The 149 Most Popular Celtic Baby Boy Names

The 149 Most Popular Celtic Baby Boy Names

If you’re something of a history fan, you’ve probably considered Celtic baby boy names for your son-to-be. Dating back to the sixth century BC, the Celts hailed from Europe and Western Asia, and their culture still remains today. In particular, Celtic languages are spoken in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, and even parts of Argentina and Canada.
It’s no wonder Celtic male names have stood the test of time. In particular, Irish male names and Gaelic boy names (note the difference – ‘Gaelic’ in isolation refers to Scotland, whereas ‘Irish Gaelic’ is spoken in this region) continue to remain popular today. So, what are some of the best Celtic names for boys?

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Celtic baby boy names and meanings

Some recurring themes in Celtic baby boy names are nature, war, and even animals. In particular, you’ll notice a lot of animals in Irish male names, for example:

1. Conor

In Irish Gaelic, the name Conor translates as ‘lover of hounds’ – perfect if you’ve got a pup running around the house! For an even more authentic twist, you could try the Conall variant.

2. Oisin

This one has roots in Irish mythology. Oisin means ‘little deer’ because, legend has it, a warrior named Fionn MacCool witnessed his mother being turned into a deer!

3. Callum

Callum has Latin roots, coming from ‘columba’, which means ‘dove.’

What are some Celtic names from Scotland?

If you’re looking for a Celtic warrior name, set your sights on Caledonia – the Scots have a whole list of victory and war-themed names:

  1. Alastair – taken from the Scottish form of Alexander, this means ‘defender of mankind.’
  2. Caelan – this is a Scottish form of Nicholas and means ‘victorious people.’
  3. Keithen – a Scottish take on the better-known Keith, this means ‘battle place.’

If you’re looking for unique spelling, here are some more Scottish Gaelic boys’ names for your little one:

  1. Anndrais
  2. Aodh
  3. Aodhàn
  4. Aonghas
  5. Aonghus
  6. Arailt
  7. Beistean
  8. Benneit
  9. Caomhainn
  10. Cathal
  11. Seàrlas, Teàrlach
  12. Ciaran
  13. Cliamain
  14. Coinneach
  15. Còiseam
  16. Colla
  17. Diarmad
  18. Eairdsidh
  19. Ealar
  20. Eanraig
  21. Eanruig
  22. Gill-Eathain
  23. Gill-Eòin
  24. Gille-Aindreis
  25. Gille-Brìdhde
  26. Gille-Caluim
  27. Gille-Crìosd
  28. Gillebeart
  29. Harailt
  30. Horas
  31. Ianatan
  32. Maoilios
  33. Maol-Chaluim
  34. Maol-Iosa
  35. Maol-Moire
  36. Maoldònaich
  37. Maolmhuire
  38. Maolruibh
  39. Marc
  40. Marcas
  41. Neacal
  42. Neachdainn
  43. Niall
  44. Niallghus
  45. Oilbhreis
  46. Oisean
  47. Pàdair
  48. Pàdraig
  49. Pàdruig
  50. Pàl
  51. Rob
  52. Roibeart
  53. Sandaidh
  54. Seaghdh
  55. Seathan
  56. Seoc
  57. Seocan
  58. Seonaidh
  59. Seoras
  60. Seumas
  61. Seòras
  62. Taog
  63. Tasgall
  64. Tearlach
  65. Teàrlach
  66. Tiobaid
  67. Tomag
  68. Ualraig
  69. Uarraig
  70. Uilleachan
  71. Uilleam

What’s a Celtic badass name for a boy?

If you can see your little one captaining the football team or generally kicking ass in life, make sure you give him one of our strong Scottish or Irish male names.

  1. Malcolm evokes images of a natural-born leader, and quite literally means ‘follower of Saint Columba who Christianized North Scotland.’
  2. Donald means ‘a great chief who rules the world’ – which may explain some former presidents! It’s making a comeback and can be shortened to a cooler Don if you prefer.
  3. Sloane means ‘he is a warrior in heart.’ This one’s also unisex if you find an unexpected surprise come birthing day.

What is the rarest boy name of Celtic origin?

So, what are some edgy boy names that will get your little one noticed at recess? You can’t go wrong with some of the rarer Celtic baby boy names. Try Devlin for ‘fierce bravery’, Jarlath for a noble title or Taber, which quite simply means ‘well.’ Set your intentions for your son early on with a Celtic boy’s name!

More ideas for Irish boys’ names that are hard to come by include:

  1. Benen
  2. Berkeley
  3. Blaine
  4. Brady
  5. Brendan
  6. Brennan
  7. Brody
  8. Burke
  9. Calhoun
  10. Callahan
  11. Cashel
  12. Cillian
  13. Clancy
  14. Colm
  15. Cory
  16. Cullen
  17. Darcy
  18. Declan
  19. Derry
  20. Devin
  21. Dillon
  22. Donal
  23. Donnelly
  24. Eamon
  25. Eoin
  26. Faolan
  27. Fergus
  28. Ferris
  29. Finbar
  30. Finnegan
  31. Fintan
  32. Fionn
  33. Flynn
  34. Gallagher
  35. Grady
  36. Hugh
  37. Ivo
  38. Keegan
  39. Keenan
  40. Keir
  41. Kellen
  42. Larkin
  43. Lennon
  44. Liam
  45. Mack
  46. Mccoy
  47. Murphy
  48. Nevin
  49. Niall
  50. Nolan
  51. Oscar
  52. Patrick
  53. Piran
  54. Quinn
  55. Rafferty
  56. Redmond
  57. Rian
  58. Roan
  59. Rogan
  60. Ronan
  61. Rooney
  62. Rowan
  63. Sean
  64. Seanan
  65. Shane
  66. Shea
  67. Sullivan
  68. Torin
  69. Tully
  70. Tynan
  71. Ultan
  72. Veren

Need even more inspo?

Whether you’re looking for a more contemporary name or something with its own unique origins (and tricky spellings!), you’ll find both with Celtic baby boy names. And you could always ask the mamas of Peanut for even more suggestions!

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