250+ Modern & Ancient Celtic Baby Names & Meanings

250+ Modern & Ancient Celtic Baby Names & Meanings

If you’re looking for a baby name with a Celtic connection, look no further. Here’s the ultimate list of Celtic names (and meanings) with Irish, Scottish, and Welsh origins.
Do you, your partner, or your wider family have Celtic heritage?

Then a Celtic baby name with an Irish, Scottish, or Welsh connection could be just the right fit for your babe.

Choosing a name for your baby isn’t always the most straightforward of tasks.

There are things like spelling, pronunciation, meaning, initials, and every conceivable nickname to think about.

But the good news is that if you want to honor your culture or family, it makes shortlisting names a whole lot easier.

So if you’ve got some Scottish, Welsh, or Irish ancestry in your bloodline, scrolling through the most charming, elegant, and whimsical Celtic baby names is a good place to start.

So let’s take a look at the top Celtic boy names and Celtic names for girls.

In this article: 📝

  • A (very) brief history of Celtic names
  • Popular Celtic girl names
  • Popular Celtic boy names
  • Gender-neutral Celtic names
  • What is the Celtic name for warrior?
  • What Celtic names mean love?
  • Ancient Celtic names
  • Celtic mythology names
  • Unique Celtic names

A (very) brief history of Celtic names

Throughout the Iron Age (1200 B.C. to 600 B.C), a group of tribes collectively known as the Celts occupied much of northern Europe, before settling in the British Isles.

An enduring and romantic history full of mythology, the impact of the Celts still looms large across Ireland, Scotland, and Wales today — especially when it comes to culture, language, and, of course, names.

These names, while sometimes tricky to pronounce, are often full of character, harking back to gods and goddesses, kings and queens, rivers and islands, and so much more.

So let’s dive into these mystical, lyrical Celtic names…

Popular Celtic girl names

  1. Sabrina: Meaning “from the river Severn”, Sabrina is a magical name perhaps most commonly associated with the Teenage Witch. But it was also the name of a Celtic goddess; a powerful, mystical, and sympathetic figure. Nice.
  2. Brianna: “One who is honorable and noble”, Brianna (also Breanna, Breana, or Briana) was relatively uncommon in the US until the 1970s, but enjoyed top 20 status between 1996 and 2006. Notable Briannas include Deadpool actress Brianna Hildebrand and journalist Brianna Keilar.
  3. Fiona: Another that was rare in the US until recently, Fiona — which derives from the Gaelic word fionn, meaning “fair” — broke the top 200 in 2017. The name can be shortened to “Fi” (pronounced “Fee”) and is shared by the Grammy-winning singer, Fiona Apple.
  4. Caitlin: Caitlin, which means “purity” was a popular choice during the 80s and 90s, and we think this elegant name is due for a comeback. With a variety of spellings (Caitlyn, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Kaitlynn, Katelyn, and Caetlin) you’re bound to find a version you love.
  5. Erin: Fittingly, Erin means “child of Ireland” and has been a popular name in the US and beyond for a number of years. It’s a short name with a huge history, derived from the goddess Eriu, who gave her name to the country of Ireland (Éire). And your little Erin would be in strong company, with the likes of activist Erin Brockovich and broadcaster Erin Andrews sporting the name.

