60 Chic City Baby Names for Your Cosmopolitan Baby

60 Chic City Baby Names for Your Cosmopolitan Baby

Looking for city baby names that bring with them an urban charm? We’ve got you covered. Read on for our top picks — both popular and unique.
There are so many reasons to look to city names for inspiration for naming your new baby.

Perhaps you’d like to honor a specific town or city that has special significance in your life.

Or maybe you’d like to choose the name of a place you’ve always wanted to travel to.

Whatever your preferences, city names bring with them a whole landscape of life, love, and longing.

And there are so many possibilities on the table.

From popular city names that have been used as baby names for decades to more unique picks that will stand out from the crowd, there are urban options in every style.

Read on for our list of city baby names.

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  • City names for girls
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  • What are some unique city names?

What’s a city that’s also a girl’s name?

There are a number of glorious options on the list.

One of the more popular city girls’ names is Paris.

The name of the City of Love rose to fame as a baby name because it belongs to American socialite Paris Hilton.

Some other sought-after options include Brooklyn, Savannah and Charlotte.

And there are some great options for boys too!

Hello, Little Austin!

Let’s explore our favorite popular city names.

What is a popular city name?

Trust us — there will be some “Oh yes! That popular baby name is a city, too!” moments as you go through this list.

City names for girls

There are lots of city names for girls to choose from, so pick your favorite!

  1. Adelaide: The capital city of South Australia, Adelaide is a name with Old German roots that means “noble natured.”
  2. Alexandria: This ancient Egyptian city was founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great. The name is the feminine form of the popular name Alexander and means “defender of mankind.”
  3. Aurora: Aurora is the Roman goddess of the dawn. She’s also a town in Ontario, Canada, and another name for Sleeping Beauty.
  4. Bethany: This Palestinian town is in the West Bank. The name Bethany has Greek roots and means “house of figs.”
  5. Brooklyn: Technically, Brooklyn is a borough rather than a city, but it makes the list because it’s a great place name option. It means “small stream.”
  6. Charlotte: This lovely name is a version of the name Charles and means “free man.” It’s also a city in North Carolina.
  7. Chelsea: Chelsea is a city in Quebec, Canada, and also the name of upscale neighborhoods in both London and NYC. It comes from the Old English word for a shipping wharf that took in chalk cargo.
  8. Cheyenne: This beautiful name has Sioux origins and belongs to the capital city of Wyoming.
  9. Edina: It’s a city in Minnesota as well as another name for Edinburgh, Scotland. It means “prosperous.”
  10. Florence: There are so many reasons to choose this beautiful name. It belongs to a picturesque city in Italy and the inimitable singer-songwriter Florence Welch, and it means “blossoming” or “flourishing” from its Latin roots.
  11. Geneva: From Germanic roots, Geneva refers to the juniper tree and is the name of the city that houses the European headquarters of the United Nations.
  12. Helena: This delightful name — quite literally because it means “light” or “bright” — belongs to a city in Montana.
  13. Iona: A city in Idaho, Iona is a name with Greek roots that means “dove.”
  14. Madison: This is the capital city of Wisconsin. A name that can be used for a boy or girl, Madison means “son of Matthew,” and Matthew means “gift of god.”
  15. Paris: The name of the romantic capital city of France may be the perfect fit for your new arrival. And if you’re a Shakespeare fan, you’ll know that this name can just as easily be used for a boy as for a girl.
  16. Regina: A prairie city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Regina is of Latin roots and means “queen.” 👑
  17. Savannah: If you’re looking for pretty city names, we think this is one gorgeous pick! It’s a city in Georgia and, from its Spanish roots, means “grassy plain.”
  18. Selma: This name means “peaceful” or “divine helmet” and belongs to cities in various places including Alabama, California, and Texas.
  19. Sydney: It’s the capital of New South Wales in Australia that boasts the famous waterfront opera house. The name means “wide meadow.” And yep, this one’s a great gender-neutral option too!
  20. Valencia: A port city on Spain’s east coast, Valencia means “strong” and “healthy.”
  21. Victoria: This popular name meaning “victory” belongs to the capital city of British Columbia, Canada, located on Vancouver Island.

