149 Poignant Chinese Names and Meanings

149 Poignant Chinese Names and Meanings

Whether you’re looking for Chinese names to honor the Chinese heritage in your family or to celebrate your love of Chinese culture, there are so many choices to consider.

From ancient Chinese names to the contemporary and cool, there’s something to suit every baby-to-be.

But choosing the right name is a huge decision in Chinese culture and not one to be taken lightly.

Chinese baby names can have a spectacular variety of meanings, from flowers and precious stones to virtues like courage, intelligence, and peacefulness.

All the better for attracting good fortune and abundance in baby’s future.

It all depends on how you choose to strike the perfect balance.

To help you on your way, we’ve collected our favorite Chinese names and inspiration.

What will your baby’s name embody?

In this article: 📝

  • How are Chinese names chosen?
  • What are popular Chinese names?
  • What are some Chinese female names?
  • What are popular Chinese boy names?
  • Are there unisex Chinese names?
  • What are some cute Chinese names?
  • What is the coolest Chinese name?
  • What are some unique Chinese names?

How are Chinese names chosen?

The path towards finding baby’s perfect title in Chinese culture looks quite different to Western practices – and that includes how names are arranged.

Most parents follow the Chinese naming convention of placing the family name first followed by the given name.

Usually, this surname is one syllable or Chinese name character, while the given name can entail one or two.

So if you see a Chinese name with three syllables, you can trust the first syllable to be the person’s surname.

But that’s not all.

How Chinese names are chosen is influenced by a number of factors:

  • Chinese parents typically avoid naming a child after any older relatives, as this is considered to be disrespectful
  • Copying the name of a celebrity or historical figure is to be avoided, as it could bring the child bad luck
  • Speaking of luck, parents will often choose Chinese characters for names that reflect a happy and prosperous future for their baby
  • It’s also good practice to seek a unique combination of characters that harmonize with the character of their surname

This draw towards harmony can even play out between siblings as parents might name their newborn in a way that complements their other children.

So if the first child’s name contains the character meaning “sun”, the new baby might get a name containing the character for “star”. ⭐️

Beautifully thought out no?

What are popular Chinese names?

Equipped with new knowledge on how to enhance your baby’s name (and their future), let’s get into our Chinese name list.

Fun fact: It’s not uncommon for Chinese parents to seek out a fortune teller to find the luckiest character for their baby or even an astrologer to determine a name that complements baby’s birth time best.

We think a list of the more common Chinese names is a pretty good alternative:

What is a Chinese name for a boy?

Many Chinese names are gender-neutral, but certain names are more commonly given to boys than girls.

Here are the most common Chinese male names:

  1. Qiang: Meaning “strong” or “better”.
  2. Tao: Meaning “large wave” or “peach”.
  3. Ming: Meaning “enlightening”.
  4. Chang: Meaning “flourish” or “prosper”.
  5. Haoyu: Meaning “vast universe”.
  6. Bao: Meaning “treasure” or “gem”. 💎
  7. Li Jie: Meaning “to reason”.
  8. Feiyu: Meaning “one who flies across the universe”. Ambitious.
  9. Da: Meaning “intelligence”. 🤓
  10. Haoran: Meaning “vastness”.

What is a good Chinese girl name?

If you’re looking for a tried and tested name for your new daughter, here are some popular Chinese names for girls to consider:

  1. Fang: Meaning “fragrance” or “virtue”.
  2. Jing: Meaning “peaceful” or “tranquil”.
  3. Lei: Meaning “mound of rocks”, “great”, or “thunderous”.
  4. Li: Meaning “pretty” or “strength”.
  5. Min: Meaning “quick” or “clever”.
  6. Wei: Meaning “great”.
  7. Yan: Meaning “gorgeous, swallow bird”.
  8. Xiuying: Meaning “brave and beautiful”.

Now let’s dive deeper into some of the most common questions surrounding Chinese names and meanings:

What does the name Sun mean in Chinese?

Sun is traditionally a Chinese last name with various meanings depending on how it’s spelled. The most recognized meaning is “grandson” or “descendent”.

Is Mei a Chinese name?

Yes, Mei is a Chinese name, usually for baby girls, meaning “gorgeous” or “plum”.

What is the meaning of Xiao?

Xiao is usually part of a Chinese baby name, a prefix used to mean “little”. So you could have Xiao Dan for “little dawn” or Xiao Hui for “little wisdom”.

What Chinese name means lucky?

Wei Qi is a Chinese male name meaning “very lucky”.

Is Kai a Chinese name?

Yes, one of the origins of the gender-neutral name Kai is from China, meaning “victory”.

What is a Chinese name for love?

Ai: Meaning “lovable” or “affectionate.

Is Yuè a Chinese name?

Yue is a popular Chinese girls’ name meaning “moon”. It’s also a common last name overseas.

Is Zhang a first name?