More Celtic girl names

  1. Aideen: Meaning “little fire” in Irish. 🔥
  2. Aigneis. If you want to give a classic girl’s name a Gaelic twist, Aigneis is the Gaelic version of Agnes, meaning “pure.”
  3. Ailbhe: Meaning “white” or “noble” in Irish. Pronounced al-va.
  4. Aileas: Meaning “noble” in Scottish, pronounced a-liss.
  5. Aileen: Meaning “bright light” in Irish.
  6. Aisling: Meaning “dream” in Irish, pronounced ash-ling or ash-leen.
  7. Aoife: Meaning “beauty” in Irish Gaelic, pronounced ee-fa
  8. Avalon: Meaning “island of apples”, after the mythical island where Arthur found Excalibur.
  9. Bridget: Meaning “exated one” in Irish.
  10. Bronwen: Meaning “fair chest” in Welsh.
  11. Cadhla: Meaning “beautiful” in Irish. Pronounced kay-lah.
  12. Caoimhe: Meaning “dear” or “noble” in Irish, pronounced kee-vuh or swee-vuh.
  13. Cari: Meaning “friend” in Welsh.
  14. Catriona: Meaning “pure” in Scottish Gaelic.
  15. Cianna: Meaning “ancient” in Irish. Pronounced kee-anna.
  16. Clodagh: Meaning “river” in Irish. Pronounced klo-dah.
  17. Cridhe: Meaning “heart” in Scottish, pronounced cree or cree-ya.
  18. Deidre: Meaning “sorrow” in Irish, pronounced deer-druh.
  19. Doireann: Meaning “sullen” in Irish, pronounced door-uhn or door-een.
  20. Èala: Meaning “swan” in Irish. Pronounced ee-lah.
  21. Eilir: Meaning “butterfly” in Welsh.
  22. Enid: Meaning “spirit” or “life” in Welsh.
  23. Fíadh: Meaning “deer” in Irish. Pronounced fee-ah.
  24. Fiana or Fianna: Meaning “vine” in Irish.
  25. Finna: Meaning “fair” in Irish.
  26. Finola, Fionnuala, or Fionnula: Meaning “white shoulder” in Irish. Pronounced fin-yew-oh-lah.
  27. Gladys: Meaning “princess” in Welsh.
  28. Glenda: Meaning “holy, good” in Welsh.
  29. Guinevere: Meaning “white shadow” in Welsh.
  30. Gwyneth: Meaning “happiness” in Welsh.
  31. Gwendolyn: Meaning “blessed ring” in Welsh.
  32. Iona: Meaning “island”.
  33. Isolde: Meaning “ice battle” in Old German and Welsh.
  34. Keeley: Meaning “beautiful” in Irish Gaelic.
  35. Kiera: Meaning “dark-haired” in Irish.
  36. Kylie: Meaning “beautiful” in Irish.
  37. Líadáin or Liandan: Meaning “grey lady” in Irish. Pronounced lee-dun.
  38. Lileas: Meaning “lily” in Scottish.
  39. Maeve: Meaning “intoxicating” in Irish Gaelic.
  40. Máirín: Meaning “star of the sea” in Irish.
  41. Maureen: Meaning “star of the sea” in Irish.
  42. Moira: Meaning “destiny” in Irish.
  43. Muireann: Meaning “fair sea” in Irish. Pronounced mweer-ee-ann.
  44. Niamh: Meaning “bright” in Irish Gaelic, pronounced neev.
  45. Nuala: Meaning “fair shoulder” in Irish. Pronounced noo-lah.
  46. Orla or Orlaith: Meaning “golden princess” in Irish.
  47. Ownah: Meaning “unity” in Irish. Pronounced oh-nah.
  48. Pegeen or Peigi: Meaning “pearl” in Irish.
  49. Phiala: Meaning “saint” in Irish. Pronounced fay-ah-lah.
  50. Rhona: Meaning “rough island” in Scottish.
  51. Riona: Meaning “queen” in Irish. Pronounced ree-oh-nah.
  52. Saoirse: Meaning “freedom” in Irish, pronounced sur-shuh.
  53. Seana: Meaning “gift from God” in Irish. Pronounced shee-ah-nah.
  54. Senga: From the Gaelic word meaning “slender”.
  55. Shannon: Meaning “wise river” in Irish Gaelic.
  56. Síle: Meaning “heavenly” in Irish. Pronounced shee-lah.
  57. Sinead: Meaning “God is gracious” in Irish. Pronounced shih-nayd.
  58. Siusan: Meaning “lily” in Irish. Pronounced shu-san.
  59. Sorcha: Meaning “brightness” in Irish. Pronounced sor-ka.
  60. Tara: Meaning “where the kings meet” in Irish.
  61. Tierna: Meaning “lord” in Irish.
  62. Tieve: Meaning “hillside” in Irish.