City names for boys

Whether you’re choosing a city name that has meaning for you, or you just like the sound, we’ve got all the best city names for boys:

  1. Austin: The capital city of Texas, Austin is also a wonderful choice for a boy’s name. It has Latin roots and means “magnificent” and “great.”
  2. Bailey: This one’s a city in Texas too. Bailey comes from the Old English word “bailiff” — an agent of the law.
  3. Chandler: Fans of F.R.I.E.N.D.Sare sure to be drawn to this option. It means “candle maker” and is also the name of a city in Arizona.
  4. Cody: A city in Wyoming, Cody also makes for a fun boy’s name. (It can also be a cute option for girls.) It’s of Irish roots and means “helpful one.”
  5. Dallas: You might want to consider this if you’re a fan of the classic TV series of the same name. Dallas is a city in Texas and could mean “from the valley” or “skilled.”
  6. Devon: Devon is a city in Alberta, Canada, and a county in South West England. The name means “deep valley dwellers.”
  7. Diego: The Spanish equivalent of James, Diego means “supplanter.” It’s a good option for those wanting to pay homage to the California border city of San Diego.
  8. Eugene: This Oregon city has a name that means “well-born” from its Greek roots.
  9. Francisco: If you love the beautiful bay area, you may want to name your little one after the Golden City. San Francisco is Spanish for St. Francis, the patron saint of animals and ecology.
  10. Hamilton: This Canadian city finds itself on Lake Ontario. Hamilton means “flat-topped hill” and is a perfect choice for lovers of the Lin-Manual Miranda musical of the same name.
  11. Hudson: Meaning “son of Hugh” (with Hugh meaning “soul” and “intellect”), Hudson is a city in New York. It got its name from the Hudson River, which in turn got its name from the explorer Henry Hudson.
  12. Jackson: This city in Mississippi is home to many significant historical sites from the civil rights movement. Just as it sounds, the name means “son of Jack,” and Jack means “God is gracious.”
  13. Jordan: This name has Hebrew roots and means “to flow down,” as the holy Jordan River flows south into the Dead Sea. Jordan is also a country in the Middle East and a city in Minnesota.
  14. Kent: A city in Washington State, Kent is also a county in South East England. The name means “bordering of a circle.”
  15. Kingston: The capital city of Jamaica, as well as a city in Ontario, Canada, Kingston means “king’s town.”
  16. Lincoln: A name of Old English origin, Lincoln means “lake colony.” It’s also the name of various cities and towns, including one in California and one in Nebraska.
  17. Logan: Logan is the name of a city in Utah as well as one in Queensland, Australia. The name has Scottish roots and means “little hollow.”
  18. Lucca: This name means “bringer of light” and belongs to a city in central Italy.
  19. Mason: The name of this Ohio city refers to someone who works with stone.
  20. Orlando: This Shakespearean name belongs to the city that’s home to Walt Disney World in Florida. The name has Spanish and Italian roots and means “famous land.”
  21. Phoenix: The name of the mythical bird that rose from the ashes, Phoenix means “dark red.” It’s also the name of the capital of Arizona.
  22. Santiago: Santiago is the capital of Chile. The name refers to Saint James, the patron saint of Spain.
  23. Taylor: As it sounds, this name refers to a tailor. The City of Taylor is in Michigan.
  24. Troy: The ancient city of Troy is in what is now Turkey. Troy was abandoned around 1000 B.C., but its place in ancient Greek literature makes it still significant today.
  25. Warren: This popular name is also a city in Michigan. The name means “park keeper.”
  26. Washington: The name of the U.S. capital, Washington likely means “hunting settlement.”

What are some unique city names?

If you’re looking for a name that’s more on the unusual side of things, try one of these unique options.

We can almost guarantee your little one will be the only one sporting it in their kindergarten class.

  1. Addison: This distinctive name means “son of Adam” and belongs to a town in Texas.
  2. Aspen: This city in Colorado is famous for its very skiable snowy peaks. The name refers to the aspen tree.
  3. Berlin: The German capital makes for an interesting first name.
  4. Boston: Meaning “a town by the woods,” this place name is a striking choice.
  5. Camden: Meaning “winding valley,” Camden is the name of a few cities, including in New Jersey and South Carolina. Camden Town is also a district of northwest London.
  6. Chicago: This big city name belongs to the youngest daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.
  7. Laredo: This name has Spanish roots and means “rocky place.” Laredo is a city in Texas.
  8. London: The capital of England makes for a stand-out baby name. London is also the name of a city in Ontario, Canada.
  9. Miami: Meaning “big water,” Miami is known for its beautiful beaches, glorious weather, and festive atmosphere.
  10. Raleigh: Meaning “deer’s meadow,” Raleigh is a city in North Carolina.
  11. Shiloh: This lovely name belongs to an ancient biblical city in Samaria. It means “heavenly peace.”
  12. Vegas: This lucky name means “meadows.”
  13. Verona: A city in northern Italy, Verona has Latin roots and means “true image.”

There you have it! 60 cosmopolitan city baby names to choose from.

All the best with your choice!

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