Best Child Proof Cabinet Locks: What to Know

Best Child Proof Cabinet Locks: What to Know

Is your little one ready to start exploring? We check out the best child proof cabinet locks to keep tiny fingers out of harm’s way.
Your baby is starting to explore the world and taking their first steps.

It’s an exciting time — and, let’s be honest, a little terrifying too!

Keeping them safe can be a full-time job.

Luckily, baby-proofing gadgets make it easier.

And that’s where child proof cabinet locks come in.

These clever devices stop little fingers from getting into places they shouldn’t.

Cabinets containing medicines, cleaning products, flatware — you name it, you can keep them off-limits.

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  • What makes a good child proof cabinet lock?
  • How do you childproof a cabinet door?
  • How do I childproof my kitchen cabinets?
  • How do I stop my baby from opening drawers?
  • What are the best child locks for cupboards?
  • Child proof cabinet locks: the bottom line

What makes a good child proof cabinet lock?

There are lots of different kinds of child proof cabinet locks out there.

Whatever type you choose, it’s, unfortunately, going to mean some minor inconvenience for you and the adult members of your family.

So good locks strike a balance.

They’re too tricky for toddlers but don’t require Rubik’s Cube solving levels of genius to open.

Depending on where you’re putting them, you may want them to be unobtrusive too.

And different types can be easier than others to install and remove.

How do you childproof a cabinet door?

There are four main types of child safety locks.

Strap locks

Strap locks stick to your cabinet door, stopping it from opening when pulled.

They can be used on drawers too.

They attach to the outside, so they’re always visible.

And they’re not the best on painted or varnished cupboards.

The sticky pads can sometimes be a bit too sticky for those finishes.

Slide locks

Slide locks fit around knobs on cabinets.

They’re easy for you to unlock but not so easy for your toddler.

Like strap locks, they’re always on display.

And they need to be fitted around knobs on adjacent cabinet doors.


Spring action

Spring action locks sit inside the cabinet.

Some have to be screwed in place, while others come with self-adhesive tabs.

You open the door by holding it ajar and pressing on the latch.

That means you need both hands to do it.

Magnetic locks

Magnetic locks are another invisible option.

They sit inside the cabinet and require a special key to unlock them.

Easy enough — provided the key doesn’t go missing.

How do I childproof my kitchen cabinets?

Any of these childproof locks can work well for kitchen cabinets.

Magnetic locks are a good out-of-sight option.

They can also be operated one-handed.

Just make sure you keep the key somewhere you can find it easily.

Spring action locks won’t affect the appearance of your kitchen either.

But you’ll need both hands to open your cabinets — not always easy!

And if you’ve got painted cupboards, watch out for locks that use self-adhesive pads.

The glue can damage the finish.

That might not be a problem with locks that fit inside the door.

But for strap or slide options, any chips in the paintwork will be plain to see.

How do I stop my baby from opening drawers?

Not all locks will work well with drawers.

Strap or slide locks need to be positioned carefully.

If you put them around adjacent knobs, it may be possible for your little one to pull out two drawers together.

And if the straps are flexible, little hands can get into the bottom drawer as well as the top one.

That can also be a recipe for trapped fingers.

But they can work if the strap is flexible and you can get to the side of the drawer unit.

One end of the strap can then go on the front of the drawer and the other on the side.

Magnetic locks may be a better option as they work just as well on drawers as on cabinets.

What are the best child locks for cupboards?

So what are the best child proof cabinet locks around?

We’ve searched out four great products for your shortlist.

1. Munchkin XtraGuard Strap Locks

The flexible straps on Munchkin’s XtraGuard locks mean they can be used just about anywhere, including around corners.

And they can be used for drawers, as long as you can get to the side of the drawer unit.

You need to press two buttons at once to release the latch, so they’ll outfox even older toddlers.

The sticky tabs mean these are easy to install.

But take care with painted cabinets.

And it’s important to think about how to remove child proof cabinet locks too.

Self-adhesive pads mean having to clean off the sticky residue that’s left behind.

2. QT Baby Cabinet Slide Locks

These slide locks use double safety buttons, making them easy for adults but impossible for smaller kids.

They’re simple to install, with no drilling or sticky pads to spoil your paintwork.

Just make sure you follow the instructions.

If you put the lock on the wrong way around, it can slide straight off.

They’re good for knobs or handles that are next to each other and between an inch and six inches apart.

But they aren’t suitable for use with drawers.

3. Benny Bradley’s Cabinet Latch Locks

These spring-loaded locks work brilliantly with kitchen cabinets.

They have an extra long arm, so overhanging countertops won’t get in the way.

And they’ll handle up to 20 pounds of pull tension, so they’re robust enough for even the mightiest toddler.

If you’re worried about how to install child proof cabinet locks, these are as easy as they come.

Just peel off the backing paper and stick them in place.

But make sure you place them in the correct position!

You’ll have to get out a hairdryer to soften the glue before you can reposition or remove them.

4. Vmaisi Magnetic Cabinet Locks

These magnetic locks come with a template and self-adhesive pads, making them super-easy to install.

You get twelve locks in a pack too, so it’s an economical option.

They’re completely invisible.

And while the usual issues with painted surfaces and sticky pads apply, everything is inside the cupboard.

If there’s any damage, you won’t see it when the door is closed.

Each pack contains just two keys to unlock the doors.

But if you misplace them, any strong magnet will do the job.

Child proof cabinet locks: the bottom line

When it comes to child proof cabinet locks, the right choice is simply the one that works best for you.

In an ideal world, you’d install them before your little one starts toddling.

But don’t sweat it if they’ve already reached this milestone.

It’s never too late for good locks to save you a lot of worry!

All the best, mama. ❤️

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