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Popular Celtic boy names

  1. Aidan: A regular top 100 name in Ireland, Aidan, which means “small fire”, has also enjoyed popularity in the US, occasionally finding itself inside the top 50. Notable Aidans include actors Aidan Quinn (Elementary) and Aidan Gallagher (The Umbrella Academy).
  2. Brian: The male counterpart of Brianna, Brian has a long and storied history with Ireland thanks to the king, Brian Boru. He’s most famous for putting an end to the Viking domination of Ireland in the 10th Century. No wonder it means “high noble”.
  3. Dylan: A Welsh name meaning “great tide” or “son of the sea”, Dylan has soared in popularity in recent years. Well-known Dylans include the poet Dylan Thomas (who inspired Robert Zimmerman to change his name to Bob Dylan) and the actors Dylan McDermott and Dylan Sprouse.
  4. Owen: Got yourself a boy bump who’s kicking like crazy? Then you can’t go wrong with “Owen” which means “young fighter.” A now regular top 25 name in the US, you’ve got to think actor Owen Wilson has played a small part in this Welsh name’s meteoric rise.
  5. Kevin: Irish in origin, Kevin can mean “gentle” or “handsome”. A top 20 name in the US during the 50s, 60s, and 70s, it recently fell out of the top 100. But with the likes of Kevin Durant and Kevin Jonas on the scene, it won’t be long until it’s back.

More Celtic boy names

  1. Ainmuire: Meaning “great lord” in Irish. Pronounced en-mweer.
  2. Alastair. This popular Scottish Gaelic name can also be spelled Alasdair, and means “defender of men.”
  3. Angus: Meaning “choice” in Scottish Gaelic.
  4. Athair: The Irish name for “father”.
  5. Banagher: Meaning “pointed hill” or “mountain” in Irish. Pronounced ban-a-ger.
  6. Blaine: Meaning “yellow” in Scottish Gaelic.
  7. Boyd: Meaning “blond” in Irish.
  8. Bradan: Meaning “salmon” in Irish. 🎣
  9. Brady: Meaning “spirited” in Irish.
  10. Brennan: Meaning “sorrow” in Irish.
  11. Brónach or Bronagh: Meaning “sorrowful” in Irish. Pronounced bro-nah.
  12. Caden: Meaning “spirit of war” in Welsh.
  13. Cairbre: Meaning “chariot driver” in Irish. Pronounced ker-bruh.
  14. Callahan: Meaning “lover of churches” or “bright-headed leader” in Irish.
  15. Caoimhín: Meaning “noble” in Irish. Pronounced kevin.
  16. Caolan: Meaning “slender” in Irish. Pronounced kee-lun.
  17. Cargan: Meaning “little rock” in Irish.
  18. Cathair: Meaning “soldier” in Irish.
  19. Ceallach: Meaning “bright-headed” in Irish. Pronounced kel-ah.
  20. Ciar: Meaning “dark one” in Irish. Pronounced kee-ur.
  21. Ciaran: Meaning “little dark one” in Irish. Pronounced keer-uhn.
  22. Cillian: Meaning “little church” in Irish. Pronounced kill-ee-uhn.
  23. Coinneach: Meaning “handsome” in Scottish Gaelic, a version of Kenneth, pronounced con-yach.
  24. Cormac: Meaning “son of the charioteer” in Irish.
  25. Diarmuid: Meaning “without enemy” in Irish. Pronounced der-mud.
  26. Domhnall: Meaning “world ruler” in Gaelic.
  27. Douglas: Meaning “dark stream” in Scottish Gaelic.
  28. Eoghan: Meaning “born from the yew tree”, the Irish Gaelic version of Owen.
  29. Feoras: Meaning “rock” in Irish. Pronounced fer-iss.
  30. Finn: Meaning “fair” in Irish.
  31. Fionn: Meaning “fair” in Irish Gaelic.
  32. Gavin: Meaning “falcon” in Scottish.
  33. Geraint: Meaning “old man” in Welsh.
  34. Gethin: Meaning “dark” in Welsh.
  35. Gordon: Meaning “spacious fort” in Scottish.
  36. Graham: Meaning “gray home” in Scottish.
  37. Huw: Meaning “heart” in Welsh.
  38. Ian: Meaning “God is gracious”, the Scottish version of John.
  39. Idris: Meaning “ardent lord” in Welsh.
  40. Keith: Meaning “forest” in Scottish.
  41. Lee: Meaning “poem” from the Irish Gaelic word laoidh.
  42. Llywelyn: Meaning “leader” in Welsh. Also spelled Llewellyn.
  43. Malcolm: Meaning “follower of Saint Columba” in Scottish Gaelic.
  44. Niall: Meaning “champion” in Irish. Pronounced nye-ahl.
  45. Patrick: Meaning “noble” in Irish.
  46. Riordan: Meaning “royal poet” in Irish. Pronounced ree-or-duhn.
  47. Roy: Meaning “red” or “king” in Irish.
  48. Sean: Meaning “God is gracious”, the Irish version of John.
  49. Seoras: Meaning “farmer” in Irish. Pronounced sho-ruhs.
  50. Shaughnessy: Meaning “elusive” in Irish.
  51. Sionn: Meaning “fox” in Irish. Pronounced shon.
  52. Struan: Meaning “stream” in Scottish.
  53. Sullivan: Meaning “hawk-eyed” in Irish.
  54. Tigernach or Tighearnach: Meaning “lord” in Irish. Pronounced teer-nahk.
  55. Torin or Torrin: Meaning “chief” in Irish.
  56. Trevor: Meaning “big settlement” in Welsh.
  57. Tynan: Meaning “dark” or “dusty” in Irish.
  58. Tyran: Meaning “dark” in Irish.
  59. Tyrone: Meaning “land of the yew tree” in Irish.
  60. Uaine: Meaning “green”. Pronounced “wain” in Irish.

