gift of God.” You may prefer the alternative spelling, Mattéo.
  21. William. “Strong protector”
  22. Mason. “Stone worker”
  23. Levi. Of Hebrew origin, Levi means “joined in harmony.”
  24. Miles. In Latin, Miles refers to a soldier.
  25. Jayden. A name of Hebrew origin, Jayden means “thankful.”
  26. Muhammad. The name of the prophet of Islam, Muhammed means “praiseworthy.”
  27. Hudson. This sweet-sounding name means “the son of Hugh.” And Hugh? That means “mind.”
  28. Thomas. If you’re about to welcome a double set, this may be a good option. Thomas means “twin.”
  29. Caleb. A name that means “devoted to God,” “brave” and “faithful.”
  30. Grayson. “Son of a steward”
  31. Adam. This Hebrew name has remained popular throughout the ages. It means “son of the red earth.”
  32. Isaac. This name hits the sweet spot of traditional and trendy. It also has a lovely little meaning — “one who laughs.”
  33. Owen.Noble” and “youthful”
  34. Elliot. Of Hebrew origin, Eliot means “the Lord is my God.”
  35. Elijah. “The Lord is my God”
  36. Theodore. Of Greek origin, Theodore means “God’s gift.”
  37. Lincoln. “Town by the lake”
  38. Alexander. “Defender of men”
  39. Wyatt. “Brave in battle”
  40. Daniel. This biblical name means “God is my judge.”
  41. Nicholas. Of Greek origin, Nicholas means “victory of the people.”
  42. Maverick. This name is a fiercely independent choice.
  43. Jace.Healer
  44. Hunter. 🏹
  45. Nolan. “Champion”
  46. Carter. Literally the “driver of a cart,” Carter is common as both a name and surname in North America.
  47. Sebastian. Meaning “revered” in Latin, it’s also the name of the lovable crab in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
  48. Matthew. “Gift of God”
  49. Connor. “Wise”

What is a Canadian name for a girl?

Check out these Canadian girl names and their meanings:

  1. Sophia. This sweet-sounding name means “wisdom.”
  2. Olivia. Meaning “olive tree,” Olivia has been the most popular name in Ontario, Canada’s most populated province, for over a decade.
  3. Aria. “Song” 🎵🎵🎵
  4. Emma. This little name has a big meaning — “whole” or “universal.” 🌎 And, of course, it’s a hit with Jane Austen fans.
  5. Charlotte. As a feminine version of the name Charles, Charlotte is a French name meaning “free person” and “petite.”
  6. Zoey. “Life” 🌱
  7. Mila. “Miracles”
  8. Lily. Yep, as in the exquisite flower.
  9. Mia. Depending on the origin, Mia means “mine” or “beloved.” ❤️
  10. Everly. This gender-neutral name is of Old English origins and means “wild boar from a wood clearing.”
  11. Eleanor. “Shining light”✨
  12. Ava. This little name packs a whole lot of meaning. From its Germanic roots, it means “guarantee,” from its Latin roots, “birdlike” and from its Hebrew origins, “lively.”
  13. Chloe. “Blooming” 🌷
  14. Layla. “Night” 🌙
  15. Isla. “Island” 🏝️
  16. Ellie. “Shining light” ✨
  17. Emily. From its classical roots, Emily has a few meanings — “persuasive”, “rival”, and “eager.”
  18. Ella. Meaning “she” in Spanish, Ella can also be short for Eleanor, meaning “shining light.” For fans of the book *Ella Enchanted(, this name comes with built-in magic.
  19. Hannah. “Favor”
  20. Maya. From its Greek origins, Maya means “good mother.”
  21. Riley. “Valiant”
  22. Abigail. “Father’s joy
  23. Nora. “Shining light” ✨
  24. Evelyn. “Life” 🌱
  25. Sophie. “Wisdom”
  26. Isabella. “God is my promise”
  27. Hailey. “Remote valley”
  28. Leah. Even though it means “weary,” this Hebrew name has a lot of staying power.
  29. Aliyah. “Exalted”
  30. Madelyn. This lofty name means “high tower.”
  31. Elizabeth. “God is my promise”
  32. Violet. “Purple” 💜
  33. Ivy. “Climbing vine plant”
  34. Isabelle. “Promise to God”
  35. Harper. “Someone who plays the harp.” 🎶
  36. Hazel. “Hazelnut tree” 🌳
  37. Madison. “Son of Matthew”
  38. Emilia. From its Germanic roots, Emilia means “work” or “industriousness,” and from its Latin, “rival.”
  39. Scarlett. “Bright red” 🟥
  40. Avery. This adorable name means “ruler of elves.”
  41. Luna.Moon” 🌕
  42. Grace. Just as it sounds. 💖
  43. Alice. Alice means “light” and is a perfect choice for Lewis Carroll fans.
  44. Sarah. “Princess” 👑
  45. Anna. “Grace” or “favor”
  46. Charlie. An increasingly popular name for girls, Charlie means “free person.”
  47. Nova. “New”
  48. Maria. This Latin name has a few possible meanings — “of the sea,” “bitterness,” “rebellious,” and “beloved.”
  49. Eliana. “God has answered”

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