Childs Farm’s Complete Guide to Baby Sleep Routines

Childs Farm’s Complete Guide to Baby Sleep Routines

This article is sponsored by Childs Farm, a supporter of Peanut and women alike.

Welcome to the ultimate guide for babies’ sleep routines! 💤

If you need some help getting a tired babe down for the night, or you’re wondering how you can improve your little babe’s sleep routine, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to spill the tea on the importance of a great sleep routine from the get-go, and how Childs Farm’s SlumberTime™ range can help both you and your newborn get a better night’s sleep.

Childs Farm specialise in gentle, natural and effective skincare products - fuelled by a mother’s love for finding a solution to her daughter’s sensitive skin.

And now, she’s passing it on to you! 👏

Quick caveat before we start: if you’re ever in doubt about your baby’s sleep or their health at all, always consult with healthcare professionals first.

So, with so much to share, where shall we start?!

We’ll cover why sleep routines are so important, and then we’ll jump straight into passing on our top tips on the best sleep routines for little babes. 😴

And, if this routine works for you, why not pass on the gift of sleep to other sleepy parents, too? 🎁

In this article: 📝

  • Why is a sleep routine so important for babies?
  • So, what’s a good sleep routine?
  • How does the SlumberTime™ range help babies sleep?
  • Top tips for a restful night’s sleep:
  • Pass on the gift of sleep to a parent in need🎁
  • Why Childs Farm?
  • What next?

Why is a sleep routine so important for babies?

It may seem a basic question, but a good, consistent sleep routine is such a powerful tool to have, and it can never be spoken about too much.

So much so, in fact, that the NHS says from 3 months onwards, having a bedtime routine can help babies sleep at night.

They also suggest that a soothing and relaxing routine (that includes a warm bath and massage – more on this later👇) can help a baby learn that it is time for sleep.

So, in short, establishing that great sleep routine from early-on can help your newborn baby naturally settle into dreamland all that easier as they grow up…

And, in turn, it helps mama get that much-needed kip, too. 😴

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So, what’s a good sleep routine?

That’s where Childs Farm steps in…

Enter, the SlumberTime™ 3-step routine. 🙏

Help to prepare your baby for a restful night’s sleep with their dreamy 3-step bedtime routine.

This gentle lavender and moon milk fragranced regime combines DreamScentz™ sleep-enhancing fragrance technology along with nature’s skin nourishing ingredients – aiding sleep and moisturising precious skin. 🌜

Step 1: Soak 🛁

The first step is a relaxing soak in the bath.

Begin with a warm bath using the velvety bath soak, with clinically proven 12-hour hydration.

The long-lasting bubbles feel silky on delicate skin, whilst the natural cleansers leave skin feeling soft and hydrated. 🫧

Step 2: Soothe 🧈*

Next, it’s time to lock in that moisture with the calming massage lotion, with clinically proven 24-hour moisturisation.

Rich in shea butter, this innovative cream transforms into an oil that melts into delicate skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and soothed.

Step 3: Snooze 💤

Finally, it’s time to make bedtime magical…

Cue, the sleep mist – every parent’s secret weapon for a peaceful night’s sleep. 🙌

This unique lavender & moon milk fragrance has been created using DreamScentz™ sleep enhancing fragrance technology to help aid sleep.

Wrapping baby up in a cloud of sleepy magic, it’s the perfect way to complete the bedtime routine. ⛅

So, if you’re wondering how to get your baby into a sleep routine with ease, we think this Childs Farm sleep routine could be perfect for you. ✨

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How does the SlumberTime™ range help babies sleep?

So, now you’ve got the sleep routine locked in, what’s the science behind it? 👩‍🔬

Created using DreamScentz™ sleep-enhancing fragrance technology, the SlumberTime™ three-step routine is fragranced with lavender and moon milk, and is here to help settle babies – giving them the sleep they need to learn and develop.

Sleep experts at Givaudan carry out ground-breaking research to understand the well-being benefits of different fragrances.

The master perfumer then uses this research to develop a unique fragrance blend using their DreamScentz™ technology.

How the fragrance helps you and baby:

  • Prepares you for a good night’s sleep by creating a calm atmosphere. 🧘
  • Helps you fall asleep faster and for longer. 🥱
  • Improves the quality of sleep. 💤
  • Leaves you waking up feeling refreshed after your sleep. 😃

Top tips for a restful night’s sleep:

So, although you’re kitted out with your 3-step SlumberTime™ routine, there are other things you can be doing to help baby along to dreamland, too.

Tip 1: Rise and shine, baby!

Although it sounds easier said than done (of course, some babies wake you rather than you waking them… 🙃), but try to wake your baby at the same time every morning.

This helps your baby’s internal body clock so they will naturally fall into a morning nap routine more easily.

Tip 2: Consistent siestas 🇪🇸

Keep an eye out for signs your baby is getting sleepy. 🥱

Every baby is different, but often jerking arms or rubbing eyes is a good indication.

If you spot these signs, try to put your baby down for a nap when you can.

If they’re having short naps, you can always try to extend these by 5-10 minutes if they seem really sleepy.