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Gender-neutral Celtic names

And if you’re looking for some unisex Celtic names, you could add these to the shortlist:

  1. Aibhne: Meaning “just” in Irish. Pronounced eev-nee.
  2. Aindrea: Meaning “man” in Irish. Pronounced een-dree-ah.
  3. Aled: Meaning “offspring” in Welsh.
  4. Ardal: Meaning “bear-like honor” in Irish.
  5. Bowen: Meaning “son of Owen” in Welsh.
  6. Branna: Meaning “prince” in Irish Gaelic.
  7. Briley: Meaning “noble” in Irish.
  8. Brody. This distinctive Gaelic baby name has held its place in the top 200 baby names in the United States and belongs to the famous Jenner sibling, Brody. It can also be spelled Brodie and means “ditch” or “muddy place.”
  9. Brogan: Meaning “sturdy shoe” in Irish. 👞
  10. Bryn: Meaning “hill” in Welsh.
  11. Casey: Meaning “vigilant”, from the Irish Gaelic word cathasaigh.
  12. Dáire: Meaning “fertile” in Irish. Pronounced dah-ruh.
  13. Delaney: Meaning “dark river” in Irish.
  14. Dillon: Meaning “loyal” in Irish.
  15. Emyr: Meaning “king” in Welsh.
  16. Enda: Meaning “like a bird” in Irish.
  17. Fiachra: Meaning “raven” in Irish. Pronounced fee-uh-kra.
  18. Gráinne or Grian: Meaning “the sun” in Irish. Pronounced grah-nyuh.
  19. Kerry: Meaning “black-haired” in Irish.
  20. Logan: Meaning “little hollow” in Scottish Gaelic.
  21. Madigan: Meaning “little dog” in Irish.
  22. Miach: Meaning “proud” in Irish. Pronounced mee-ah.
  23. Morgan: Meaning “sea circle” in Welsh.
  24. Oisin: Meaning “small deer” in Irish. Pronounced oh-sheen.
  25. Oran: Meaning “light” in Irish.
  26. Orrin: Meaning “green” in Irish.
  27. Quinn: Meaning “child of the intelligent one” in Irish.
  28. Reagan: Meaning “little king” in Irish.
  29. Rowan: Meaning “red-haired”, from the Irish word ruadhán.
  30. Ruaidhr: Meaning “red king” in Irish. Pronounced roar-ree.
  31. Ruairí: Meaning “red-haired king” in Irish. Pronounced roar-ree.
  32. Sheehan: Meaning “peaceful” in Irish. Pronounced shee-un.
  33. Suibhne: Meaning “pleasant” in Irish. Pronounced swee-nee.
  34. Tadhg: Meaning “poet” in Irish. Pronounced tie-guh.
  35. Teagan: Meaning “poet” in Irish.
  36. Teague or Teige: Meaning “beautiful” in Irish.
  37. Tiergan: Meaning “strong-willed” in Irish.
  38. Tiernan: Meaning “master” in Irish.
  39. Tierney: Meaning “lord” in Irish.
  40. Turlough: Meaning “helper” in Irish. Pronounced tur-low.

