120+ Cute Capricorn Baby Names for your Little Kid

120+ Cute Capricorn Baby Names for your Little Kid

Expecting a baby around Christmas or New Year? They’ll be a Capricorn. And if star signs are your jam, here are over 120 Capricorn baby names for your future kid.
If you’re expecting a baby between December 21st and January 20th, they’ll be born under the star sign Capricorn, the goat.

If you want your little one’s name to reflect their zodiac sign, we’ve got good news: Capricorn baby names are anything but mehhh. 😉

Let’s take a look at some of the best.

In this article: 📝

  • What are Capricorns like?
  • Capricorn baby names for strong personalities
  • What’s a good name for a Capricorn girl?
  • What’s a good name for a Capricorn boy?
  • Earth names for baby Capricorns
  • Goat names for Capricorn girls and boys
  • Capricorn color names

What are Capricorns like?

Along with Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn is an “earth sign”, which makes Capricorns practical and strong.

They can also be ambitious, driven, persistent, self-reliant, and as stubborn as, well, goats.

Capricorns tend to be self-reflective and integrity is important to them.

Add this to their cool-headed, pragmatic nature and you have someone who’s wise and great at giving advice.

All this can make Capricorns a little serious, but they’re known to let loose around their close friends.

And when it comes to friendship, Capricorns are thought to be loyal and supportive, so you’ll want them on your side if you’re ever in a tight corner.

Capricorn baby names for strong personalities

So if you’re thinking about names for Capricorn babies, let’s start with what makes them them.

You can’t go wrong with any of these Capricorn girl names meaning strong, determined, wise, loyal, or hardworking.

What’s a good name for a Capricorn girl?

  1. Adira: This pretty Hebrew name means “strong.”
  2. Alohi: This Hawaiian name means “brilliant and smart.”
  3. Alvie: A cute English name meaning “noble and wise friend.”
  4. Amelia: This German name comes from Amalia and means “work.”
  5. Amina: This beautiful Arabic name means “trustworthy and faithful”.
  6. Aza: Short and sweet and oh so “powerful.”
  7. Bali: This Sanskrit name means “strength.”
  8. Bridget: An Irish name also meaning “strength.”
  9. Cassidy: “Clever and cunning”.
  10. Emmeline: This French version of the German Amal also means “work.”
  11. Etana: “Dedication”
  12. Etel: This Spanish name means “loyal and noble friend.”
  13. Faye: Meaning “loyalty, trust, and belief.”
  14. Gesa: This German name means “strength of a spear.”
  15. Helga: This Scandinavian name means “respected.”
  16. Ida: “Industrious one”
  17. Jada: “Wise”
  18. Karleen: Another German name meaning “womanly strength.”
  19. Melisande: “Strong in work”
  20. Michiko: This striking Japanese name means “beautiful and wise child.”
  21. Milicent: This lovely vintage name means both “strength” and “work”. Perfect for a baby Capricorn.
  22. Minerva: The Roman goddess of wisdom.
  23. Moxie: If you have moxie, you’ve got determination and a strong character. Sounds like a Capricorn to us.
  24. Nia/Niah: A Swahili name meaning “purpose.”
  25. Oula: “Determined”
  26. Ramona: A Spanish name meaning “wise protector.”
  27. Shanna: “Old and wise.”
  28. Shylah: This Capricorn baby name does double duty with its meanings of “loyal to God” and “strong.”
  29. Sonya: A traditional Russian name meaning “wisdom.”
  30. Sophia: This Greek name also means “wisdom.”
  31. Sunrite: Sanskrit, meaning “genuine, loyal, and kind.”
  32. Thanisha: One of our favorite picks for Capricorns has to be this Indian name meaning “ambitious.”
  33. Tracy: “Fighter”
  34. Trudy: This pretty German name means “universal strength.”
  35. Tyra: “Strength”
  36. Valerie: “Health and strength”
  37. Veta: Short and sweet, this Spanish name means “wise.”

What’s a good name for a Capricorn boy?

This zodiac sign has the boys covered too.

  1. Adelmo: “Strong and persistent”
  2. Alfred: We think this old-fashioned English name meaning “wise counsel” is due for a comeback.
  3. Altman: “Wise man”
  4. Cato: A Latin name meaning “one who has wisdom and good judgment.”
  5. Connelly: “Friendship and loyalty”
  6. Damond: This Greek name is sure to stand out. It means “continuously loyal.”
  7. Dillon/Dylan: Meaning “loyal and faithful”, this gender-neutral Gaelic name could be a great choice for a Capricorn.
  8. Emiliano: “Work”
  9. Emmet: This name is used in German, Hebrew, and English and means “powerful.”
  10. Ethan: Doubling up on Capricorn qualities, this Hebrew name means both “strength” and “wisdom.”
  11. Evander: This unusual Capricorn boy’s name is “strong”, just like its meaning.
  12. Fabian: “A man of wisdom.”
  13. Gus: “One strength”
  14. Hakim: “Wise man”
  15. Howin: A Chinese name meaning “responsible, trustworthy one.”
  16. Hugo: “Smart mind”
  17. Jasper: Related to Caspar, who was literally one of the Three Wise Men, this is one of our favorite Capricorn boy names.
  18. Jedrick: A Polish name meaning “strong.”
  19. Kawan: This mighty Korean name also means “strong.”
  20. Makin: Again, this is an Arabic name meaning “strong.”
  21. Neron: And this “strong” name is Spanish.
  22. Olis: “Powerful”
  23. Owen: A Welsh name for a “strong warrior.”
  24. Pacome: “One who has a strong nature”
  25. Quinlan: “Fit and strong”
  26. Seanan: “Little wise man”
  27. Tiergan: Another Irish name, this time meaning “strong-willed.”
  28. Yaden: “Strong”, this time from Hebrew.

