What is Cervix Penetration? Is It Even Possible?

What is Cervix Penetration? Is It Even Possible?

It’s something that sounds like it’s from the shadier parts of the internet: cervix penetration.

But is it even possible?

And if it is, does it hurt?

Or cause any damage?

Let’s find out the ins and outs (pun intended) of cervical penetration, together.

In this article: 📝

  • Is cervix penetration possible?
  • What are cervix penetration symptoms?
  • Can you feel when someone touches your cervix?
  • Can cervix penetration feel good?
  • What if your cervix is penetrated during pregnancy?

Is cervix penetration possible?

Let’s get the basics out of the way first: technically, no, cervix penetration isn’t actually possible.

You can touch the cervix, during sex or a cervical exam, but entering the cervix can’t happen.

This is because the opening to the cervix is teeny, big enough to allow sperm to enter and menstrual blood to exit your uterus, but small enough to keep the penis out.

Some people enjoy the sensation of touching their cervix, but for others, it can be uncomfortable or painful — we all like different things, after all.

If you’re feeling pain from deeper penetration during sex, or any other activity in your vaginal canal, it could be that something’s hit your cervix, rather than penetrating it.

So, can a penis enter the cervix?

No, it’s not possible.

What are cervix penetration symptoms?

Well, as we mentioned before, it’s not possible to “penetrate” your cervix.

But it’s definitely possible to hit or even bruise it.

If you think something’s hit your cervix during penetrative sex or something else going deep into your vaginal canal, you might notice:

But if you’re worried about any pain or unusual symptoms, it’s best to check in with your doctor, just in case.

Can you feel when someone touches your cervix?

Yes, many women can feel when something touches their cervix, particularly when applying a little pressure.

For some, it feels pleasurable — and can sometimes lead to a cervical orgasm.

For some, it feels uncomfortable or even painful — if that’s the case, stop straight away.

And for others, it might just feel like a slight pressure — not pleasurable or painful either way.

You might even find that touching your cervix at different times in your menstrual cycle can have different results.

Can cervix penetration feel good?

Well, cervix penetration isn’t possible, but touching your cervix can feel good for some women.

Others might find it doesn’t feel as good — maybe even painful.

Listen to your body, you know what you like best.

But if cervix penetration does feel good for you, just be sure that you’re not introducing potentially nasty bacteria into your vaginal canal.

So if you’re planning on deeper penetration with a finger or sex toy, make sure they’re clean before they see any action.

What if your cervix is penetrated during pregnancy?

It’s not possible to penetrate your cervix, even during pregnancy — although, during labor, your cervix will dilate, but it’s best to avoid any sort of penetration if you’re dilating.

If you’re pregnant, don’t worry about deep penetration potentially hurting baby — your cervix is doing its new job of protecting baby here.

But if you’re concerned at all, it’s worth checking the limits of penetration with your doctor or OB-GYN.

Can hitting the cervix cause miscarriage?

It’s not likely, but severe cervical trauma can increase the risk of pregnancy loss, yes.

But touching your cervix during pregnancy shouldn’t cause any issues — as long as you’re not too rough to cause bruising.

If you think your cervix has been hit and possibly bruised, speak with your doctor, especially if you notice any bleeding, unusual discharge, or pain.

So there you have it — cervical penetration isn’t actually possible, but hitting and hurting your cervix certainly is.

But, as always, if you’re worried about anything to do with your cervical health (or any health, for that matter), have a chat with your doctor.

And if you want someone to talk to, the Peanut Community is always here, and we’re having the conversation.


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