What is the Celtic name for warrior?

  1. Caelan: Meaning “powerful warrior” in Irish Gaelic.
  2. Cuchulain: Meaning “Culan’s hound” or “Culan’s warrior” in Irish, pronounced coo-hull-un.
  3. Duncan: Meaning “brown warrior” in Scottish Gaelic.
  4. Laoise: Meaning “famous warrior” in Irish. Pronounced lee-sha.
  5. Murphy: Meaning “sea-warrior” in Irish.

What Celtic names mean love?

  1. Carys: Meaning “love” in Welsh.
  2. Dafydd: Meaning “beloved” in Welsh.
  3. Grá: Meaning “love” in Irish.
  4. Myrna: Meaning “beloved” in Irish.

Ancient Celtic names

After some old Celtic names steeped in history and culture?

Feast your eyes on these:

  1. Abbán: Meaning “little abbot” in Irish.
  2. Ailill: Meaning “elf” in Irish.
  3. Aneirin: Meaning “golden” in Welsh.
  4. Angharad: Meaning “beloved” in Welsh.
  5. Bébinn: Meaning “fair woman” in Irish.
  6. Berach: Meaning “sharp” in Irish.
  7. Brychan: Meaning “freckled” in Welsh.
  8. Cadfan: Meaning “battle peak” in Welsh.
  9. Caíndelbán: Meaning “handsome image” in Irish.
  10. Cathal: Meaning “battle” in Irish.
  11. Cennétig: Meaning “armored head” in Irish.
  12. Cian: Meaning “ancient” in Irish. Pronounced kee-un.
  13. Cináed: Meaning “born of fire” in Scottish.
  14. Conall: Meaning “ruled by wolves” in Irish.
  15. Donndubán: Meaning “dark brown” in Irish.
  16. Eithne: Meaning “grain” in Irish, pronounced en-yuh.
  17. Énna: Meaning “bird” in Irish.
  18. Feidlimid: Meaning “always good” in Irish.
  19. Fergus: Meaning “strong one” in Scottish Gaelic.
  20. Gormlaith: Meaning “blue princess” in Irish.
  21. Gwrtheyrn: Meaning “supreme king” in Welsh.
  22. Iorwerth: Meaning “worthy lord” in Welsh.
  23. Lonán: Meaning “little blackbird” in Irish.
  24. Muirgel: Meaning “bright sea” in Irish.
  25. Rígbarddán: Meaning little poet of the king” in Irish.
  26. Sadb: Meaning “sweet” in Irish.
  27. Síthmaith: Meaning “peaceful and good” in Irish.
  28. Taran: Meaning “thunder” in Welsh.
  29. Túathal: Meaning “ruler of the people” in Irish.
  30. Tuathflaith: Meaning “people’s princess” in Irish.
  31. Ultán: Meaning “Ulster” in Irish.

Celtic mythology names

How about taking inspiration from Celtic myth and legend?

We’re talking gods, goddesses, and beings from Celtic history.

