60+ Cute Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

60+ Cute Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Santa’s not the only one who’s coming to town.

If you’ve got a baby on the way, you might want to make this a Christmas your loved ones will never forget by announcing your big news with some festive flair.

Whether you like to keep things casual or “extra” is your middle name, there are more ways to announce your pregnancy than there are needles on a Christmas tree.

Ready to get inspired? We’ll take you through our favorite Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas.

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  • What are some pregnancy announcement Christmas cards ideas?
  • How do you announce you are pregnant at Christmas?
  • What are some Christmas pregnancy announcement shirts?
  • What are the best Christmas-themed maternity shoot ideas?
  • How do you tell your husband you’re pregnant at Christmas?
  • What are the best Christmas pregnancy Instagram captions?
  • Baby is as big as… Christmas edition

How many weeks pregnant should you be before announcing?

You may have heard the old (roasted) chestnut that you must wait until you’re three months along before you let everyone know your big news.

So why should you wait 12 weeks to announce pregnancy?

The reasoning is that, after the first trimester, rates of pregnancy loss drop off pretty sharply.

The problem with this is that it stigmatizes pregnancy loss — an experience that is sadly very common.

It also perpetuates the idea that losing a pregnancy early is somehow less of a blow.

This can leave those who are TTC feeling isolated when what they really need is support.

The bottom line: you get to choose who you share your news with, when you do it, and how you do it.

And if your announcement happens to be around Christmas, all the merrier ‒ even if it’s not on the exact date, these all make fabulously festive winter pregnancy announcements.

What are some pregnancy announcement Christmas cards ideas?

Does your family send personalized holiday cards?

If you haven’t shared your news with your extended family yet, a pregnancy announcement Christmas card could be a great way to let them know.

Here are some ideas for pregnancy Christmas cards you can order online to share your news.

  1. Gingerbread Family ‘The More the Merrier’ card by Lalallama Studio
  2. ‘The More the Merrier’ maternity photoshoot Christmas card by RevlDesignCo
  3. ‘Your Christmas Gift is on Back Order’ Christmas card by EllaGraceDecor
  4. ‘Joy to the World’ Ultrasound Christmas card by DesignMyPartyStudio
  5. ‘Santa Isn’t the Only One Coming to Town’ pregnancy Christmas card by Cuten
  6. ‘Special Delivery’ pregnancy Christmas card by PastelPrintsDesign
  7. ‘The More the Merrier’ baubles pregnancy Christmas card by LalallamaStudio
  8. ‘Trading Silent Nights for Sleepless Nights’ Christmas card by PartyBeePrintables
  9. ‘Family of Three’ pregnancy Christmas card by ApplesAndElephants
  10. ‘The More the Merrier’ wreath pregnancy Christmas card by LoveLettersInkPress
  11. ‘The More the Merrier’ presents pregnancy Christmas card by LalallamaStudio

How do you announce you are pregnant at Christmas?

So what other ideas for Christmas pregnancy announcements are there?

Well, if you love the idea of seeing the looks on your friends’ and family’s faces when you surprise them with your news, combining their Christmas gift with your pregnancy announcement might be the strategy for you.

We’ve got Christmas gift pregnancy announcements, Christmas pregnancy announcement ornaments, and a whole Santa’s sack-full of Christmas pregnancy announcements for family.

Your little one’s future grandma, cool uncle, or favorite godparent is going to love it.

  1. A tree ornament. A pregnancy announcement Christmas decoration will give them an extra reason to smile whenever they look at their tree. You can add to their collection with a Baby’s First Christmas decoration next year. Here’s one of our favorites ‒ and it’s a set of three, so you can give each member of your family their own Christmas pregnancy announcement ornament to remember this moment forever.
  2. A mug. A mug or a glass with their new title would make a great keepsake. Don’t forget to fill it with the fixings for their favorite tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.
  3. An apron. If they’re going to spend Christmas morning whipping up a feast in the kitchen, let them open their gift early. That way they can wear it proudly and cook with a massive smile on their face.
  4. A jigsaw puzzle. Does your family like to break out the puzzles and board games on Christmas? A personalized puzzle with a pregnancy photo makes a great Christmas pregnancy announcement for the family.
  5. A T-shirt. This one works best for future big brothers or sisters. They can wear it now, and again for a photoshoot when their sibling arrives.

What are ideas for sibling Christmas pregnancy announcements?

And speaking of siblings. . .

Announcing your pregnancy to your other kids at Christmas might not be quite as magical as it is for future grandparents.

There’s a high chance they’ll be more interested in the presents they get to unwrap on the day.

But if your dates line up and you want to tell them around Christmas, there are some gifts you could consider:

  1. A book about waiting for the baby or about what life will be like after the baby arrives.
  2. A baby doll for them to practice holding, dressing, and bathing.

What are spontaneous Christmas pregnancy announcements?

If you prefer to go for something on the fly, or you’re in the middle of some last-minute Christmas shopping, why not try one of these low-key pregnancy announcement ideas?

  1. When you’re opening presents, tell them that theirs is on backorder — and they’ll have to wait until your due date to get it.
  2. Or just bring up in conversation that Christmas is going to look different next year because everyone’s getting a promotion.