Not traditionally, no. Zhang is actually one of the most common surnames in China, meaning “archer”. 🏹

What Chinese name means princess?

There aren’t really any Chinese names meaning “princess”, but the Chinese word for princess is Gongzhu.

What Chinese name means Jade?

There are actually a few Chinese names that mean “jade”, and they’re usually Chinese girls’ names:

  1. Biming: Meaning “clear as jade”.
  2. Daiyu: Meaning “black jade”.
  3. Le Qi: Meaning “music of the jade”.
  4. Lin: Meaning “beautiful jade”.
  5. Meng Yao: Meaning “dream” or “jade”.
  6. Meilin: Meaning “beautiful jade”.
  7. Mei Qi: Meaning “beauty of the jade”.
  8. Qi: Meaning “fine jade”.
  9. Yu: Meaning “jade”.
  10. Yu Ming: Meaning “brightness of the jade”.

What Chinese name means tiger?

After a Chinese name with the strength, ferocity, and beauty of the tiger? 🐯 How about:

  1. Baihu: Meaning “legendary white tiger”.
  2. Biao: Meaning “tiger stripes” or “small tiger”.
  3. Hu: Meaning “tiger”.
  4. Laohu: Meaning “tiger”.

What are some Chinese female names?

What is a good Chinese girl name? you ask.

Well, beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder, and there are some great Chinese girl names to choose from.

If you’d like your little one’s name to evoke the fragrance of flowers, you could go for Chu Hua (chrysanthemum) or Ju (daisy).

Or if you want to inspire her to grow up into a kind, strong person, you could pick Shu (warm-hearted) or Ting* (enduring).

Here are more Chinese baby girl names:

  1. Ah Lam: Meaning “peace”. ☮️
  2. An: Meaning “peace”.
  3. Chu Hua: Meaning “chrysanthemum”.
  4. Chyou: Meaning “fall”.
  5. Fen: Meaning “scent”.
  6. Jia Li: Meaning “good” and “beautiful”.
  7. Jia Yi: Meaning “auspicious”.
  8. Ju: Meaning “daisy”.
  9. Lan: Meaning “orchid”.
  10. Lan Fen: Meaning “scent of an orchid”.
  11. Liling: Meaning “sound of white jasmine”.
  12. Shu: Meaning “warmhearted”.
  13. Ting: Meaning “enduring”.
  14. Xin Yan: Meaning “beauty” and “health”.
  15. Xin Yi: Meaning “happy” or “quiet”.
  16. Yi Nuo: Meaning “one promise”.
  17. Zhan: Meaning “valuable”, “genuine”, or “innocent”.

What are popular Chinese boy names?

Traditional Chinese names for boys provide a wealth of choice for nature lovers, from Chaoxiang (expecting fortune) to Shanyuan (mountain source).

And you’ll also find plenty of Chinese male names to encourage your little boy in his future adventures, including Jianyu (building the universe) and Zixin (self-confidence).

Here are some other male Chinese names:

  1. Aiguo: Meaning “patriotic”.
  2. Bingwen: Meaning “bright and cultivated”.
  3. Bolin: Meaning “elder brother rain”.
  4. Chao: Meaning “surpass”.
  5. Chaoxiang: Meaning “expecting fortune”.
  6. Donghai: Meaning “eastern sea”.
  7. Feng: Meaning “sharp blade”, “wind”, or “summit”.
  8. Genghis: Meaning “just, righteous”.
  9. Guo: Meaning “country”.
  10. Hao: Meaning “prosperous”.
  11. Huizhong: Meaning “wise and loyal”.
  12. Jianyu: Meaning “building the universe”.
  13. Park: Meaning “the cypress tree”.
  14. Qianfan: Meaning “thousand sails”.
  15. Shanyuan: Meaning “mountain source”.
  16. Wen: Meaning “literate”.
  17. Xiaobo: Meaning “little wrestler”.
  18. Yichen: Meaning “grand sun” or “moon”.
  19. Yuchen: Meaning “universe with sun and moon”.
  20. Yuhang: Meaning “universe cruise”.
  21. Tuxuan: Meaning “high universe”.
  22. Zimo: Meaning “refined ink”.
  23. Zixin: Meaning “self-confidence”.

Are there unisex Chinese names?

As we saw above, many Chinese characters are used in the names of both boys and girls.

Once again, wonderful nature images and admirable personal qualities abound, from Chun (born in the spring) to Ming (enlightening).