  1. Aengus: After Aengus Og, the Celtic god of beauty, love, and youth.
  2. Aibell: A Celtic guardian spirit.
  3. Áine: Meaning “radiance” in Irish. Pronounced awn-ya. After the Celtic goddess of love, beauty, and youth, Áine of Knockaine.
  4. Arawn: The king of the underworld in Welsh mythology.
  5. Brân: Meaning “raven” in Welsh, also a giant in Welsh Celtic mythology.
  6. Brigid or Brighid: After the Celtic Irish goddess of fire, pronounced bree-zh or breed.
  7. Cailleach: Celtic goddess of disease and plague.
  8. Dagda: Celtic god of the earth.
  9. Danu: Celtic mother goddess.
  10. Diancecht: Celtic god of healing and medicine.
  11. Eostre: Celtic goddess of spring (where the name Easter came from).
  12. Epona: Celtic goddess of horses.
  13. Ériu: Mother goddess of Ireland.
  14. Goibhniu: Celtic god of blacksmiths.
  15. Lugh: Celtic god of the harvest.
  16. Macha: Celtic goddess of war, death, and life.
  17. Morrigan: Meaning “great queen” in Irish. Also the name of the Celtic goddess of war and fate.
  18. Rhiannon: Meaning “great queen” in Welsh, Rhiannon was also a Welsh goddess of the Otherworld.
  19. Teyrnon: Welsh Celtic god and lord of the Kingdom of Gwent.

Unique Celtic names

There are lots of Celtic names you won’t hear elsewhere, here are our top picks for the rarest:

  1. Amergin: Meaning “born of song” in Irish. ♂️
  2. Airell: Meaning “nobleman” in Irish. Pronounced er-ell. ♂️♀️
  3. Airleas. This stunning name means “oath” in Gaelic. ♀️
  4. Asthore: Meaning “treasure” in Irish. Pronounced uh-zoor. ♂️♀️
  5. Awnan: Meaning “little Adam” or “son of Adam” in Irish. Pronounced or-nun. ♂️
  6. Brawley: Meaning “beast” in Irish. ♂️
  7. Brede: Meaning “exalted” in Irish. Pronounced bree-duh. ♂️♀️
  8. Calbhach or Calvagh: Meaning “bald” in Irish. Pronounced col-vak. ♂️
  9. Ciniod: Meaning “born of fire” in Irish. Pronounced chee-nud. ♂️
  10. Clidhna or Cliona: Meaning “shapely” in Irish. Pronounced klee-nah. ♀️
  11. Daithí: Meaning “swiftness” in Irish. Pronounced daw-hee. ♂️
  12. Deirbhile: Meaning “daughter of a poet” in Irish. Pronounced der-vill. ♀️
  13. Eachna: Meaning “horse” in Irish. Pronounced ahk-nah. ♀️
  14. Eimear: Meaning “swift” in Irish. Pronounced ee-mer. ♀️
  15. Feardorcha: Meaning “dark complexion” in Irish. Pronounced fur-dor-kuh. ♂️♀️
  16. Fidelma: Meaning “faithful” in Irish. ♀️
  17. Kiandra: Meaning “ancient” or “magical water” in Irish. ♀️
  18. Laisren: Meaning “my light” in Irish Gaelic, pronounced las-rain. ♂️♀️
  19. Laoghaire: Meaning “herding calf” in Irish. Pronounced lee-ree. ♂️♀️
  20. Maille. This adorable Irish name is a rare treasure and means “pearl”. ♀️
  21. Muirne: Meaning “high-spirited” in Irish. Pronounced mweern. ♂️♀️
  22. Ormanda: Meaning “descendent of the red one” in Irish. ♀️
  23. Ronat: Meaning “seal” in Irish. Pronounced rah-naht. ♂️♀️
  24. Saeran: Meaning “noble” in Irish. Pronounced say-ruhn. ♂️♀️
  25. Saraid: Meaning “excellent” in Irish. Pronounced shuh-ray. ♀️
  26. Senán: Meaning “old” or “wise” in Irish. Pronounced seh-nuhn. ♂️
  27. Tarmon: Meaning “church land” in Irish. ♂️
  28. Verlin: Meaning “farthing coin” in Irish. ♂️

There you have it, mama — 259 inspiring Celtic names to choose from.

Which are your favorites? Share them with your fellow mamas on Peanut.

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