What are some Christmas pregnancy announcement shirts?

If you want to don your gay apparel to announce your pregnancy over Christmas, you’ll definitely want to add these Christmas pregnancy announcement shirts to your wishlist to Santa:

  1. ‘Merry and Pregnant’ t-shirt by EXMIUN
  2. ‘Santa Baby’ long-sleeved t-shirt by Bhome Store
  3. ‘Baby’s First Christmas… on the Inside’ long-sleeved t-shirt by ManMan
  4. ‘Bump’s First Christmas’ t-shirt by Crazy Dog T-Shirt Store
  5. ‘Eating Christmas Cookies for Two’ t-shirt by Crazy Dog T-Shirt Store
  6. ‘Baking My Christmas Cookie’ t-shirt by Bloom Maternity Store
  7. ‘Guess What Santa’s Bringing Me’ t-shirt by Crazy Dog T-Shirt Store
  8. ‘Bumpity Bump Bump’ t-shirt by Crazy Dog T-Shirt Store
  9. Snowman Bump t-shirt by Crazy Dog T-Shirt Store
  10. ‘Merry Christmas’ Baby Feet t-shirt by Bloom Maternity Store
  11. ‘The More the Merrier’ t-shirt by HEYO

What are the best Christmas-themed maternity shoot ideas?

Want to host a Christmas pregnancy announcement photoshoot to add to your Christmas card or to post to social media?

We’ve got the best Christmas pregnancy ideas for you to choose from:

  1. Grab some Christmas mistletoe and hold it over your bump for your partner to kiss.
  2. Go classic with matching Christmas pajamas. His, hers, and a tiny set for your little one.
  3. Add an extra stocking to your fireplace, even if it won’t get filled until next Christmas.
  4. Hold your sonogram picture but, for a festive twist, draw a tiny Santa hat on your little one’s head.
  5. What gift is better than a new baby? Tie some Christmas ribbon around your belly and add a simple note: do not open until .
  6. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere you’ll get a white Christmas, build a snowman family to announce your news.
  7. And if you already have a kid (or a pet) that you’d like to include in your announcement, take a picture of them with a sign reading ‘Santa’s bringing me a little brother/sister!’
  8. Set up your Elf on the Shelf holding an ultrasound picture with a cheeky smile on it’s face.

How do you tell your husband you’re pregnant at Christmas?

If you’re after cute Christmas pregnancy announcements to tell your husband, wife, or partner, they don’t get much cuter than these:

  1. Put up an additional Christmas stocking for baby, like this one, without saying anything ‒ see how long it takes them to notice!
  2. Add a new Christmas ornament to the tree, right in the center, so they can see. We love this ornament that’s ‘from baby’.
  3. Give them a special present to open with a baby grow inside ‒ like this ‘Hello Daddy, See You Soon’ one by 7 ate 9 Apparel.
  4. Make them their usual Christmas coffee or tea (or hot cocoa if you’re feeling particularly festive) in a Dad Christmas mug, like this one by TeePublic.

What are the best Christmas pregnancy Instagram captions?

Looking for a classic and funny Christmas pregnancy announcement?

Christmas carols give you plenty of opportunities to play on words.

So if you’re keen to announce your pregnancy on social media around the festive season, feel free to use these merry and bright captions to share your news:

  1. The more the merrier.
  2. No more silent nights!
  3. I got my present from Santa early.
  4. Christmas cookie in the oven.
  5. Santa, baby!
  6. Jingle bells, jingle bells, baby’s on the way!
  7. Santa’s not the only one coming to town!
  8. Someone’s going to bring joy to the world!
  9. All I want for Christmas is you.
  10. Bumpin’ around the Christmas tree…
  11. Ho ho… oh!
  12. Our little snowflake is on the way.
  13. Best Christmas gift ever.
  14. Do not open until <date baby’s due>!
  15. It’s the most wonderful news of the year!
  16. The best presents aren’t under the tree this year.
  17. Eating Christmas cookies for two!
  18. Special delivery from Santa!

Baby is as big as… Christmas edition

Watching your pregnancy belly grow is incredible.

And lots of mamas like to take pictures week-by-week to track the changes, often holding fruit to represent how big their baby is.

If you’d like to incorporate this into your Christmas pregnancy announcement, here are some comparisons that might come in handy:

  • At 6 weeks, they’re 3mm long — as big as a snowflake.
  • At 8 weeks, they’re 15mm long — as big as a holly or mistletoe berry.
  • At 10 weeks, they’re 3cm long — as big as one of the lights on your Christmas tree.
  • At 16 weeks, they’re 11cm long — as big as a classic candy cane.
  • At 18 weeks, they’re 14cm long — as big as a European robin from a Christmas card.
  • At 22 weeks, they’re 27cm long — as big as a Christmas cracker.
  • And at 24 weeks, they’re already at 30cm — as big as a classic nutcracker doll.

However — and whenever — you choose to announce your pregnancy, happy holidays, mama-to-be.

And if you’re stuck with two different Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas, why not share your top picks with our other moms-to-be on Peanut to help you decide?

The happiest of holidays to you and your little peanut, mama!

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