16 Classy Female Neck Tattoos

16 Classy Female Neck Tattoos

Ideas and inspiration for classy female neck tattoos. From the pain levels involved to what neck tattoos really mean, here’s everything you need to know.
Searching for ideas for classy female neck tattoos?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Because we love neck tattoos of all shapes and sizes.

Whether it’s on the front, side, or back of your neck, it’s an elegant and bold part of your body to tattoo.

From the pain levels involved, to what neck tattoos mean, and our favorite ideas for feminine neck tattoos… here’s some inky inspiration.

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  • Is a neck tattoo painful?
  • What does a neck tattoo on a woman mean?
  • Are neck tattoos attractive?
  • Can I get a small neck tattoo?

Is a neck tattoo painful?

Let’s get this out the way, straight away. Tattoos can hurt.

But we’re brave and fearless… right?

Now, brace yourself.

Unfortunately, neck and spine tattoos are quite painful.

There are lots of nerve endings and muscle mass in your neck.

The skin around your neck is also pretty sensitive and there isn’t much fat on this area of the body, so it will hurt.

Tattoos on the back and side of the neck hurt much less than those on the front of your neck though.

So if this is a major worry, going for these spots is a good idea.

You should also talk to your tattoo artist.

They’ll help put your mind at ease.

Take a deep breath, you’ve got this.

What does a neck tattoo on a woman mean?

A tattoo on neck for women can mean lots of different things.

It’s a versatile area of the body, with the scope to have a small, discreet tattoo — or really make a big, bold statement.

Tattoos on the front of the throat often link with communication and speaking truth.

Larger neck tattoos can be associated with risk-taking and strength.

Smaller designs (maybe behind the ears or under your hairline) demonstrate a quieter approach, but one that’s still incredibly meaningful.

Like all tattoos though, the personal significance is entirely up to you.

A tattoo on neck for women doesn’t have any set meaning itself. It’s all about self-expression…

Are neck tattoos attractive?

Yep, we think so!

But you can probably guess what’s coming… do you feel attractive with a neck tattoo?

If a fun and feminine neck tattoo makes you feel fab, go for it!

You’re the only one in charge of your body, and you get to decide what attractiveness means to you.

For what it’s worth though, did we mention? We think they’re great.

Can I get a small neck tattoo?

Neck tattoos can cover the whole of your neck, and no doubt, these look amazing.

For lots of people though (and especially if it’s your first tattoo), you might want a smaller design. So, what to pick?

Here are a few ideas for small neck tattoos for women.

Small side neck tattoo designs: female ideas

  1. Anchors: A classic design and a powerful symbol of stability.
  2. Bats: If all things gothic appeal, why not start with a couple of bats? They also symbolize good luck and love. Not so scary after all…
  3. Birds: As small as you like, and hey, if you love it — you can always add more later.
  4. Butterflies: These pretty and delicate creatures make wonderful small neck tattoos for women.
  5. Crosses: With religious and popular symbolism, crosses are a great choice. The simpler the design, the smaller it can be.
  6. Feathers: An elegant and meaningful neck tattoo, symbolizing freedom and beauty.
  7. Flowers: Consider an outline-only tattoo for an ever-so chic effect.
  8. Infinity: A simple symbol with big meaning, that can be as small as you like.
  9. Mandalas: These designs don’t have to be massive, and they’re great on the back of your neck.
  10. Moons: Representing motherhood, fertility and growth, moon phases are some of the most beautiful and feminine neck tattoos.
  11. Musical notes: Particularly cute neck tattoos for females that love their music.
  12. Quote: Got a powerful phrase you want etched onto your skin? Pick a few words for a beautiful, classy female neck tattoo.
  13. Roman numerals: Got a date in mind? It’s a cool and subtle way to mark a special event.
  14. Stars: These celestial bodies are great for the neck, and hold deeply personal meanings.
  15. Yin-Yang: A Chinese symbol representing peace and harmony, perfect for small designs.
  16. Zodiac: Your own sun sign can express your character and personal journey.

A tattoo on your neck is a bold, brave choice — so make sure it’s a design you truly love.

From classic symbols to delicate birds and feathers, we hope these elegant classy female neck tattoos help your decision.

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