72 Catholic Baby Names to Express Your Faith

72 Catholic Baby Names to Express Your Faith

These beautiful Catholic baby names take inspiration and meaning from popular church names, biblical figures, and Catholic saints.
If you feel closely connected to your faith, Catholic baby names can be an amazing source of inspiration for your baby’s name.

They can express your faith, encompass values that are important to you, and speak to your hopes and dreams for your little one.

Inspired by the religious community, spirituality, holy saints, and biblical figures, these are our favorite Catholic names and their meanings.

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  • What is a common Catholic name?
  • What is the most beautiful name in the Bible?
  • What is the most rare name for a baby?
  • What name is “gift from God”?
  • What are Catholic saints names and meanings?

What is a common Catholic name?

If you’re struggling for that spark of inspiration, the good news is there are loads of popular Catholic names to choose from.

Alexander, John, and Sarah, for example, all have deep biblical roots.

Sometimes the classics make for the perfect fit.

Popular Catholic baby boy names

  1. Alexander: There are lots of Alexanders in scripture, with cool modern short-forms like Zander, Xan, and Zan.
  2. Benjamin: The last of twelve sons of Rachel and Jacob, this name is perfect for younger siblings.
  3. Daniel: Meaning “God is my judge,” this Catholic name suggests intelligence and vision.
  4. Jacob: A popular name from the Latin Iacobus, Jacob was the youngest son of Isaac and Rebecca.
  5. James: This is the English variation of Jacob and the name of two apostles.
  6. John: The name of John the Baptist, John the Apostle, and the Evangelist — as well as 84 saints and 23 Popes.
  7. Luke: The author of the third Gospel of the New Testament and the patron saint of artists and doctors. Great for creative or medical families!
  8. Michael: The name of an archangel, Michael means “who is like God”
  9. Noah: This ever-popular and deeply biblical name means “rest and repose.”
  10. Samuel: From the Hebrew name Shemu’el meaning “told by God.”

Popular Catholic baby girl names

  1. Audrey: Meaning “noble” and the name of a seventh-century saint.
  2. Celine: A French name of Latin origin, Celine means “heavenly.”
  3. Christina: A pretty and feminine name of Greek origin, Christina refers to someone of the Christian faith.
  4. Clare: Referencing Saint Clare of Assisi, author of the first set of monastic guidelines written by a woman, this name means “bright” and “clear.”
  5. Eden: A name with links to the Garden of Eden, meaning “place of pleasure and delight.”
  6. Mary: Referencing the Holy Virgin Mary (as well as other Biblical Marys), with loads of possible variations like Maria, Marie, May, Molly, Magdalene, Madeleine, or Marietta.
  7. Priscilla: The Apostle Paul stayed with Priscilla whilst spreading the gospel in Corinth.
  8. Ruth: This biblical name means “compassionate friend.”
  9. Sarah: Another classic biblical name, Sarah means “princess.”
  10. Verity: This simple and beautiful name of Latin origin means “truth.”

What is the most beautiful name in the Bible?

Did you know there are over 3,200 individuals named in the Bible?

That’s a lot of inspiration for Catholic baby names! Here are our picks of beautiful and unusual biblical names you might just love.

  1. Adalia: An attractive biblical name of Germanic origin meaning “God is my refuge” and “noble one.”
  2. Elijah: This lovely gender-neutral name refers to an Old Testament prophet who went to heaven in a chariot of fire.
  3. Esther: A pretty Old Testament name and major female figure in the Bible. Deriving from the ancient Persian word tāra, meaning “star.”
  4. Gabriel: Inspired by the Archangel Gabriel, who presided over paradise as the angel of mercy, joy, truth, and dreams.
  5. Jasper: A precious name meaning “bringer of treasure,” and one of the Three Magi.
  6. Jubal: In the Book of Genesis, Jubal invented the lyre, harp, flute, and organ — making this an excellent choice for musical families.
  7. Raphael: He was described by Milton as the “affable” Archangel and has links to both art history and religion.
  8. Reuben: A charming name meaning “behold, a son.” Reuben was one of the sons of Jacob and Leah.
  9. Talia: This beautiful name means “heaven’s dew.” It has links to Tamar, the first wife of Er in the Book of Genesis.

What is the most rare name for a baby?

Lots of parents want a baby name with roots in their Catholic faith.

But for many modern mamas, this doesn’t necessarily have to follow what is most popular.

If you’re searching for a rare and beautiful name that also speaks to the importance of your faith, here are some unique (and rather cool) Catholic baby names.