Earth names for baby Capricorns

In astrology, every star sign is related to one of the four elements: water, fire, air, or earth.

Capricorn is an earth sign, so it’s no surprise that they’re known to be solid and reliable people.

Let’s look at some names for Capricorn girls and boys to match their earthy element. 🌎

  1. Adam: This biblical name is the OG, which makes it one of the classic Capricorn names for boys. You might like the Slavic version, Damek, which also means “son of the red earth.”
  2. Afra: This Arabic name means the “color of earth and dust.”
  3. Avani: “The good earth”
  4. Bartlett: This Hebrew name is derived from Bartholomew and means “son of the earth.”
  5. Clay: It doesn’t get more earthy than this.
  6. Craig: A Scottish name meaning “rock or crag.”
  7. Dhara: “The earth”
  8. Dion: This gorgeous Greek name means “child of heaven and earth.”
  9. Dionne: Capricorn is associated with the planet Saturn, and this is the name of one of Saturn’s moons. You might also like the lunar name, Helene, a beautifully celestial name.
  10. Eartha: A beautiful English name meaning “earth.”
  11. Gaia: And this name from Greek mythology also means “earth.”
  12. Lance: Derived from the German Lanzo, this name means “land.”
  13. Peter: A biblical name meaning “rock.”
  14. Rochester: “Rocky fortress”
  15. Rock: No need to add “The”, unless you want to. 😉
  16. Rockley: “From the rocky meadow”
  17. Sierra: “From the mountains”
  18. Slate: Like a fine-grained rock.
  19. Stanton: “From the rocky estate”
  20. Sten: The Swedish word for “stone.”
  21. Terra: From the Latin for “earth” or “land”, this versatile name is gentle and soft.
  22. Tor: Short and sweet, this Celtic name means “rock.”

Goat names for Capricorn girls and boys

Not only is your Capricorn baby going to be the G.O.A.T 😉 their sign is an actual goat.

And in the night sky, the constellation of Capricorn is shaped like a mythical sea goat (yep, that’s a goat head with a fish tail).

Surprisingly, there are plenty of beautiful-yet-caprine names out there to explore.

  1. Aegis: A powerful Greek name meaning “young goat.” Perfect for your little kid. 🐐
  2. Aja: This lovely Hindi name also means “goat.”
  3. Billy/Billie: All jokes aside, this is a great unisex baby name for Capricorns.
  4. Buckley: “Goat wood”
  5. Capria/Capri: From the Italian word for goat.
  6. Cornelius: Meaning “horn.”
  7. Dagan: A powerful Hebrew name meaning “little fish.”
  8. Giles: “Young goat”
  9. Hina: The Hawaiian goddess of fish or fishing.
  10. Jael: This gorgeous gender-neutral name means “mountain goat.”
  11. Kilenya: Native American, meaning “coughing fish.”
  12. Meena: A Hindu name meaning “fish.”
  13. Nyala: This Ethiopian name means “mountain goat.”
  14. Timin: A gentle name meaning “large fish.”

Capricorn color names

Capricorn colors are brown, black, white, and gray.🤎🖤🤍

  1. Amber
  2. Ash/Ashley
  3. Aruna: A Sanskrit name meaning “reddish brown.”
  4. Baize: “Dark brown”
  5. Bianca: “White”
  6. Brenna: “Black-haired” or “raven”
  7. Bruno: “Brown”
  8. Ceara: “Black”
  9. Darcy:Dark
  10. Donahue: “Warrior dressed in brown”
  11. Dunn
  12. Elvi: “White”
  13. Finn: “Fair” or “white”
  14. Gavin: “White hawk”
  15. Gray/Grey
  16. Horton: “Gray settlement”
  17. Inali: “Black fox”
  18. Kali: “Black”
  19. Kiona: “Brown hills”
  20. Laban: “White”
  21. Li: “Black and powerful”
  22. Lloyd: “Gray”
  23. Mayon: “Black god”
  24. Nox: A striking unisex name meaning god/goddess of the night.
  25. Tawny: “Golden brown”

And of course, when it comes to Capricorn names, girl or boy, we couldn’t let you go without two of the most obvious: December and January.

These Capricorn months make great names too.

Whatever you choose, you’ll do a great job for your little Capricorn. ❤️

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