Tip 3: Maintain a healthy bedtime routine 📖

Choose around four things that can be done in order, and stick to them.

For example, you could do the Soak, Soothe and Snooze routine, but you can also include a bedtime story in this routine to help them wind down for a peaceful slumber.

Whatever you choose, try and keep it consistent for your little babe.

Tip 4: Environment is key! 🎵

Babies respond to their environments just as we do at night!

Placing baby in a dark room, with a cool temperature and comfortable clothes is a great start.

Want to drown out the hustle and bustle of the house?

White noise machines are great to keep baby in dreamland, but also give you the flexibility to accidentally clang a pan in the kitchen without screaming starting.

Also, using a comforting fragrance, such as lavender, will help to calm your baby before bed.

Tip 5: Consider baby’s journey into sleep 💤

Each baby is different. 🤷‍♀️

Some babies like to be fed or rocked before they drift off to sleep.

And, sometimes, what’s worked before may not work every time… 🫠

So, if this isn’t working for whatever reason, switch it up and test out other wind-down routines to find what works best for you.

You could try a warm, fragrant bath to bring your baby’s body temperature down before nap time - made even better with Childs Farm’s SlumberTime™ bath soak. 🛁

Pass on the gift of sleep to a parent in need🎁

Know a mama who needs more sleep?

(That’s like asking if the sky is blue, we know… 🙃)

According to a recent study, new parents lost 550 hours of sleep* in the first 6 months of our baby’s life. 🤯

Well, sleep-deprived parents, this one’s for you because the Childs Farm SlumberTime™ range is also available as part of a gift set.

Carefully packaged in a beautifully designed & fully recyclable box, this gift is complete with a QR code that guides parents through hints and tips and a specially crafted Spotify sleep playlist. 🎵

So, you’ll have everything needed to encourage a restful night’s sleep.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Childs Farm also has the perfect gift for you to treat mum, as well as the new bundle of joy in her life!

So, if you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift or a gift for a new parent, it’s right here.

In the Childs Farm Mum & Baby gift, you’ll find a moment of self-care for mum alongside a calming bedtime routine for baby.

A curated selection of the Sanctuary Spa Wellness Range and the

dreamy SlumberTime™ range from Childs Farm.

Not only that, but the Childs Farm Mum & Baby Gift has also been given the seal of approval from their very own brand ambassador, mum of three, Vogue Williams. ⭐⭐⭐

What’s included:

As you already know, it’s kitted out with Childs Farm’s SlumberTime™ 3-step routine, the perfect tool for any baby’s sleep routine. ☝️

But what about self-care for mama, too?

Once your little one is tucked up in bed, it’s time for a few moments of self-care with Sanctuary Spa.

The heavenly blend of Jasmine, Violet & Sandalwood is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster. 🥱

🚿 Step 1:

First, hop into the bath or shower for a luxurious soak with a nourishing honey-like texture shower oil, taking mama from ‘tired out’ to ‘time out’…

Locked in with 48-hour moisture to ensure every precious moment of self-care counts.

🧈 Step 2:

Then, use a heavy slather of decadently rich body butter…

This is packed full of skin-pleasing oils and butter, leaving skin cocooned in a sleep-enhancing scent.

Why Childs Farm?

So, if the 3-step baby sleep routine and gift sets haven’t sold you already, you may be wondering, why Childs Farm?

Well, in short, it’s because of how much they care.

They offer solution-based ranges that have been created for parents who may be struggling with their child’s skin and sleep.

All of their products are suitable for sensitive skin and are paediatrician and dermatologist-approved as suitable for all skin types.

They’re even suitable for those who may be prone to eczema. ✅

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Childs Farm is also environmentally conscious, too.

While caring for the sleep quality and precious skin of babies and children out there, they are dedicated to caring for our planet, too. 🌍

That’s why their SlumberTime™ range has been given the seal of approval from The Vegan Society and is approved as cruelty-free through the Leaping Bunny Programme. 🐇

So, choosing Childs Farm is choosing to care for your family and the earth.

What next?

Want to browse their SlumberTimerange?

Or perhaps you’re considering passing on the gift of sleep to a fellow mama in need of a good night’s kip?

Childs Farm is your go-to.

Like us, they understand the realities of becoming a new parent and the challenges that come with it.

Their ranges have been designed specifically to make these challenges easier to face, whilst also using the very best formulas to be gentle on babies’ delicate skin.

Plus, the ranges are suitable from newborn upwards (except their suncream and SlumberTime sleep mist, which are both suitable from 6 months).

So, whatever your child’s skin type – whether they have sensitive skin, eczema-prone skin, or their skin isn’t sensitive at all – feel confident that your child can be happy in their own skin with this range.

Head on over to Childs Farm to learn more, and find out how you can pass on ‘the gift of sleep’ to other new parents, too.

And, don’t forget, conversations like these are happening in our Community every day.

Join us on Peanut now and join the conversation, too. 🥜

Childs Farm survey conducted by Survey Monkey in January 2023 across the UK with a sample of 500 parents, aged 18-50

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