Here are some gender-neutral Chinese names to choose from:

  1. Bo: Meaning “wavelike”.
  2. Chen: Meaning “break of the day”.
  3. Chun: Meaning “born in the spring”.
  4. Guang: Meaning “glorious”.
  5. Heng: Meaning “eternal”.
  6. Huan: Meaning “happiness”.
  7. Hui: Meaning “clever”.
  8. Jiang: Meaning “river”.
  9. Liu: Meaning “willow tree”.
  10. Ping: Meaning “peaceful, stable”.
  11. Qui: Meaning “fall”.
  12. Shan: Meaning “moderate”.
  13. Shi: Meaning “truthful”.
  14. Xiang: Meaning “fragrant, or circling in the air (like a bird)”.
  15. Xiaosheng: Meaning “little birth”.
  16. Xin: Meaning “wealth”.
  17. Xue: Meaning “snow or studious”.
  18. Yang: Meaning “sun”.
  19. Yanlin: Meaning “swallow forest or Beijing forest”.
  20. Ying: Meaning “flower” or “wise”.

What are some cute Chinese names?

If you’re looking for Chinese baby names with cute or quirky meanings, we’ve got a few of our favorites to share with you.

Here are some unique Chinese names for your little miracle:

  1. Ah Kum: Meaning “good as gold”. ♀️
  2. Chun Hua: Meaning “grace of spring”. ♀️
  3. Hong: Meaning “wild swan”. ♂️
  4. Hua: Meaning “flower”. Also the original name of the Chinese heroine, Hua Mulan, who you might know from Disney’s Mulan.
  5. Jaw-Long: Meaning “like a dragon”. ♂️
  6. Li: Mean “pretty”. ♀️
  7. Lian: Meaning “the graceful willow”. ♀️
  8. Mingxia: Meaning “bright glowing dawn clouds”. ♀️
  9. Mochou: Meaning “free from sadness”. ♀️
  10. Nuwa: Meaning “mother goddess”. ♀️
  11. Shoi-Ming: Meaning “life of sunshine”. ♂️
  12. Suyin: Meaning “unadorned sound”. ♀️
  13. Qiu: Meaning “fall”. ♀️
  14. Xiu: Meaning “graceful”. ♀️

What is the prettiest Chinese name?

With nature as a muse, and a naming tradition based on harmony and good fortune, Chinese names are among the most beautiful.

As for the prettiest, any one of these should do:

  1. Ya: Meaning “elegant”.
  2. Meiying: Meaning “beautiful flower”.
  3. Nuo: Meaning “gracious”.
  4. Hui Fen: Meaning “wise fragrance”.
  5. Hui Ying: Meaning “clever beauty”.

What is the coolest Chinese name?

Want to give your little one an edgier Chinese name?

How about these cool Chinese names with meanings:

  1. Chan Juan: Meaning “moon”.
  2. Cheng: Meaning “success”.
  3. Gang: Meaning “strong”. 💪
  4. Jia Hao: Meaning “wonderful hero”.
  5. Jun Jie: Meaning “outstanding”.
  6. Longwei: Meaning “dragon greatness”.
  7. Qiao Hui: Meaning “smart and wise”.
  8. Syaoran: Meaning “little wolf”. 🐺
  9. Yingyue: Meaning “reflection of the moon”.
  10. Zhi Peng: Meaning “legendary bird of wisdom”.

What are some unique Chinese names?

After something a little more unusual?

How about these rare and unique Chinese names:

  1. Bowen: Meaning “abundant”.
  2. Caihong: Meaning “sky rainbow”.
  3. Jilpa: Meaning “life’s teacher”.
  4. Pangfua: Meaning “heart-shaped clouds”.
  5. Qinyan: Meaning “heart’s sunshine”.
  6. Taio: Meaning “great person”.
  7. Wangshu: Meaning “comfortable hope”.
  8. Yuxuan: Meaning “high house”.
  9. Yuze: Meaning “rain”.
  10. Zhiruo: Meaning “angelica and rue”, two herbs important in Chinese culture.
  11. Zihan: Meaning “child”.

What is the rarest Chinese name?

What about a Chinese name that no other baby will have?

Well, it’s hard to tell what the rarest Chinese baby name is, but here are a few that aren’t likely to be heard on the playground:

  1. Baozhai Meaning “precious hairpin”.
  2. Caishen: Meaning “god of wealth”.
  3. Chonglin Meaning “second brother unicorn”.
  4. Fengge Meaning “phoenix pavilion”.
  5. Jingyi: Meaning “quiet harmony”.
  6. Jinhai: Meaning “golden sea”.
  7. Jun: Meaning “truth”.
  8. Kuàng: Meaning “bestow”.
  9. Lok: Meaning “joy”.
  10. Qing: Meaning “young”.
  11. Qiuyue: Meaning “fall moon”.
  12. Shufen: Meaning “good fragrance”.
  13. Tongguo: Meaning “by”.
  14. Xiulan: Meaning “beautiful orchid”.
  15. Yating: Meaning “elegant”.
  16. Yawen: Meaning elegant clouds”.
  17. Zixuan: Meaning “child”.

So, there you have it: 149 profound, beautiful Chinese baby names to choose from.

Feel free to brainstorm your picks with the women on Peanut(they love a solid name share).

Good luck!

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