  1. Asher: A biblical name meaning “fortunate, blessed, and happy one.”
  2. Ave: An unusual form of Ava or Ada, meaning “hail,” “greetings,” or “all bow to.”
  3. Blaise: With French origins, this name also refers to the Armenian bishop Saint Blaise, the patron saint of wild animals.
  4. Bosco: An Italian saint’s name — Saint John Bosco.
  5. Ezra: A great gender-neutral name simply meaning “help.”
  6. Gianna: An Italian name meaning “the Lord is gracious,” and feminization of John.
  7. Ignatius: This Latin name means “fiery” and belonged to the founder of the Catholic Jesuit order. Try Iggy or Inigo for a cool nickname.
  8. Kateri: A girl’s name of Mowhawk origin meaning “pure.” St. Kateri Teckakwitha was also the first Native American saint.
  9. Mena: An interesting derivative of Philomena, a young martyr of early Rome.
  10. Sarai: The original name of Sarah in the Bible.

What name is “gift from God”?

Especially if you’ve been trying for a little one for a while, pregnancy can feel like the ultimate gift from God.

These Catholic names all show supreme gratitude for the joy your baby will bring.

  1. Dorothy: An English variation of the Greek Dorothea meaning “gift of God.” Cute nicknames include Doll, Dot, or Dottie.
  2. Godiva: An English name meaning “God’s gift.”
  3. Greta: A name of Germanic origin meaning “pearl” — associated with precious gifts.
  4. Isaac: This Hebrew name meaning “to laugh” belonged to the long-hoped-for son of Sarah and Abraham.
  5. Jesse: A modern-sounding biblical name with gender-neutral potential, Jesse means “gift.”
  6. Jonathan: A biblical prince of great strength, Jonathan means “gift from God.”
  7. Mateo: Of Spanish, Italian and Latin origin, this name is a form of Matthew and means “gift of God.”
  8. Matthew: A name meaning “gift.” The author of the first Gospel and one of the Twelve Apostles.
  9. Mungo: A Scottish-Gaelic name meaning “dear one.” He’s the patron saint of Glasgow.
  10. Theodore: This saintly name of Greek origin means “gift of God.” Try Theo for a cute, gender-neutral nickname.

What are Catholic saints names and meanings?

Choosing a baby name exclusively from the saints and martyrs is no longer a requirement for Catholic families.

But with over 10,000 saints recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, you won’t be stuck for choice if this is where you’d like to draw your inspiration from.

Here are a few of our saintly favorites.

Catholic baby names inspired by female saints

  1. Adele: A daughter of King Dagobert II of Germany, who became a nun and founded a convent near Trier. She was known for her holiness, prudence, and compassion.
  2. Agnes: Meaning “pure,” St Agnes was a popular saint during the Medieval period.
  3. Bernadette: Meaning “brave as a bear” and associated with Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, who witnessed visions of the Virgin Mary.
  4. Bridget: Ireland’s most famous female saint, she is the patron of scholars, poets, and healers. Her name derives from the Irish-Gaelic word brígh, meaning “strength.”
  5. Faustina: Saint Faustina Kowalska was a Polish mystic who was visited by multiple apparitions of Jesus Christ.
  6. Jacinta: One of the youngest Catholic saints, Jacinta and her brother Francisco witnessed visions of the Angel of Peace and the Virgin Mary. As a patron saint of bodily ills.
  7. Lucy: Meaning “light,” it’s a cute option for babies born at dawn. Saint Lucia of Syracuse is also one of eight women commemorated in the Canon of the Mass.
  8. Olive: A modern-sounding name and the patron saint of Palermo in Sicily. Olive means “peaceful one.”
  9. Perpetua: A third-century saint, Perpetua was martyred for her strong faith. Modern nicknames include Pia, Pippa, and Poppy.
  10. Veronica: A name that’s saintly, serene, and strong, Veronica wiped Jesus’s face on his way to Calvary.
  11. Zelie: An elegant, modern name. Louis and Zélie Martin were canonized in 2015 by Pope Francis.

Catholic baby names inspired by male saints

  1. Anselm: A name of Germanic origin, referencing Saint Anselm of Canterbury.
  2. Barnabas: Of Greek origin, meaning “consolation.” St Barnabas was a companion to Saint Paul the Apostle.
  3. Brice: An unusual name meaning “speckled.” The fourth-century Saint Brice was Bishop of Tours.
  4. Cloud: A wonderfully ethereal, gender-neutral name. Saint Cloud built a beautiful church in Nivigentum, France.
  5. Cosmas: Of Greek origin, meaning “decency.” St Cosmas was a brave doctor martyred in defense of the Church.
  6. Crispin: Meaning “curly-haired” in Latin, Crispin is the patron saint of shoemakers.
  7. Diego: An energetic name with Mexican and Spanish origins. Saint Juan Diego saw apparitions of the Virgin Mary four times in his life.
  8. Jude: One of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. Meaning “praised,” it’s a name that can be used for both boys and girls.
  9. Juniper: A follower of St Francis of Assisi. This cool modern name means “youth” or “evergreen.”
  10. Nicanor: An early martyr and one of the seven deacons of Jerusalem. Go for Nic as a cute and simple nickname.
  11. Sebastian: A popular name and the patron saint of cyclists, athletes, disabled people and soldiers.
  12. Wolfgang: A super cool Germanic saintly name meaning “journey of the wolf.”

All the best with your choice!

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